Is the Windows phone fan community imploding?

Sadly, it seems that many, not all, of those fans, are also becoming the most jaded, cynical, aggressive and downright cruel group of anti-fans on the web. What happened to that jovial bunch of loyalists that began embracing Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's unique mobile OS, back in 2010?

Paradise lost

Many unique features of Windows Phone 7 seduced fans to embrace Microsoft's refreshed mobile OS seven years ago. As a reboot of Microsoft's mobile efforts, the Windows Phone OS was touted by Microsoft and fans as beautiful, fluid, light and buttery smooth.

The OS-level integration of various services almost made the OS the "app for that" that other platforms needed an actual app for. The idea of hubs and Rooms were also fan favorites. The phones control center - the Me Tile- represented the apex of the Live Tile user interface we all loved. All of that was coupled with esteemed Nokia hardware that dominated nearly 100 percent of all Windows phones in the market.

We, fans, bragged about "our" industry leading camera tech that was recognized as the standard to beat. When little else was respected by "our" rivals and the advocates of competing platforms we at least had the best camera tech and an OS so light that it ran optimally on even low-end hardware.

Lumia 1020 back

Lumia 1020 back (Image credit: Windows Central)

Virtually everything fans loved about Windows phone has changed.

Unfortunately, literally, all of that changed. Well, we still have Live Tiles. But after seven years there has been no radical evolution in their functionality besides new sizes, grouping and chaseable notifications. Exploding tiles which was hinted at years ago seems a forgotten hope.

Hell hath no fury

Culminating in its present iteration, Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft has shifted Windows on phone toward a more app centric, less fluid, "heavier" OS, with little of its original appeal. Microsoft even introduced Android-esque UI elements to entice android developers. Needless to say, UI changes like hamburger menus and smaller text that didn't flow across the UI altered Windows phone fans familiar experience and angered many.

To add insult to injury, the UI changes failed in their intended goal, Android developers never came. Loyalist's confidence in Microsoft's decisions about mobile continued to wane.

Furthermore, former CEO Steve Ballmer famously or infamously pushed Microsoft into smartphone hardware with the purchase of Nokia's phone division. Current CEO Satya Nadella (famously or infamously) pushed the company out of smartphone hardware, barring aspirational category-defining devices via Microsoft's Devices team, with the write-off of the Nokia purchase.

Loyalists confidence in Microsoft waned as Redmond made unpopular decisions.

The loss of the Nokia camera team and the strategic focus on camera technology that would have likely kept Windows phones at the helm of mobile photography was a massive blow to the fan base. "Why surrender the one advantage 'we' have and that competitors acknowledge?" many thought.

All of these changes have been a bitter pill for fans to swallow. Furthermore, the promises of a strong mobile presence, as part of the Universal Windows Platform have also begun to ring hollow for fans. Outside of a couple of big name OEMs, smaller locally relevant OEMs bear the difficult burden of ensuring Windows phones are a known entity in the market. A simple query to "Joe Consumer," who will likely respond with a quizzical look reflecting little or no awareness of Windows phones will reveal just how difficult a task that is without Microsoft's aggressive support.

Windows phone fans, have ridden these changes through a range of emotions from disappointment to anger, and at times unbridled rage.

Window phone fans scorned

If those ire-inducing shifts in the platform were not enough Microsoft's unpopular retrenchment strategy began with a reduction of markets for its first-party phones and a focus on devices for Windows fans, the enterprise and value consumers. A reliance on OEM partners became the primary means to bring phones to the mass market. Very few OEMs took up the mantle. It was a reasonable strategy, particularly, if Microsoft had been successful with bringing more OEMs on board while keeping first-party hardware in the market as they initially promised.

Had Microsoft stuck to that course Windows on phone, even if only via first-party devices, would have likely maintained some level of visibility among consumers. Unfortunately, Microsoft later undermined its own efforts to garner much needed OEM and developer support by publicly declaring Windows Mobile as an enterprise-focused OS. This commitment was made despite the contradicting reality that OEM partners like Alcatel and WhartonBrooks were providing (and preparing to provide) Windows phones for consumers.

Windows Mobile and the Enterprise: Out of sight, out of mind

Naturally, publicly announcing its mobile OS as enterprise-focused signaled to developers that Microsoft's mobile strategy had no consumer play. Not even among OEMs who might embrace this enterprise-focused OS for consumer-focused markets. Consequently, fans have watched as developers, who see little promise of an all-important consumer-focused mobile presence, withdraw their apps from the platform and OEMs, like Nuans changed its focus to Android. The flow of news of new apps coming to the platform and others that are receiving much-needed updates is sadly overshadowed by the growing permanence of an air of negativity within the Windows phone community.

Windows phone fans are unable to effectively direct their anger with Microsoft at Microsoft.

The continual downward spiral of the platform with no word of hope from Microsoft fuels the anger and disappointment many Windows phone fans feel. This anger grows with each subsequent disappointment and fans are unable to productively direct it toward the source of their pain, Microsoft.

You hurt the ones closest to you

All of this frustration-inducing activity has fans helplessly watching what has become an almost ritualistic cycle of the rise and fall of each iteration of Windows on phone. From Pocket PC to Windows Mobile to Windows Phone to Windows 10 Mobile each progression has left a trail of disenchanted fans and disenfranchised developers. Many people are confident Microsoft could have done or can still do something to resolve these platform problems. But with what many see as the company's apathy and its actual "radio silence" regarding what's next (as Windows 10 Mobile wanes) fans anger is compounded.

Anti-fans target the remaining Windows phone fans with cruel insults.

Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar "faceless" company that doesn't seem to hear the cries for change and expressions of discontent from the fans. The rants on social media, responses via official feedback channels or even professionally composed emails to Microsoft that express the will of the fans may seem like pointless shouts into a hurricane.

Consequently, many frustrated fans and bitter "anti-fans" (ex-fans who have deserted the platform but can't stay away from Windows phone-focused articles, comment sections, forums and social media conversations ) who can't take their anger out on Microsoft, settle on proxy targets - fans who are still optimistic about the platform.

A sad commentary

The comments sections of articles are a common meeting ground for fans of a particular platform, in this case, Windows phone, to gather and share their thoughts. They are the digital marketplaces designed for intellectual discourse on the topics presented in a piece. Those who hold an opposing view are also welcome to join in the community's conversation via a respectfully presented rebuttal.

Sadly, this particular forum, comments sections, has devolved into a toxic environment of insults, personal attacks, and uncensored cruelty. These offenses are usually carried out by anti-fans against individuals who are bold and secure enough to show optimism about Microsoft's effort within an environment saturated with disappointment and anger. Moreover, it's not that the optimistic are naïve, or haven't seen or experienced what the community has endured. They just see the glass as half full.

The pseudo-anonymity of the web may embolden some individuals to exhibit levels of cruelty they may not otherwise exhibit in other areas of their lives. Perhaps, in a person's physical presence, these same people would exhibit a greater degree of empathy and patience for a person with a differing opinion. To that point, I remind the Windows phone community that on the other side of your screen, on the flip-side of the username at which you may be angrily banging out an insult, is a person who is just as real as you are.

That person has likely experienced the same up and down, disappointing, financially burdensome and emotionally draining journey that you have experienced with Microsoft's vacillating mobile efforts.

They're part of the community and your beef really isn't with them, they want what you want.

We're all on the same team…right?

Fans who frequent Windows phone articles are not the only ones to fall victim to becoming aggressors of unprovoked insults. Sadly, even writers who are (or were) passionate about Windows phones (but write for different sites) have also engaged in this self-destructive behavior. Aren't we all on the same team, writing about, promoting and advocating for a platform we love?

As members of a tiny loyalist community for an underdog platform is it wise or even profitable to allow frustrations with Microsoft to provoke animosity or rudeness between one another simply because of a difference of perception? I don't think so.

Fellow writer Michael Allison from MSPoweruser used to do a weekly roundup of Windows phone and Microsoft news that he culled from various sites from around the web including content from Windows Central. No one person or site has all of the answers or sees the whole picture. I applaud that previous effort by Michael.

Hurt (adjective) people, hurt (verb) people

Sadly, there seems to be a cycle of behavior where when a person is hurt, they then lash out and hurt others. That aggression is often directed at individuals who had no part in hurting the offended party.

We see this behavior repeatedly within the Windows phone community. When a new app is announced or updated, cynical retorts are hurled at those efforts to belittle the support it brings the platform. When an OEM, like HP, Alcatel or WhartonBrooks embraces the platform to bring more Windows phones to the market, the leaders of those efforts are stabbed and slashed with razor-like criticisms.

Moreover, people who decide to support the efforts of these OEMs by buying a Windows phone rather than an iPhone or Android phone sometime become secondary targets of some individuals' opinions. Don't we all have a right to buy whatever smartphone we wish without being insulted by someone who has a different preference? Of course, we do.

It's wise to remember that we are all people whether we know each other personally or not. Our value is summed up by far more than what smartphone we buy or don't buy. Devaluing one another with words or insults because of a smartphone choice does not respect that inherent value and says more about the character of the insulter rather than that of the insulted.

Self-fulfilling prophecy?

People or companies who will invest in a platform use various measures to guide their decision. The size of the market share and the activity of the app stores are big and visible measures. For a platform like Windows phones both of those measures are uninspiring. Thus, investment in the platform is a pooling of factors like the potential of future technologies, potential markets for those technologies as well as the state or dedication of the current fan base among other things.

What the fan base (that has been with Microsoft for years) has to say about the company, how those fans engage the market and even interacts among themselves speaks volumes to potential developers and OEM partners about the potential success of Microsoft's future efforts. It also speaks to the potential success (or lack thereof) of a developers or OEM's investment in the platform.

See more

What do developers and companies see when they visit forums, comments sections, social media and other venues to get a pulse of the Windows phone community? They see what many of us see, legitimate concerns about Microsoft's efforts as well as a broken foundation of self-damaging in-fighting and cruelty.

This would discourage almost anyone concerning the cohesion of the current fanbase and their ability to help move forward any investments from developers, OEMs or any other party interested in the platform.

Thus, failure of the platform, though Microsoft has the major onus, could be exasperated by negativity and cruelty toward one another that is neither right nor necessary. If not motivated by moral reasons, being nice within the community can help with perceptions of the platform.

What did fellow fans or OEMs ever do to you?

Your fellow Windows phone fans "signed in next to you" didn't put Windows phone in the dismal state it is in. They want it to succeed as badly as you do. The OEMs that are investing millions to bring Windows phone to market didn't cause the problems we have endured with the platform we all enjoy. As a matter of fact, they're trying to make the platform Microsoft's re-trenchment strategy made invisible in the market, visible again.

OEMs like Alcatel, HP and WhartonBrooks are investing varying levels of resources to make the platform that many feel Microsoft failed to market, a success in different segments of the market.

Sadly, rather than offering the support of a kind word in acknowledgment of the efforts of these businesses, criticisms denouncing their sincere efforts abound.

It's nice to be nice

Folks, Window phone is in bad shape. Is there hope ahead? I am optimistic, but if that hope is misplaced… so be it. I and those other glass-half-full types among the community would simply be wrong. That's it. If, however, our hope is proven well placed with a future success of a category-defining ultramobile Surface PC with telephony, full Windows with CShell and a mature ecosystem, then you are wrong. That's it.

Regardless of who's right or who's wrong, one thing is common: we all love Windows phones. None of us in the community caused what we are experiencing in a decline of a platform we all embrace. The loss of features we loved, dropping market share, withdrawn Lumias, lack of abundant OEM support, an enterprise focus of Windows 10 Mobile and a host of stops and restarts that "stranded" users and developers apps on devices that couldn't be upgraded happened to all of us. Taking your anger out on other victims of circumstance is both misplaced and wrong.

Regardless of who's right or wrong we're all fans.

And even if you could direct all of your anger at the company that is the real source of your anger, a professional expression of your concerns would be more productive the emotion-laden rants we've grown accustomed to reading.

The Windows phone community seems to be imploding beneath a critical mass of frustrations and disappointment. Misdirected anger at fellow fans is crushing the community from within and could be contributing negatively to the future of the platform.

Folks, nobody and no company is perfect but for so many reasons it's simply nice to be nice.

Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • "And even if you could direct all of your anger at the company that is the real source of your anger, a professional expression of your concerns would be more productive the emotion-laden rants we've grown accustomed to reading" I understand what's being said and can you honestly say that a professional expression would be more read and accepted by MS to actually do what the once millions and millions of fans have always asked for and that is 'INTEREST' from its creator. It's like a child begging for its parent to do their job as a parent and not every now and then when it suits them and even then its not in the best interests of that same child.
  • Yeah, it's all the parents' fault. In this case, Microsoft is the parent. :(
  • Yeah correct!.. I agree with Jason though that we are all in the same team but I don't think Microsoft is in our team :/
  • I don't believe we're all on the same team.  The first four paragraphs said it all for me.  I LOVE Windows 7.X!  I loved everything about it!!!!  To this day it's better than Windows 10 to me.  I dislike how so many have abandoned the way WP used to work for notion of some "new" update.  Microsoft made a change to appease Android users ruining the Metro feel and look.  And to me that has brought on failure (at least at this juncture). Sure there are those who love this direction towards Android feel and look.  I'm not one of those.  So, no.  We're not on the same team.  Bring back the Hubs!  Me Tile! Class leading camera's!  Kids Corner!  Bring back the METRO design and feel!  That's the team I'm on!
  • Agree, if It's not android, and not gonna attract Android fans, then why not continue to develop the modern concept... MS sold out, and it bit them in the arse.
  • I don't think W10M is in any way like any of the Android devices i have used. Its more a Windows 10 Tablet Menu squeeze into a phone and i have enjoyed it for what it is. If you don't like the current W10M than don't use it. I don't compare my Android device with a Windows 10 device. They are different, I learn to use their strength and nowadays its pretty cheap too! The only device i don't want to buy are iOS devices because i don't feel its worth the price. Android and Windows device are cheap you could get very decent device with a couple of hundred. I am also interested in the new iPad 2017 pretty affordable too so they are my next target.
  • Agreed. I loved how i could have a conversation with someone that started as a Text and I could reply via Messenger if they had an accout. All the disuccion was in 1 thread regardless of the app. And yes, the UI felt like an infinite pitch black canvas (OLED Lumia 800 screen) with stiking contrast orn the overlaying text that were longer than 1 screen and became visible as you scrolled right. Incredible UX. Now we have hamburger menus... sigh.
  • i''m still using a windows 7.8 phone, and have no plans on ever switching away from windows phone. they already made a near perfect phone for me, so i have no interest in ever upgrading or getting anything newer, since all the new versions don't work for me.
  • Right... In 2038 you'll still be using that by then network incompatible device.. Lol. In order for desire to be fulfilled MS needs to continue to develop Windows on mobile devices for some time to come. Our current devices won't last forever, and why in the world would we want them to?
  • As long as 3g and 4g networks are supported. I won't need to switch.
  • Lol
  • What's the plan when it dies?
  • I agree with everything you said. Windows Phone was a smartphone OS what we have right now is a confused OS. In fact I wrote almost something similar in windows central forum as well. But the truth for me is that the villian here is Microsoft. I am an MS fan. Have always been but can't deny fact.
  • I think that WP fans are generally in the state of confusion, frustration, maddness, and bewildering about the future.  You never would imagine that MS CEO would pull the rug under you - the royal supporters of this platform for years.  W10M with its Live Tiles is such a beautiful product they want to destroy.  They constantly give you the vague, contradicting, misleading messages and never man enough to come out and inform the world clearly what they plan to do and why.  They just surrender it all. Looking back the last few years and listen to the keynotes their CEO made in BUILD, you would be genius if you can figure out what is their mobile strategy and direction.  They obviously can't either.  Now they want to abandon W10M, then what's the point of UWP.  All users and developers would feel deeply betrayed.  All their investment in the past years have vaporized suddenly due to the poor execution of the MS management.  I don't know if a legal action can be taken against the company for their mis-management, but it certainly deserves one. Now they again give you another vague expectation for a future 'ultimate mobile device'.  Can you trust them again?  Or another lie and trap is building up for you?  Steve Ballmer vigorously promoted WP while Satya Nadella is vigorously demoting WP.  We fans are the victims.
  • Madness?... Lol. Let's swap that out for disappointment.
  • That too obviously.  :-)
  • Windows Phone "fan community" imploding? At this point that would be the equlivent of an ant hill caving in.
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • I find it completely insane that people think we need either Windows Mobile or a Windows phone community when Microsoft is saying full Windows 10 64-bit enterprise edition will run on 6" devices with ARM chips. Terry Myerson told Mary Jo Foley full Windows 10 is coming to 6" devices. Windows Mobile will serve absolutely no purpose in 18-months. We don't need a watered down version of Windows 10 for ARM anymore when ARM now runs the full OS and full app catalog. Windows Mobile has been in maintenance mode since Belfiore went on break. If you were on the verge of releasing the full OS on Snapdragon chips how much effort would you put into the dumb Mobile version that only does a fraction of the full OS and only runs a fraction of the full OS app catalog. I'll agree with anyone who wants to criticize Microsoft's communication skills, but their actions here make sense to me. Windows Mobile isn't going to serve any purpose soon and developing it any further (when it does nothing of value over real Windows 10) would be insane.
  • Read other article from yesterday... where the store is suffering, UWP is pointless, etc..
    They need to bridge the gap, and they haven't done that. They're falling further behind and it's pushing fans who have been loyal forever, like me, to consider Android
  • As a past android user I warn you of the constant app upgrades and some phones installing apps whether you want them or not.
  • And we continue to get nothing but silence out of MS regarding what their plans are for mobile.
  • I agree it's frustrating they communicate nothing.  But if the above is true, and I think it might be, then MS' plan is to fully integrate win10 into every platform.  The product will be a pc, and size won't matter anymore.  The os will adapt to platformsize.  I anyway hope this is what will be presented with surface-phone later this year
  • If that's Microsoft's thought process, then I think they've lost the plot.  Because ultimately if the OneCore talk is to be believed "full" Windows 10 is just Windows 10 Mobile + "stuff" (Win32 layer, x86 emulation layer, etc.).  Even if they come out with a fancy 6" device that can unfold into a tablet, it's still going to have to able to be functional in a folder state to be a phone replacement.  You can't seriously expect that someone is going to have to unfold their device to answer a call, respond to a text or IM, etc.  And in that case, people aren't going to be running desktop apps on their 6" screens; they're going to need UWP apps.  And what are UWP apps on a 6" screen?  Windows Mobile apps.  Basically, Windows 10 Mobile still needs to be a mode that the device operates in. So no, this won't be a from the ground up new thing as much as an evolution of where we are today.  Except Microsoft is doing a lousy job of providing continuity between now and whenever.  If current Win10M handsets are effectively a dead end, why should anyone who needs a phone today consider a Win10M handset at all?  And why would any handset makers bother making a new Win10M phone?   And why would developers write mobile targeted apps for the platform? And when the existing userbase is off on other platforms in the meantime, are they going to stay "pure" using only the dwindling number apps and services available that also run on Windows 10, or will they be "contaminated" by these other platforms and unable or unwilling to come back when Microsoft finally figures out its Jesus device?
  • Thix 1000x! When the Surface phone (?) is olded up, it would still need the UWP apps, no escaping that. If your bank has no app, running a desktop version of Edge is not going to help make your online account any more usable than UWP Edge.
  • What windows surface phone, the unicorn one, LMAO.
  • Extremely well put, sir!! Bravo!
  • Good points.
  • MRpuny,  Windows phone 6.5, 7.0. 8.0. 8.1, and 10.  After every change in the first number, Microsoft dumped all their work and all the work of developers.  Seems like they hire a new guy to run the show and the new guy throws everything out and starts to build his own empire.  I want a smartphone to integrate flawlessly with all my info.  My battery died on my 950.  So I bought a $50 android.  Swapped the Sim cards and entered my email accounts.  Let's just say the $50 android was a big let down, which I expected.  But the UI was much more labor intensive.  Plus the tight info integration with my laptop disappeared.  everything became more clumsy.  even using the Outlook app on the android. Your comment is spot on.  Windows 10 is a good platfomr.  I dont know the ends and outs of W10M versus W10.  I dont really care.  I am not going to run a win32 on my phone.  My biggest problem right now?  Intuit is screwing up Quickbooks.  Every month I find more and more bugs.  I think Intuit has moved all its R&D to its stupid cloud based Quickbooks.  Is it a Win10 UWP?  probably not.  Is Intuit going to write a quickbooks UWP?  I would hope so.  I run my business 24/7/365 from whereever I am located.  do I go on vacation?  Sure.  Am I alwasy available to solve problems.  Sure.  Do I like running my business?  Yes.  I just want to know that my data is setting in a safe place, easily processed with my laptop, Surface, or 950.  I dont want it sitting in a cloud based Web page where I have to pay monthly to access the info.   Would someone please write a UWP accounting software that allows the data to sit in onecloud and syncing between my devices?  I would pay lots of money for that solution.  But I am stuck with Quickbooks and Intuit.
  • Don't know anything about Quickbooks, but I understand being subject to Intuit's whims.  I miss Microsoft Money.  Always preferred it back in the day; too bad they dropped it.  I guess it still works under Windows 10, though, so maybe I should try to dig up my old copy. But your comment about how Microsoft dumps their work with every iteration and starts over is something I want to respond to.  I thought the same way, and it's not wrong exactly, but after some thought, I don't think it's really correct.  I mean, absolutely, they did a hard reset between WinMo 6.X and WP7.  That was probably inevitable given the situation where they were switching from stylus basesd screen UI to touch based UI.  WP7 to WP8 was ugly for users since they needed new hardware, and developers since they had to choose between the old Silverlight APIs for backwards compatibilty with the existing WP7 user base and the newer WinRT APIs for new functionality on WP8.) But WP8.0 had good backwards compatibility with WP7 apps, and so apps and data would move forward if you got a new handset. And I still think, based on what I've read, that the differences between WinRT and Silverlight were way bigger than they needed to be due to internal politics at Microsoft. (WinRTappears to be like a cleaned up version of Silverlight made more incompatible than necessary because Sinfosky hated Silverlight.)  The other problem at 8.0 is that WinRT on the desktop and Win(P)RT) on phones were supposed to be only minimally compatible.  So even writing a WinRT app for the phone meant there was still a fair amount of porting for the desktop/tablets.  With Windows (Phone) 8.1 that was supposed to be much better, and even closer to 100% for Win10 UWP (which is really just a new name for WinRT as far as I can tell). And so this is what drives me absolutely bonkers.  From this perspective, moving from WP7 to WP8 was a significant transtion, but backwards compatiblity was mosty there so ultimately from a user perspective is wasn't too bad beyond needing new hardware. The next move to Win10(M) was a far less significant transiton in reality; UWP is like the next big version of WinRT. So what's the future of Windows 10 in the mobile space?  To me it seems like the UWP API changes will be even smaller than any of the previous ones. Here's the biggest problem I see.  Microsoft loves to talk about whatever they're doing as the next big thing, and they don't seem to ever want to frame their next thing as being the merely the continuation of what they've been doing.  They want it to NEW! rather than "improved".  There are no gradual transitions.  It's presented as a full stop and reboot. And I think this has really fatigued their userbase. (By the way, Microsoft used to be good at transitions.  In the 90s they managed a split userbase with most of their users going from DOS to Win 3.x to Win 9X to XP while maintaining a mostly compatible parallel branch that went from NT 3.X to NT 4 to Win 2000 to XP.  It was messy, but it worked.) Here's something that I think is illustrative.  Back in 2005, Steve Jobs announced the Mac transition from PowerPC to Intel.  This was a huge transtiion, following shortly after the Mac OS 9 to OS X, changing the fundamental architecture of Macs.  Look how well he sells this.  People often talk about how Microsoft isn't good at marketing, and it seems like they're talking about catchy TV ads.  But I think this sort of "marketing" is more important.  Watch how smoothly he explains the transition to developers (and Mac enthusiasts who watched these WWDC keynotes).  Microsoft badly needs a Steve Jobs:
  • What do you do.  Maybe we can work on something taht you mentioned here about quickbooks.
  • UWP apps, when done correctly, behave just like the mobile app on desktop. You can see this yourself if you take Wunderlist or Twitter app and resize it on your Windows 10 desktop, it looks and works exactly like it does on mobile... Because it's the same app. In all these iterations of windows mobile there is one constant, we can't get developers to make apps. So Microsoft is changing the game, full Windows 10 on 6" devices with phone features. Now we have millions of apps available from existing developers.
  • No disagreement on my part.  Only question is why isn't this being done now "for realz"?  See my response to ddn123 above. Edit:  well maybe there is a fundamental disagreement.  The idea you're presenting is that developers aren't using UWP currently, so in the future we'll just be able to use old Win32 apps.  So are you seriously suggesting that with this future "Windows-based thing with mobile connectivity" we'll be using Win32 desktop apps in some sort of way in mobile/phone mode?
  • What's wrong with having a community?... It's really just Windows on a pocketable mobile form factor.. There will always be fans, no matter what It's called, or what version it is... That's generally what is meant when people refer to it as "Windows Mobile".... That's a relatively general term.
  • which is another reason I did not buy the HP or Alcatel
    phones.  Microsoft is about to abandon them just like they did RT. ARM is the next evolution of WP spending money on anything else WP is a waste.
  • Windows Phone already runs on ARM🙂
  • People are often pretty imprecise in their writing.  If badmojo69 mentions RT and talks about "ARM is the next evolution of WP" is it not hard to assume that he is in fact talking about Windows 10 on ARM.  I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt and to imply that someone doesn't know that all the phone OS's run on ARM chips is kind of snarky.
  • Because in the future you are planning to change course, is NO reason to abandon the current platform today, that is madness!
    That's like Toyota saying, we have a brand new Corolla coming out in 12 months so let's abandon production of the current model now and who cares what happens to the suppliers and customers in the interim.
    That's a business model on it's way to bankruptcy.
  • Right
  • I don't want a 6 inch device. I want a 5.2 inch max 🙄
  • I have been using Windows Mobile/Phone/whatever since 2004. I still think that Windows Phone has a beautiful interface, and an advantage with Windows desktop, but i've done what i've always said i wouldn't do - im changing for the Android... and i'm sorry, the MS management of their mobile area is just stupid, i can't even list all the points here...   Let me say just this: a bricked update turn my nokia 1020 focus to garbage, a correction never appeared; i've posted on Ms foruns, i've never add an answer... now i've bought 2 Oneplus 3T, and i've already had 3 answers to my android doubts (not even Oneplus OxygenOS!) and the phones didn't arrived yet... this is just inadmissible... Another one: Ms has a language center in Portugal... they have never made Cortana available in Portuguese, i know the iberian portuguese is a small market, but i also now that some technologies have been tested here due to our (small) size and appetence for technologies.
  • I had some trouble with early updates.  Turned off updates until I allowed them, moved to slower better tested updates.  Got bricked once and found fix help online that worked.  I have a Lumia 1520 which I still use.  Only problem now is linked Outlook email accounts, but I can get around it.
  • I had to change to Android because there are apps I needed after being on Wm since the beginning. My personal opinion is that Android sucks in comparison, I would jump back instantly if the apps were available.
  • I'm disappointed from MS . im still in shock . And i know MS don't care .
  • I'm not shocked.. They've been telling us this would happen for years... I'm more mad at MS for not proving them wrong, caving, and giving up, like they don't have the ability to succeed...
    So, the question is, where do we go from here? Do we once again have hope? From what I see MS has only two life lines left with maintaining a mobile presence, and keeping respect in that regard..
    1. They ABSOLUTELY KILL at Build 2017, reaffirming that they are indeed dedicated to mobile with something "tangible" the tech world can leave with.
    2. MS needs to strongly hint at new Surface branded mobile hardware on the horizon to back those claims up.
    .. That's what they are gonna have to do to keep us from imploding. Basically keep us playing the "wait, and see what happens" game, once again.
  • Jason Ward..... Will you be attending BUILD, and will you be asking a MS a slew of questions regarding decision making, future plans, and mostly if they are concerned about the few fans they have left?
  • I'd love to, but unfortunately I can't afford it out of pocket :-( . But there are a few other folks from WC going.
  • I think Daniel is going..
  • Ya think? 😂
  • No, you have to go... End of discussion... Set up a go fund me account. We'll pay for it... But, you must represent us strongly. Go. Go set it up now.
  • Imagine this , im one of oldest feedbacks hub , giving almost daily supporting and feedbacks for mobiles builds , and i do have 1520 Lumia , suddenly they said this phone and some devices out of creator update . Three yrs gone like wind . Three yrs of hoping and helping users and MS builds and community .
    Really that's shock me into the death , like they used me like im stair on my back .
    But , i do still have hope , cuz im one of oldest fans for MS builds or even normal pcs .
  • I understand that, and you're dedication, and perseverance, is well respected..
    But, the 1520 is a really old device. We can't expect MS to support old devices forever. WP fans, just like iDroid fans, have to buy into new devices periodically if they want to latest tech, and updates.... The only reason WP fans perceive this situation differently is because devices are scarce, and older devices make up the majority of WP devices.. Had MS been pumping out new devices over the last few years (and working to keep OEM'S onboard) the amount of updatable devices would be much larger... I'm mad there is not many new devices, but I can't honestly expect MS to update a 3+ year old last era device... In all fairness, MS has supported their older devices much longer than the competition. It's a wonder they did it that long. Go buy a Samsung galaxy, and see if you get as many updates as your 1520 received. Your 1520 had a good run.
  • "But, the 1520 is a really old device. We can't expect MS to support old devices forever. " Microsoft is famous for supporting ancient desktop machines, though.  W10 runs great on hardware ten years old.  It's not at all clear why it can't run on the 1520.  After all, its processing power, memory, graphics are all comparable with lower cost phones on the market right now.
  • Because, this is mobile, and that is desktop... And those older existing desktop devices greatly outnumber the small amount of 1520's left... Market share talks.
  • "WP fans, just like iDroid fans, have to buy into new devices periodically if they want to latest tech, and updates.... " very rightly said but there is one tiny bit of problem.. there has been no hardware to buy.. not everyone need or can buy a 950/950XL and not everyone need a low end 650.. thts where you need to have the 7xx and 8xx devices but there is none to get... even the 950/XL are gone now.. so there is no option to get any new hardware to get the latest "freezes, shutdowns and restarts" as updates....
  • Yes, I totally addressed this... Either way, you can't expect MS to update older devices just because there are no new ones... That's a relative issue to fans, but two unrelated issues to business. While angry, and upset, we have to remain reasonable, and realistic.
    And, I'm not only pissed, I'm embarrassed to hell... I'm the biggest WP fan in Dallas, everyone knows it, and people now hold their heads down when they walk past me... They ask "Are you ok Rodney?''.. I reply ''I'm real ****** fine. leave me the **** alone, dad'''' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • I am not saying they should update the older devices in absence of new ones. The issue here is the older devices are not supported and the new devices we (WP fans) can't cook at home. My 730 died two days back, switched to S7 but it doesn't feel bad becasue the phone does work as it should without any requiremnt to restart, apps open with one touch don't have to restart to phone eveytime I need to open an app. So yeah we can't expect MS to update, leave update we can't and should not expect MS to provide a decent mobile experience any time "Soon" because that is always COMING SOON.... and the things I have said about restartrs, freezes happen on public release as well. WP8/8.1 however feature less or app less it was the OS always worked, the phone always worked and that is what I want from any phone. Apps no apps, games no games, doesn't matter when your phone goes kaboom on you when you need it most.
  • And, the 950/950XL don't work on Verizon's network - the largest provider in the world. That shuts out a lot of potential buyers.
  • But what are you going to buy to replace the 1520?  There aren't many options.  I'm guessing the next update won't apply to any phones and there won't be phones that can support the new OS released.  I wouldn't put it past MSFT to develop an OS that doesn't run on any existing or future hardware! Why do I think this, because while they have amazing talent that develops some of the best technology ever (Zune, WHS, WMC, Band, etc.), they just don't understand or reach out to the consumer.  This is a problem from their inception.  They were given DOS by IBM.  IBM did more to promote DOS than MSFT ever did.  They were forced to put a wrapper on DOS with Windows but they had the enterprise and legacy apps to do their marketing for them. Now folks will say that XBOX was/is a success.  I say that was pure luck.  They caught lightening in a bottle but haven't done it since unless you are going to tout keyboards or mice, which seem to be heading the same direction as the Dodo bird. Apple and Samsung could polish excrement, market the heck out of it and they would sell piles of it.  MSFT develops great tech doesn't market it and winds up with a pile of excrement. Jason, what really frustrates people is that they see the potential in so many great MSFT products.  But MSFT doesn't do anything with it.  I can't imagine how much money MSFT dumped into getting CableCard certification for WMC.  They basically were able to get the "keys to the castle" from an industry that people love to hate because the cable industry has a stranglehold on so much content that folks want.  What did MSFT do with any of that?  Nothing!  I remember seeing one marketing piece on someone watching content on their laptop at an airport.  But I had no clue what the piece was about and I was already running WMC at my home. I'm not sure that people are being as rude to each other as they are being repeatedly frustrated by MSFT not doing anything with the great stuff they develop. Geez, if Apple can turn a Touch Bar into a positive over a Touch Screen, then MSFT can't get the word out.
