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Hey Windows phone fans — ignore the haters, use what you love

Windows phone fans are a hardy bunch. We've endured broken promises, broken platforms, broken communities and if the harsh, inconsiderate and outright mean words of some had their desired effects, broken spirits would be part of that list.

But that's not the case. Despite the name-calling, Microsoft's lack of interest, the platform's shortcomings and its uncertain future, we use what we love. And we love Windows phone in all of its troubled glory.

The fluidity of the UI, the uniqueness of Live Tiles, the integration of Microsoft services and more are things we've chosen not to live without.

Windows 10 Mobile Home screen

Windows 10 Mobile Home screen (Image credit: Windows Central)

Sure rival platforms are more popular, better supported, tied into smart home hubs and intelligent automobiles and are solidly positioned for the foreseeable future. But we love using Windows phone, and it works for us. It's neither intellectually unsound nor delusional to use the platform one loves to use if it works for them. It's simply a choice.

We're not naïve to the platform's problems nor Microsoft's failures either. We're painfully aware of the roller coaster ride of promises and disappointments that has been the Windows-on-mobile journey. And even though the promise of Windows 10 Mobile has devolved into a platform in "sustain mode," we still love Windows phone as we anticipate what's next.

Troubled, but not broken

Windows 10 Mobile was intended to be a successful iteration of Windows 10 on smartphones and small tablets. That didn't happen.

In its current state, in use with several million enthusiasts, it is not a mainstream OS and isn't marketed to the masses. Ironically, it is, however, the official representation of Microsoft's mobile platform and powers Windows phones like the HP Elite x3 and Alcatel Idol Pro, which are currently in the market.

Upon its initial release, it was infamously plagued with problems that irked consumers of the Lumia's 950 and 950 XL. Though it has since improved, the overarching theme of this relatively unpopular OS, which has only been emphasized with Windows phone's decline, is that Windows 10 Mobile is an incomplete work in progress. And not because the OS is an ever evolving software-as-a-service.

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For many fans, however, Windows 10 Mobile serves their needs, and they'll remain committed to the platform despite Microsoft's using them as free beta testers for continued development of ARM and cellular connectivity that is meant to benefit some future product. We've endured so much already after all, and if using what we love helps to bring something we'll love even more to fruition, so be it.

Part of the process

Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley asked Windows Chief Terry Myerson "why is Microsoft wasting time updating Windows Mobile when the market share is one percent?" Myerson replied:

Technically, there are really two things that are unique about Windows Mobile. One is cellular connectivity, and the other one is the ARM processors…both cellular connectivity and ARM processors have a role in the technical landscape of the future. So we're going to continue to invest in ARM and cellular. And while I'm not saying what type of device...we'll see devices there, Windows devices, that use ARM chips...that have cellular connectivity. When you stop investing in these things, it's super hard to restart.When you're investing into growth, it's easier, but when you're investing for technical strategy...sometimes people can question it...especially among your readers.

Yep, we're "beta testers" sure enough but who cares?

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So be proud folks, because as we Insiders and Windows 10 Mobile users get our hands on new builds, we're part of the process (or technical investment) of bringing whatever new ARM-based and cellular-connected devices, Myerson referenced to market.

A platform without friends

As Microsoft executed its controversial retrenchment strategy, Windows phones became even harder to acquire. Markets where the platform previously abounded saw their availability plummet dramatically. As many carriers stopped carrying Windows phones, Microsoft Stores became one of the few outlets where consumers could handle one before buying.

Ironically, Microsoft Stores no longer sell Windows phones but they do sell the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft edition.

Ironically, Microsoft Stores no longer sell Windows phones but they do sell the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft edition.

The obstacle there, however, was that the phone had to be purchased at full price without an installment plan which was uncommon for some markets. Many fans dug deep and continued supporting Microsoft's vision through these changes. Whether they turned to Amazon, eBay or some other avenue fans found ways to get a Windows phone.

To add insult to injury, all of the struggles Microsoft and loyalists endured over the years have occurred within the context of a cloud of negative media coverage and social media activity that has been consistently harsh on Microsoft, and often insulting to fans.

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Surprisingly, Windows-Phone-is-dead themed articles date back to 2010, the very year it launched, and haven't let up since. A lot of coverage praised Windows phone but ended with a negative summation and the obligatory, "there are no apps."

Despite these challenges, we die-hard fans held on and passionately promoted and supported the platform nonetheless.

Built it, but they didn't come

We know Microsoft created a beautiful mobile platform with Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. Sadly we're also woefully aware that most consumers and developers never embraced Windows phone which left the platform in the perpetual chicken-egg conundrum.

Without developers, users won't invest in a platform, and without users, developers won't build apps for a platform. Now in the summer of 2017, both users and developers are leaving the platform. But not all of us. Many are weathering the storm and are enjoying the platform along the way. If things change for the positive (which we hope/believe they will) so be it. If not, we're living for today.

Still, that hasn't altered our perception of reality; Apple and Google won the smartphone war. We know this and Microsoft knows this though those who like to berate us don't seem to know that we know this.

It's very apparent that Microsoft may be closing shop on "smartphones." Still, there are also indications the company's Windows-on-mobile vision will continue as it phases its smartphone strategy out to phase in its ultramobile PC strategy.

It's not over until it's over

Many fans remain committed while others have chosen to pass on whatever's coming next. They've found shelter from the storm under the umbrellas of other platforms. Still, according to CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft's likely building a device that it hopes will change their minds. Those who remain have likely taken a big picture view, where they perceive the storm we're weathering as one that may eventually pass.

I wonder if the weather does shift on this side of the mobile landscape and the climate proves hospitable to a new category of full Windows on ARM ultramobile, Continuum-powered PC with CShell and telephony, will those who left the platform rejoin we diehards who refused to relocate?

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Whatever they choose, there are those here who love and enjoy Windows phone, and the undying rumors of its demise are not enough to provoke us to leave.

Either you'll pry a Windows phone from our cold dead hands, or we'll willingly exchange it for Nadella's ultimate mobile device (that's my tough talk). Either way, if you're in it for the long-haul, that's okay.