  • You could buy a Galaxy S8 with Microsoft, or whatever it's called😀
  • The 1520 should be upgraded to a $350 950XL.
  • I have a 1520 and like it. ALL smartphones are constantly trying to make people get new phones.  That's how they make money.  Some of us can't afford it.  Sort of like the auto industry of past.
  • The real problem here is the lack of possible upgrades. Lets assume you want to upgrade. You've come to terms with the fact that you device is old and unsupported. Right now I think you have just two options: Alcatel Idol 4S or HTC Elite x3. And the latter is targeted to Enterprise customers while the former, Alcatel Idol is not available in all the markets.
  • Uh an unlocked 950
  • Will the 950 be supported by Redstom 3? Even with 950, there are no devices on Verizon.
  • Microsoft, HP and Alcatel have chosen to not submit their mobile devices for CDMA certification.  Verizon Wireless won't likely see any Windows units until the next generation network is up & running and the current CDMA network is closed off to new activations. The target for that to happen is sometime in 2019.
  • Ya'll are beating this dead horse further into death. Lol😂😂😂
  • If you are in the US, and, are a customer of Verizon Wireless, Sprint or US Cellular, your options are, essentially, non-existent. Only one Windows CDMA  device remains on the market  (Lumia 735) and when Verizon Wireless pulls it, that's all she wrote.
  • Just because the HP is marketed for enterprise doesn't mean it can't be used for personal. My wife bought one last month when it was on sale and loves it. She doesn't use continuum but uses the dock on her night table so her phone is propped up like an alarm clock.
  • Hmm.  I have the latest update on my 1520, and on an Icon.   10.0.15063.2, version 1703. 
  • 1520 L is still pretty old my friend U still got a W10M if not the new update. Be grateful... I had an HTC One M8 (wp8.1). Spent a great deal of money when I bought it. It was the most powerful among all WP8 phones. They promised a W10M update to it. I waited for nearly 1.5 years only to hear that they aren't supporting One M8 anymore. There came a blame game between MS and HTC on that. But the users were the real sufferers.  More insult to injury, MS apps on rival platforms are far superior than on WP/WM. Best of luck to those who are hooking on to the drama of MS and WM. I've switched to Android quite helplessly. But I'm sure that despite of complicated interface. It doesn't disappoint on Apps and services. Better luck with Surface Phone.
  • It could have easily been the number two OS without all the missteps and neglect. All the blunders were obvious as they were made but places like Windows phone central were cheering them on each step of the way while trying to convince the bewildered fan base that every bone headed decision was actually a good thing. It's been a sad thing to watch since 6.5
  • This is exactly my point... WP literally could have easily surpassed iOS in market share had it been managed by a different company other than MS.
  • It really is a shame. Felt like they based all their decisions on Windows Phone on how it performed in the US when it performed so well in Europe especially here in the UK and Italy etc. I really hope they bounce back and soon with something but I'm not getting my hopes up anymore. The 950 XL killed all my enthusiasm for mobile on release. Getting by with a 1520 which I love but it shows its age now and no more updates for it soon. Just want them to show me something I can get on board with like how I've felt buying a new Lumia in the past. Here's hoping.
  • Man.. I hope you get what you are asking for, and much more... I'm hoping you get a Surface branded superexotic UltraMobile device, and the respect of the entire developer, OEM, and mobile journalism base. I hope you get it all. All wrapped in a silver vapor magnesium pocketable cellular device... Please let your dreams come true. Trust me, we're all praying for you🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽. Lol
  • You can't push to market a product that isn't yet complete. Windows 10 mobile is so much worse than android and ios when it comes to stability, animations, fluidity, and features. MS is waiting until they have a smaller gap in those 4 categories before they remind people it exists again. It's like trying not to cry wolf. If you cry wolf (release an OS and claim its good when its not) people will be less receptive when you try to bring it to market the next time
  • the gap in those 4 categories is not going down anytime soon... its an ever increasing field with each build one thing fixed brings three things broken to W10M..
  • That's so sad, because we used to be the best in all the areas you mentioned. SMDH.
  • That's what happens when you reboot an OS
  • Yes, reboot an OS 8 times in 3 years.
  • Don't you get tired of constant app updates and apps installed if you want them or not?
  • Actually no. I don't see any more app updates on my 950XL than I do on my iOS and Android devices. Get some every day on each. Mostly they just happen in the background. Right noiw the store says two were updated yesterday, two on the fourth and some back on the 30th. Wouldn't have known if I hadn't looked. As far as apps installing that I didn't ask for, hasn't happened to me other thsan on significant OS updates, some new 'built in' app might have been added, or removed.
  • Really??🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔.. Utter speculation on my part, then.
  • I certainly echo your sentiments, although I continue to push on with my Lumia 830. I will not replace it until MS gives me an indication that there is a future for Mobile. If the 830 dies before then...... Well it's unfortunate, but I'll just go with one of the other OS's. No anger about it.... Ill just go.
  • I'm in the same place with my Lumia 640.  It's doing ok after a recent reset/refresh, and I shouldn't need to replace it for a while yet.  When that time comes I'd love to get the Idol 4s (I'm on t-mobile), but not if MS hasn't communicated a future for mobile; in that case I'll move to android.
  • Why should MS care? Windows 10 will be their only OS, that OS has market share in the hundreds of millions and they can now put it on phones running Snapdragon 820 and up. Even if WP had destroyed iOS, their mobile version of Windows still would have to be killed and abandoned eventually. The retrenchment strategy gives them the opportunity to phase out Windows Mobile while they transition to only using the full OS on every single Windows device. Imagine the blowback if WP had been as mainstream as you were hoping. Frustrating 30M people is a lot better than frustrating 300M. Now that Windows can run on phones and has a good touch UI, Windows Mobile serves no purpose and needs to go.
  • Just no, a thousand times no.
    No company ever in the history of mankind has used this theory.
    You just don't kick your own product and consumers in the groin over and over again because down the track you might have an answer.
    Change happens all the time and any half professional company transitions' towards that in an orderly fashion so customers and supporting industries aren't toasted along the way.
  • Incorrect. Samsung spent $10 BILLION in marketing in 2016. Read that again. There is no ROI for this level of spending by MS or anyone for Windows Phone/mobile.
  • its difficult to say that each decision was a blunder. many people seem to think MS could have simply done x or done y and everything would be fixed. A lot of times "x" or "y" may not have been as possible as we, as consumers with zero insight into the business, had thought. I've seen people saying "surface phone should have been released already" etc etc. they're not holding on to the device. they're still developing it. poor more money into it you say? well, as a publicly traded company, i'm amazed they're getting by with the amount of resources they're putting into it already. i agree there were some clearly bad decisions made, but there are also decisions that had no 'good' option and they simply chose the one that was least bad.
  • So true! With every single stupid or scandalous decision they made, you could predict Dan coming out with a video withn 24 hours cheering on how this is the best thing since sliced bread and what a visionary Nadella is. I know they were thinking they were helping, but it was the exact opposite. I really applaud this honest and well written article, as, truth to be told, I mostly only come here for the scoops now, as most contributors (WinCentral writers) lost all credibility to me. Jason is one to watch, this is his second article now that feels like he just really really gets it.
  • Writing an article saying that the comments section of ANYPLACE on the internet are often full of snarky trolls isn't exactly a ground breaking revelation.  Yes, it's quite possible an already pronounced tendency is even worse here because it's like shooting fish in a barrel.  You have a relatively small fan base and a whole bunch of fanbois from other OS's plus all the spurned "ex-lovers".  I have little expectation that anything will change though and one can read through the comment section of this article and still find plenty of examples of the same sort of "cruel" chatter.  I feel that other than the patently obvious observation about the tone of comments, to some degree I expect that "Sadly, even writers who are (or were) passionate about Windows phones (but write for different sites) have also engaged in this self-destructive behavior" is the potential driver for this article.
  • You're right. MS don't care because Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series now runs full 64-bit enterprise edition of Windows 10. Windows Mobile officially serves no purpose and shouldn't be developed anymore. Which explains why MS stopped pushing WinMo over a year ago. We don't need Windows Mobile anymore! It is dumb to waste resources on promoting/improving a much more limited product that does nothing of value when you have something much better coming.
  • you do need w10m though in that you still need people to develop for the form factor. the UWP won't change. the applications that run on it now will run on windows on arm. so they still care. just not in the way people are hoping i suppose.
  • Just NO.
    If every company did this it would be carnage. To destroy your own products and user base is NOT smart business policy.
    You think Google is kicking chrome and it's client base to the curb anytime soon? He'll no, they're in it for the long haul and with MS's track record of constant gross mis management they know the world is there's for the taking.
  • When Satya Nadella took the office, all tumbled down.
  • Except their stock price and employee satisfaction. 
  • Too many layoffs. That part I didn't like.
  • Nobody likes layoffs, but it's part of everyday business for all companies.
    And Nokia was seriously bloated when they bought it, so it was no surprise when layoffs were announced
  • So keep employees they dont need and waste money on them? As much as it hurts, a company's job is not to provide jobs at the expense of profit. Companies offer jobs when they expect those jobs to generate more profit for the company. If they don't, they gotta go.
  • Employee satisfaction and stock price have nothing to do with Microsoft's failure in mobile.  Both Apple and Google have great employee satisfaction and better stock value than Microsoft... precisely because they are leading in mobile. Face it, Satya might've excelled in the move to the cloud (something Microsoft was doing anyway), but he has failed hard in mobile. Imagine Microsoft's worth right now had Satya been talented enough to make it a success (instead of just giving up... and lying about it).
  • Stock prices always go up after a bunch of layoffs, so does employee satisfaction of those who survived the cuts.
  • Not all, just Windows Phones. Pretty much all the rest is in great shape. Xbox, Windows, Cloud, Office... Microsoft is a software company before phones, and they're doing great at that.
  • the W10M "SOFTWARE" is not... WP not as hardware entity but as a software.. the move from WP8/8.1 to W10M though has brought many new features to the OS.. but the things it broke down that is just sad....
  • I dunno about that. Certainly their app experience on other platforms is fragmented and not first-class. Once I was pretty much forced to switch to Android, I tried to keep using OneDrive and Office365 and Cortana. It was a mess. Google's photos does a 1000% better job of handling albums and it's unlimited. Cortana can't even access Office365 accounts on Android, AFAICT. If it weren't for my deep-seeding hate of Google's platform, I can't imagine why in a million years I would have continued to use any of those MS services. Outlook on Android... it's rough. And if you're not using that, why wouldn't you use G Suite for business? It's just a hard sell.  Have you noticed they have barely moved the needle lately when it comes to apps for desktop Windows? Photos doesn't even recognize faces, which Microsoft had in Photo Gallery for Windows Vista. It's like they'e given up in the consumer app space, too. How long have they had to work on these things?
  • I'm not too sure about 'windows', MS planned it to be on a billion devices by now, iirc they're not even half way. I get the feeling that the platform is waning in to insignificance, as it's mostly being adopted by legacy users. I think the issue is, many people recognise that mobile is a pivotal part to how people use devices now, and considering how MS is doing in that space, the future doesn't look good.
  • You're all big poopyheads.
  • "What happened to that jovial bunch of loyalists that began embracing Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's unique mobile OS, back in 2010?" Just like an intimate relationship gone sour, people often get bitter because of the disappointment they feel after being let down by their partner. Somewhere along the way expectations weren't met. It's important to recognize where those expectations were created so the responsible party can grow from the experience in the future. Its important for the "victimized" party to make a wise decision pending on what's best for them; Either they realized they must move on because the other party hasn't learned and responded to the actions that led to the disappointment, or they witness the process of the other party growing and them get through it, because they aren't solely to blame. Maybe those expectations were placed on someone who couldn't live up to them and that isn't fair to them. It may be wise to let it out of it's cage and if it comes back, well, now you know its there to stay. Some people just grow apart. to address the question and the article... um...idk Jason. What did happen? lol
  • Absolutely agree with this article
  • Couldn't disagree more with this article.
  • Could agree less without which video.
  • Double negative + more.... so you love the article a ton?
  • Sorry Jason but I have to disagree with this. I read Windows Central, Android Central and iMore forums on a daily basis and of all 3 I can safely say this is the most tight knit community. Have a read on Android Central to see hate amongst the readers. Everything on there is back stabbing and one upmanship and "your phone is for peasants", "your phone is so lame" etc etc. It's almost online bullying in there. In here I see it more as sibling rivalry where people like to have a little rivalry between flagships etc but we are all in the same boat (which might just be sinking right now). Most people are willing to help each other with issues and yes people are getting frustrated with the whole mobile situation so it's bound to get people a little irate and wondering what's around the corner for them. What's a forum if people can't have a difference in opinions on things and talk them through with other people jumping in with their input? 
  • Yes, it is, true.
  • You stole my heart ♥😋
  • Well said, I agree. 
  • I agree with your comments about the forums here, they are some of the best around and well looked after and moderated.
    Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the comments to some of the articles, which don't seem to get the same scrutiny from the site moderators.
    It's improved over the past year or so as thankfully most of the regular culprits have either moved on or grown up and realised there is more to life than the oblong piece of technology in their pocket.
  • I only read here and Android Central and I think this site has more caustic, attacking participants.
  • my boat finally sunk today.. the 730 i have been using is dead now.. :( no option of a new W10M hardware so.. got a does not has the great design language of WP..... but neither does W10M.... the design and fluidity part of WP7/8/8.1 which made me fell for Lumia and HTC 8X gone forever now..  
  • Absolutely right Jason, just as you said. Thanks for this piece.
  • This peace ☮
  • That passes all of our understanding about the direction of Windows 10 Mobile. :)
  • The simple answer to the OP's question is that those who're mean are that way because those who show what's seen as 'blind optimism' should also be as upset as those who've left MS. Stop acting as if it's around the corner that things will magically change. Thing is why stay then if it's so bad? I ask myself that and I too have that optimism, hoping that the CU will make my phone better to how it is now, RS3 will make it even better then again. I too hate seeing the apps leave but I can't do anything about that. I will use W10M until it's ended for good. Don't know who to go to because there's something about both IOS and Android that I find 'meh', so until then I'll stay here and continue the roller coaster ride with this OS until MS finally decides it's time to give the people a smooth ride that they've deserved afterall this time with us.
  • Well said pedmar007, you pretty much summed up how a lot of us feel and it seems we are all riding the same roller coaster and still havent gotten off the ride yet.
  • All of us who are still here, I think we have some kind of a Stockholm syndrome...
  • I was wondering about that, too, but I don't think so. People with Stockholm syndrome, like iSheep, justify anything negative. Windows Phone fans are well aware of everything wrong with the platform and Microsoft and criticize appropriately.
  • Calling people who use the other platform a name doesn't make sense considering that you're making such a comment about a comment about the mind of Windows phone fans.
  • You might be on to something here. Lol
  • I think you have a great point here. I'm going to speak for myself here with what I'm about to say. Not going to say that everyone is like me of course. Anyway, after trying the other sides, I use them and I see the pros and cons. If I was your average person, I would use them and then I'll be done with the platform. In fact, I thought that I was going to do that when I first switched. 2 months after that, I found myself missing Windows phone. I don't know why but I go and do extra steps just so that I will have the option to use this platform when I want to. I don't want to walk away and I want it to improve and become the best it can be.
  • Maybee :-/
  • Lol.
    Or a cult mentality.
  • Yup... I still love the OS, but unless something akin to Astoria doesn't materialize along with a surphace phone, it might be time to break free.
  • I am disappointed in Nadella and his focus on Windows Mobile and consumers in general. I expected more. Now it is turning into a services/cloud company with a large focus on enterprise. I really think Satya Nadella wasn't the right CEO for a company like Microsoft, which was years ago focussing way more on consumers. Off course, Microsoft does really well now with Satya, but Microsoft wasn't doing bad either with Steve Ballmer. Steve Ballmer did an infamous prediction about the iPhone in 2007, but he was wrong, and tried to enter the market with Windows Phone 7 Series and later Windows Phone 8, marketshare was increasing. Disappoined, but nothing to do about it. We can't turn it back, developers are leaving every week and they won't return.
  • You can't say he's bad for Microsoft it their making more money. He's only failing in 1 department and thats phones. But we can now see what he probably always wanted. He wants one OS for PCs and phones and not two. But I do agree windows phone was on the right path until Ballmer left. He should have stayed for another 5-10 years atleast. I don't think he left at the right time. He left when windows phone needed him the most.
  • That point is true. As a BUSINESS, the purpose is to make money.  If his decisions have resulted in the business succeeding, he's doing his job.  What's happened, in the effort to make more money, is Microsoft has completely abandoned one segment of its target customer---us.  "We" weren't making him money.  That doesn't make us feel any better, knowing MS is making more money, if we aren't being served any longer by MS as customers.
  • There is not one way to run a business. Microsoft has some cash cows that are aging and declining. Microsoft has done well in the cloud. A large corporation has several businesses within the business. Many don't agree with the handling of the mobile business. It is unconventional to hand out freebies to customers of competing businesses with no real positive effect on the home business. To your point, there hasn't been any money making by abandoning the mobile OS and playing cool with the iDroid kids. There is no evidence that any growth in O365 is from giving out free Office apps to the competing platforms. Groove isn't popular on other platforms. Neither is Cortana, Skype nor any of the slew of Garage apps that. So, it rings hollow when people resort to copy pasting the "it's business" mantra as if it was a mic drop moment.
  • i disagree. i think ballmer's vision was short-sighted. he wanted developers to write an application twice and then sell it once (remember the first "universal" apps on windows 8/8.1?). Nadella is kind of pulling off the band-aid. He knows it'll hurt like hell, but his vision has much more of a chance, assuming he can achieve it. it's just taking so goddamn long and he's being so goddamn quiet about it. i believe this can all pay off in the end, but the silence just always causes that little bit of doubt in the corner of my mind.
  • Microsoft Shares and value have shown impressive growth under Satya.  Microsoft is doing great under him, because he knows the future is Cloud services.  Just understand that Amazon make a lot more money from AWS, than they do online product selling. Just because Satya does not share our fan love for Windwos Phone/ Mobile does not make him a failure. He is just being realistic, and doing his job as the CEO. He has harnessed some great Surface products, which is demonstrating that Microsoft growing respect in hardware development. But these great products take a lot of R&D to bear fruit to stun the audience.  His entirely legitmate view is that its not worth being an 'also ran' in Mobile phone devices. I would disagree, as I would simply put out upgrades in the core Lumia 660, 670 etc series just to keep a presence in mobile (BTW I am using a L650 as my personal Phone) No point pretending to be premium phones, as those phones only maintain prestige for a year.       
  • I couldn't do it.. I went to Upgrade to a Galaxy S8 today and ended up on SIM only retaining my 950XL. I couldn't stomach it's "me too" iphone rip off interface. I thought I would jump ship, but you can take the live tiles out of my cold dead hands!
  • Amen. I'm right with you.
  • With u bro
  • Thanks for hanging in there with the 950XL. i really like mine and should have probably upgraded sooner from my L640 !
  • Shows the presence of mind a wp fan has.. Add a mozo, be on release Preview build or production build and enjoy. You have a great device with apps that do the needful and one of the greatest cameras! This thing will serve u till the surface or whatever bend in the curve phone arrives.... Even if its 2018
  • I don't care what other people think. I could have easily got the GS7 or the iPhone 7 Plus, but I got the Idol 4s. Windows 10 Mobile more than suits my needs. When it's not supported and there's no Windows on phone replacement available, then I'll sadly switch to iOS. Until then, I'm happy.
  • wait a second lets not forget 1 thing: People around the world are reading and commenting on windowscentral articles. People from different countries, with different attitude, passion, traditions etc.. There is a big difference between an American and someone from west EU or India, Russia, China etc.. We (non US) people think different and that should not be labeled as "toxic" or "bad" at all. If you dont like it, dont read it or just skip the comment or downvote it
  • Hi Papple the the point of different cultures and traditions is a good one. Thank you. But the point of this piece is addressing how people treat each other. Nice is nice from any culture, and mean is mean from any culture. I think we can honor cultural differences in perception with a basic honoring of the inherent divinity we all deserve as humans.
  • is it the case that fans fight amongst themselves or some of the anger is directed towards WC as well, for a long time u guys tried to paint the rosy picture