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Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Thanks for reading folks!!! Keep in mind, life is much bigger than phones, so use what you love while you love life, and let's be nice to one another along the way.🙂 So Windows phone fans use Windows phone fans use Windows phones as long as they work for you, and if you happen to find an iPhone or Android phone appealing, well, its just a phone - use it. But after you switch, be nice to those who remain on this side of the fence. Like you we're just using what works for us😉. For those who didn't read, please hop back in the article before commenting, everyone else LET'S TALK!!! (Nicely 🙂, it's nice to be nice.)
  • Windows phone is dead, literally. I own a Lumia 950xl. The battery of the phone is completely swollen. I bought it about 1,5 years ago at a cheap price. The phone falls out when the battery is 50% still full. I hardly dare to charge it anymore. I can't find another battery in Europe and I don't plan to invest in another battery for my windows Lumia 950xl, regardless of what the gossip is saying like this article. And this for the following reasons:
    1. If Microsoft would be committed to the operating system and the hardware, it would have COMMUNICATED about that. It did not. Instead we get some vague indications about a CEO who has completely cancelled its phone business and has moved to CLOUD business. For him a phone is a phone. He does not care about mobile, he does care about his cloud business. 2. I also own a Nokia 1520, which is still in a good shape of 5 years!!!! Unfortunately, Microsoft had the arrogance not to communciate to anybody that the support of this phone would be halted, and that the new WM10 OS would not be upgraded anymore on this phone. So my conclusion is that Microsoft has completely lost ground with its audience, and is completely on the wrong path. The damage done is irreversible, and I don't need a Ninja CAT or any Twitter feeds from Mr. Joe to convince me that Microsoft is doing a tremendous terrible job in serving its customers. So, keep hustling microsoft and I hope you can convince me some time for me to come back. But right now, this is the last phone that i will ever buy, and the last Microsoft PC that I will ever buy. And if Mr. Nadella thinks that the ultimate phone is something that will make the audience come back, then he is a liar or naive. Maybe both.  
  • Well put.
  • Yep
  • Still using Windows Phone... The app situation is horrible, but besides that W10 mobile is very nice after several updates. Mainly because Apps like Outlook, OneNote, and Groove, are terrific now.
    No new devices don't help the situation either, but as long as this 950 is working I have no need to go out and get another phone... If the 950 breaks, and there are no new WP out, then I'll have to get something else... Until then, I'm still using WP like it's nothing.
  • "Still using Windows Phone... The app situation is horrible" Im using a Nokia Lumia (WP8.1) with Outlook, Whatsapp, Slack, Phonly, Spotify, Fitbit, Here Maps, Xing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quizduell (the only game on my phone) and two SIM cards. I dont miss any app. What freakin apps you guys need which arent there on WP?
  • Dish Network Sling all woud be great - tht's about the only app I'm missing personally.
  • LOTS!....glad you don't...
  • Charter Spectrum
    Nest - some 3rd party apps are ok
    Insteon - app exists on Windows, but its quriky and doesnt support everything
    Kindle reader
    Garmin Connect that actually works. App exists but will not sync reliably to my Garmin watch.
    Asus Router
    App for parking meters in my town. App not required, but its handy
    Public transit app in my town that lets you purchase tickets and plan routes
    My primary bank is on WP thankfully, but others like for my car loan and other accounts are not.   In addition, pretty much every new device, IOT thing, etc will require an Android or iOS device. I've even seen some new home routers that are configured via app instead of html interface now. That trend will continue. MS has been effectively cut out of the future for consumer technology. 
  • Besides MS's terrific apps we do have,, my three most used apps are this one, Facebook, and I was using 6tin.... Mobile Nations won't even update our WC app, the Facebook app is all but abandoned, has serious bugs, and is in dire need of an update.... And, 6tin is completely broke as we speak... Rudy will not answer us on twitter, because he doesn't have time for WP -1k% market share right now... So, the app situation sucks... But, the rest of the WP experience is actually pretty great, that's why it's so frustrating. What a waste of a terrific OS. SMDH
  • Are you nutz?.. There's ZERO apps.. And the ones we do have are broke, leaving, and have horrible performance.. You can be a fan, but at least be honestly... With the app situation the way it is It's a slap in the face when some of you downplay it like the problem doesn't exist... ****, in 2017 if you don't have Amazon, EBay, LinkedIn, Snapchat.. Those are just the popular apps. Popular apps are just a fraction of all the real world usage apps people need to get things done with everyday. Do you own a home? Numerous amounts of security, and home automation, apps are not there. Literally hundreds of thousands. Buy a Mercedes. Tell the salesman your phone doesn't have the link app. He'll move on to something else.. The thing is that nowadays you have to have an app to unlock the full potential of most products, and services. Is the ADT app there? Fort Worth Community Credit Union app? Can we deposit checks from all of the thousands of banks people may have? What about all of the university apps students need?.. Flight attendants for America Airlines have a mandatory check in app that they have to use when they get to the gate. Do we have any of those? What about the thousands of other required apps for work, school, CHURCH, municipality.. Come on, man.. Pretty start screen we got, but apps we don't. Get real
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • I have all the apps I need and more. Okay, if you don't then move on, that's pretty simple. We're not stopping you. My apps that I love and use everyday: Whatsapp, Banking, Microsoft To-Do (fantastic), Harvester, Maps, Mail, Calendar, Messenger, Skype, Converge, Disqus, Tube cast, Edge, Store, Camera, people, News, One Drive, Word, One Note, Groove, Continuum, FB, Weather, Pin it, Add to Contacts, Flixster, Speed Test, Telegram, Windows Central, MS Power User, Calculator, Cortana, Flipbook, Yammer, Movies/films, Microsoft Lens, LinkedIn, TED, WeChat, Duolingo, AppRaisin, The Machine (game), 6Tag and Instagram, Photos, City Art Search, Pocket, Translate Me, Reading List, Currency Convertor, (PayPal & Ebay pinned to screen - perfect!), Twitter, MyerSplash, Avianca, One Cast, Steam, SkyScanner, Air, Blackboard, BitPay, Awesome Tube,, Coccoc Browser, Denna BETA, Evernote, Excel, EZDictionary, Fitbit, GroupMe, HP Apps(7), Matissa, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Teams, Mini Radio Player, Money, MusixMatch, Perfect 500px, Planetarium 3D,, SalesForce, Scorp, Sport, TripIt, Uber, View 3D, Voice Recorder, Wordament, Xbox. So, there are more, but these are my most used.
  • I use tripit as well, until several weeks ago when it stopped working.  I open it, it starts to update my account then shuts off.
  • He's still hankering after that new live streaming all fir cats, I bet.
  • Even my start screen isn't pretty, I use a lot of MS(yes Microsoft) apps and MS doesnt even bother to provide transparent tiles to their apps, on their own OS.
  • WOW rodney...that is the most sense you have made in a post since I started reading them!  I agree with you 100%.....look no jokes, jabs etc.  
  • Not many but critical, like an Israeli local parking app, my SickFund app (the Israeli health care system has Sick Funds), my Bank app not many but critical. And as long as MS is going to stupid about it F them.
  • Some of those apps you mentioned lack so much funcitonality to their iOS/Android counterparts you can hardly claim WP8.1 has those apps at all...
  • Banking Apps?
  • Just use Edge.
  • Bank of America
  • My bank, my credit cards, Directv, Facbook app and its messenger that work properly, Flickr, Amazon video, Snap Chat, ........
  • I presume that they are talking about those chat apps that all of those teenagers are using to send selfies to each other, or maybe the ones that let you live stream yourself having a burger to total strangers? The app hap us largely a myth, except fir a few banking or bus timetable apps W10 is well stocked fir most things. I would like the iPlayer though, and maybe something to let my cat stream selfies to Portuguese speaking rabbits.
  • Aside from rate my fish and that one obscure bus timetable for that small town in Wales, mist things are covered.
  • I replaced my battery for under $20, now my phone runs great! I have the 950XL as well.
  • My headphone jack is jacked.. Lol. I'm pretty sure that it's part of the board. I'm going to check EBay, but I doubt if I'll be able to fix it.
  • Don't you know? Not having a headphone jack is an awesome, new innovation. You're so lucky!
  • Oh, yeah.. I want an iPhone so bad, so bad I tried to make one of my own.
  • You just need #courage
  • This ain't The Wizard of Oz, man... I need MS to hurry the F$%# up.
  • lol it wouldn't be so bad if Bluetooth actually worked... Oh and don't even get me started on Edge. Biggest POS mobile browser I have EVER experienced. It hardly ever works amd is the largest battery hog. I just want a phone that works, and that is exactly why I am switching to Android come Christmas. It's over Windows phone. It's been almost 2 years and have failed miserably to fix the most basic bugs on W10M. I don't care about apps, I don't care about social media, but what I do care about is that the phone... well... works. For that reason alone I am leaving.b
  • Exactly people have had enough of Microsoft,its not the lack of apps that turned me away from windows phone it was the way they treated their customers and loyal fan who defended ms and stood by them since windows phone 7 only to be treated as second class citizens on there on platform." We don't need you for the surface phone to be a hit" well that's fine by me cause I don't need you to make a phone call.
  • MS never said "We don't need you for the Surface Phone to be a hit"... That was Jason Wards perspective in his editorial... I'm just sayin be realistic, and fair. We all knew WP had slim chances years ago, but we decided to stay.
  • I'm just the opposite. For me its 100% about the apps. I loved WP and it worked great for me up until recently. I have no ill feelings towards MS. They gave it a good run and the market didnt respond. That's life. Yeah, we can monday morning quartback and nitpick at all the things they did wrong, but it doesnt really matter now. I dont expect them to dump huge sums of money into something that keeps failing just to make me feel good. Its business, not a marriage. 
  • I'm in the UK, i had exactly the same problem with my 950XL, so i bought a new battery from Amazon......
  • Here is a link for you to buy the battery in Europe. And many other parts for your 950XL.
  • Sorry, die gesuchte Seite konnte leider nicht gefunden werden. Vielleicht können Sie den von Ihnen gesuchten Inhalt über unsere Startseite finden:   Sorry - page you wanted is currently not available. Please check our homepage to find the wanted page:
  • I jsut checked and it shows a battery for 25 eurod.
  • My wife got this battery and it's been very good.
  • The link works from Norway fyi. Maybe it was just temprary down.
  • Try Mobile Be careful though. If they send you a battery not wrapped in a original microsoft wrapper it's an previously returned battery and is broken. Ordered one last month and again one last week (return)
  • I will only order from known sites. I don't want junk from China who have cheated me already many times with copy cat products.
  • Sorry to say it Sven, but 99% of products are mad in China now - even Mercedes.
  • Don't buy a surface....lots of parts inside it are made in china.  
  • If the 'ultramobile PC' device is targeting at the W10 users instead of the W10M users, then the audience never left.  They are here and growing.  The developers are still here making UWP apps or converting Win32 apps.  If MS will market it as a pocket tablet with foldable screen and phone features, I expect many OEMs will join the parade.  Since for them, it is just another W10 form factor which is far more versatile, convenient and productive on the go than the fixed tablets.  W10 users will welcome such a device.  The key is that MS has to make the foldable screen work and work well.  People don't have to carry their bulky table/laptop all the time.  It is all in the pocket, at least for the ligher jobs.
  • :)) which devs are making UWP? which ones are converting win32? you dreaming again mate?
  • You can buy a new battery for 30 euros from
  •  thanks!!!! I'll check that!
  • Android phones also have many problems with batteries and Apple, well don't even go there. Lucky to get a half day with their rubbish.
  • Genuine Microsoft battery from
  • Sven_Van_de_Velde - A sad truth, but a truth none the least.  Well said.  I still have my 950XL, but I have lost all respect for the Mobile division and the CEO at MS.  Once my 950XL goes, I will not be back.
  • I understand, what you're saying. In case you change your mind about a new battery, one transformed my 950, different phone completely with a new battery! Check out item142454317766 on uk ebay but watch out for chinese fakes though!  
  • Batteries die on all phones. I used about 30 sec tracking down both original and unoriginal batteries. So there's that. MS tried abd it was a good effort actually, but the people did not join in on the fun. Easy as that. They can't throw money out the windows supporting a few users. Annoying yes, still understandable. Lack of communication is bad, saying stuff you can't follow up on is worse. MS cant go all in on a mobile device atm, no matter how good it is. They can't even promise to keep working on phones, nor can they say Windows on phones are dead. Why is this? MS need to bypass the chicken and lay the first egg. And they are using and old dinosaur to achieve this task. Windows. MS are using Windows to leverage UWP development. Nobody knows how this will turn out, how fast the snowballs going to roll, if at all. But I dont see MS doing much on the phone side of things before W10ARM, CShell and perhaps a decent amount of developers on board. Then there is the part where MS want to bring something new to the table. Communicating what this is now would not be vice as Apple, Google, Samsung and others would be able respond to those news in a time where MS are forced to wait and do things in the right order.  Yes, I'd like to know it all, now. Still I understand the challenges MS need to conquer. I'll keep using my 950XL as long as it lives. I choose to be a part av this as I do believe MS are more committed than one would think.      