  • Also u shd consider the fact that ppl in US still had choice to be with W10M, 950s were incredibly subsidized, and then there are new devices from HP and Alcatel, but many countries which embraced W10M wholeheartedly are left with no devices and hence more bitter.
  • If there's one toxic commentator whom everyone knows, it's you Pappale.
  • Well he said he's off soon when he gets his G8 :-)
  • C'mon is it cause he's to real to withstand crap? Cause some of you here don't have the guts to say your opinions for the sake of likes do you? Not only him and a couple of other guys over here who are too load pointing the mistakes,errors and problems of WP due to MS craftmanship! Every one's in the NEWS COMMENT SECTION 950 runs smoothly and have no problems at all! If you say you have problems you get hatred comments and downvotes! Now visit the forums you will get the picture, it's cries all over
  • And the reason you got these downvotes it becauuuuuse!! I guess is due to the fact that you just anounced you wanna jump ship to s8 some days ago not due to this comment of yours. And that's hatred Jason is talking about right there ain't it?
  • Ignorance is bliss.
  • I know for a fact that Microsoft did not give their best to the platform, I mean since 2013 I've seen so many concept videos that showed so many brilliant ideas to develop the OS for FREE, however,none of them was implemented. So you see, the application gap wasn't the only problem that hampered the success of the platform.
  • your argument doesn't back up your conclusion. all it means is they aren't great at determining the amount of time and resources a particular feature needs in order to be developed for a deadline.
  • I moved on to Android last year. Although I no longer carry a Windows mobile, I do care about the platform and I wish that something would happen to reverse the downward spiral. I still read the forums on a daily basis. No hate directed to Windows phone fans from this guy...
  • Thanks n7slc, maybee theres a new Nokia in your future. Hope you can make it back to win mobile or surface phone some day.
  • Nokia even as a name coming back to W10M would be really shocking.. ;)
  • I dont hate people that are clinging on to WP either, I admire their loyalty and if they can work with what they have then great. But I do think the deliberate down marking of posts where people say they have jumped ship is uncalled for. Some of us use these devices for work purposes and we have to be objective and realistic about the products we choose to invest in. WP has been a dissapointment for me now for sometime and it just becomes tiresome when the problems roll on month after month because MS have not corrected them. So I moved to Android and bough a Galaxy S6 Edge, a very nice phone it is too. I still read the artiucles here though and comment because I still like the platform too, I just cant live with its flaws on a day to day basis in a working environment.
  • Sounds like the author is begining to realize the Titanic is sinking.
  • Just because he's optimistic doesn't mean he's blind.
  • Ahahah... Guess I'm one of those glass half full guys, simply because I still love the platform... Not an app centric guy and my experiences with android (of self and others) never left me with the feeling that those phones were far superior... So... As far as I'm concerned, I'll keep playing the tune, until the ship definitely sinks... or eventually find a new era of prosperity ;)...
  • You put WhartonBrooks in the same sentence as HP & Alcatel as OEM's. The 'company' that has sold 48 phones. Huh, wonder why there's so much derision about those articles...?
  • Don't like? Don't buy it. Why are you directing your hate to an OEM who is atleast trying unlike MS?
  • Hate? It's a completely irrelevant 'company' with a vaporware product they overpromised and massively under delivered. If that's what trying to make a Windows phone looks like then just pack it and call it a day.
  • Is there a solution on Android platform that offers a neat swiss-design-ish interface? The solution should consist of a launcher, an icon pack and some third-party famous apps. Clean aesthetic is the only reason I stay with W10M. I dream some well-meaning programmers & designers would gather and build together an MDL/NEON Android. I will definitely set myself free from this captive.😂
  • Arrow launcher is pretty good. There's one called square home that's reminiscent of a Windows mobile UI too if that's what you like
  • Launcher 10 is pretty good too, a bit wobbly at times but the closest I have found to an adroid answer to the W10M interface
  • An absolutely spot-on article.  I really can't find much at all to disagree with. I think one big part of the problem is that Windows phone fans can't even agree on what it should look like. I happen to be in the very small minority that absolutely loved WP7 and, mostly WP8 (to a lesser extent WP8.1), and I see W10 as a horrible Chinese knock-off of my beloved phone OS.  It adds in features I never cared about, WILL never care about, and took away features that made me fall in love with the OS in the first place.  Microsoft appears to be completely ignoring people like me and embracing the majority of Windows phone users who like the Android-esque move (even though THOSE are the people bailing on Windows in the first place).  I'm sure it's hard for MS to continue development of a phone platform that their fanbase can't even come to consensus on.  And I feel exactly the same way about the desktop.  I think Satya Nadella and his people now really are ignoring most Insiders and only listening to the ones whose opinions and ideas are driving the unified platform in the direction He and his have chosen to go---the rest of us get the silent treatment or the "telemetry is telling us...blah blah blah".  The same thing happened with Xbox.  So, yes, people like me are very frustrated because we see this all as going backwards, and the rest are saying, "add more iPhone or Android stuff".  Nobody wins.  Nobody.
  • I've been saying for a while that WP "fans" is WP's biggest problem.
  • That's simply not true.
  • It absoluetly is. 
  • Not the lack of devices, development, innovation? Just people on message boards. Gotcha.
  • Again, yes. 
  • If fans had the ability to sink an entire product with bickering, Android wouldn't exist.
  • It's not the "bickering", it's everything else. 
  • Truth so deep it hurts.
  • 2017-2018 smartphones will be Pocket PC:s meaning most of the things you do on desktop, laptop, tablet or whatever is moving toward pocket PCs. This will hurt windows 10 too "abandoning" W10M and it is already. Android is number one now. Declining from 80% is pretty amazing though in such a big business in 5-6 years to 37,25%. Something is wrong then!! And the story goes on....
  • I just switched to Android. My first time using android. And guess what, I gained friends. I felt so warm inside.
  • Re: aka nukesheart1520?,
  • LOL at this. I don't know if you are serious but my daughter had a Lumia 920 and her friends had iPhone 4/4s'. I showed her how superior her 920 was in hardware and how it had unique software features and so forth but all she cared about was gaining friends. She eventually moved to an iPhone and became even closer to her iPhone using friends, it was GREAT for her as she hated feeling like the odd one left out in social experiences. This was very important to her and she has never looked back as she has gained tons of friends via apps and filters and the like, a lot of in person friendships have been made stronger. While I personally didn't like to see her not care about core technology (I raised her with specific technical awareness), since I am a techy dad, I was thrilled that she was happy, her and her friends as that was important to her. At the end of the day, I am happy that she is happy and it is always better to be nice to someone and be glad that they are happy with their choices. Again, I don't know if you are being serious in your comment by my comment is a true story, driven by a need of friends. I didn't belittle her or what was important and in the end, as long as we are happy with what we have in life, even a phone, that is all that matters. Thanks for giving me a good laugh because your comment is the first one that I have seen and it reminds me of my daughter. Have a great day nukesheart1520.
  • Good luck if it's your first Android.
  • RIP Windows Mobile.
  • I don't know. I still love W10M but I miss the "Me" Tile and the fact that FB messenger was deeply integrated in the Messages app. I'm still using my 950 and 950XL though but I use my iPhone to book Uber and Grab (same services as Uber but in Southeast Asia). Had W10M a better Uber and Grab app, I may not have gotten an iPhone. At all.
  • Wait a minute... You bought an expensive iPhone only to use Uber and Grab apps? You can do that with an $100 Android. I don't get it.
  • This comment dedicated to author and Blind fans of windows mobile 📱 from windows mobile fan who isn't blind. It's better to be somewhere than no where sadly MS isnt consumer centric company like apple or Amazon who believes fans and customers are god. Recently how apple came forward and said windows 10 is 4times big also said they isn't releasing mac this yr they will release next yr. MS always change their stand bad thing they doesn't come public they changed. Right now MS whole strategy let windows hardware die, software live on until day they find some ground breaking or dev invest on windows 10 uwp looking at windows 10 growth excluding mobile. Now MS focus collect data, support ios and android, support enterprise, grow in cloud. As far as windows mobile they will support software its user choice to get windows mobile from any oem and watch lack of enthusiasm from MS or buy ios and android which everyone loves. They took 3yrs to update store progress bar, they are slow, samsung dex may get better and bigger every next gen where as continuum might get touch support, so ya people with right mind won't invest in windows mobile.
  • We should have Steve Ballmer back, he is taking care of its own developers, where this Satya is not.
  • Where is Nadella, where is Rubino when you need them? Why is NOONE getting any comment or steer from Microsoft on what the future holds or is this why Windows Central push so many ANDROID phone articles???
  • I can't wait for ICE to come knocking on Nadella's door. The guy is a technological and economic terrorist who ruined Windows Phone with his retrenchment strategy. Hope Bill Gates and the board wakes up and shows the guy the door. As for this article, one piece of advice for you Jason: in most endeavors in life, the nice guy finishes LAST. If you were in my unit, I'd have you reassigned to rear echelon, there's no way I'd go downrange with someone like you, you'd get the whole team killed with your "nice guy" attitide. Geez.
  • Funny, I was just thinking that Jason would be one of the first guys I would pick to be in my unit when we go downrange. Nothing better for the squad when the suck hits than an optimist.
  • That's not how this works, that's now how any of this works.
  • OK, since Microsoft is doing this kind of things, there´s really no point on keeping with this. I'm moving to Android, simply because it's the second best OS out there in the mobile world. The first, was Windows Phone/Mobile, but since the creator just want to dump it, I have no reason to keep hoping for the best. It's been a long journey, ever since the original Windows Mobile, I remember having several HP/Compaq iPaq devices, even a Palm one. Then it came Windows Phone 7 (Series), which wasn't the best, but worked better than iOS and Android then. I had a Samsung Focus, preatty neat device and worked like a charm. Then Microsoft stabbed everyone with the second reboot, no Windows Phone 8/8.1 love for the former users. So I decided to move to a Lumia 928, I even got a Nokia Lumia 800 when they were girfting them to some developers, I gave it to my wife that wanted a Blackberry but convinced her of taking the Lumia 800 while I had the Focus. So I moved to the Lumia 928 and so my wife to a 720. I said, OK, anything hoping to have the best OS, and it did, it was nice, snappy, fluid, and even though behind, it still had a decent app support. Move a couple of years ahead and then again, a third reboot, my wife decided to move over to Android, she wanted apps that Windows Phone didn't had at that moment, such as Snapchat and Instagram. She got a Motorola Moto X, it simply was the least worst Android at that moment, from my perspective. I got a Lumia 930 and kept hoping to survive this third reboot. But begun to notice that not even the few apps still in the ecosystem, recieved support. I mean, in iOS and Android you get regular app updates, even from those old apps you think they are forgotten. I Windows Phone/Mobile, you either saw them leave and disappear or just live in the ecosystem with no updates like from years ago. Heck, I even got my daughter a Lumia 625. Worst of all, my 930 was from a factory defective batch and had overheating issues, constant reboots and even a couple of the so beloved high quality audio recording for the surround videos. So I hoped for the best, again, Microsoft just gave me the middle finger since it was a small batch like from 5,000 units and got no gurantee from it. I've been living with this 930 working with lots of flaws, so if people had problems with Win10 with good working devices, this 930 has been a real pain in the ass. But again, hoped for the best. I've been trying to get a 950XL, but being in Colombia, a ****** third world country with almost no Microsoft support at all, well, has made it impossible to get one. Not even have the choice to import one, since the government prohibits that, don't ask me, they are fools. Beaside of how steep if the price because of currency exchange. So the top cherry in this whole deal was having Microsoft showing me the middle finger a third time for a fourth reboot. No more updates for the 930. Ok, I've been with the Insider program a long time ago and got the update from it, so... It's the fact that things aren't going to be easy in this platform anymore. No decent hardware in sight, no apps being updated or even slightly supported, and Microsoft just slowly killing the platform. Yeah, I now believe Satya when he says "mobile first", but from iOS and Android. My wife now has a Samsung Galaxy S7 and my daugther an Apple iPhone SE, both work just like when Windows Phone ruled the OS quality war. I've decided myself to go for a Lenovorola (Lenovo Motorola) Moto Z, the regular version, remember here in Colombia I can't the Force model that's in the US. The reason, it cool, nice, and the mods. There are no more ****** reboots from the whole platform and Moto devices have been nice. I even had a testing Motorola Droid a few years back, really neat device. I had to say what I felt, hope you people take a good choice and just move one. Now I believe Windows Phone/Mobile is dead and BTW I doubt at this point Microsoft is working on a Surface Phone/Mobile device. if it ever existed in the drawing board, Satya might have killed it a long time ago. Remember that ******* just matters about everything related to Azure, that's his baby and main concern, and can't really kill Windows or Office since those are the big income chunk from Microsoft. Let the last one turn off the light, bye, I leave with a tear and a broken heart. So long Windows Phone/Mobile.
  • Man, impossible to read your post without gaining a massive headache!  Just use some damn paragraphs next time, please.
  • Its very hard to read a large post like yours when there are no proper paragraphs!
  • we might be angry at each other at times but one thing is certain, we all LOVE WINDOWS MOBILE PLATFORM and wanted it to succeed so long ago and still do, we care about this ecosystem deeply more than words can express.I myself have made over 60 persons windows phone fans and they continue to use the platform.
  • Re: rollindice,
    Thank you.
  • Thanks.
  • Nice
  • I pre-ordered my Galaxy S8...Microsoft can't hurt me anymore...from HTC HD7, Samsung ATIV/SE, Nokia Icon...I am thru, not even the hope of a Surface Phone(not in my lifetime) is reason to stay.
  • you just got downvotes for being TRUE
  • "not even the hope of a Surface Phone(not in my lifetime) is reason to stay" Especially on Verizon. I'd put that on the cold day in hell category.
  • Windows Phone fans are getting worse than iPhone fans. If you so much as criticize Microsoft or Windows Mobile, you immediately get called out. Criticism is what pushes a company to change and engage with customers. And the only way Microsoft will hear fans is when fans criticize them. Fans called Microsoft out, and they gave us 950 (XL), sure they were a disaster but still. The difference is that Apple fans grew out of it.
  • Wrong.  SALES are what push a company to change and engage with customers. Criticism is never seen by those who make the $$$ decisions, which they do in a cold, calculated manner (because that is what they get paid to do.) If you are looking for warm fuzzies from your PHONE purchase, what does that say about you?
  • 950Xl is not a disaster
  • My 950 is pretty good.  Although I had to buy a new battery to solve its eratic behaviour.  IS that because the hardware kills the battery?  Is that a Qualcomm chip problem?  A W10M problem?  950 design problem?  Driver problems?  I dont know.  But with the new battery, it works great.  Sometimes the battery gets hot.  Dont know why but never good for the phone operation.
  • There is positive criticism and then there is negative criticism. An example will be telling some problem in the feedback hub. This is a positive criticism. Some one will see this feedack. Understand that there is a problem and will try rectify it. Win-Win for both.  Another example is your comment. This is a negative criticism. Just said Windows fans are bad. And whatever way you tried to deliver a criticism, you have to remember that people from different locations in the world are going to read it and many are ought to decipher it different. So you should not judge an entire community by a few. Be a critic only where it will be helpful. Not on a forum which is against your view.
  • All of this is due to the frustrating amount of silence from MS about mobile. The "will they/wont they" guessing game is driving everyone mad. Their actions say "We REALLY don't care about Windows 10 in the mobile market" And then they do $#!+ like demo Windows 10 on ARM. WTF does that mean!? Is this the next evolution of Windows 10 Mobile? Are you going to even bother with Windows 10 Mobile anymore!? Are you planning on releasing a product using this? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?!?! The uncertainty about it all is leading to a lot of negative feelings. Nobody has any real uncertainty about Apple.
    Will they release an new iPhone? Yup. Just like they always do.
    Will Google release an Android 7? Of course they will.
    Is Microsoft going to release a new Windows 10 Mobile device? Who the %&$# knows?! 
  • Coming soon ™
  • will the W10M ever work like a stable OS ???  NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo....... not in this sun's life time ;)
  • You have to find the fact that these articles are needed kinda amusing. Guys, it's just a phone OS, not a lifestyle choice or religion. It's a product. Take a break from the comments section and go outside. The world still turns. It's easy to get frustrated at those who come on to antagonise, yeah, and then you get a bit of a spiral. But I genuinely, 100%, do not care what anybody else has on their phone or what they feel towards it. I just care about me, my phone, and whether I get my value for money. And that is it.
  • True but it will always be this way when people are this way. You have people who wouldn't date other people because of their phone choice.  You're taking it lightly (or at least that is how I am reading your comment) but apparently what phone you use does matter.
  • Division over the smallest of things seems to be a core trait of our species, unfortunately. It's also baffling how, in comparison to the big issues in the real world, such an insignificant issue can even be so polarising. Strange world, eh?
  • Luckely, its spring in north America and England & Europe and Easter is almost here. Maybee we will find an Easter egg at the Build confrence. I think i need a vacation. :-)
  • Trying hard not to like my note 4.. Camera, resolution on screen text (dpi) and even the apps suck, but its so nice to hold and has infrared and pulse ox etc built in, very nice. Thing i don't get, i mean really do not understand is the following.. WINDOWS 10 IS A BETTER OS BY FAR ON A MOBILE DEVICE. Is smarter, easier to use,has far better design and can still be personalised as much as android and way more than ios. Take Facebooks Ap.. I get no adverts, no junk and faster responce to everything on W10 than on android.. That sucks.
  • I have to say, its not the lack of apps which made Windows Phone go down! Its Microsoft's response! Microsoft is not giving proper responses about the Windows 10 Mobile. They just say that they support it and nothing more. Only thing we Windows fans are living on are leaks of new features which eventually gets cancelled. Now as i have a 640xl, i'm gonna see what Redstone 3 will bring to Mobile one last time. If nothing then thats the end.
    Windows 10 Mobile is awesome even now, its better than Android, but needs support.
    I don't know why Microsoft just aims for the best, there are many companies with small userbase and still trying to get better, but Microsoft just quits! Looking at that, if Microsoft does not do anything with Redstone 3 for Mobile, i am sure Microsoft will abandon Windows 10 Mobile users and make a whole new Mobile OS for Surface Phone because they need Mobile for Universal Windows Apps!
  • But my 1520 not listed
  • He's right guys, c'mon bring it in, virtual group hug. Ok but on a serious note, this article hits the nail right on the head. I've seen fans and consumers poor out feedback and feature requests to MS only to get something else instead but every once and a while we get a feature we actually asked for. But when I look back I see Windows Phone started off on the wrong foot right from the very beginning. First things first, Windows Phone should have never been built using Windows CE code, it should have been built using the same code they did with Windows Phone 8. First major mistake that slowed us down by 2 years.  Second mistake was Rooms and Hubs. Yes I know every loved them but they would have eventually died becuase there's no way they could have kept up with all the new features released by the actual apps they replaced. They would have grown super bloated and heavy. We already see how large facebook is by itself. Now add in Twitter, Messenger, whatsapp etc. The file size would take up huge amounts space and not everyone uses all the those apps. Third, apps integrated into the OS that can only be updated with a major OS release. Need I say more? Fourth, inviting everyone to buy into an under construction OS. I don't know if you've relized this but Windows Phone has been Under Construction since day one. Even though windows phone 7/7.5 ran smoothly. They were still missing major features we all wanted and needed. Like it or not the app model is the best model. Its the only way to keep everyone happy and secure and updated. Plus we see plainly that this is model that most successful out in the field.
  • I think this whole "Windows-Phone-Fan"-thing is the problem. Microsoft is an international multi billion $ corporation. The truth is: They don´t care about Windows Phone fans because they are irrelavent for their strategie (if there is any). At the moment Windows on phone is nearly dead (btw. I've never used anything else and I wont as long as there is at least one phone with state of the art specs like x3 and regular updates from MS). When they want to "restart" this, they have to start from scratch... like Samsung with tizen or any other company that will create a "new" plattform. So when MS is ready to restart their mobile strategy (Windows 10 on ARM, CShell, category defining Surface etc.) it does not make any difference if there are 100 "fans" or 5 millions "fans" out there. I'm very optimistic that it will be possible to restart Windows on phones. What has happend to the tablet market since MS intrduced the Surface Pro is the best evidence. A tablet that replaces your notebook is what many many people really whant. I've replaced my workstation, my laptop and my tablet with a Surface book... and I love it. Thins thing has enough power to use Visual Studio with a 130-projects-solution and drives easily 3 30" displays through a docking station. And because I do not have any other PC / tablet everything is always there.. not snycing no updating... just perfect. A future where I would be able to "merge" my phone and my surface book would be great. Just imaging a Surface phone that runs full windows... then you dock it to a display to get a tablet... dock this to a base to get a laptop with 3d-acceleration and at the end dock this to a docking station to get a full blown workstation... thats the future of Windows on "phones". And that is a radical enough approche to define a new category that will be lead by MS... and it is definetly worse the waiting! And this would be a solution many millions of Apple- and Android-Users would switch to. And to to get this working it makes no difference how many "fans" are out there... thats the truth!  