  • I think you are right. Microsoft is not dependent on us "die-hard" Windows Phones fans. They are probably workiing on a device/økosystem that will get the masses to go to this device. And we can all see that this is no simple task. But is it impossible? No I don't think so. But we can guess and guess and the chance for us to guess right is slim, I will think. But Microsoft have so many cool technologies, and are working on so many fronts, so some day they will success in getting the device right, just as they did with Surface Pro. It may not be a Surface product, and my not be just a phone. But it has to be something that allmost everybody wants. So lets wait for that. In the mean time my Lumia 950 XL works just fine. But since some of the local apps for Norway now will disapear from Windows Store this August/Septembre, I have ordred a OnePlus 5, as a backup. Maybe I will like it, maybe not. We will see. However since this blog/magazine is called WindowsCentral, it is strange that you can not use MS Edge to comment. If I try I get something like this: [{"command":"settings","settings":{"basePath":"\/","pathPrefix":"","ajaxPageState":{"theme":"wpcentral2","theme_token":"nM_eITxm3i-oiNH0RTm-MMaZlRXCmzIepT-mn7lPrkY","jquery_version":"1.10"},"video_filter":{"url":{"ckeditor":"\/video_filter\/dashboard\/ckeditor"},"instructions_url":"\/video_filter\/instructions","modulepath":"sites\/all\/modules\/video_filter"},"ckeditor":{"input_formats":{"filtered_html":{"customConfig":"\/sites\/all\/modules\/ckeditor\/ckeditor.config.js?","defaultLanguage":"en","toolbar":"[\r\n    [\u0027Source\u0027],\r\n    [\u0027Cut\u0027,\u0027Copy\u0027,\u0027Paste\u0027,\u0027PasteText\u0027,\u0027PasteFromWord\u0027,\u0027-\u0027,\u0027SpellChecker\u0027, \u0027Scayt\u0027],\r\n    [\u0027Undo\u0027,\u0027Redo\u0027,\u0027Find\u0027,\u0027Replace\u0027,\u0027-\u0027,\u0027SelectAll\u0027,\u0027RemoveFormat\u0027],\r\n    [\u0027Image\u0027,\u0027Flash\u0027,\u0027Table\u0027,\u0027HorizontalRule\u0027,\u0027Smiley\u0027,\u0027SpecialChar\u0027],\r\n    [\u0027Maximize\u0027, \u0027ShowBlocks\u0027],\r\n    \u0027\/\u0027,\r\n    [\u0027Format\u0027],\r\n    [\u0027Bold\u0027,\u0027Italic\u0027,\u0027Underline\u0027,\u0027Strike\u0027,\u0027-\u0027,\u0027Subscript\u0027,\u0027Superscript\u0027],\r\n    [\u0027NumberedList\u0027,\u0027BulletedList\u0027,\u0027-\u0027,\u0027Outdent\u0027,\u0027Indent\u0027,\u0027Blockquote\u0027],\r\n      So this comment is done with the old an true Internet Explorer.  But I think it is a shame that your system don't follow the standard and works in Edge.
  • Just received my S8+ over the weekend. I am moving on from a Lumia 950. My issues had to do with random reboots and the phone freezing etc,  I used the Device Recovery tool to reinstall the firmware, install the OS again but nothing seemed to work. Hated the fact the phone would reboot during a call. Enough was enough and got a good deal on the S8+. Did not know how much I missed apps till I got them!!!! I wish there was a way to put live tiles on the phone and I will be set. The only MS app I use will be Outlook. Nothing else. Moving contect from OneNote etc. on to my new ecosystem.
  • Was probably your battery.
  • Just get a new battery.
  • You were being too soft on Nadella. Not only he is completely naive thinking one would trust MS again after years of lies, failures, reboots and beta tests, but he is completely visionless! A Company does not live on money alone! A Company needs to be trusted, respected and users to be proud of using it's products. Who is proud of using MS's?? Besides fanboys no one! Companies use their products and services because it has been like this for ages, not because they all praise MS and the "great" job they do. MS is nothing more now than a cheap working company delivering half baked broken products, testing updates on users, selling lies and commitments to things that never come to life, and laying off experienced workforce.
  • Windows Phone, WIndows 10 Mobile, whatever, is simple.  And that's how I like my phones. The Android phones I did like, the really good UI, all of the features I needed were already baked into the settings, or were provided through apps you could not remove.  Primarily LG and Motorolla.   I see Windows devices the same way.  You don't get a lot of apps with Windows but you get the features you need. And I don't waste time with customization, or downloading a bunch of apps, or anything else.  Maybe it will develop into something great in the future but I'm okay with it right now.   I do think it needs better texting/WiFi calling situation though. Apple has Facetime and iMessages, which is compatible across the board on their phones.  Upping the requirements for Skype was a big mistake IMHO, as the majority of Windows Mobile consumers can't run it and it is no longer compatible with Windows Phone. 
  • Good article, Jason and one that I'm on board with.
  • Really... ??? I’m fan of Microsoft for almost everything always got windows phone... but honestly everything time you were talking about windows phone you would say its dead or insider guys Microsoft is laughing at you... and now you say totally the opposite???? what’s happening ? Microsoft told you don t hit us so hard? I got a 950 and my wife a 930 both windows 10 and LinkedIn app will close soon, and other apps like banks app closing one after one... that’s boring... sometime the phone just turn off like that... or you want to take picture but you need to reboot... you want to open an email it takes like 30 sec off freezing... even I’m on 4G... that’s not good... but still i love my windows phone... my battery is dead i just bought a new one for few euros... once my phone die or once Microsoft tell us windows phone 10 is dead no more update... then what to do ? Where to go? ios ? android? the choice is too limited... I hope Microsoft will come with a nice computer pocket phone... like the pocket pc we had long time ago... but when??? And how much?  Anyway thanks for reading and i apologize for my mistakes... I’m French.. :-)  
  • Get the X3, it's awesome. NEVER any of those problems. :)
  • I'm with you all the way. Have Friends on other platforms ready to defect at the announcement of the next category-defining device. I always forward your articles to keep their hope alive. Thank you.
  • I'll keep using Windows Phone in whatever form it takes, as long as it's an option.  But what I REALLY want to know is how to get my start screen to look like the one at the top - the one with the big Slack tile.  It almost looks like no color is chosen.
  • I'm not exactly sure what you are saying but what I think you're saying is how did they get it to look like that. (Hopefully I'm right and sorry If I'm not) It looks like they set a home screen/start screen image/picture background for the home screen/start screen. If you go into settings on your Windows 10 phone, then into the personalisation settings section, then go into the start settings, (if you'd prefer you can just search for the setting by typing "start"). You should be able to use whatever image you like (if not the right size you will be asked to cut the part of the photo you'd like for your home screen background). They also enabled "Show more tiles" in the same settings for the home screen/start screen background for the smaller tiles. They also changed the tile traparency in the same settings for the home screen/start screen background so the image would come through the tiles more. I don't know exactly what they set the tile transparency to as you are given the option of setting it from 0 to 100. So try and experiment with what transparency you like best! 🙂 I do not know the image they used for their home screen/start screen background though I'm afraid. Sorry about that. But I hope I helped you find and use one of the great customisation features of Windows 10 Mobile! 🙂
  • Honestly , I will continue to use my windows phone as its still the best experience but its getting harder every day to continue. The REASON, why Microsoft has continues to fail (in my opinion) is in its marketing to the public. When it continues to not deal with ALL carriers, it WILL FAIL! The Nokia 1020 should have dominated the market, there was market hype as it was an awesome product. There were no competitors, not even close. But what did Microsoft do? They locked it into one carrier and pissed off all the rest. That's horrible marketing. But did Microsoft learn its lesson and put GOOD (high end) microsoft phones in the hands of all carriers the second time around? NO !! They still didnt learn their lesson. You are Microsoft, take the initial hit to gain market share across ALL the market. Make the deals, put your product across ALL carriers. The idiot who thinks spending all the money for marketing in movies and TV shows should be fired. The money should/could be better spent on carrier deals. I do understand the promise (and have been predicting it for awhile) that MS is trying to unite all products under a common platform. But the marketing to people and carrier support has stunk! 
    MS needs to make a REAL effort not just a hollow marketing one.
  • The WoA ultramobile device could be a year or two away if ever.  Until then I would continue using my L950XL.  If it fails, I would get a x3.  As long as HP keeps making W10M devices, W10M is not dead.  If there is a new x3 coming with better camera, that would be even better.  I don't use Snapchat and play little games, app gap is a non-issue for me.  Productivity and efficency are far more important to me.  No other OS platforms can match Live Tiles based UI and I hate to go backward to the Icon based UI.
  • X3 is fantastic. Camera is quite good except in low light. Love this phone.
  • Dude, it's 'Sell' not, 'Sale'. Wow, did you write this article in a hurry? I think so because usually you are concise and long-winded (in a good way) ;) Just saying.
  • There are two new credit unions accepting Microsoft Wallet. Anyway, it's a pleasure to read your enthusiastic articles. I enjoy very much using my HP Elite x3 and the smooth Windows 10 Mobile OS and UI.
  • Nice article Jason. I simply LOVE the WP and WM10 OS...but what about the dreaded Store...and MS have themselves to blame...because they pulled the plug on WP long before third party apps like WhatsApp...Why MS Why? Why are you forcing die-hard fans like me to turn to Android...only to find a boring OS there...not to mention that I hate iOS even more! 
  • yep, hatters are going to hate, and i dont care what they say, will keep using my 950 XL until the surface mobile device comes along, or a smaller elite x3... we will see
  • Leave the hatters out of it... they just like making hats and haven't got a hateful bone in their bodies!
  • Ever think the Haters are not Haters but realists?  why buy a device that has zero support, zero apps,  zero life?  what's the point...just because you think apple and google are evil?  No more evil than ms.  Time to move on.  Fanboys,  your mobile device is TRENCHED....not retrenched.  TRENCHED!  6ft deep.  DEAD,  soon to be canned like RT!
  • the device has constant support from MS with updates, enough apps, but not the ones you want apparently, and microsoft hasnt kicked the bucket.  This isn't about being a fanboy.  We dont praise nor brag about having windows phone, this is abouit being loyal and keeping a phone that's been reliable to us.  A fanboy is someone who keeps attacking us, shoving androids and iphones to our face like it needs more ''fanboy support.'' clearly we already know both android and apple have the bigger slice of the pie, but godamn.  back the fck up with your fanboyish comments.       
  • NOPE.  NO fanboy here...realist...I have all devices at the moment.  Including a 950xl...3d builder is great...but NO it does not have any of the apps that I need or use.   Sorry.  A fanboy is someone who ONLY has eyes for one device.  NOT ME.  Since I have 2 dell computers, a macbook,  a linux box,  an iphone 6s, galaxy note, a new keyone and U11 on the way as we speak, 2 ipads, a lepan mini android tablet, and 2 zune 8gb music players.  SO not backing the FCK anything up there....The deivce has ms support that is only one peice of the puzzle,  there is no wearable support,  there is no app support,  not even from MS considering their apps work better on both my iphone and android devices,  and you cannot even buy a microsoft windows phone anymore.  w10m is coffin'ed just like RT.  I still get updates on my RT asus device,  that mean RT is alive and kicking?   Open your eyes to what is being said,  not keeping the windows blinds on.
  • I agree. I own windows phones from 2010 to 2016 with the Luma 950 but switch to iPhone 7. It was fine to move on because they're were no support and the lack of apps was a big problem. Sometimes you can't get what you want and staying with W10M will just hold you back.
  • It has "some" support, thousands of apps, and it's still limping along, not thriving but alive. As I said in the piece, everyone loves the platform they love (I liked many things from Windows Phone 7 Hubs, Rooms, social integration, ME Tile, etc that were lost). And if it works for "them/us" then we'll use it until it doesn't. It stopped working for you some time ago and now iPhone works for you and that's fine. 🙂 What's also fine is a fellow human being choosing to use Windows phone if it works for them.🙂
  • I'm a realist and understand that iOS and Android are the app/support superior platforms. However, after using the competiting devices, i still find it better for what i want and need to use. So why hate on me because I choose a Windows smartphone? How is my choice of device bothering others? The only reason I can think of is that it makes them feel less of a sheep, following the herd instead of choosing your own path. I've suggested a new iPhone to my wife and she just doesn't want one after borrowing one for a week. She is a regular end user with no technical background whatsoever. She chooses her 950 because she likes the UI/UX of Windows smartphones compared to iOS and Android. Apps is a non-issue as we still have 3rd party apps with some being better than first party still (Looking at you Huetro), and iPads to supplement our phones for the apps we don't have. Bashing someone because they choose a Windows phone is the same as bashing someone because they chose a Ford truck. Just because everyone else buys Dodge Rams and Chevy Silverados, doesn't mean that person is stupid for buying a Ford truck. They choose what they want to freaking drive and doesn't affect what everyone else chooses to drive, SO WHY BOTHER US!?!?! Move on, and use that energy for something productive rather than try to tell me what I should do with my hard earned cash. Hell, if I wanted a damn Firefox phone, flip phone, or Amazon Fire phone, and it worked for me, how is that hurting iDroid users? Wife and I will buy what works for us regardless of what iDroid users use. Oh, don't bother calling me a MS fan boy as I use my Android tablet and iPad daily alongside my 950, Surface Pro 3, and custom gaming desktop. I even use two different Kindles throughout the week.
  • Agreed
  • I don't know who he/she refers to when they say "haters", but for me it's the usual same people who keep talking crap about WM10 being dead on every article even if it's not related to phone/mobile as if people don't know the limbo situation of windows phone/mobile right now and for others using Android or iOS. The point of the article is to use what you want to use and don't give people crap about it whether it's Android, iOS, or WM10.
  • I just don't understand why people that are 'over it' still come to these sites (with the apps by the way) and talk negativity.
  • Because there is WAY more to this site than mobile.   I love windows 10.  I loathe windows 10 mobile.  IT was an awesome idea that was completely neutered by Nutella.  As soon as they backed out of most of what they promised at the release event,  I knew then it was over.  and it is over.  No dev's, No devices,  No accessories.   It took the wind out of the sails completely.  Again,  I am NOT A HATER.   I am a REALIST.   and it is a real thing that W10M has been a failure.   
  • Has support, has apps, plenty of life.
  • I am not a hater. I am rather a very disappointed microsoft fan, In a frustrated mood after reading the article from Jason.  One interview or communication from Microsoft with clear messages. Where are they???? It has been silence all the way.  
  • Yeah, me too. I'm a fan but fk me, the patience and faith we have to have in an organisation that has clearly lost it's way is beyond frustrating. Just give me a new god damn WP already, no more smoke signals, no more vague cryptic messages, just stop p-issing around FFS.
  • Sven, they are working on something different. Don't you get that? It's silly to bring out just another phone. How could they compete in an already saturated market. Get a HP or Alcatel or a battery and hang out for the UMD.
  • The only thing I need is a phone. I don't need VR, ARM, wearables. The differentiators are there... WM10. UWP. The problem is that WM10 is not open but a closed ecosystem. No APPS? This is a lie. There ARE apps. All one needs. MS tried to sell a phone with hype. The media didn't eat the hype. Bad publicity, developers hold off. I tried to develop my own app using UWP, a vocabulary app using a lightweight database. What a mess the documentation was in the early versions. There are much more reasons why developers didn't join the platform.  UWP is the best thing ever invented on this planet. And it is not used by the world. Not promoted by Microsoft anymore? Did they really think that UWP would become a success in one year? It takes much longer. Support is good, but where to go with your questions...  There are things in WM10 which aren't there yet. Play to device for example, where is it? My son casts complete videos to our harman kardon, I can make a connection using DLNA, but can't play any song  to the service enjoying music using my $10000 loudspeakers. It are these things that kill the platform. So now the new thing is ARM right? "We can use all the win32 apps!". Let me tell you that this won't trigger the big market. The old apps won't just be useable on your phone. Too small, incompatible etc. No, MS made a huge mess of its phone ecosystem. The changes in API, and dev environment from WM7 to WM10 were badly documented, unclear and unstable. No wonder developers held off. It had nothing to do with UWP. These issues have  been resolved largely by now. But UWP has now been reduced to the desktop, because the phones are gone... No market for developers to earn $. ARM isn't going to change that lol.      
  • Yeah market is saturated, yet millions of new phones sell every year. and what is that they are working on that is so different, Every other company out there has invested millions on R&D and working on things that are different, doesnt stop them launching regular phones. and note that MS doesnt need to make profits out of hardware, mobile 'was' important for them to expand UWP.
  • Been doing just that!
  • I will not be buying another Windows Phone unless they do something different and interesting. I have been with Windows since my Samsung Omnia 7 running Windows Phone 7, Loved it, bought a Lumia 920 (fantastic phone) then 930... I waited for 3 years but the apps started going and Microsoft went into re-trenching. So after mulling it over for a couple months I decided to jump ship and bought a Google Nexus 5X which works well... It took alot of getting used to and I'm not a massive fan of android, but it works, its not buggy, it has the apps I need. But to be honest... I wont bother replacing this until it dies... I've grown bored of smartphones in general, they have hit a celling imo, and are not really changing much with each new iteration. My phone now is basically a glorified portable browser, audiobook player, messenger and email device. I do not really understand the whole gaming scene for mobile, being a big gamer myself, I don't see the point playing a simple game on a tiny screen when I have a perfectly good gaming laptop and xbox one + 4K TV to game. The whole mobile scene now feels incredibly stagnant, and I am hoping Microsoft can do something about that in a similar way to what they have brought to the table with the surface line of devices.
  • Life is too short to be stick to only 1 OS. I have history of changing brands of electronic goods all the times. I personally buy what works for me, hardware wise. Then learn how to use the software.
    I used DIY desktops since the 486 days. I started laptop life with Toshiba 10 years ago and then changed to Surface 3 (typing on it). I started having 2 locally branded feature phones I couldn't remember the brand before using 2 Nokia featured phones, then 2 Lumia phones. The reason I bought my current Lumia was that I would like to have 1 device that can prevent me from buying a DSLR or a mirrorless, and the 950XL was there for me. Having said that, I have used/ help people on Mac / iPhones / Android on a regular basis. The next phone for me will surely need to answer my specific needs. I am sure I will cope with the software (it's like a instruction manual to me) alright. But I have to say Windows on everything is my favourite software so far.
  • Android has been forced on me as work phone, however my personal phone has been Windows since version 8.0. Before that it was WebOS (that died a sudden premature death also). I never willingly agreed to the terms of service from Google since the beginning of Gmail. I was blackmailed back in 2005 to sign up for google account because google published my home address and personal phone numbers on Google Maps without any consent from me and after months of emails back and forth they told me the only way is to sign up for Gmail account and agree to the terms so I could make my private information private again. iOS is also out of question for me due to same privacy concerns, as well as the way Apple treats its users. I'm an engineer so telling me the graphics is "4x faster" is just not good enough for me. Last two times in two different states in US I politely asked the "Genius" in the Apple store if there are any specific information they could point me to and both times the repeated what Apple says on the website and then they proceeded to call security and not so politely escorted me out of the store for "asking too many questions". So what choice do I have? Stuck with Windows for now.
  • Bravo Jason!!! You've just nailed it. Those are exactly my thoughts and how i personally observe the current situation on the platform!!
  • I have a Lumia 1020, dropped it last week and the screen smashed.  I could get an iPhone 7, a Galaxy S8, a BB Keyone or Oneplus 5...I have decided instead to get a Nokia dumb phone and switch to a hybrid planning system using a paper Filofax for actions (goodbye Todoist) and OneNote for planning.  No more social media, no TV, only books on kindle, new knowledge, more real social interaction and productivity without distractions :D Until SP comes that is!  
  • Honestly, I've put my Windows phones down a bit recently (aside from keeping an eye on work related things) and started using an iPhone as my go-to. Charged up my Lumia 950 XL for the first time in ages (had been using the Idol 4S) with its sweet cognac leather back on and took about 5 minutes to fall back in love. Imma buy an Elite x3. Screw it.
  • Microsoft release only one flagship with windows 10(M).they have to give some time windows 10 mobile but that didn't happen
  • I think we need article series for new Nokia smartphones. Many of us once came here for Nokia brand. And with colorful Nokia 6 phones many of us going again for Nokia.
  • We have a place all set up for that. Android Central dot com :)
  • And here we go again with promoting FULL Windows as a replacement for W10M, conveniently ignoring the fact that Joe himself said that WoA wont be on phones, which in turn means its not really a valid replacement. Sad that some will eagerly eat this drivel up.
  • They'll be called ultra-mobile PC with telephony... a smartphone by another name if you ask me :-)
  • Just because writers on this site make things up doesn't mean they're actually going to happen.
  • who's "promoting FULL windows"?
    MS will be able to pick and choose which features are available on whatever device they like
  • he said it won't be coming to current windows phones. All the changes they've been making to Windows points to a phone-like device. 
  • Hi Theefman please paste the excerpt in this article where I am promoting FULL windows on phone. I clearly identify the device that I am envisioning as a PC and not a phone. Whether you agree with that being MS strategy or not, at least present an argument against the actual point that i am making rather than saying something I am not saying and then arguing against that point. When you do that you are effectively arguing against yourself simce you manufactured the argument you're and it is not one that I made. 😉 Now my argument in real simple terms that Microsoft is physically "shrinking the Windows 10 PC", putting it on ARM, giving it a unique form-factor, and including CShell to make its UI adaptable to context and adding telephony. Rather than the starting point being a smartphone moving toward becoming a PC a, the starting point is a PC acquiring certain phone attributes. Now if you revisit the two pieces I wrote after Joe Bs statement nothing is conveniently ignored. Actually in the first piece after his statement I copy and pasted what he said in the piece, linked it and addressed the point. In the second price I wrote after his statement I referenced his statement and linked it while addressing it. In both pieces I simply make the point that there is absolutely no conflict with what I propose and what Joe B said because the device I've been describing is a PC, and Joe B said that WOA is PCs. It fits. He also said W10M is what they have for phone experiences, present tense, it's true, but it was not a forward looking statement. If my analysis is correct and W10M will be subsumed by WOA, Joe B was doing what most high ranking execs do, answering very carefully and precisely so that his statement is technically true while preserving the secrecy of future plans. That's my take. No one knows for certain except the folks in Redmond. I guess we'll see at some point. 😎
  • The scary thing for me is I'm not sure if the folks at Redmond do know. Clearly they've had no coherent strategy or Plan B in the past, Retrenchment being the ultimate 'fluster cluck'
  • I love Windows Mobile so much & always will. Apps that I used everyday were slowly fading away like eBay,Paypal, Spotify.... I just got a bit discouraged with the lack of new devices to look forward to. So I moved to Android about 6 or months ago. But I miss it everyday. The Windows OS is by far the best & I love that no 2 phones are alike as far as customizing the start screen. Even though I do like Android, it feels like it lacks soul or something... I eventually converted my mom, but for many years, I was the only person I knew that proudly used a Windows phone. I think I may try another go at it soon. I really want a Lumia 950 XL.
  • Would Nokia be ready to lauch again those Nokia X phones they had made just before Ballmer left and that were killed by Nadella?  They were Android phones with a Windows Phone interface... I think that'd be the perfect Windows Phone effect for having apps accessible from Android...
  • No, because Nokia is dead. All they are doing these days is licensing out their name for companies who want to mark-up cheap phones. 
  • I tried hard to buy a windows phone but none were truly unlocked they only functioned with gsm networks. I would have bought one in a heart beat if they were truly unlocked like Microsoft claimed but didn't deliver.
  • I believe you have misunderstood the concept of "unlocked".
  • My first smartphone was a Palm Treo, then Palm died. So I moved to Blackberry, then Blackberry (as we knew it), died too. Then I decided to take a look to Windows Phone, and it was good... Extremely good, but it's about to die as well (not even MS is interested in the platform). So I'm pretty sure that the problem was not Palm or Blackberry or Microsoft. The problem it's me!!
    I moved to Android about 8 months ago (Huawei), so be prepared everyone, Android will die in a couple of years.
  • Hehe go for it, if Android dies Windows might finally have a chance... please move to Apple as well, I'd like to see them gone :-)
  • Lol
  • Lol, When google launches a chrome os phone this year, you'll know. 