  • Then why they introduced Windows Phone on the public market? Give back our money, we should buy a GS8
  • Because they don`t have a glas ball to look at the future back at that days. I think the replay from MS to your post would be: Please buy a GS8 and when we are ready and offer a solution that can attract you come back... or don`t if not :-) It would be some sort of naiv to thnik that a company like MS is realy influenced by the fact that some guys out there are unhappy with their strategy.... sadly
  • My comments have certainly been more negative as of late.  However, the ecostystem is so fractured at this point that there is no wonder everyone has turned against each other.  We used to know what was going on, now we can't even keep track of which phone has which OS on it.  We used to know what phones were coming out, now we don't know if ANY phones are coming out.
      I refuse to believe that a multi-billion dollar company would be turned off by negative reactions from loyal fans.  Look at the 180 the Xbox team did based on the abhorrent reaction to their e3 reveal not too long ago. Leaving an entire segement of your market to "fend for themselves" is a problem of their own doing.  They've done this far too many times.  What's sad is, we literally have nothing left.  I am finding it extremely depressing that I believe in all of Microsoft's products more than they do.  And not only are these products no longer supported, some of them aren't even usable anymore - like my Zune HDs. I also refuse to have blind faith or optimism.  The problem being that every time I think back a year, it was better than the current situation with this platform.  Each year has literally been better than the next. You think the comments are negative because we are "mean"?  The comments are negative because some people are "okay" supporting something that isn't supported.  I am sometimes...but most of the time I am not.  It's frustrating.  We come to sites like WC for news about our platform - not Android and that's constantly what we are getting.  We come to WC to see what our platform will gain, not what it's losing and that's constantly what we are getting.  Because of this, the entire platform is filled with uncertainty and a general feeling of glum. I have an iPhone.  I WANT Microsoft to love their platform as much as I do but it's simply not going to happen...ever.  And let's not act like this very site isn't responsible for some of the reaction from their readers.  It would be a blatant lie to act like ANY device is going to be released any time soon.  Let's look over a timeline of events: Microsoft CEO says they are holding out for when they can release the ultimate mobile device.  Microsoft drops support for nearly all Windows 10 Mobile devices. Microsoft releases no decent phones for nearly 2 years. Why on earth would ANY site that puports to have validity constantly be bringing up devices that we know don't exist?  You can defend that by bringing up patents, etc.  We all know the truth, MS is not working on a new mobile device.  Anything else published regarding this are rumors and not too different from the 100 fake "news" sites that keep generating the same "Surface Phone News" articles over and over and over.  If anything, HP and other makers are using the platform as a learning process before supporting one of the other OS' that actually support their OS. I know Dan and Zac and everyone else at WC all have an investment in this and I feel bad.  I really like the contributors to this site and it sucks, but let's all be honest and just stop most of the Windows Mobile articles.  The Xbox and Windows 10 articles are a bit more informational.  These long and dredging articles time and time again trying to lean people to staying or continuing to support a platform that simply isn't really supported is exactly what is causing all of this animosity.  Just please stop.  For the benefit of us, yourselves, and the site. In closing, why has the Windows Phone Fan community imploded?  Because the product itself has imploded. WE ARE HERE!  Which is pretty miraculous in and of itself.  I keep reading "I am here until the end no matter what!"  Are we here until MS stops releasing devices?  That's already happened.  Are we here until MS starts releasing more apps on other OS'?  That's happened.  Are we here until MS starts releasing more frequent updates with better support and functionality for their own 1st party apps on other devices instead of ours?  Check!  Are we here until there are virtually zero apps left?  That's coming sooner rather than later. The more I think about it, the more I am getting insulted.
  • Bravo sir, BRAVO!!!!!
  • The great big betatest is over!!!!!
  • SOrry, but how is your Zune HD not usable any more?  Mine still does everything I need from it and the Zune desktop app still works as flawlessly as it did when my zune HD first connected to it. The only thing I can't do is the zune music, I mean, Xbox Music, I mean Groove Music thing, which I never used anyway.
  • I can't even get the Zune software to install on my Surface. It's a pretty common problem and frustrating to say the least. I haven't been able to sync anything to it for months. 
  • We'll written !!!
  • It seems clear based on device/chip support for w10m creator update that windows phone is basically on life support as windows on ARM fully replaces "windows mobile" or "windows phone" or whatever it's called by 2018. Microsoft never put in the effort to support chipsets going back to Windows Phone 7 Series and it bit them in the arse along with other poor decisions like locking down WP more than WM driving people and carriers to Android.
  • With the introduction of Windows 10 Mobile, things finally started to happen. We got many new apps in those first few months. I remember watching articles pop up almost daily about apps that were now available on Windows 10 Mobile! Apps that hadn't been updated in years (such as Instagram) suddenly found updates to the latest version, it was all very exciting for the Windows Phone fan community and myself. And then it seems where Microsoft should have supported and nurtured these developers coming to Windows, they decided step back. Windows Phone market share then dropped to the lowest it's been in a couple years. The arrival of new apps started slowing until it is virtually nonexistant anymore. Some of these apps still continue to update, but the updates are further away each time. I fear eventually that Instagram will stop it's updates once again as Microsoft continues to give their mobile OS the cold shoulder. I know I'm going to stay with WP for the foreseeable future, but it needs some desperate attention from Microsoft, it's own creator! It's surprising to me that companies like Wharton Brooks can have a better dream for the platform than the creators themselves, but this is what we have come to. But until it dies or I hear something exciting from Microsoft's side, I'm holding on in hope.
  • So, wheres the windows 10 ebay app then?  Instead we're supposed to use the mobile site which is simply impossible and so slow it makes MS's phone efforts look lightning fast.
  • A hand full of pictures of Nutella, and yet everyone is still not willing to just say he is driving this company off a cliff. Everyone will just keep talking about his short term moves that make short term money and will end in a disaster.
  • Thought you'd gone full Android?
    Or was that just a pretend flounce for attention?
  • going. But thanks for following me like a scorned lover.
  • Ah, thought I recognised you. You're the guy that claims he's being "stalked" if someone replies to one of your comments.  You should get help with that.
  • Nope. You just have an unhealthy infatuation with me.
  • Textbook.
  • Explain your nutella "typo". You think that's funny?
  • Yep...we do.
  • People said the same thing about Ballmer. As long as these guys keep making money for Microsoft their job is secure. It is hard to get rid of a guy who is making you a profit. 
  • It isnt just Microsoft, that is with any company, but the tech World is going all Mobile. They may think their plan is secure, but I (and alot of other people) think this is going to send this company down a point of no return).
  • You know what,why don't they(MS) sell out the mobile division? I mean even right now in It's current state It's a very very valuable entity,someone could buy it,and get as far away from MS(although youd have to stay connected to MS somewhat)handle all the updates and support,and revive the platform,i mean its like 0.1-0.3 market share worldwide,or some pathetic number like that,but that's still some serious cash,and at the end of the day that's what all this crap is about really,thank you for reading and I'm nowhere near the level most ppl on here are as far knowing"TECH) stuff,I just love Windows Phones and will use em till they or I have expired,and I know it's not the"best" platform,but it's my favorite,just saying
  • I'm in, if the deal includes Nutella going with it.
  • I think before you embarrass yourself too much... It's Nadella. Nutella is a hazelnut-chocolate spread :)
  • We are aware. Its you that should be embarrassed with this flying right over your head. The guy hasn't earned the right to be addressed properly.
  • Ok, just saying it looks more like an unknowledged mistake than some kind of "insult" 
  • Everyone knows that is his nickname to those of us that see him as what he is...a me, me, me get rich quick CEO
  • So you compare him to a delicious chocolate hazelnut spread that is well loved by many people?
  • I compared his name to sounding similar. Stop reaching
  • Gartner put Microsoft in the top right quadrant for Analytics.  They are now the leaders and if you look at thier Hadoop offering, they have an amazing future.  Microsoft is much more than a mobile OS, they lost the fight for right/wrong and they have to get the timing right to reenter.  They could bring out the best Surface device tomorrow and if its on a platform with 1% market share with apps dropping like leaves in autum then they are quite franky....stupid. However all is not lost, we have to be 'patient' TM
  • Blah, blah, blah
  • Intelligent contribution.
  • The condescending attitude of staff here doesnt help things. Fans are passionate and sometimes (admittedly unnecessarily) emotional but the response from people considered to be in the know is mostly basically to "shut up and like it because its Microsoft and they know all or move to ios/android". Not sure thats going to promote any kind of positive response when its to a fan on the supposed fan site of one of their favorite products.
  • Yep
  • Yes the recent condecending attitude from the Windows Central staff is disheartening, but they're been overwhelmingly positive for awhile. Readers have even called them out on it. in a W.C. podcast a week or two ago, Daniel and another staff member joked about what would happen if they started calling out Microsoft on what they're doing. That week is when I started noticing the negative articles. It might be coincidence, but it's also nice to see them being honest now about the state of the platform. I know I'll stick around until the bitter end, but hopefully that end doesn't come.
  • I was one of those who would have "stayed until the wheels came off" kind of loyalist , but things have changed. They say you don't know what another person feels until it happens to you. The last update I recieved damaged my phone, I can no longer access my memory card. Most of my apps and every file I've accumulated is lost to me. Not only is there no support from the hurt, that the company I trusted with my information for years inflicted, there is no other device out there running the OS that can read this memory card (that's in perfect condition), I can afford. So yes I'm angry, do l suffer in silence, do I rage at the machine, or do I write a note to people who suffer as I do?
  • The pain really will be when continued trendy apps are not optional. Right now we are still good but if we don't get a new phone by the end of 2018 I think even the most die hard will leave. Our phones will be too old then.
  • Damn good read. I'm optimistic. I mean, builds haven't stopped being pushed out for mobile which doesn't make sense if the platform is abandoned by Microsoft. I do know that over the years since Windows phone 7, Microsoft has given and spoken a lot more to core fans than most. I remember the tricks it took to get mango on my phone and after that, how it was made exponentially easier and easier. Circumventing carriers. They didn't have to do that. I'm not hurting until the builds and app updates stop which we get from one group nearly every day. How could one not be optimistic?
  • Most of the builds from the Creator's update only contained "bug fixes". Almost no new features were added to the Mobile platform, and many new features added to PC did not make the jump to Mobile. They announced some cool things to come in the Creator's update, including the 3D scanner, but those were delayed. I'm holding hope for the next udpate to have lots of new mobile features. Loking forward to more integration of project neon (which has already started on its way through Groove and Movies & TV), the lost features from Creator's update, and hopefully some surprises!
  • Well I follow three forums of windows phone Reddit , here and mspoweruser
    And I have to say that you are a bit wrong about what you stated. All I have seen is disappointed fans and loyalist who believe Microsoft has let down a gen of a product. Also about the people that tend to u wanted comments , all those ppl in the basements that get into the internet using their parents internet connection. Just ignore the morons
  • I have no anger. I just think Microsoft should end the speculation. They dont use Windowsphone, their employees dont use it, they dont advertise it, dont sell it, dont demo it. I think they should do the decent thing. Tell the world that first party phones are end of life. Put some dates on end of support. Say which OEMs will be producing enterprise products and end the speculation. If they are going to produce something just say so without the nudge nudge hints. Journalists need also to be realistic. Report sourced facts. Dont write hope inducing speculation as if something has been announced. Windowsphone loving journalists are writing down hope when they shouldnt. If they are under NDA they should not be saying anything anyway. Review what is real. Report what is real. Speculate occasionally. Otherwise hope is encouraged and then dashed leading to disappointment.
  • Exactly what I've been saying...but instead we have a scam artist as a CEO that likes to talk in code in hopes to of scamming a few more bucks out of those who are unaware of that this guy is silently trying to kill the ecosystem. He refuses to speak the truth.
  • Did he kill your dog or something?
  • No. He took a boat load of my money and then killed support for the product he sold me.
  • Microsoft doesnt have the sense to do that smh But you're exactly right
  • It's like having having a relative thats addicted to meth.  Its beg and plead for them to stop...but their minds are so clouded they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel...ha ha ha!
  • To be fair, most are good commentors...however, WinCentral has allowed a small, but vocal subset to continue to be rude and just generally jerks.  Without consequences, this spiraling downward in the forums is the fault fo Windows Central.  
  • Microsoft didn't have a clear focus! How can we expect their fans to have???? 
  • All the comments or articles angry or not can't escape the one fact that has been proven. The mobile computing market and requirements of developer and ecosphere support can only be viable for 2 os'. And I would argue that it was really lost all the way back to the Mac vs PC campaign combined with the Longhorn debacle which permanently denigrated MSs brands in the eyes of consumers which they never fully recovered from. (See abject ridicule Zune received) Then the one consumer brand they did have xbox real success with they completely misread and screwed up initial development and launch, Xbox One. If general consumers think your company nname represents old boring and irrelevance, you are done. I think board has admitted that to themselves and are acting accordingly.
  • Oops
  • I would say matters as they evolve are not only caused by Microsoft and its competitors, but also by reporters. I feel the majority of them is very superficial and more interested in hyping to grab attention than in educating their readers properly. I also feel there are still quite a lot who simply love Microsoft bashing with short sighted reasoning or simply twisting words. An example of that is that Microsoft never said that Mobile is business focused strategically. What was said at /build in 2016 is that for 2016 the functionality focus would be on businesses, i.e. with Continuum, though I feel 3-in-1 is of interest to consumers too. Not to forget about the clear pronounced dual use strategy. To be clear, I blame the majority of tech writers for poor work. In plenty of articles Jason has defused correctly most reasoning of Microsoft down players, but sadly the damage had already been done and people are stuck in that mindset.
    Also, we should not forget that with smartphones we have not yet reached the hardware spec level where there is no further need for more power and ram. We reached that level in the Windows Vista days for pc. I am still using my Lumia 1520, but I am sure it will be left behind with Windows updates some day. But compared to my Android devices it is keeping up very well.
  • Kind of a ridiculious article really. I guess when there really is no news you have to come up with something. Microsoft doesn't really give a feedback anywhere so this is where consumers go to complain. I've seen this numerious times in my tech life. Newton, Handpring, Palm, WebOS, You always have the sunshine pumpers that want to believe something good will come but in the end there is nothing but disapointment. Being on Verizon I have been waiting for a couple years now for Microsoft to offer a Windows phone to upgrade to but instead they or Verizon have totally abadoned these customers. It's not the first time though that Microsoft abandoned products. As someone else mentioned, Zune was abandoned. My Surface 2 which at the time was not even 2 years old was abandoned. Sure it works and they have kept security updates going for it but even the few apps in the store for it have decreased and they haven't bothered to update their own apps such as news and weather. Heck the weather app pops up a get update window everytime and yet there is no update for it. Microsoft is a software company right? I have purchased new products to replace these even though I really shouldn't have had to. I do enjoy most of Microsoft services but the more they push me to other hardware the less I will probably continue to use those services. 
  • Crazy stupid article. 
  • I'm worried about the lack of direction Microsoft seems to have with their mobile devices and mobile OS, but I like my 950XL and I like Windows Mobile more than the other 2 options. I woned 2 iPhones, and I use a OnePlus2 for Pokemon GO (yes I play as well as 65 milliom monthly players). I hate Android. If Microsoft officially stopped making their own phones, then I would go back to iOS and jailbreak it. Hopefully it won't come down to that.
  • I am a fan of Windows Phone and I use a Lumia 730 as my daily driver. But now, it's annoying to see Microsoft dropping support for older devices for Creators Update and also support for Windows Phone 8.1 has almost ended. It's tough to stay on this platform with some bugs on Anniversary update (which is not stable like Windows Phone 8.1) and developers dropping support for their Windows Phone apps.  Also Microsoft is supporting Android and iOS with almost everything they offered on Windows Phone in a much better way like the Cortana app with new user interface and Word Flow Keyboard with their Garage apps exclusively for Android and iOS users. Not to forget.......The Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition.
  • I agree, the staff here should be more neutral-to-positive.  They don't have to have to be the biggest cheerleaders, but they don't have to make it sound like they are disgruntled ex-employees about to go on a shooting spree either. The passion and following I see with Windows Mobile is reminiscent of the passion and following I saw with Linux in the mid-to-late 2000s; small marketshare, small number of mainstream programs (apps),  non-mainstream programs (apps) are lackluster  ... but they perservered. Linux had open source, where passionate people can get involved and take up the slack.  Microsoft doesn't have that luxury. Instead they hold onto the cards but doesn't want to actively play the game. Continuum is almost there!  Ubuntu's competitive product is folding, and the only competition now is Samsung (DeX on Gallaxy 8) which is going to need to go through the pains Microsoft and Ubuntu have been going through.   But that won't take long and if Google helps them they'll get to where Microsoft is in less than 1/2 the time! At one point they had the possibility of developing the Phone/Band/Health system that integrated and worked flawlessly reminiscent of the iPod/iTunes rollout that redefined the entire Apple brand and skyrocketted them into prominence which they still enjoy! Unfortunately it is their usual MO that the tech guys produce really cool things, and the higher-ups flub it. I'm on the East Coast and even with 2 Microsoft stores in this small state, people don't even know Microsoft makes phones!  Seriously!  I was at a computer users group earlier this week and mentioned how I got a Windows phone.  One person's reaction was an incredulous "why" and the other was "they make a phone?" I went on a mission to find anybody not Microsoft-employeed or MVP who chose to purchase and use a Windows phone.  So far I have only found 1 person, on a Linux forum, who lives in Sweeden.  So that means with my purchase I've doubled the number of people I've found.  Even the MVPs don't use Windows phones. Microsoft dropped the ball on marketing. Their opportunity is slipping between their fingers and Samsung is going to come and snatch the Continuum-equivalent title from Microsoft with a lackluster, inferior product. If anybody has an ear of Microsoft employees, they need to use it.  Increase the visibility of Windows phone to decision makers.  Post, blog and promote the positives of Windows Phones (without lying).  If you are passionate about Windows Phones now, then feed that passion and do something, anything.  Be surprised just how far this could go. Windows phone needs you!  
  • Same here. I've only met just a couple of people in the wild who still use Windows phones. One is a guy i go hunting with that lives on the other side of the state. The other is a superintendent for a construction company i did some work for a while back. Somehow, some way we need to get it out there to the public.
  • windows phone had me them microsft abandoned windows 8.1, rebooted to windows 10 and let go of their only decent sta nav here maps, they developers like opaypal, myfitnesspal left and still no google apps.  Follow that with no wireless pay even though it was promised in 2015 by microsft on my 930 and add in the fact microsft ignored the windows mobile even after the developers started pulling their apps.  It might be the best mobile os to me but no apps and not gorgous premium phone and lack of interest presently from microsft is just too many steps too far.
  • Another excellent article from probably the best writer here.
    On the other hand, in my profession I'm payed to criticise people and goad them to almost, and to the point of anger. I am, for the want of a better term, a trouble shooter for a large national accountancy firm wherein I'm posted to figure out failing companies in the uk. Not pleasant most of the time but every day I glean from what I've left behind.
    For the past 2 years or so I've read this forum with mixed feelings reading people's frustrated remarks and anger at a multinational company who simply cannot deliver. Plain and simply they are finding it impossible to get Windows 10 mobile right.
    How can anyone who loves this platform as much as those on here not get angry at the utter incompetent work being displayed with every update to the current day where 5 things (for example) are 'fixed', then the next update 4 of those 5 things are broken again. It's been an ongoing forward and reverse process and needlessly so. Microsoft have 13 arms within their company structure and if only one doesn't communicate there's problems, they are using (according to an article by a former employee) in Forbes news media who wrote that they use second rate coding using poor frameworks, have a ridiculously small window to get things right, and an ever shrinking and rather disgruntled team, if they're​ work isn't right it's pushed out anyway.
    It's highly unlikely in my opinion that this should be disregarded as a fallacy or an employee with a grudge, I'm sure the article can still be found, but from what I read I found the whole thing fascinating and rings true with what has happened to Windows to date.
    I'm not a die hard fan of anything but for a long time have had Windows phones, right from the HTC hd2, it's always been buggy but since the inception of 10 it's been a car wreck, what is most annoying for everyone here is that those in charge cannot and will not admit they've got it wrong. In my years of experience in troubled businesses, this is without doubt the key aspect to a down fall. You stand and account for yourself, if you can't or won't, or think your right when your actions prove you are not, just go. This needs to be applied within Microsoft with a matter of urgency.