  • I like WP/WM's interface more than Android or iOS. The majority of apps that I actually _use_ are there. Sure there are the work-specific apps I need and have those on my work phone, but many others are more of a "nice to have, but really don't need" like restaurant apps or a handful of games. If I'm forced to switch, it will probably be to Android. Just not a huge iOS/Apple fan, though I have to use it for Work. I'll give Apple credit where it's due, but I don't really like the interface much.  Took me ages to figure out how to do simple things like app switching or deleting messages because the experience was quite different.  It still feels awkward to me. In the meantime, I'll keep using my X3. My wife's L950 has new life with a new battery. The only app she really would like is the Coupons app from the Android store. :)  Overall she's pretty content with her device.
  • Beta testers either are paid or sign up to beta test knowingly. We were paying suckers.
  • I love several of my windows phones and will continue to.
  • I fully agree, use what you love. Use what works for you. That said, Windows Phone is dead, end of.
  • I'm not a fan of MS or any other company for that matter. I used windows phone because ios was too limited and android is too flawed, and it just looked better than the competition. Windows on arm would be a future I'd be interested in but the fact they keep updating mobile worries me. I won't be getting another Windows 10 mobile device. 
  • They just about directly said that WoA isn't for phone experience. They are keeping Windows Mobile for that. It sounds like they are going to reboot it though.
  • My biggest issue is lack of information from MSFT. I have an 830. It's time to upgrade but to what. is the current version of w10 mobile dead? Is it cshell or arm or nothing. Who knows. I'm trying to hold off but this is getting tiring. My mobile device is my main computing device and will determine the ecosystem I go to.
  • Get a used 930 or 950.
  • Yeah, swap out that 3 year old phone for a 2 year old phone. On a dead platform. Sound logic.
  • Just go iOS or Android, come back if MS actually releases something. Why wait years stuck with a phone thats slightly better than a feature phone? I use iOS, most every MS app is better here than it was on WM10...
  • Nope. Only so much abuse and ignoring one can take. I'll keep my L1020 with 8.1 to take photos. But my L650 will go buh-bye. Also, "Ironically, Microsoft Stores no longer sale Windows phones" check your spelling.
  • WP works for me because 1) I'm not completely immersed in a cell phone and use PC's and tablets for most everything, and 2) for the things I do want to use a phone (calls, text, camera, email, calendar, GPS etc.) my 950 works great! I'm fortunate not to be one of those who found that ONE dealbreaker app that they desperately have to have!  
  • im windowsphone till i die!! since the very first Wphone i just love the clean experience i get. and that is exactly the reason u wont see me touch an android or iOS again.
  • I CANNOT for the life of me understand why my android phone's battery dies faster than my windows mobile.  I carry both but one is phone reliable, and the other is app reliable.  That's always been the issue with android, the battery starts draining the moment u start fiddling, while windows mobile phones stays at a solid digit # while im fiddling.  it also gets hot.
  • You say that like there is only one Android phone. The best battery life is on Android as well as the worst. Windows users should know about choice, which was always their argument against Apple. Suddenly, locked down with no choice is preferred by Windows users!
  • I cant get through a commute without google maps crashing at least once, sometimes two or three times. The fact that i cant use maps without plugging in my phone if i dont won't to drain 40% off the battery in an hour and a half. Just think millions of people out there think that's normal. 
  • I just bought a new 950 XL after the camera hardware of my old failed.  The 950 XL works well for me (and I also have a X3). I get a lot of work done on those devices. Having to switch a different platform and spend time to learn how to be productive on it it would cost me too much (time and €€). I'm going to stay with Win 10 Mobile for the time being.
  • Do you prefer the x3 or the 950 xl...besides the fact that the camera on the 950xl is better? Thank you
  • How exactly looks like your expensive productivity on phone? For example?
  • You know that it's been your site leading the charge with the "windows phone is dead" headlines.... right?  
  • I have been with Windows Phone since HTC HD2 which could dualboot WP7 and Android, amazing phone that was. I am the only person I know that uses Windows Phone, the rest all Android. Personally I can't get used to Android. W10M is more user friendly the way notifications work, the start screen all of it. But something it is a bit discouraging to be a W10M user, with the W10 and android browser connection for example. But I'm pretty sure I'll stay.
  • People keep saying Windows on ARM will change everything. Can someone explain me exactly how?    1. I dont care about Continumm, i have Surface 4. Some may argue that enterprises may use it, i highly doubt that. Companies haven't implemented Surface pros yet which are full laptops why do you think they will implement phones with windows? 2. Windows on ARM comes with exact UI as windows mobile? So for me nothing changes there. 3. UWP hasn't resolved app gap problem, how is it different with windows on ARM? 4. Any new feature that you are aware of and are excited abouat that i dont see in windows on ARM? Any?  Basically, for me Windows on ARM is nothing but change in name of windows Mobile, with same problems. I dont think it is going to change anything. Microsoft needs to concentrate on bringing new features like iMessage, Facetime, which are unique to platform, also UI updates which is due for years now. Everyone likes live tiles, i get that but when was the last time they updated live tile feature? 
  • Windows on Arm isn't coming to phone devices. Despite that, commenters seem to overlook that fact.
  • And what do you expect on surface phone, if will exist?
  • Honestly, i would like them to ditch live tile UI, windows 8 was a fail becaue many folks didnt like live tiles covering complete desktop, whereas windows 10 is successful where you can hide all the tiles under start button. Just my thoughts.  Or you can use iphone like UI with option of making bigger icons which can be used as live tiles. Perfect world for people who like live tiles and who dont like it. To me Surface phone should be feature rich stable and well supported OS with beautiful hardware.
  • Yeahh but thats not the answer
  • kind of like having a small tile.thats about the same size as an icon that doesn't update? Yeah windows already does that.
  • I don't expect the surface phone to exist.
  • I love windows phones have since my first one a lumia 1520 thing was great fast easy to use etc after breaking the screen 3 times cause it was just to damn big and clumsy (which I loved tbh) So I bought a Lumia 950 ive had it for over a year now and the battery still lasts up to 2 days with normal use. The biggest problem with the OS is after Nokia's contract expired what do? like literally what do? Nokia is switching to android cause they know it will sell better because the app market and support is 10 fold. Something wrong with your phone spend 2 hours searching forums cause customer support is basically a laugh. Half the people used windows mobile because of the phones themselves (best cameras and batteries on the market hands down for a competitive price) so what do? Now i wasn't a huge fan of the os when i first got it but now i love it. its so crisp, clean, and efficient. But the app market is a joke. You got your Facebook and Instagram, Weather, Slack, thats about it. Wheres all the other major app brands? Snap-chat, Tinder, you name it. Hell my bank company doesn't even have an app for it. What needs to be done? App market: add some incentive for companies to make apps for the platform some way some how. Phone market: now that the largest company that made the phones that carried the platform to where it is, is now gone you need a new manufacturer. I mean the lumia 950 unless you take the case off you dont even know its a Nokia like C'mon what you doin fams why you gotta screw your only friend. OR make the platform install-able on android phones. Say i get a Nokia 9 And i hate android (i do with a passion) and i want windows 10 mobile on it im gonna have to do some serious fenangleing to get it on there i bet it can be done but very hard. I would be probably one of the last people off the bus really. But when the Nokia 9 Comes out im gonna get it (22 MP Camera? LOL @ Samsung XD) probably within a couple months of release 3,800mAh Batter? Lol forget 2 days try 3. 8GB of ram. My pc has 16 wtf.
  • I switched to Android but saving for the Nadella's Ultimate Mobile Device.
  • Thought about that. Apparently cshell etc won't be offered on current devices. There was on kijji for 350 can. Didn't want to go that high for a device that might be retired soon. To add to the Os confusion rumors of the hp elite going on sale on Verizon and the idol going on sale in Europe. MSFT needs to clear the air. I'm also a former surface rt and zune owner. Tired of getting burned
  • Okay let them make one available in India, as we don't have any windows mobile available in Indian market, they have been discontinued and my Lumia730 is ageing fast.
  • The biggest reason I stay with Lumia/Windows Mobile is that I am afraid that I will never be able to get an Android phone that comes close to being as good as my old 640 XL without spending $400. I only spent about $150 on this Lumia. Any suggestions? (No guesses please. Only suggestions regarding a phone that you have actually owned.)  
  • ZTE Axon 7 Mini. $199.
  • What's funny is that right after I posted that I looked up a few phones and I guess it's more like $600-800. $400 would be a bargain!
  • You can also get a 6s for $250 in great condition.
  • I had a iPhone 4 once. I hated how there was no wireless sync, I had to plug it into that awful iTunes app just to arrange the icons in the Windows 3.1 style program manager, and I couldn't plug it into any USB port to charge. I got a HTC HD7 (Windows 7) which fixed all of those issues, and I've never looked back. I'm sure that Apple has finally rectified a lot of those issues including finally putting decent cameras into their phones, but the early bird gets the worm.
  • "Ironically, Microsoft Stores no longer sale Windows phones" Maybe in the physical stores, but on the website I see five Windows phones for sale, at least in Canada.
  • Jason, Can you change the word "hater" to "realist" in your title?  The way I see it is that we (the winodws mobile fans) are the true "haters" of Microsoft and what they have done to us and their mobile efforts.
  • No need to change because haters is what they are. They mock those of us that stay with the Windows Phones we enjoy and the keep nagging us to make the same choice they have made to switch to Android or iOS. My phone works for me and I don't need suggestions to switch to another platform.
  • Great article. I'm trying to stay optimistic about the platform and the Arm future, but the lack of news from Microsoft is frustrating. They out tech they're owrking on before it's ready to go to market, so why not shed some light on the mobile strategy, if there still is one as they keep inferring. I'm still enjoying my 950XL, but I'm carrying around a OnePlus 2 since that's where I play most of my games these days. Microsoft's business oriented focus is great, but without public adoption I don't see developers coming to the platform just to make an app that users may or may not be able to use depending on what the group policy setting is on their work device. The idea of a work and personal device is out dated as well. People get their work email on their personal devices, and they do work from their personal phone. Some businesses might subsidise part of the cost, but it's still a personal device. I'm going to keep using my 950XL until it dies, but Microsoft has shaken my confidence in their mobile effort. I can't tell you the last time I recommended a Windows phone to someone. I've actually turned people away and mentioning if they want to wait that fall 2018 might be the soonest we get another Microsoft branded phone.
  • I just don't understand why MS didn't/doesn't pay companies to develop apps for Windows?  If they took the $7B they spent on Nokia and instead gave $7M to the top 1000 app developers to get on board I think they would be a top platform now.  People would recognize the beauty of Windows 10 Mobile OS and prefer it over the other inferior solutions from Apple and Google.
  • I have my L640 on insiders win10 and it runs like a champ. The app store is the real reason I'm not on this full time. My Transit pass is on my phone. Or I should say it's on the app that is on iOS and Android not WP. An earlier poster mentioned about what really changes with win 10 on arm. One of the points was about uwp and the store. This is where win10 s comes into play. Since no x86 apps run on this Microsoft is trying to move those programs to the store. Now if and at this point it's a very big IF. They can make the transition many if not all of those apps will run on win 10 arm. By extension that mean tablets and smartphones also. Having Apple commit to this with iTunes is encouraging. I can see where they want to go. Can they make it is another story.
  • Could we start a betting pool for future Jason Ward articles on the over/under about how many times he'll reference previous articles he's written?
  • Ignore who?
  • I have had windows phones since they orginally came out and i am talking  all the way back to the LG Incite. i have had each verison of this phone os and i like it and plan on staying i recently had a problem with my 950 dual sim and i traded it for a LG  android phone and i did NOT like it so i went on to Amazon and got the nokia 640 and i like it. i am in it for the long haul no changing again. i blame the delelopers and the CEO of Microsoft for the main part of windows phone failure. i just wish they would at least come out with a new phone to hold the fans out till they get the new thing out. oh by the way did i say i hate apple and google.
  • Windows phone,...wether its dead or not,my love or precisely the love of Windows Phone fans on windows phone never dies!!😊😍😘💪 🤳
  • I'm still trying to figure out how my phone is dead. I use it professionally better than any other device I've had and it still gets new apps for what I need. As you put it, you'll pry my 950 from my dead hands or give me the next iteration of W10 in place. Till then I will be happy on my dead platform... They say the same about my PS Vita too,
  • if only my 950XL worked half as good as yours... My BT is shot and disconnects constantly, Edge just doesn't work, cell service drops constantly despite everyone else on the same plan and house working just fine, and it restarts constantly. It's almost been two years. Any other phone OS would have fixed these in months... 
  • It isn't a "Chicken and Egg" scenario, unless you mean the egg comes first. Users have always come before developers. It is just easier to blame apps instead of Microsoft.
  • The only hater is Microsoft. Microsoft already ignoring WP users and has no love for guys.
  • the problem with your comment is that nobody knows what windows is doing next. the current phone market is drowning in phones. why add another one unless its breakthrough?
  • Actually I don't really care about WP. What I want is an excellent camera, hifi stereo video recording and a replaceable battery. Gimme an Android device smaller than the LG V20 and I won't have any qualms about switching. Until then I'll hold on to my 830 and 950.
  • Heh , microsoft serious? Do you really need this kind of promo? Oh god.
  • Sorry folks but after a long period of being a firm believer and supporter of Windows phones (620, 520 and 640) and previously with the likes of the Windows Mobile with the Fujitsu Pocket Loox for the beuatiful links with Windows PCs, I've now finally given up and switched to Android wit the Moto E4. It is all very well having the best architecture and the neatest interface (in the form of active tiles) but the lack of support for apps by almost all providers (and the ones that did have support then dropping it through lack of usage by punters) means I had no option but to swtich. I now have Android Pay with the NFC support - where was the WP version?; I can use it for bus tickets as my local bus company refused to support it; I use it for online banking as HSBC refused to support WP. I still use Outlook for email and Excel to access my PC files in OneDive, but I've moved all my photos and music to Google as they provide this at no charge. I've stopped using Groove and now happily use Googel Play Music together with Amazon Prime Video. Next my wife will be probably be switching as well. I can see the fanboys remaining loyal and enjoying all the clever things that the top of the range models support - unfortunately I see very few such users in the general phone world who want to use apps that they need/want - Android may not be technically advanced as Windows Phone but they are regualarly improving function; improving price performance; and releasing newer models.
  • Platform aside... if you're using Office presumably you have a subscription? ...Therefore, just wondering why you wouldn't use OneDrive for everything? (last check it was the cheapest option for mass storage - we have >40tb (4 users) for the standard Office home subscription).
  • "but I've moved all my photos and music to Google as they provide this at no charge"  Your DATA and information is th ecost of doing business with an advertsiing company, nothing is free in this world and google is nothing more than an advertising company masquerading as a tech company.
  • I'm a .NET developer and have a Windows phone device since 2012 my first Windows Phone device was Nokia Lumia 620 and he was a great device now I have Microsoft Lumia 640 xl and it also a great device too, Windows phone. System is a cozy OS and not disturbance for notation for most users, so in the future I planning to sticking on Windows phone OS if there is live ,and I will try to make Windows Phone apps on the store if I have a chance 😊.
  • most websites work well on edge. I don't need snapchat. So I get everything I need in a nicely organized screen. Just purchased Idol 4s Windows phone. No android. No IOS. Microsoft needs to step up
  • even zillow works fine now
  • try wikipedia on edge :P
  • My 950XL recently introduced itself to a tile floor so i'm back to using my good ol' 1020. And you know what? I prefer the 1020 to the 950XL! The emojis don't always translate correctly but it's stable and has a better camera (put those two together in a sentence about a 950, yeah, that won't happen). I've lived with the "app situation" for so long, that it really doesn't matter now on the 1020 lol I went thru the photos on the 1020 after using it recently and found pix of the receipt for my 950XL showing that i bought the extended warranty...i wonder if they'll just give me a refund...not even sure i want a replacement at this point (if they can even find one)...
  • Is Crackdown 3 out yet?
  • Am I bitter over the way Microsoft has handled this whole situation?  Most definitely. But, every time I think fully about switching, I don't like what the other side offers overall any better. So my Icon and I will continue our relationship and hopefully what comes next will inspire a similar desire.
  • Yep....
    Android - devices and OS as dull as pre-Surface PC hardware.
    Apple: insultingly overpriced, unjustified/plagiarised "innovation" (i.e. Repackaged innovations of other people)
  • I still use windows phone.....last one to
  • Still using windows phone 7.8, over 4 years now. and no plans on ever changing away from windows phone.   replaceable battery, ZUNE, and hardware keyboard for Optimus 7, are all the reasons i need.
  • Love the platform, hate the disrespect shown to us from Microsoft ("shhhhhh.... if we stay quiet they'll just go away and stop asking questions"). Hoping they have some serious developments up their sleeve (waiting and biding their time for the right moment - device, PR and sufficient rival OS Microsoft-services buy-in) - we already know that RS3/Cshell builds exist. However, if it doesn't come - I enjoy my 950, it's a pleasure to use and the current builds are fluid and stable... when this device dies I'll see the lay of the land and decide which way to move at the time.
  • I'm in, I'll stick with my Icon till something better comes along that will run on verizon!
  • Android user here, I never hate on something unless I try it, and I never force it on people. I have tried w10m, I really liked it especially with live tile and how well it worked with my PCs. Still prefer android though but I look forward to the surface phone.
  • I was a fan of platform, but as my Lumia 850 got hardware problems and with not much support recently from Microsoft I decided to move on to a Nexus.  But as an indie developer I still support my Windows phone apps, for example the only working HipChat client Windows Phone 8.x and Windows Mobile 10
  • Folks if all these new patents for dual screen divices are going to be used then Windows smart phones will be part of a new Hybrid device. A mini Tablet  smart phone hybrid that will run Windows 10 on ARMS cpu's and elements of the Windows 10 mobile OS. I would buy such a device but a lot of people will want a smaller device. I think they will sell well enough for Microsoft to justify selling them
  • I Will USE my New Alcatel Idol 4s till New Surface Phone will come... I'm Windows User... Professional USER!
  • Hello windows aaj tak maine dusra phone nahi liya hai. Kyoki jab tak windows phone launch nabi hoga tab tak nahi lunga. Sow plzzz come back
  • I wonder why Satya hasn't simply releases a state of the WP support address, to bring some form of clarity to the fate of WP and Windows Mobile, I feel like he's either hiding or just flat out don't give a crap about the WP loyalist.
  • Used my 808 PureView today, LOVED IT!!!! Man....even though I have a 42.4 MP $3,600 Sony a7RII, the 808 is still amazing, such a technical feat in such a small form factor and Symbian Belle is smooth and fast. I pulled up a picture that I took in 2014 and was astonished at the resolution, detail and clarity from the 808. I'll browse the web on another device later. Wow, it is sooooo refreshing to see a phone that looks different from all other phones and actually has unique and rare qualities about it. The rest of the day I use my Alcatel Idol 4s with Windows 10 (my favorite phone to love and hate due to lack of firmware updates)/950XL, Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7. Use the OS/device that meets your needs and wants and be happy. Life is way more important than devices, apps and services.  
  • I'm a windows phone user who is tied deeply into the windows ecosystem and find it hard to move over to android or ios. I like the ability to sync all of my settings between my windows pcs and my windows phone, be able to transition messages between phone and pc. The lack of apps forces me to use the web versions via edge browser if it's available otherwise that means one less app and service I don't need to worry about. As long as my 950xl continues to work and Microsoft continues to update the platform, Windows 10 mobile isn't dead to me. That is until they come out whatever device that can actually replace it and keep the seamless functionally that I've grown accustom to, I see no reason to leave Windows 10 mobile. That being said, I did purchase a cheap android phone just in case it does really stop functioning or if my 950xl no longer offer seamless said ecosystem features, but I have yet to actually use it as a replacement driver and the android phone just doesn't have enough cohesion that I'm use to that my 950xl has.
  • I have a Lumia 950XL, for 1.5 years. I'm a Release-Preview insider. It's a professional and private phone. It now works fine, except some minor bugs. Photos are so great ! Even in low light, in many situations better than those of iPhone 7 (my wife has one) that is one-year younger and 3 times more expensive than the price I paid my Lumia.
    On the app side, I really don't care about Pokémon go, Snapchat, or this kind of apps for teens, or for 10% of users... not a big deal. Ok, my bank app doesn't run on W10M... I don't care, its internet portal has the same features as its app. Keep in mind that internet platforms are getting more and more powerful.
    I have installed about 150 apps, I have much more than I need. The outlook professional and private mails and calendars are perfectly integrated. I got Whatsapp, OneNote, GPS nav., torrent app, image editing, pdf editing, audio book / podcast readers, offline dictionaries, voice translators, shazam, tumblr and Pinterest client apps, symbolic equation calculator (I admit that I don't use it often), Dropbox, Runtastic. Weather, and many more. So, stop telling that Windows contains "no" apps and that WP is crap.
    When the majority of users get bored of the two leading mobile platforms, WP could become trendy, the streamlined mobile OS, with a reduced set of essential apps, that distinguishes you from the mob... 😏 
  • I have a Lumia 950XL, for 1.5 years. I'm a Release-Preview insider. It's a professional and private phone. It now works fine, except some minor bugs. Photos are so great ! Even in low light, in many situations better than those of iPhone 7 (my wife has one) that is one-year younger and 3 times more expensive than the price I paid my Lumia.
    On the app side, I really don't care about Pokémon go, Snapchat, or this kind of apps for teens, or for 10% of users... not a big deal. Ok, my bank app doesn't run on W10M... I don't care, its internet portal has the same features as its app. Keep in mind that internet platforms are getting more and more powerful.
    I have installed about 150 apps, I have much more than I need. The outlook professional and private mails and calendars are perfectly integrated. I got Whatsapp, OneNote, GPS nav., torrent app, image editing, pdf editing, audio book / podcast readers, offline dictionaries, voice translators, shazam, tumblr and Pinterest client apps, symbolic equation calculator (I admit that I don't use it often), Dropbox, Runtastic. Weather, and many more. So, stop telling that Windows contains "no" apps and that WP is crap.
    When the majority of users get bored of the two leading mobile platforms, WP could become trendy, the streamlined mobile OS, with a reduced set of essential apps, that distinguishes you from the mob... 😏 
  • This...this is just sad.
    You people (all three of you) who continue to deny facts and reality remind me of Saeed al-Sahhaf (remember him? The Saddam minister who would give Press briefings saying everything was fine and American's weren't near Baghdad at the same time American planes flew behind him).   You can be happy with using a dumbphone - which is what a Windows Phone is in 2017 - but do NOT pretend the thing has a future or is alive. Many people still refuse to let Symbian, BB10 and Meego go. And that's OK. But that doesn't mean the OS is alive or has a future. And they sure don't come up with fantasies like "the ultimate mobile device", the "Surface Phone" and other delusions of the kind. They accept they're just stubborn and that's it. It's OK to be stubborn and blind. But at least own it up.     Also. "The fluidity of the UI, the uniqueness of Live Tiles, the integration of Microsoft services and more are things we've chosen not to live without." Ah yes...none of that is available on Android...apart from the part where all of that is available on Android.
  • Or the part where lagdroid ISN'T fluid on the UI, it is well, laggy still and don't get me started on battery life.  Outlook doesn't integrate nearly as well on lagdroid as it does on Win 10 phone/mobile/ whatever it is being called this month.
  • get a decent android phone not a bluboo or other noname brands and then we'll talk about lag. Ever used a pixel? a Huawei P9,P10? A GS7? 1+3T? I guess not. At this moment win10crap mobile is slower than many android phones out there...just slide to the left from the Home Screen to the App List screen. What's with the delay from touch in actual movement of the animation?? Simple: poor programming, mediocre quality Nadella style.
  • You generalize way too much based on what? Are you a daily Android user? I've been using Android since 2010 and while I admit it's far from perfect and in some cases it's downright terrible, it's better than it's ever been. Sure I'd love Windows phones to be kicking ass. But use what you prefer, you don't need to make up BS reasons to justify it. Just use it and enjoy it. Android won, you can't avoid that no matter how much you want to.
  • My 950XL and 950 both work fine, long battery life and they "just work."  Lots of missing apps so I have a lagdroid phone that I use on wifi only and it covers those when I occasionally need them.  LGv20, a supposed flagship phone doesn't work nearly as well as my 950XL.  The OS is slow and the biggest problem is the poor battery life, just sitting still, turned on but not being used and the phone uses battery constantly.  lagdroid stll a POS.