    To be clear, this is not my intention to blaspheme anyone or anything generally, it's purely an observation and there are those here who post often really need to look at where they are, it's not working, it's unlikely it will work properly and most likely slip into obscurity sometime in the future. just move on.
    Whilst it's all a personal choice, whether we like it or not smart phones are becoming an essential part of our lives, a device where our lives and those of our family and friends are we need them to function as they should, have all the apps that we individually need and be supported and updated as intended, and most importantly​...Work.
  • It seems to happen everywhere online - people just seem to think nothing of acting badly towards others. Even those who wouldn't dream of randomly arguing with someone in person somehow think that it's acceptible online. Add to that a lot of people simply seem to lack the ability to calmly reason and consider things without getting overly emotional and angry before thinking and you get these situations. It's a shame that more people don't give being decent and civil to others a very high priority. And yeah, it's pretty much entirely Microsoft's fault, objectively, so there's no need to have a go at each other, haha!
  • I am a Windows phone fan. In fact a Windows fan. I had my run with Lumia's but I just couldn't let myself be happy with mediocre hardware and bad software. I moved to Android and been happy since. I never left the community and read Windows Central daily. I am a Windows insider and have installed it on my MacBook pro. But regardless of that, Microsoft has no agenda in creating fans and keeping them. PC use is declining day by day and Microsoft is still not there with a mobile story.
  • Pretty sad 😢, I need a miracle, God bless 😊 you
  • Simply Microsoft is a Fraud!
  • Regardless of who's right or wrong we're all fans. Ha ha ha ha.... Nahhhhh! 
  • Just some of us are fans of the computing side of surface/book/studio windows 10 on desktop and NOT fans of the dungheap called windows 10 mobile/phone/Phone/WoA/etc....thats all.  
  • in my experience, in the comments section here, the mean ones are those who felt entitled to long term support as well as high performance os when in reality they have bought the cheap low end phones. things move forward, cough up the cash for new stuff or stfu.
  • Nope...most are people who were told apps, their devices and features were all coming to windows phone/mobile platform and were screwed over!  I have no issue spending money....but im not buying **** OS devices for the sake of staying with MS>
  • I agree. I think this was the very worst of the broken promises: when the top people stood up and made ads and keynote speeches insisting that the app gap was over, and now virtually any iOS/Android app could be easily converted to WP. That should never have been a gamble. A claim like that needed to be a cast-iron certainty. If true, this one feature would have saved the platform. 
  • The simple answer is.....Yes?
  • Im still a fan. I just cant see the use of iOS or Android. For me its not clever designed. Win Mobile is more effecient for me, and an okay companion.
  • I have a hard time agreeing with the glass is half full perspective. I'll be honest, I was a day 1 adopter of Windows Phone and beleived in all the potential it had. Within about a year I realized where things were going as app after app was released that never reached my device. I jumped ship to an iPhone 4 and have been in and out of the iOS and Android user base ever since.   Despite that, I've always WANTED to come back. Always. I've had this website book marked forever. I still try to participate in coments or the forums once in a while. Continuum was the one thing I thought might bring people back into the fold if Microsoft could nail it... And they didn't. Not only did they turn around and help Samsung develop Dex instead but out of the gate Dex is already looking like a much better solution than Continuum ever was.   It's fair to say the community could be nicer about the situation but some of these fans have invested YEARS of belief in the platform; only to watch it miserably slide into murky apathy from Microsoft. This sort of emotional outburst is a given and, in some ways, earned. Microsoft has been stringing them along for a long time and continues to do so. It's a situation where I doubt the air will ever be clear until Microsoft is upfront with its fanbase. The writing on the wall more than inplies that Windows Mobile is dead. If that's true then MS needs to be open about it. Personally I'm very comfortable with the thought of MS becoming a services company first, or even simply selling their version of an Android phone. At least then users can make an informed choice about their next phone purchase and enjoy the MS ecosystem through another aveneue of their choosing. We can all be nicer about the situation but don't expect people not to feel raw about it. Whatever happens to Windows Mobile next the scars Microsoft is giving their fan base won't heal easily over night.
  • All Microsoft fans were not Windows phone fans. It was quite obvious right from the start that Windows phones were going to be a big failure. For years we have been asking for something different, but they never listened. They​ even stuck with the same strategy after WP7 and WP8 were a flops. It has been a frustrating few years for us Microsoft fans that aren't Windows phone fans. We have been proven right.
  • Why don`t make a "pause"... buy a Galaxy or what ever... stop writing agree comments and lay back to see what will happen to Windows on phones. Windows Mobile/Phone is dead thats right... because the future is: WINDOWS... on workstations... on tablets... on laptops... on gaming consoles... on IOT devices... on cloud server... and - yes - ON PHONES. But this is a very long way. As a professional developer I can imagine how long this way is. In fact MS (with thousands of developers) needs more that a decade to come close to this. And yes we are not there yet... but thats what is happing at the moment with Windows on phones... it is a work in progress... sometimes buggy... sometimes "with only bugfixes" / "no new features" etc. but with many (very important) changes.  In reality all of the Windows Phone users since Windows 8 have "waitet" and everything they get was just some milestones on this long way. Was it unfair not to tell this truth? Yes - definetly! Are there reasons to be disappointed? Yes - definetly! But my pesonal view on this is: I`ve "waitet" so long... I can wait just another year. Windows on ARM and CShell are around the corner... MS has "official" told us that Windows on phones is NOT dead and that there will be Surface phone... and everything points in this direction. So you have to make a decision: Buy a Galaxy and not being a part of this big shift when MS will change how we will interact and use computing device in general or become a Windows Insider and realy help to shape this future!
  • Wery well said.
  • Let's see what ppl will rant on this article... 🤔
  • I moved to WP with a 950 late last year after my iOS device became too slow due to its age and OS updates. I came to the 950 because I was unimpressed with the Android offerings and I was not going to pay THAT much for a new iPhone. I saw W10M and the 950 and really liked what I saw and took a chance with just £220 on the handset. I will happily admit I have been very impressed and am very disappointed to be reading of its demise or whatever is happening to W10M. I have not found hatred or anger too much, the Windows Central Forums have been great and very helpful, it feels quite a close group. But I do seem snide and disappointing comments on blog posts a lot which is sad. I have thought about returning to iOS because there is an app gap for me, but I just can't do it. I have a 6s for work (they gave it to me) and what the 950 W10M lacks iOS lacks just as much. It's 50/50 for me so it comes down to feel and fit. The 950 W10M is a good fit. I remain optimistic but only because I don't have the interesting in hating, but I'm not putting my expectations highly. When and if W10M dies or becomes unusable for me i will find something else. But I will say the MS apps on iOS and Android aren't as good, I.e Groove, Mail, Word, OneNote etc. For me, I just wish MS would give us some news, even if it is be patient guys.
  • The ecosystem for W10 has so much potential and on the face of it looks so much nicer than Apple's, but with out mobile it is incomplete for me and my needs, plus the ecosystem still seems very unfinished as it stands.
  • I am disappointed and hopefully at the same time, not hating or aggressive.
  • ok so we should apologize and let MS of the hook ?? that will not happen.. they really took a big dump on the main user base both with windows phone AND windows.
    "people" can pay 500$ for a phone but "people" can't pay 2000$ for MS "business" products.
    microsoft is killing itself and it seems like it is being led blindfolded over the edge off the cliff. to be "nice" I would like too aplaud valve for launching the steam app on wp8.1 and also netflix and spotify for still supporting the plarform. but I have no nice words left for MS and my transition to linux is in full swing.
  • Spoke too soon - spotify no longer updating windows lol
  • GREAT LOVELY ARTICLE - Stay if you believe it will get better and switch if you think it is not good for you. Thank you!
  • I really liked wp but after years waiting for something good to happen I gave up. Microsoft is completely nonsense about their decisions and they killed their own OS. If something really good happens maybe I get back because I really miss having a Windows phone. I loved it concept and even after moving to Android for a time already I can't get used to this mess but unfortunately Android just works and just have the apps I need so I will stick with it unless Microsoft do something really good.
  • I sense that's the boat I'll be in if I do jump ship to s8+. It'll do its job but I'll always miss windows
  • The S8 looks beautiful, but from what I'm hearing you might as well get the S7. I think that's probably what I'll trade up to from my S6 (which is still fine, of course, but because I buy my phones outright it makes sense to get the most trade-in value out of them as I can). 
  • My glass was half full....but lately, its been more like 1/4 full....
  • "What happened to that jovial bunch of loyalists that began embracing Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's unique mobile OS, back in 2010?" I really don't think this question should be hard to answer. We were all faithful and excited to see new competitor in the mobile space with high hopes for an amazing OS and Microsoft screwed us over ever time. Threw us around like ragdolls and test mice just to reset every other year and leave us hanging every time. Now here we are with W10M--a complete mess of an OS with no clear path of where it'll be taking us. Closest alternative for most of us is Android but even then that isn't much of a viable option because we still have high hopes for the different experience W10M brings. Microsoft just doesn't know how to execute it.
  • Yes we are on the same team, let's all do something to save windows on phone! :)
  • "let MS of the hook"? ...still loughing :-) You still don´t get it... Windows on phones has nevery realy taken off. Companys like MS are only interested in products that attract many millions of customers. So it makes no difference if they start the next try from 0 or from 5-10 millions. Even if everyone who has ever bought a Windows Phone would never ever invest a single penny in MS / Windows... where is the problem (from MS perspetive of view)? Answer: there is no problem!  
  • Do you get paid by the word, Jason?
  • You should stick with Twitter.
  • I don't say much about any of it, nor do i have many complaints about the OS as it is today. i use all ms services and would enjoy staying in the ecosystem. the real concern is that i'm on verizon and still rockin the lumia icon (929). how long can I last on this without seeing a new device from ms or from another oem? the only thing verizon has today is the lumia 735 which is a downgrade. i'm thinking i will be forced to get a device with a competing OS until there is another option available which runs an ms OS. i also know there are a lot in my same position with the same device (and people who are also not carrier jumpers).
  • Not having a daily article about a new Samsung android phone on windows central might be a good start. It's pouring salt in the wound.
  • I think everyone is too emotional about their devices. Phones, tablets, laptops... Everyone has invested so much emotional need for "go to" comfort in these devices that any skip, lag or gap in its constant providing of the ultimate companion is met with anger. Even the ads from manufactures promise the next big thing. When you get down to the nuts and bolts, the WM platform has been building faster than any other OS with dealing with improvements and necessary changes. That's pretty monumental.
  • Well it's not about emotion. it's about passion. I enjoy reading about windows phone. If I get a s8+, it's simply because it's stable and satifies all my needs. I'll probably have less stress in my life but I also will lose a hobby of mine. It'll just be a phone then. Know what I mean?
  • Thank you Jason for a very well thought out and written piece.  I come to this site because I am like Linus always waiting for the Great Pumpkin, but I'm ok with that.  Your, (and my) optimism may be misplaced, but hey that's what makes any Windows Mobile development interesting (For better or worse!).  
  • Silence kills. There's no news, good or bad, about anything to do with Windows Mobile. I've been holding out for the next Windows phone, but I just picked up a Moto G4 Plus to try out...
  • Exactly. Rumors have swirled about the Surface Phone for three years. We still don't have the phone or even an indication that Microsoft is working on one. People can only have blind faith for so long. It's a sad state of affairs when your hardware and OS suck so badly that your customers perpetually buy your product hoping for something better "next year" to soothe their disappointment with what they just bought. Android and iOS users buy a new flagship and enjoy it instead of saying, "oh well, maybe we'll get a decent phone next year."
  • It's not that the community is "imploding". It's that even the most die-hard fans are starting to accept the fact that Windows Mobile sucks and always will. 
  • Timely article, in the world of trumpism.
  • Please, no politics here...
  • Imploded already way back when McLaren got canceled and Microsoft had no viable phone for a year. Threw away 90% of their ATT/Verizon users with a contract renewal right there. They need to pay attention; this is something they could easily repeat on Surface. (or already have with the ever repeating WiFi and sleep issues.
  • Blah blah blah stupid point after stupid point. How can so many people be this dense and overly emotional. Was everyone here asleep when Microsoft demoed full 64-bit Windows 10 enterprise edition running on a Snapdragon 820 at full speed? There is no point to making Windows Mobile anymore! There is no need for a Windows phone community either. Is there a need for a Windows tablet community or a Windows laptop community??? Myerson told Mary Jo Folely when they announced Windows on ARM that the Windows team will put Windows on 6" 10" and 12" devices.  Hello 6" devices. Windows Mobile is not needed to be developed anymore, it serves no purpose, it's reason for existing has been wiped out. There is only a Windows 10 community, there is no need for a laptop community or tablet community or phone community. Every Windows device runs the same exact OS and app store going forward. The days of MS developing two separate operating systems one for ARM and one for x64 are almost over. This is a time for celebrating, but instead we lament the end of something we have evolved beyond needing.
  • And that App store is equally empty for every Windows device. Actually, nobody will notice that on a phone since there won't be any hardware for sale anymore.
  • As a small business owner/entrepreneur I am very grateful for Microsoft products. Have been using MS since Windows 3. And yes I'm disappointed about my band 2 being dropped and the Nokia mobile phone hardware. I still have my L950XL and will use it until it dies. It still works great; it is on the Fast ring. There have been a few glitches most have been resolved by gee...Microsoft technicians.
    My family and friends on Android and Apple have complaints about their phones and product providers as well. I remember when the Internet was something spoken about with awe and unimaginable opportunity. No one knew exactly where it was going, just that there were great things ahead. Many brick and mortar business thought it was all just wishful thinking on the part of computer nerds. Well, fast forward, and here we are still on the Internet, many of the brick and mortar businesses included. Some actually doing better than well. This article speaks more to the pessimism and mean spirited attitude within our collective online culture than about what one company, Microsoft, is alone responsible for. The double edged sword of saying what you want without restraint or respect diminishes the very prospects people say they desire. Assuming we are entitled to everything instantly and without gratitude is a slippery road to online hell...which I feel I'm in when reading some of the comments. Fortunately there are thoughtful, insightful and useful comments as well. I too see the glass half full. Oh, and love my Windows phone...
  • Remember when the windows phone users had the highest satisfaction rate of all smartphones?
  • We all know that the real problem is the Store.  Which in many ways marks the success of Windows 10 as a whole and not just Windows 10 Mobile.  I have been a Windows Mobile fan since the PocketPC.  Being a CEO of an IT Outsourcing Company… it was an easy choice at the time.  Based on the environment I work in (many with Active Directory, etc.) for a long time it was the Only Choice.  I too, (like Jason has stated in this article) loved the “Butter Smooth Interface” of Windows Mobile 7.  The promise of UWP and the possibility of more mainstream apps coming to the platform was simply gravy – in the beginning. But, now it has became a necessity. The Windows Store is a Joke.  I can only count a handful of apps I use.  Without any quick and magical maturity of the Store’s contents all hope is lost for not only Windows Mobile, but Windows 10 on the PC as well.  The pipedream of having a “Surface Phone” is just that – a dream.  I doubt changes or progress in the Store will help by then.  Sadly, I report that I have ordered the Galaxy S8 plus.  Until the Store is fixed...even it on the PC is in's basically pointless today.
  • I am a Microsoft fan for all these years and this is the first time I am really disappointed :( I know that this is business. I have also in mind that they are aware too and I believe they are on to something in the near future. Again I will stay until the end because I love my Lumia 950xl and windows 10 mobile. And I hope on the creators update they have more fixes so it becomes more stable.
  • This is an excellent piece, and I enjoyed reading it, albeit the "leitmotif" is far from enjoyable. I know reporters/writers are often discouraged to write from the heart, but when done right it can result in an excellent article such as this one. I am one of those who "abandoned" the platform. I replaced my daily driver with LG Zero by donating my beautiful Lumia 640 XL to my mother who was struggling with the horrible Lumia 535's screen issues. I miss it enormously (the 640XL), as I do miss the UI and the activity of the Start screen. Why I decided to switch? I was tired. When I bought LG Zero it was on Android 5 something, it was upgraded to Marshmallow and now I know for certain that it won't receive Nougat. With Windows it was always a question which models will receive the update, how much RAM or which processor will cut it, and it was tiresome. And sadly, once Microsoft tried to help the ecosystem by making porting tools available to developers things went downhill there, too. Take Instagram app. I am grateful to Instagram for making it and updating it but it is a pale shadow of the Android version, in terms of stability, response and acquirement of new functions. I have it installed on a backup Lumia 535. It takes FOREVER to load. It's jerky. And Lumia 535 should not be a slouch. Instagram's app is just one of many who were also victims, victims of porting tools. Remember those times when we had apps which were completely in line with METRO (METRO METRO METRO METRO METRO, sue me, Angela Merkel!) desing policy? Back in the golden days of Windows Phone 8.1? Nowadays all apps are Androidish or iOSish, ported, and while it's GOOD that they are there in the first place, they just remind you that behind the nearest corner a Galaxy S8 sits which can run those apps in their intended environment. And finally, the community. Not just here at WC, but everywhere. People are cruel. Like the author of this article said, people are cruel and don't care that they are insulting real flesh and blood persons. Moreover, there's no point in arguing. Discussions, yes, heated discussons even better, but come on, people, be constructive in your arguments, don't resort to argumentum ad hominem. It's not classy. It's low.  I miss Windows Phone tremendously. And I can't wait for the moment Microsoft finally offers something good, affordable. If the ecosystem picks up steam, I'm back! Otherwise, there's no point.      
  • I believe the onus is on Microsoft to make an official statement to their fans, to address our anxiety. They should be upfront we us; whether we should wait or move on to another platform - the next best thing. I'm aware of the anticipated 'paradigm shift' and the desire to provide something different from the norm and i too anticipate that. However we the optimists are not only fans but also spokespersons, sales persons at times, answering the many and mostly harsh Naysayers as to why we use a WP.       I know, this is not a life altering situation, religion nor politics but I, we the fans have made a decision to use, to invest in this platform; the least MS could do is to show that they appreciate and hear us, despite how small the investment(s) may have been.  
  • Also thank you Jason, really appreciate reading your articles. 
  • Perhaps your focus is too narrow ? Yes, we are disappointed with the loss of Windows Phone, and with the loss of many other products that we enjoyed. However, Microsoft has isolated itself from a very loyal customer base, and as alternatives arrive from other OS developments, there may be very rocky roads ahead. The core problem ? Microsoft sees no need to interact with it's base. They don't listen. I've been developing for MSFT products exclusively since 1982. I do software, and my clients used to be able to get assistance with OS based problems. Now, they can't get through to anyone for actual help, and it harms their business operations. They invest in subscriptions with MSFT and find there is absolutely no support, and very pathetic documentation, if any. As a developer, it doesn't get much better. Those of us who seek to "understand" the constructs of development tools so we can apply them find ourselves in a sea of "watch how I do this" videos that offer no explanation of the "Why". Look at manuals written 25 years ago in contrast to what is available today, and see the shift. Plug and play is wonderful, but when it fails, and there is no underlying documentation available to help you fix a problem, and no support to answer questions, then we see epic frustrations. It's not just the phone. The whole corporate goal is to "let your creative juices flow" with no focus on how to use and apply the offerings in the real world. Sure we are frustrated about the phone, but far more so about what is happening at the corporate level. Finally ( phew ), I have visited the WA campus a few times over the year, and took my grandson to see the "museum" and to share some of the tools we've used over the years. Well, now it's just a demo room ( do not touch ) to display current offerings available across the hall in the company store. We don't have to be mean about it, but frankly, the company has taken on the role of being one that disappoints at every turn. 35 years of loyalty doesn't make me blind to what has occurred over that time, and it's not pleasing to me, or those I know.
  • Microsoft are just ******* thieves', selling windows phones, to loyal customers and really doing **** all .Windows 10 is a **** os.i know it they know it
  • well Microsoft may have dug it's own grave for the Windows phone platform,sorry to say, but the question is WHY does Microsoft not care or is the CEO not having good intentions with the platform?