  • No joke, what is up with seemingly great hardware and huge batteries in top end Android phones, and eventual laggyness and atrocious battery life... iOS devices often have 50% less battery capacity yet the device lasts longer and is more powerful as well...
  • iOS is a different beast from Android. Andoid apps are written and compiled in a bytecode. The OS and apps are not exactly optimized for the hardware. iOS, OTOH, is optimized for the hardware. Since there's only one manufacturer and that manufacturer knows what's inside they've done a great job with managing their hardware and providing an efficient development environment. Top end Android phones have to come with crazy amounts of RAM to avoid slowdowns. Apple's iOS devices come with far less RAM because the OS is much, much more efficient in how it allocates it and how apps use it. RAM requires power and big, beefy batteries. Since a top-of-the-line Android phone and an iPhone have about the same internal and external space and the same features like screen and camera they also have smiliarly space available for batteries. Because the iPhone has far less RAM it, by comparison, sips battery power. Apple's SoC (system on a chip, aka the CPU) is one of the industry's fastest SoCs. Couple a fast SoC with less RAM and the iPhone has an advantage that allows Apple to run their phones faster (i.e. the battery power that Android needs for RAM can be used to make the iPhone faster), to last longer (i.e. run at same speed, but, use the battery power saved over Android to run longer) or a combination of the two.
  • The only people posting negative things on here are mostly not Windows phone users, just trolls with nothing better to do but tell us how great lagdroid and iOS are, I guess they have nothing better to do with their lives but sit in mom's basement and troll.
  • Absolutely
  • I am just waiting for the Pixel 2 and others to arrive to make the switch.  There are far too many business apps my company is forcing me to use to keep my Windows Phone.  I will eventually pop out the sim and just keep it on WiFi at home.  If there is a future, something I doubt, then one can always switch back but I seen no reason to stay on a dead platform right now. The only positive thing I can say is that my 950XL has lasted longer and has been mostly problem free compared to all previous Windows Phones I have owned.  The only thing that sucks is that in never reboots after an update.  But, for me, I am pretty much done with Windows Phone.  
  • Good ode to a dying platform)). When I bought my phone (L650DS) more than a year ago - it was close to the ideal. But after - they broke all the best that was in and what I needed. Update for the update my phone lost useful functionally.
  • Dead or not it's my prefered choice of device and I'm sticking with it.
  • I still carry my 640 had to give up my 1520 and idol 4s. I still believe in windows phone, even though my daily driver is Iphone. I truly hope windows on Arm will totally revitalize windows
  • I have 2 Luma 930s which I still use every day. I have been given a Pixel XL and a S8 XL from work, they nice devices. I can't stand Android. I never use them. My Win10s still do everything I need and more. Don't get me started on iOS. No, I really don't care for "apps". I don't need most of them, I don't care. If I need something done I pull my Surface out and do it all on the fly or just at home or the office on my workstations.
  • W10M "What is dead my never die."
  • So weird seing my friend Jase Varughese after all these years.  I wonder how he's doing over at Microsoft.  I worked with him at the very first store in Scottsdale.
  • We will be like the people still using slide rules.
  • I am using everyday both a Nokia 1520 and a Samsung S7edge using squarehome to loss the old fashioned ugly UI that is Andriod. Live tiles are brilliant  and frankly are way better than widgets that I had on wm5...over a decade ago!!!!!  But for now this ticks the apps gap and gives me the two screen solution  demonstrated on MS vision of the future 2019. I still have my accounts  on W10m as MoBudget is without equal, and I answer the phone while checking my calendar  on outlook. Hopefully the S7 is the last Android phone I will need to buy but at least it gives me access to playstore. MS could have opened the door to this store on W10 by having an Amazon like curated list of apps no available on windows store as a stage one,to gain users while pushing native apps where available but we are beyond that now. I am still hoping for that ultimare mobile device but my current setup role on 2019!
  • I switched from Iphone to an Omnia 7 back in 2010 and then proceeded through 920, 930 and finally a 950. It was a good ride and I really thought the platform was good. Then from the failed McLaren period onwards it's just been mistake after mistake.
    I think Microsoft has it's own burning platform and it's one that Satya seems intent to pour petrol on with it's current retrenchment strategy and I hope for their sake that the fire doesn't take out the wider Windows.
    I picked up a Galaxy S7 Edge a couple of months back and I'm starting to see less and less need for Microsoft services when compared to the first party stuff on android.
  • I switched to Android after 4 years of my 928. The only reason was so that when the next big hit comes, it'll be a huge refresh.
  • my wife doesn't understand why I love Windows 10. I've had two 920s, and 1080 and two 930s culimating with two 950s and a 950 XL. Indeed I just went out and got a second hand 950 because I couldn't bear the thought of going to an iPhone 7 (got anxiety, cold sweats...the thought of iTunes made me vomit into my mouth) Because of my work I get smartphones like people get bus tickets. In the last 10 years i've had 8 iPhones, several Samsungs, several blackberries and HTCs. And none of them hold a candle up to Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 Lumia devices. sigh....come on MS don't leave us hanging. Bring out the surface device!
  • Jason, Two things stand out as missing the point: 1. "The obstacle there, however, was that the phone had to be purchased at full price without an installment plan which was uncommon for some markets. " Huh? You're referring to the US and Canada, right? Most other markets that I'm aware of do not, as a rule, subsidize phone purchases. It's an English (& French) North American phenomenon. And, in Canada we're now migrating away from the subsidized phone because carriers will soon no longer be able to sell locked phones. 2. "Without developers, users won't invest in a platform, and without users, developers won't build apps for a platform." WHAT?! When Apple came out with the first iPhone there were no apps to speak of. It was a mediocre phone, at best. And, it cost more than any other phone on the market. Microsoft already had a sizeable presence with Microsoft famously selling "millions and millions and millions of phones". Presumably that meant there was already a sizeable community of developers and users out there. Windows mobile failed because Apple came out with a more compelling product that did what people wanted it to. How could Apple, a company that was far smaller than Microsoft at the time completely and utterly destroy Microsoft's mobile efforts? I've heard of competitors being ruthless and superior technologies failing at the hands of well funded competitors but this takes the cake. Microsoft was the wealthiest company in the world at the time and it had a head start of many years and it had an established market. Out from nowhere Apple came to completely destroy Microsoft's mobile market. That had nothing to do with developers not flocking to Windows mobile. It had everything to do with developers abandoning a sinking ship.
  • Hi Ed thanks for jumping in. To your first point I'm sure if you go back and read the very excerpt you pasted here you will see that I address the point you feel that I missed. The statement "The obstacle there, however, was that the phone had to be purchased at full price without an installment plan which was uncommon for **some markets** " clearly aknowledges that in other markets the purchase of a phone without a plan IS common. To you second point, "Without developers, users won't invest in a platform, and without users, developers won't build apps for a platform." It is a known fact that the current app-based smartphone paradigm is founded on developers wanting an large install base to target and consumers want a large repository of relevant apps to choose from. It is more than anecdotal evidence that supports the fact that users have left Windows phone motivated by the lack of apps here and the abundance if apps elsewhere. Also app developers, small and large cite, a too small user base to invest resources, as reasons for leaving Windows phone or never investing. Now these are facts as to the current state but as most things in life not everything is black and white. You are right that MS had a strong position in phones before Apple and the iPhone. I actually had a section in this piece that was edited out that acknowledged the fact that MS had over 40% market share at one point but never capitalized in it's strong position. The paradigm was different then however so though your argument has a point it's not completely applicable. Microsoft's pre-iPhone was during a "smartphone era" that was enterprise focused. Geeks like me and some folks here proudly touted smartphones with during that era. Phones with Windows Mobile 5.0, a tiny sylus and access to apps that were scattered across various websites but not centralized and verified as safe in a centralized Store or app matketplace during that era. But the vast majority of consumers did not use smartphones during that time. These business devices weren't target at them(us). Apple changed that. As you point out they made a compelling product, but it wasn't just compelling is was deliberatley targeted, and marketed to a demographic, consumers, that Microsoft largely ignored. This was the smartphone world at that time. Consumers responded to this very distinct shift in the market that Apple created. They responded to a device (though the apps weren't a factor yet) that was targeted toward them, and one that rode on the familiarity and popularity of the iPod. So consumers came to that device, the iPhone, at that point in history for those reasons. Now within the next two years 2008, the app tore was introduced, Apple sold developers om the concept, and on its growing base of users that responded to the aforementioned messaging and market shift. By 2010 when Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's consumer -focused OS/UI was introduced the app market place concept and infrastructure had been solidified in the new, now three-year old consumer smartphone space, as the way the smartphone experience worked. Developers were in with Apple and Google (Android) by this time and consumers were sold on apps. Going forward from that shift in 2007/2008 the chicken-egg scenario became a reality that did not preciously exist. So though your statement is historically correct, it missed the acknowledgment of a different pre iPhone/consumer smartphone era and the shift that occurred with the advent of the iPhone that created the app dependent personal computing world we have today.
  • In the UK it's still common to buy phones attached to a contract at a heavily discounted up front cost. But equally you can buy basically everything SIM free as well. I actually got my 950 XL for £0 up front attached to a new contract because my carrier clearly wanted to shift them, got a stonking deal.
  • Still using WP10. I works for me. From time to time I play with my wife's Samsung 7 Edge. It's nice, but I prefer my Idol 4s. The OS just flows better for .e.
  • All this talk about MS not supporting Windows Phone 10 and my Microsoft 640xl just did an OS update. I am on the Fast Insider Ring, but there have been updates which makes me believe there is still something happening out there. If I'm a guinea pig, so be it. I have no problem with my phone.
  • I concurr
  • Good point Jason .Very satisfied with my L640 LTE , 2 years old , never let me down , a real workhorse . Read and send mails , watch Netflix movies, listen music on Spotify and deezer , browse on edge (some fixes needed) , read the news , follow the stock market on Bloomberg and play some games . Not a faecesbook fan and could care less bout instagram . Love Windows Phone. Soon getting a 950 . Thank you
  • Number of crapdroid and ios trolls on those threads is unbelievable .
  • I'm still all in and happy to be. #continuum #950xl 
  • In it for the long haul. I'll wait. I can't stand the other phone interfaces, to each their own; I'm happy with my 950XL. Can't wait to see what they come up with next, I'm really feeling the CShell, Landscape mode FTW!
  • great read! I agree fully. People who whine all the time in comments sections, maybe you should go to androidcentral or that other place. Windows 10 Mobile is a fantastic OS that meets 90% of peoples needs but has been screwed by a troubled launch and really no good marketing (where it was needed). 
  • 90% of what?
  • :))) Windows 10 mobile is nothing but a half baked mediocre CRAP! WP8.1 was faster, more reliable, more fluid.
  • Just purchased a Lumia 650 today. Really like it and really like the Windows OS! Actually preferring it to my Android Nexus 6 device. Fingers crossed Windows mobile continues to develop and grow.
  • So how are you typing that, because those fingers are going to end up fused together if that's what you're waiting on.
  • Microsoft crrate what I consider the best .ui  and platform for a mobile phone.  That's coming from 6 years on iPhone and 2 years on s7 edge,  but you know why I'm a hater?  It's called trying to take away free storage from.onedrive and using a lame reason.  It's called not releasing it's own app gestures with it's speakerphone option on windows 10. It's called rebooting software like calendernor outlook and then taking 12 months to put things like a weekly calender view or linked email accounts option back when we had them in windowsn8 versions.  It's called removing here maps from their phone and following a new strategy if ignoring so even more apps like paypal, ebay and my fitnesspal leave the already terrible app store.  In 2016 the you tube apps typecast, metro tube and mytube all started breaking down alot.  Sometimes fixed the next day and sometimes 3 days or a week orb2 latter.  For something as wide spread as you tube that was unacceptable.  And theme there the fact that m8crisft doesn't ev3n has. A d3c3nt mobile phone offering to my taste ever since the lumia 930. Oh and in traditional fashion my lumia 930 3 year old phone is no longer supported with the creator update. You'd think this was enough to hate m8crisft but it wasnt.  They showed the same lack of updates and included restrictions in edge new tabs, that won't oo3n to your d3fault home page.  Incidently edge is the first browser in my history of pc usage and I'm going all the way back to Netscape, that restricts users doing this. I love most of windows 10 desktop I thing windows 10 live tiles and Fontana are way ahead of the competition but how can I not hate on m8crisft after all these blunders and the continuing ones I perceive they make.  My only hope now is that android or Mac make a ps4 for desktop that challenges windows gaming cause after 2016 I simply don't want to be part of microsoft work.  Again sad thing is it could be smasome but they are no longer up for the job    
  • Won't let me edit most.  Ps4 line  is supposed to say android and mac make a os to challenge pc windows gaming cause.  
  • Gotcha, was wondering about that one line but, hey, the rest looks GREAT!
  • Microsoft should let enterprise to have their own app store where users can download app from eg: can list all the apps available for windows phone users can download app from there directly or they can get it from microsoft store if its available distributed windows app store is the game to success
  • Ms wont get revenue out of that, and they still cant get the bug picture hence they suffer, its all licenses for them
  • I don't care what they try to feed me, I LOVE WINDOWS !
  • My son said to me last week that him and some of his teenage friends were discussing the idea of going retro and getting a 'dumb phone'. I asked him what he would get and he said 'a Nokia 3310 or a windows phone'. I guess tech moves pretty fast these days. I'll dig my spare 535 out of the drawer and see how he gets on!
  • I'm not a hater. I had three nokia/windows phones over the last 6 years. But I had my last one and a samsung tablet to get to some financial apps that I needed. I got tired of carrying both. I just bought a Galaxy S8+. I never had any complaints about windows phones; well at least until I tried to migrate to WIN10 with the last one. Marched that one back right away. But I have kept all three phones. Hopefully, someday they will be valuable as they will be few of them around. I just wish there could have been more developer support for porting apps over to windows phones.
  • It is very difficult for the 99% of android and apple users to truly understand why people use windows phone. First, I would like to say that throughout human history there have been always people who use what others use and there are those that want to be different. I would have used android or apple if I were the 99% of the regular public but I am not and that makes me different. It is pointless to explain why some of us still use Windows phone to the 99% public as they will never understand so it is best to simply enjoy the tough road ahead. No apps, no support and thats where you learn how to get things done. Using windows phone, I had to learn about MDM, Microsoft Intune, Visual studio and remote desktop to get stuff working.Now I know how these things work and even without apps I learned how to get stuff done. Now thats is something you never get. Its like a choice between 2 roads where on one road, you get everything by just a touch of a button and on the next road you have to struggle and work hard to get things done. So which one will you choose. Only the intelligent and brave enter the road of struggles. 
  • "without apps I learned how to get stuff done" Congratulations. I do commend you for learning computational thinking. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The only drawback to the route you chose is that those skills are only loosely transferrable. .Windows phone is a dead platfrom (as per Microsoft) and learning to use Visual Studio and the Microsoft technologies limits you to Microsoft products. Since there's no future for a Microsoft mobile operating system (despite what WindowsCentral regularly claims) you're not going to be able to directly use those skills in the future. And, Microsoft has a rather frustrating track record of abandoning developer tools. You would've gotten more bang for your learning buck from doing the same on Android or iOS. Both platforms will persist for the forseeable future, and, there are now lots of good cross-platform development tools for the two platforms (not so much Windows... Visual Studio theoretically does iOS and Android but in practice it's not particularly good at them). PS I do get a chuckle about "very difficult for the 99% of android and apple users to truly understand" [sic]. A bit of misplaced confidence? A good chunk of Android and Apple do understand. They just don't care. They're no more wedded to Android or Apple than they are to Windows phone. They just use a phone that does what they need it to do. Windows phone would likely work just as well for them.
  • I've said it before... Microsoft CAN get back into the smartphone market. Everyone seems to forget that Internet Explorer started with a usage share of ZERO, but with a development and promotion blitz by Microsoft, rose to become the most used browser on the Internet.  Of course, the intervening years have led to the introduction of other browsers that have attracted their share of users too. But my point is: If MS wants to devote some time, energy and resources, they can regain a respectable share of the smartphone market.  They have already proven they can compete with Apple in the tablet and laptop market, and their recently-released Windows 10S devices are obviously a major jump into the scholastic market for easy-to-administer (ie. locked down) devices to directly compete with Chromebooks. Up to this point, it appears that Satya Nadella will not "grow a pair" and commit to renewed development of Windows 10 Mobile devices, including smartphones.  He is satisfied constantly ignoring owners of Windows smartphones, preferring to create applications that run on IOS and Android instead of investing in the Windows Mobile ecosystem.  Microsoft has NOT made any effort to market Windows Phones to users, and has angered current users with what seems to be arbitrary orphaning of certain devices from upgrades and updates. To my mind, you're either in the hardware game on all levels, or you are destined to fight a continuing marketing war with your competitors who ARE in the hardware game on all levels.  If consumers think, for one minute, that they can buy some of your product line for certain tasks they do everyday, but have to buy products from a different manufacturer for other everyday tasks, human nature says they will tend to buy products from a manufacturer who has a fully-integrated hardware and software environment.. Microsoft has wandered off the path, and they'd better get their corporate ass in gear if they want to remain relevant.
  • "Everyone seems to forget that Internet Explorer started with a usage share of ZERO, but with a development and promotion blitz by Microsoft, rose to become the most used browser on the Internet." Two problems with your analogy: #1 Microsoft's mobile OS had a major marketshare in the pre-iOS smartphone market. They were major players (along with the now defunct BlackBerry) in the corporate services. They lost that marketshare to iOS, and, iOS now offers an unbeatable package that would be hard to displace. #2 Internet Explorer is also not a good story for Microsoft. They spent many hundreds of millions of USD on Internet Explorer's development and they employed illegal anti-competitive tactics by using their monopoly in Windows to favor IE and disadvantage Netscape, a competitor with very little money. In the end, they won the browser wars using dirty tactics (despite the legal remedies), and then they shot themselves in their own foot by treating customers like dirt by not developing IE--they'd vanquished Netscape so they could afford to treat customers like dirt. Now Internet Explorer and Edge, combined have single-digit market share because Chrome and FireFox had to be better than IE to displace IE and Google (the search engine) had to be orders of magnitude better than Microsoft's search engine (whatever it's called noawadays) to get users to make it the default. Microsoft still does have the capacity to throw lots of money at a mobile OS strategy, but, they don't have the monopoly to privilege their mobile OS the way they privileged Internet Explorer. And, unlike Netscape, iOS is a polished competitor backed by a copany with deep pockets. Android--though vulnerable to take-over--isn't particularly relevant to Microsoft because Google gives handset makers much more freedom to differentiate/customize Android than Microsoft ever would allow handset makers to customize WIndows. Android may not be great, it may be fragmented, but Android does work. It's hard for Microsoft to compete with "it gets the job done" when Microsoft offers handset makers many disadvantages. Windows 10 S As for the scholastic market--WIndows 10 S is not exactly a panacea for that either. Speaking from extensive experience with the scholastic market, I can confidently tell you that the bulk of computer use in schools is etiher (a) web-based or (b) iPad-based. Microsoft Office comes in in third place, and even Office is vulnerable now that Google Docs has become a viable competitor to PowerPoint, Excel (in fact, it's easier to use than Excel for students) and Word. Google does a much better job of supporting web-based than does Edge [on Windows 10 S]--Edge is a mediocre browser. Chrome is a far superior browser in terms of rendering pages successfully and browsing speed (yes, in benchmarks Edge may be able to eke out benchmark wins, but, in pratctice it feels and is much slower than Chrome because it's such a terrible browser). Granted, that is something that can change. What can't change, however, is that Windows Store--the conduit to WIndows 10 S education apps--has no apps and won't get the kinds of apps that education uses. If you're a developer going to devote developer resources to supporting an app, you're going to do it on iOS first since that's where the touch customers are and--an often overlooked fact--iOS has predictable hardware. Some people (i.e. writers at WindowsCentral) have this vision of WIndows Store competing with the (one and only) App Store, but they're missing the hardware part of the story. Developers won't write the same quality or kind of apps for Windows devices as they will iOS devices, regardless of the 400 million Windows 10 computers out there (or whatever the number is). Sure, there may be hundreds of millions of Windows 10 computers, but, the vast majority have very boring hardware. All they can guarantee is a keyboard and a mouse. A tiny minority of Windows 10 devices have accelerometers, good touch screens and other features often crucial to apps. Couple the lack of support for Windows Store, the absence of predictable hardware and Microsoft's poor track record of supporting its own technologies and you've got a recipe for failure (Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 have all been lurches in completely different directions with many abandoned technologies along the way... and that's over the past four years) "Microsoft has wandered off the path, and they'd better get their corporate ass in gear if they want to remain relevant." They are highly relevant to their customers. They're making money hand over fist. Only thing is, their major customers are no longer desktop users or mobile users. Their money is coming from the cloud. Windows mobile simply isn't in the cards. Apple destroyed their mobile business model and that of BlackBerry by capturing the mobile consumer market, and, soon thereafter, capturing the corporate market. The desktop itself is fast becoming a conduit to the on-line world.
  • I switched from android to Windows when T-Mobile started selling the Idol 4s. I would never go back. To many functions have become a part of my everyday life. The tiles are priceless for me. My phone is a workhorse. I'm an insurance agent. I use it in every appointment. Continuum is my only home computer now. I use it all the time. Love mine!
  • I would lke to make a compelling comment as to why Microsoft should make and market first party Windows Phones (W10 M or W10 on ARM). But it is really pretty simple: Many people WANT them. The Microsoft losing money argument, economics 101 doesn't cut it. Economics 102 lays out the cause for loss leaders. If Microsoft loses some money on phones, but keeps a lot of its customers happy and we help promote their products as passionately we's not a loser if we help them grow their overall market share. Microsoft's leadership should take note of every passionate user of Windows Phone and stay in the game. 
  • Good article. When you know the platform is dead, but still stick through till the end...that's real loyalty. Great OS, great community, great fun (while it lasts). Android and iPhone rule the world. Absolutely. But it still gives us Microsofties great pleasure to scroll proudly through our tiles. We came in together. Should the ultimate hour come, we shall leave together. Thank you Microsoft. You tried. Its what you take away from your failures that counts the most. Peace out.
  • I was a longtime user of Windows Phone. But since I tryed android I have a hard time to go back. Its not just the app selection. If you want some new hardware with Snapdragon 835 or a device with MediaTek Helio P25 or X30 then there no Windows Mobile 10 devices avaible.  Nokia 8, Pixel 2 and new iPhones are around the corner to. Yes maybe a Surface Phone will come in 2019 or something. But with no clear statement from Microsoft about mobile who knows? Even Joe Belfiore talked about Microsoft services on other platforms. I suspect thats their strategy, Windows apps on iOS and android.
  • I appreciate your enthusiasm and certainly have enjoyed Windows Phone/10 mobile, but it has become so buggy that it's just unuseable, and what few apps that are out there simply don't work. I can't handle it anymore and am willing to put up with the attrocious UI of Android.
  • The article about Android privacy safety made me think. Wat if big companies (Google first) avoided supporting WM because the OS was "too safe" and didn't let them gain user info? The problem wasn't the user base, but companies themselves that wouldn't have gained enough. And of course the freaking market filling of junk android devices. Btw iPhones are just too pricey and a waste of money for their purpose.