  • It seems like Microsoft does this a lot. IE, Zune, the other misc things that have come and gone over the years.  All their current products that could be awesome (SCSM for example)... seems like they are ok with being mediocre.  Then eventually give it up. Or they have something that is really good and they stop innovating and start doing things to make it worse.. IE>Edge for example, Edge is horrible.  I can't even get it to work with some MS Sites I have to use Chrome!! For MS Sites! It lacks the features I came to really like in IE. Too bad, I have always had Microsoft phones since they came out.  I like it way better than i devices and android... but what's next?  Microsoft still has some time with me.  I bought the 950 XL a year or so ago... so good for now.  But in a year?  If the surface phone comes out and is good I'll go to that, if not will probably go some where else.  
  • HTC 8x still like new, my everyday phone. I use win10m on another phone at home occasionally for browsing and not as good for my needs as 8.1 so never switched.
  • Don't worry Microsoft says"Soon™" it will release it's plan it's been hiding from the public for SEVEN YEARS now. Make the device already! iPhone is a huge success and there is only one choice. But there's a new device annually MFST can't even do that!
  • My 950 does exactly what I need it to do and have unopened 650's to keep me going. For everything else, we have laptops, PC's and tablets at work and in our home.
  • I currently use an Lumia Icon, on the fast build andI love it. unfortunatly resently the screen smashed and i'm looking to buy a new phone soon and it will be Windows mostly likely 950xl or probably Idol 4S. I just want to know that MS isn't abondoning the whole thing. 
  • No. People are naive need a good slap in the face and need to see the writing on the wall before it's too late. I consider myself in the middle between frustrated fan and ex-fan. I still own an HP Elite x3 but I'm actively trying to put it on ebay. I'll be getting a less buggy 950XL (the phone I always wished I had, but AT&T never carried), because I dont want to pay $850 for the s8+. But trust me I'm exhausted with Microsoft and I'm ready to move on. I want a new surface too but since it's Microsoft, I'm a little apprehensive there too. See how Microsoft has us now? It's really sad. I'm really frustrated with Microsoft, and extremely cynical. And when a person is naive (usually they're from outside of America and have bad english), I let them know about themselves. Excellent article Jason and it stirred me, but I'm not going to stop doing my civic duty... which is let people know they're hanging onto a sinking ship
  • While I have abandoned the platform after years of dedication, I've certainly not lashed out at anyone for remaining committed. I have, however, encouraged people seeking advice to consider alternatives because *now* is the time to do it.  You will be reminded using your new iOS or Android device each and every day of why you miss Windows Mobile. Sure, it cuts both ways. You'll also be like, "damn, I wish I had this app on WM." Hehe. I know this article wasn't directed at me, but I do think articles such as these aren't too helpful.  I am one of those that still keep abreast of Microsoft and Microsoft Mobile news. I regularly read and comment on the forums. Granted, while I agree that directing one's disappointment and wrath at other supporters is pretty much pointless, we all have a choice to participate in this community.  What really makes me say, "oh no, what now?!" are these articles.  I read each and every one of them and think, "****, I'm glad I took this break."  The comment section can indeed be hella super negative, but this community doesn't seem any more harsh than any of the others.  It is toxic. It was toxic. It has always been so.  And I'm one of the ones that always had a near perfect experience with the platform through all the testing and nearly all OS versions!  None of this is personal.  I accept that Microsoft is struggling with mobile. I accept that they aren't focusing on something I want. I accept that most of this (though not really all of it) is self inflicted.  That Microsoft could unseat anyone for #2 is probably delusional at best.  There is such a thing as "ecosystem investment" that weighs a lot in the minds of consumers. But a respectable and solid #3 rising would still have been marvelous for competition. As with my wish that they'd make a PC years ago... sometimes the stuff happens later than sooner. And when it does - they kick butt. My Surface Pros are proof of that.  #1stworldproblems
  • there is no hope, because there is no evolution of the product, no improvements. I repeated it hundreds of times wherever I could. Hardware and software must go hand in hand forward. Here is nothing of this sort, just scattered, inconsistent hardware efforts.
  • well I would say that the abysmal support would be enough to drive anyone over the edge and turn them into a hater. If you post a question on the M$ forums you often get utter drivel back from the M$ techs, which often has nothing to do with the question you asked, as they usually don't even bother to read it properly, if at all. With windows mobile, it was even more dire, the responses were worse, more lazy and incompetent, you literally might as well have posted your question on a forum for farmers, as you likely would have got a more useful response.
  • Microsoft is pushing the plunger. Microsoft has abandoned yet another fine product. And users have every right to be angry, passionate, and downright mad by the treatment from the Bozos at Microsoft. This is the reason I have Pre-Ordered the Samsung S8 Plus. Tired of waiting for Microsoft to pull their heads out of their asses.
  • Microsoft should make the transition to Android (Samsung S8, for example) as easy and smoothly as possible.  Have the Windows Device PC App recognize Android and provide a one-step migration path from Windows Mobile 10 to Android.  All settings and data from Contacts, cross-platform apps (Office, for ex.), etc.  Have easy connection with OneDrive insuring that settings remain intact to automatically save to cloud.  Nice.... would be to know which windows apps have an Android counterpart.  Important --- have Continuum and Wireless Display Adapter compatible with Android and make sure that apps that support (firmware upgrade, for example).
  • "The loss of the Nokia camera team and the strategic focus on camera technology that would have likely kept Windows phones at the helm of mobile photography was a massive blow to the fan base."   Yeah, thing is, Microsoft never had the camera tech to start with. They were just licensing it, non-exclusively, from Nokia. And Nokia made those patents available to everyone insterested. So Microsoft's only advantage would be easily challenged going forward by anyone willing to do so.   "A reliance on OEM partners became the primary means to bring phones to the mass market." That was always their strategy since WP7. Microsoft's problem is that no other OEM with the brand power of Nokia was willing to risk their brand to bring Windows Phones to the market. Of course, it didn't help that Microsoft wasn't able to put a Trojan Horse as CEO of those OEMs as they did with Nokia.   "Had Microsoft stuck to that course Windows on phone, even if only via first-party devices, would have likely maintained some level of visibility among consumers."   The numbers spoke for themselves. No one was interested in Microsoft branded phones. It was the Nokia brand that sold Windows Phones and not because of the OS itself. People bought "a Nokia" not "a Windows Phone".   "even writers who are (or were) passionate about Windows phones (but write for different sites) have also engaged in this self-destructive behavior. Aren't we all on the same team, writing about, promoting and advocating for a platform we love?"   Are you talking about the Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central? Because I've been here long enough to remember MSPoweruser being "attacked" (rightfully so) for "borrowing" articles from here. Was WPCentral supposed to look the other way just because "we're on the same team"? Let's be realistic here, Jason.  Most of these tech blogs are businesses. If business gets bad because other "on the same team" take content away, YOU don't get paid.   "The pseudo-anonymity of the web may embolden some individuals to exhibit levels of cruelty they may not otherwise exhibit in other areas of their lives. Perhaps, in a person's physical presence, these same people would exhibit a greater degree of empathy and patience for a person with a differing opinion. "  Are you new to the Internet?   "Thus, failure of the platform, though Microsoft has the major onus, could be exasperated by negativity and cruelty toward one another that is neither right nor necessary. If not motivated by moral reasons, being nice within the community can help with perceptions of the platform." Oh spare me... Have you seen the Android community? If being "mean" would have any effect on developer investments, Android would be in the dumps. Just go watch how Samsung fanboys fight with fans of other OEMs. Go see how they react to someone who, for example, questions the value of the S8 compared with the S7. You're figuratively eaten alive.
  • I have had a total of 19 Windows phones on my account at one time or another (I have AT&T with the family plan - 10 lines). I have ALL of the Windows phones have been Nokia phones. I loved the 1520 and 1020 the BEST but sadly, they ALL have failed far too quickly. The Windows Mobile OS has been equally disappointing. I noted that If the phone(s) updated from Windows 8 - 8.1 then to 10, I had NUMEROUS issues with them. If I reset them back to 8 - I had almost no OS problems. However...the phones would automatically update themselves and I was not able to find out how to stop them from doing so (on my laptop or desktop, it is easy - not so with the Nokia Luminas). I am the ONLY Windows phone user left on the family plan and will switch to iphone as soon as this one dies (2 month old 950 - TERRIBLE battery life!). So...*sigh* are no longer the company that you once were...You burned us with empty promises but most of us WON'T get burned again....
  • Blame it on Trump.
  • My wife and I both have have a 1020 (Now just a wireless devices and excellent cameras) and a 950XL.  Both of the 950XL's have Win 10 Mobile as does my 1020, hers is still Win 8.1 mobile.  We are not looking at the Samsung Galaxy 8, well not the Microsoft version anyway.  We will stay where we are for at least another year. 
  • Well timed article, right after recent 'news' of most likely another great disappointment for the 'fans'... ;)
    But MSFT's silence on the matter is, indeed, very hard to swallow sometimes... :-/
  • There's a continuous train of articles on these past few weeks of the decline of Windows coupled with app close down or developers' abandonment of support for apps like Spotify.
    Seems like for Windows fans, the writing is on the wall.
    Anyways I'm going to stick with my 1520 until app support for WhatsApp and office suite stops
    Just to type this much with swipe, i had to recorrect so much. 'Articles' comes as artichoke. Developers comes as Developed. 'With' comes as 'worth'. This Windows 10 keyboard is not doing it's job well.
  • It should implode.
    Microsoft is bringing this on themselves. First they buy out the best windows phone manufacturer, then they dump the line.
    What would you expect?
    If you throw the phones in the trash, might as well throw the entire system in with them!
  • A couple of days ago... Pick Up Stix cashier: Oh, and be sure to install our mobile app! Me: We have Windows phones. Pick Up Stix cashier: Well, then you can get it on Google Play! Me: Um, no...
  • Maybe there are quite a lot of us just getting on with using our Windows Phones? I wouldn't give up my 950 for the 'whack a mole' iPhone interface or the chaos of Android. WP10 is not perfect, but I have everything I need to get at on the home screen in a nicely arranged set of tiles. I hope Microsoft do have a plan that works out eventually, the mobile has to be part of their future so they must have something, hopefully it will be good.
  • Re: Isisst,
  • Well I gave it long thought and my older device (Icon) is truly "old" at this stage.  I had an iPad2 that I gave up when it ran out of updates.  It does happen and no one ever loves it if the device seems to be working fine.  I have not been entirely happy with the X3 (nfc payments and a much better camera module with OIS), but the 950 & XL still do warm the heart.  So it's b'bye VZ and Hello ATT.  I ordered my XL and 950 (yes I have 2 handsets to replace) today and I'll update.  I use IOS every day and just really didn't prefer 2x iPhones when they still don't support fast charging or have OLED yet.  I know IOS is very good so don't take that the wrong way.  And I've been with VZ for somewhere in excess of 20 years so this wasn't my favorite choice.  But there should be a 3rd ecosystem.  And there are some times in life when you realize something needs to exist and you have a chance to keep trying.  We may not make the race to the end, but I have the means to afford a few handsets to hold me over for whatever we envision is the future.  I think by the latter half of this year we will see 835 chipset devices start to widely populate the market and if the 950/XL end up being bettered by some new flagship I'll be ok with that.  And VZ needs to understand that if they don't find ways to help or even participate (please don't lecture me on how this was MS choice - the actions were on both sides), then other vendors can and will be found that enable a platform to exist.  VZ should have learned by the iPhone they refused to carry long ago.  Anyway, I'm "in" with a bit newer set of handsets.  Hope they turn out well.
  • I have been and will continue to attempt to be positive.  However, I have previously invested (and didn't want to give up) the original tablet (XP), a SPOT watch (thought that was great!), a pocketPC, a Surface RT, and multiple phones -- currently a 950. So, as you can see -- MS has a history of leaving me out in the cold after making a significant investment.  I was waiting for the BAND 3, which got cancelled.  Do I believe in MS products -- YES!  Do I have any confidence that for whatever reasons, Nadella won't pull the plug and nail us (AGAIN) -- H311, NO!!!!!!
  • I've been a huge Microsoft fan since their inception.. Somewhere I agree that they relieved Joe Belfiore was a huge mistake .. I dunno what Terry Myerson has done to the OS... When I owned Lumia 800, my friends and or people who would ask me that which phone do u use?? And I would proudly say I use Windows Phone...
    It's sad to see where they've bought down to .. I'm still a huge fan... And I still believe in them.. bring back Joe Belfiore to the fore...
    Things have gotten really ugly​ Mr Nadella...
    Try cleaning it up before u lose each one of them ... They need to strike a real turnaround marketing strategy and I still dunno if the Surface phone will do it or no... Sure, they're focussing on the Enterprise thing but I don't think they care for their fans anymore.. This wasn't the case even when Steve Ballmer was there.. Neither do I find them competitive enough to tackle consumer interests. Their apps are better on the Droid and the iOS than Windows Phone platform. Gaming seems alright to me and so does the Enterprise market. They need to think hard to get back and I wish them the best!!
  • I echo many of the sentiments expressed here. Disappointed, marginalized, ignored and most of all the abysmal lack of any defined mobile future for the platform.  Windows 10 mobile is/was a significant advance in user simplicity and design. It just lacked the flagship hardware to make it appealing to anyone else but Microsoft geeks and their families. Much like an army marches on its stomach, the success of any mobile platform is directly tied to the hardware and what you can do with it. The operating system just facilitates the two. If you have poor hardware and nothing to run on it, you end up where we are now. Everyone wants to drive a Ferrari not Yugo. To attract the minds and hearts of developers you first must have hardware that makes it worth the effort. The mobile world has a short memory, Samsung has popped back after their debacle with a new and exciting flagship offering, that even Microsoft will be offering? Meanwhile, it’s been “Mobile Decades” since the last time Microsoft had anything we could hang our hat on. So, between the lack of any decent hardware, shrinking market and the Samsung deal, does that signal the end of the Microsoft effort?     I’m betting yes. Now the bar for mobile success, regardless of platform, is set so high and the trust in Microsoft Mobile nonexistent the outcome is inevitable. The only caveat would be if by some miracle, Microsoft were to introduce some magical hardware that was orders of magnitude greater than what we’ve seen. Code named “Rainbow Unicorn”. Unlikely. My advice, sell the patents for live tiles to Google along with whatever folding technology and put us out of our misery. I’ve been on a WinMO platform off and on since PDC 2003 when I picked up my brick. Moved to Pixel last Sunday. Sorry Microsoft, move on. Mobile doesn’t seem to work for you. Figure out something that does.   
  • Darnit, everytime I see a WP I want to go back... back to the WP8.1 days ;_; What really hurts is being a former fan of MS, is being loyal just to be burned so many times. 
  • I've never been a fan of any Microsoft communities and these reactions are a perfect example why. I see people here saying dumb stuff like "MS is no longer the company they once were and I'm going to get an iPhone." Um hello they got a full desktop class OS running full speed on a Snapdragon processor, they have a unified app store package UWP that will run the same apps on everything from Xbox to phone, to tablet, HoloLens and desktop? Can someone show me the Apple phone running full Mac OS on an ARM chip or the Apple device ecosystem that isn't a fractured mess of incompatible app stores. Microsoft has proven in the last few months that they are still by far the most talented software developers in the world. And instead of their supposed fans celebrating the enormous achievement of bringing a desktop class OS and all of it's legacy/enterprise Win32 programs to a Qualcomm chip we hear dumb crap talking down the company. Microsoft are awful communicators and their marketing needs a lot of improvement, but Microsoft are absolute geniuses and gradually killing off Windows Mobile is the right thing to do. How you communicate that effectively to people who only read headlines and don't understand technical reasons of why Windows 10 is a million times better than Windows Mobile is beyond me. Windows Mobile needs to go away over the next 2 years, and Windows 10 on ARM needs to be promoted and used for Microsoft's mobile devices instead.
  • "desktop class OS and all of it's legacy/enterprise Win32 programs to a Qualcomm chip". Which no one is asking for, and none of those Win32 apps are going to be easy to use on a 6" touch screen since they were never designed to be used that way.  You are completely missing the point of MOBILE software. 
  • You're ignoring the people who don't want a unified app store if it means their desktop becomes a phone app launcher. That's what those UWP feel like to me.  Windowed, crappy, tablet apps.  I have no use for that B.S. The Apple App Stores are incompatible because the platforms are used in incompatible ways.  People don't use phones like PCs, and vice versa.  You can try to stuff  your full OS into what will utimately be an underpowered micro-PC...  Good for you. I can't game on that.  I can game on my Mac.  I can game on my Windows Laptop. I can't game on my Windows Tablet, unless I'm playing mobile games... And I'm better off getting an iPad for that cause the ecosystem is miles ahead of Microsoft. The UWP is actually a detractor to some people, like me.  I have no need for it.  I didn't want it, and I didn't ask for it.  I actually got a Mac after Windows 8 because of the direction Microsoft was taking Windows.  I don't want a hybrid OS.  I want a Desktop OS on my desktop, nad a Mobile OS in my pocket.  The two should not be mashed together, if it compromises the core UX on either device. What Microsoft has done on Windows has compromized the core UX of the OS for desktop users. Space Wasting UWP App with no keyboard shortcuts, no menu bars, terrible toolbar layouts, absolutely terrible performance compared to desktop apps with 300+ more features and 50x the installation size, etc. I have literally no use for that junk.    
  • Lots of folks talking about the Windows Mobile platform here like it's the only issue.  Another BIG part of the problem is that people shelled out money to purchase the hardware, only to discover that M$ has effectively abandoned them.   To add insult to injury (again), I like Fords, but the horrid M$ based UI in the info-tainment systems has many jaded on that as well.  If you WANTED to toss a multi-billion dollar company into a death-spiral just follow the M$ example.  They are well on their way.
  • Here is a thought.  Retrentch 2 years....go back, fire up the 1020s and 920s of the world with OFFICAL CU,  Fire up the Projects team....and ******* follow through on something...that would be a great idea!  Build a real app ecosystem by giving developers 100 percent royalites for one year,  and develop through the projects....Develop a REAL windows surface PHONE,  not a folding flippy POS like they are make beliving is coming,  but a real FLAGSHIP PHONE......WOW easy is'nt it....I would think MS on mobile, 
  • The glass is no longer even half full.  There is about a quarter inch of melted ice on the bottom of the glass.  Windows phone/mobile/whatever is dead.  As in "It's dead, Jim.  I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker".  When you (1) buy Nokia and then (2) immediately dump the Lumia name and later (3) shut it down entirely and then (4) start selling Samsung phones in your own stores, you have loudly announed to anyone who is listening that it is - indeed - all over. All that remains are the funeral expenses.  This will consist of a few more updates to the current Win 10 mobile.  I will install them on my 1520s and my Icon, just to have the latest version on them.   After that, Windows Phone will pass into history.   Much like the story of OS/2, it is a story of What Could Have Been, If Only.................  
  • To continue on my comment,  I would think MS/WIndows on mobile would maybe make 5-8 percent market share if they did that....A great mid ranger and a blow your mind flagship with insane camera.   DONE!  MIKE DROP!
  • I love getting down votes when I say something that supports windows mobile.....Its great!!!!!!
  • If they had only put money behind their Phone like iApple and Samsung, it would have ben a winner, now I look a fool for recommending the phone, not only that, MS dropped Canada off the list a while back, also messed up here, appointed one cell provider as the supplier, so not easily available. Sadly, I am one of those angry fans, I have been a loyal Microsoft follower, MS everything, PC, Tablet, Xbox, MS products and about to of had a Windows phone, I now have to jump ship and go to an Android Phone, as MS messed up.    I keep following the forums as a MS addict.
  • I'm so sad when I see people who complain about this beautiful community :( . We're almost the unique users who are still using this fantastic platform. And if you're not happy with that, just change and leave the rest live in peace :)
  • Microsoft first, the client second. I guess that sums up where everyone stands.
  • Right on. Thank you, Jason.
  • I guess I'm just a ID10T. I bought a small pile of Lumia 2520's After the dump on eBay for <$200 a unit. Then the 950XL's... same deal. Do they run Office, Netflix and in the 950XL case, answer the Ring?    Of course. Do I need to spend a kilobuck per device, NO. Do I control and own iEverything, yes. I do so for professional reasons. I hate wasting the $ and I need to. Daily driving is Lumia 2520 with Power Keyboard and 950XL. I don't need millions of apps. I need to work. Self employed, its MY $.   I buy on the closeouts and get my work done.  
  • Android has set Windows as OS on place two now. And there is a Samsung Galaxy S8 with Desktop mode. And if you believe or not, this really works great. With multitasking Android Apps on Desktop with the cradle. All Android Apps, not 10 or so. And this you can buy now! Not in 2 years. To give up the smartphone market was a big failure. Steve Palmer made an error, thinking iPhone will be a nonsense. But he tried to solve this with the Nokia deal. It was not too late. As we know in many countries the Lumias was a growing market, and could reach 10% sometimes in this short time and got a lot of fans around the world. I understand the new strategy, to make this 6" Mini-PC. Perfect, but why not parallel with new windows phone smartphones? There could be many technical reasons or busniess reasons to handle this thing as Mircrosoft did, but its a shame how Microsoft communicate this to the fans. A big failure for future business.   
  • There are many between, the user is the last one.
  • I have only been with this platform since late 2012 when my first smartphone the NL 810 brought me here. I exclusively used only windows up until the beginning of this year when I switched over to android. I too love this platform and have recently purchased another 650 just to have windows. All the negative comments I was reading about windows and all the doom and gloom pushed me away. After 3 months on android I missed windows and came back. Now I bounce between platforms.
    I don't think I can ever really abandon windows. It's unique of the three OS's and more satisfying to use overall despite some flaws. For me I would say the glass is half full. Use what you love and don't look back.
  • Well put! I still like my 950s but all the doom and gloom I hear gives me no hope for the platform
  • Well this article is right and wrong at the same time, the is from both sides, one side consists of fans who cannot behold that some one is pointing out mistakes in Windows Mobile and bash on comments which are actually pointing real flaws, second side consists of fans (antifans, credit to Jason for creating a new sect) who cannot behold the blind love of die hard fans (including me.... Ummm I can still say that) as they consider this blind love is one of many reasons of downfall of wp, I don't wanted to live in stone age so upgraded to v20 but will continue my passion in Windows Phone, and some day windows mobile may be on par with Android and iOS, I am keeping my fingers crossed... 
  • I've read the whole entire article, it's amazing. I love Windows Phone and Windows devices in general and it's hard to me to move from this platform to another, simply I just can't. I love the entire design but I really hate when all my apps are crashing and the big lack of apps. But this is the reality and I can't do nothing to improve that. I'm using Lumia since 2013 from first Lumia 520, and I still love that device...
  • Well said
  • Windows 10 on a phone? I don't think this idea will work out great. I have Windows 10 on a tablet that is not a surface. It goes by alright, but the touch features suck, the battery usage is randomly horrible - but that might be a hardware problem. But the main question is on what hardware , on which mobile phone it would be running? No such device is in sight. Microsoft gave up  threw away the coolest hardware line. What device should it be running on? I am deeply convinced that whoever comes out as a winner in the mobile market will own the personal computers of the future. I do not see Microsoft remotly in that game. The surface is nice - but that's their only entry in the market and the market share is not that great:"For Q3 2016 Apple remained the top Tablet Vendor worldwide holding 21.5%. Samsung was in second place with 15.1%, Huawei was in fifth spot with 5.6% and Microsoft with all of their bravado of having the best tablets in the world couldn't even crack the top five vendors. And remember, according to IDC back in August, Microsoft's Surface tablets will catch up to Apple's iPad by 2020. So Microsoft better get into high gear because at the moment they're nowhere to be found on the top worldwide list."src: Now the Tablet market is shrinking as a whole. Ordinary people are shifting more and more toward their phones for tasks that used to be done on laptops.  It will only be the developers and other specialists that are using full blown computers. The surface will have no role in that too. I predict the end of the surface by the end of 2018. If Google gets their stuff together and cranks up an OS that will do more than their first try, then what will be left of Microsoft? It's a shame that Nokia with it's beautiful Lumia line has been sacrificed along the way. I love my Lumia 1520, but without any alternatives to choose from, I need to move on onto a new platform. Too bad, the momentum that Windows Phone had throughout Europe was really there and for us Europeans it is even less understood why the sudden surrender.  
  • Trump is right. This indian CEO at the helm of microsoft has literally destroyed microsoft's presence on smal screen. Kick him out microsoft.
  • I said this many times, hiding issue can't solve anything. There were and are too many issues with Windows Phone, and before this S8 gate, we are not allowed to discuss these issues here. If we say anything bad about Windows Phone, from small bug, system stability, to app gap, worries about future, we will get blamed, got uncountable vote down. I didn't say Windows Phone is dead, and still don't want to say that, but it's important to acknowledge the issues, rather than protect them, deny them, or hide them, to deceive ourselves only. Unfortunately you just wrote too many articles to deceive yourself and many other fans. There's always a point that the lie can no longer be a lie and it's now, and that's why everyone is so mean. If the truth was revealed and accepted eventually, I think there was still chance to change the situation, and at least many could accept it peacefully. I still think there's hope, or at least hope there's hope, but it's important that there should be no more lie, no more illusion, but only the facts.
  • Hi think the anti-fans are pathological situations that need some therapy. For me, the writers and moderators of a lot of websites had the biggest responsibly of the community implosion, because often use aggressive titles against MS, razor articles and don't mod flamers and troll. Talk into a community must be a pleasure not a problem...just today I commented an article on where I said that the writer (I also tagged him..) usually do articles only for have flamers...he, at this moment, do not replay...🤔
  • Sorry, but I never understand the rabid anti-fans. So what if your usage scenario is different than mine, does that somehow invalidate yours or my set-up or justify some rabid attack. I have a 950 and I love it (writing this through the WCentral app in Continuum with Groove playing over BT in the background as we speak). I use my phone for work (professor, so Office, WordPress, light photo/video work, social media, etc.) on a Microsoft campus so it just works, and syncs well with my personal Surface Tablet and the school's Lenovo Ultrabook. I've always found my 3DS or Vita to provide better games, better controls, and way better battery life than any phone. I have no intentions of leaving any time soon. Yeah the X3 was tempting but the 950 has a better camera and the 808 gives a good experience on Continuum. If W10 Mobile died I would probably just go to a feature phone and use my Surface for any computing work. What do I want out of the next iteration? Update Continuum to proper windowing, finish CShell, better peripheral support in Continuum (i.e. local wired printers), and give me Win32 on ARM for those occasional legacy programs I need at times. If you can give me a Westworld-esque phone/Tablet so much the better.
  • BTW, I didn't fund the Moment because I didn't see the advantage over the 950, which is the same price point now with a better processor (even the 808 will beat a 6XX), better screen, better camera, and the capability of wired Continuum. The Moment will get better battery life, but that is about it.
  • its nice to be nice, that's a statement microsft could learn from.  I love windows mobile pashionatly but the apps issue has grown, there isnt even what i consider a premium handset and the 950 just doesnt do it for me, the 930 was awsome why did they go backwards.  More importantly we windows fans are disapointed, more with micrsoft and their continued mistakes and force feeding, like preasuring us to use edge or desktop tabs cant open to your home page or even a new edge tab in ie so people can get even more fustrated and deluded about microsft.  does microsft realise they are chasing away their consumer base.  I know i mention some desktop things but it all adds to the bad impressions of their company.  One drive free storage removal and lame excuse might seem like yesterday news, onebox always online is also old but add that too forcing windows 10 on peoples systems or edge resticing users from useing their default home page on tabs when firefox, safari, chrome and opera hell even ie have that option, its really not hard to see why any phone windows brings out will fail, or why developers no longer trust microsft.  They could have turned it around when they released surface book but cough a week later was one drive free storage removag shortly followed by the plastic 950 release.  How many microsft employees does it take to screw in a light bulb, well simingly their entire marketing and pr dept wouldnt be abble to complete the lightbulb fiting well not in 2-4 years anyway.  Is it just me that sees all these issues or is microsft really that bad right now, i love my desktop windows 10 and 930 but wow really.
  • We should build a Wall :(
  • "Lord of the Flies"...not just a children's book, but real life...esp on the internet.
  • I'd go back to Windows Phone in a heartbeat if I thought Microsoft had a clue as to what made it special, but I had to get out at some point, because I was tired of hating my phone. I stuck around longer than I probably should've, but I was optimistic about Windows 10 Mobile, even though I suspected at some point early on that the UI changes that sucked some of the soul out of Windows Phone wouldn't save the platform. I initially switch [back] to Android, and I absolutely hated it. The out-of-box experience was just awful compared to that of Windows Phone, probably because Google had done so much to push me away from its services by not supporting Windows Phone.  I ended up switching back to my Lumia, and I waited for the iPhone SE release to switch to iPhone. I didn't love it, but I didn't actively hate the experience as I did with Android. It was nice to finally have reliable apps, and it was nice to typically have them on day one. Still, I do miss Windows Phone, and I feel as though it was at its peak with 7.5. I didn't need apps back then. I spent 95+% of the time with my phone in the People Hub, and the rest of the time was spent with Zune. It was incredible, and I wish that's what I'd continued to know Windows Phone for, because I think it always just went downhill from there. I know that it may be heresy to say so, but I kind of wish Microsoft would try to sell Windows Phone as more of a feature phone OS, taking it back to its CE roots. I wouldn't mind a more pared-down experience as long as it was as fast and reliable as Windows Phone 7.5.
  • The real people creating the issues are the non windows phone users that often come around and tell all kinds of lie about windows on phone.
  • thumbs up, i love my HP Elite X3. Its the best Mobile device I can buy today which fulfil my needs. The thing is, I have stopped commenting this conversation about alive or dead. I use it and get more out of this phone then 99% of the smartphone users. But probably that would also be the case with an ios or droid phone. My choice is W10M, period. love this article and your style of writing 👍 Jason. greetings from the Netherlands
  • I have a 950XL and liked it very much along with windows 10 mobile.  Decided to do some Uber driving starting the first of the year.  There is no windows uber drivers app so I use the Mate 9 now.  It is an excellent phone.  The app gap is very real.  If there was an Uber drivers app, I would have probably stayed with the 950XL
  • It makes me deeply sad that Windows Phone is in the state that it is. I honestly feel it is the best system out there, and has amazing amounts of potential, if only we could get consumers to embrace the platform again. Unfortunately, consumers won't embrace something if they are unable to have everything they currently use available to them in the new platform. In this case, it means having apps available on the platform. On the other side of the coin, developers will not develop for a platform if consumers aren't there. It's a vicious cycle that is extremely difficult to break. I REALLY, REALLY hope that one day Windows Mobile will flourish and become the leading mobile system, but it's going to take a miracle. 
  • I think the fact that people can feel the way you do, when it's fairly trivial to see what it's competing against, is part of the problem. I am not being fecetious.  I'm serious. I guess for many people, alternate reality is reality.
  • I was happy with my 1520 for 3 years. I'm happy with my 950XL for two, and I even use Continuum alot. I even dropped my crappy DSL cause I have unlimited cricket on the 950XL.  I get all my torrents off someone else's WIFI using nordVPN. I expect to buy a new phone every 3 years, I put aside $12 a month payroll deduction just for that purpose. I just bought the CHUWI Hi10 $189 tablet that dual boots Win10 and Android. If Microsoft changes the whole platform again, or even switches to android, I will adjust. I will hang on as long as I can. There are more important things in life than my phone. Family, Health, my job, even my Win10 i7 or my Xbox (tethered). Life goes on....
  • Earlier today i retired my 1020 in favour of an Android device I had....after 4 hours im bringing the 1020 back!  Long live my Yelumia!   Back on topic - I think the writing was on the wall when WP Central changed its name...I miss the days of Groove v Zune
  • Nutella on WP gone
  • I love Windows 10 design and as a platform also the direction Microsoft is going with almost everything however as a ecosystem Microsoft is not moving fast, I have personally used Windows CE, Android and iPhone prior to using and sticking with Windows Phone however now for the last year or so not so keen on staying as Microsoft is failing to support users, devs and OEM's to push it all further. In UK Windows Phone was starting to do very well until approx 2016 then suddenly Microsoft hardly showed any dedication. Currently if it wasn't because of Edge and sync between Windows 10 and Windows10 Mobile I would be using Android or iOS device and because there is no Edge on other platforms if it was anyone else they would be using Chrome to sync everything on all devices. Even Lumia 950 XL is failing to do simple tasks on public release, so many Bluetooth issues, Camera issues, Skype Preview is still having issues. Is ironic when Microsoft's own apps work better on other platforms! At this stage I love the Samsung Galaxy S8 and would love to get one though I'll be using Microsoft apps mainly; it will at least work also look and feel good however if I did go down that route; I would give up number of design also native integrations which I like very much within Windows. Microsoft could at least come and give its loyal users/contributors some information on if is going to be few months or years until next handset also if is doing anything with big names to address the lack of apps, lack of apps is an joke now! amount of times I have missed on opportunities because of the phone I use is causing issues hence why starting to debate moving to Android now and already ordered Moto G5 to have a play.
  • Has Windows Central turned into BGR or the Verge? It seems like WC keep posting a stream of negative articles about Windows Phone.  
  • Explorer works in windows10 but and that is all fine and dandy for people using PC but we who spent all our money on windows 10 mobile gets robbed of explorer or any alternative to edge? I now understand why people don't use windows phones, I always thought they were afraid of being too different or something but now I know it is because IT DOESN'T WORK! I pay a great deal on streaming services which I can't use now. I am greatly disappointed and now I sit on a useless phone (hp elite x3) that can only work as an expensive paper weight. And I can't afford another high spec phone using a os that will work. Now, you're gonna say it isn't the os that is flawed but since you won't include explorer or otherwise support your own technology like everybody else does (silverlight for example) then it really is worthless as a os for a great deal of people. No need in wondering why people are abandoning windows phone in droves... People need phones that actually will be useful to them! I just wished I listened to all the people bashing win10mobile for being useless, I had great experience with wp8.1 along with 30-40 million other people and you were gaining more users, now you are down to around 5-6 million and keep dropping users at a faster rate than ever. You do know it is because no one in microsoft is willing to listen to their consumers right? Credibility for this company is really low among a great many people and continue to drop for every day because of this ignoring of peoples grievances. Soon there will be no windows phones anymore and I will not be sorry, I would have been earlier but now I have seen what microsoft thinks of it's users. Hopefully, although slowly, windows will be eradicated altogether and people as well as companies phase out this evil corporation. I officially hate everything microsoft and will not support them anymore, next computer won't run windows for sure. I have managed to convince a lot of people in choosing something else and I will continue doing that and I hope more and more will too, next up is the company I work for and I really hope they will manage to make the switch away from the hellhole that is microsoft. Microsoft is an enormous company but I do believe we can get it killed in time as they continue to anger more and more people, ******* on the consumers that pay their salaries. I will pray for everyone responsible for windows10mobile not only to die in a horrible way but that their souls will forever burn in hellfire also.  
  • you sir are a piece of **** for your final statement. any way I have used windows mobile for a long time and am moving on to the galaxy 8. however the surface pro 4 is a symbol of what microsoft can do right. if they make my surface pro into a phone then ill come back. .... any way wishing death on some one like that makes u look like a child ( or yo live in your mothers basement) have fun with karma *******.
  • Just improve your app and then we talk again!
  • Well done article.
  • Long time WP user.  WP 10 is a great idea for a phone. My 950xl works fine with very little complaints. My friends still admire it until they read the reviews. I think moving forward for this device is to stop trying to be another (phone) and work on the next “must have” device. I would like to see with the next version, to not go full win 32, but continue to improve the phone, continuum experience. Make a device that syncs with a desktop product with greater graphics and memory…, but only has windows mobile like access as a standalone,  that has server, workstation type abilities, (when programed as such with the phone)  but when dock by a windows phone it would give you greater access (full win 32) with your own personal logon. (Full-blown windows!) This way each user would have their own UWP apps. All storage and history would travel with the user’s device. This would keep users in the windows ecosystem with greater flexibility, programmability, and just a really cool device that not only give you superior security but allows you to have your work and data on the go. Inspire third- party developers to give users the apps they need to be more productive.
  • If it isn't already dead, it's dying fast. MS is guilty of killing their own platform and ******* off its clientele.
  • <p>I must say that giving up on my Windows Phone was painful. I tried to move from my 1020 to 950. But nothing beats camera of the 1020. Before the so called smartphone I never used to take pictures. For me, a die hard Windows fan it was a fantastic time that started when my son bought the 920 at the time i was released. I was so impressed. It was innovative and so ahead in so many areas. Microsoft bragged about it and I could really see a future where it all came together as one ecosystem. Not like Apple with to different operating systems. Not like Android where there is neither workstations or game consoles. But staying with Windows Phone ment that there was only limited access to my bank. In fact almost every app that I use regularly was falling behind. So I went back to the iPhone. To me that's kind of sad. My fear is that when Microsoft seems to have given up n the mobile platform long before I did. It may do more harm than just ditching the phones. It might reflect on Windows 10 altogether. And I think that Windows 10 might be the best OS the world has ever seen. I think it beats OSX when it comes to user friendliness by miles. That wasn't always the case, When it comes to computer hardware. The machines you can run under Windows 10 kills the competition in performance and price, But when a Android or Apple fan gets a Windows Phone in their hands they take it as proof of Microsofts uselessness. I'll be on board if there will be a serious attempt to get Windows Phone back on track again. Right now I'm just hoping that Windows 10 will survive. </p>
  • im waiting for google pixel 2, and will give my lumia 950 to my one year old to smash. i dont mind if microsoft get rid of the windows 10 mobile os to bring a full windows on a phone. developers could easily scale their apps for the platform. this would actucally bring the app gap closer. reason we dont see many apps on windows 10 phone is that not many people hold a windows phone. but i think more than 200 million people are using windows 10 OS which means if Microsoft create a windows phone that run the full version of windows 10 then there will be a reason for developers to create and switch their apps to windows 10.  and only then i will buy a windows phone  
  • You still don't get it? Devs do not care if MS brings full windows to a mobile phone. Users need mobile apps, not win32 apps on a phone. What makes you think that devs would embrace the windows store in this manner? do you see any uwp apps in the store now? for desktop? There are barely a few...Windows 10 full on a phone is not a reason for any dev to bring their ios/android app onboard...wake up already from your fantasy world.
  • 100% correct.  Full windows programs on a mobile device like a phone is not needed or usefull.
  • Here my daily: Nadella is not worth being CEO of Microsoft. I bet he always wanted to work at Google or Apple. Anyway... as a developer I really like the Windows App store opportunities! Why? Because we don't have a lot of competition in a crowded app store. I know Android devs who created really good apps, invested in designers and marketing and did not even get 5000 downloads in the first year. One month ago I published my package tracking app (which is somehow a niche) and after one week I already had 1000 downloads and almost 500 paid conversions. Do you think the 5000 downloads in the play store did mean any money? ... Also I got a lot of feedback and a lot of "thank you" mails. Even when there is a bug, I get 1-2 stars, then I ask what was wrong, fixed it and next day It was changed to 4-5 star rating. Android and iOS users uninstall it and will forget about their rating even you fixed all the problems. Probably I will never make enough money in the Windows market to survive, but at least for fun it's great.
  • I think this is key. Developers have a land of opportunity here as the other "stores" get "full" and you have 500 scanning apps in a store when people need just 1. But here we have a wealth of "need" and lots of things not covered by other apps or only few other apps. There are chances to make a mark, I believe. Anyway I enjoy seeing a Dev who sees some of the opportunity. I know the environment is hard right now - but I stay to help give you more to market to. Thank you for writing things we need.
  • Taking a step back and asking the perverbial question if you had a choice to do it all again, would you with regards to choosing Windows phone, it would be interesting to see what the answers would be.  I can only speak for myself, but I know that I wouldn't change a thing.  Maybe it's the military mindset that conditions me to remain fluid because flexible is too stiff.  Constantly changing agenda and directions is how life works and that is what the Windows life cycle is all about.  Sure it changes but to me it's still provides a different experience than Andriod or iOS.  The biggest attraction to Windows mobile is the live tiles.  That is the one thing that MSFT did not change and shouldn't.  The hamburger menu isn't as big of a change as everything else MSFT uses it.   It's all about being supportive to those who still fight the good fight for Windows mobile, yet empathetic to those who chose to gravitate to Andriod and iOS, especially when many of those people being those closest to us.  It's hard to translate that to optimism in seeing what the intentions of the CEO are for the direction of MSFT to be in the best interest of its customers.  People MSFT is a business and with any business the ultimate focus is on profit and with that in mind if you think Windows phone has provided its last rendition then you're only setting yourself up for disappointment.  I personally can't wait for the next evolution of Windows mobile.
  • Generally in war you must be flexible.  Otherwise, you're likely to go through with a terrible plan of action, and it won't end well.  The millitary teaches blind allegiance to your country, not brands and smartphone operating systems.  I reject the notion of "military mindset" that you are putting forth, considering I am ex-military and certainly don't subscribe to that... People crying over Hamburger menus needed to get over it.  I think the Windows Phone community all thought they were pro designers.  Every other fan was making mock-ups in Photoshop with 0 clue how much work it takes to actually create a product that no only looks like that, but works cohesively while doing so. The people here were busy crying over things that really didn't matter that much, ignoring the things that did, and getting the moderators to infract or ban the people who brought it up.  The same thing happened in the Windows Phone forums at XDA.  The Windows Phone community there (many of the same people here, BTW) was like no other on that forum. I think the Crackberry community did a very good job of keeping themselves composed, generally speaking, compared to this one. Live Tiles are, and have always been, nothing more than oversized square Icons/Badges/Widgets.  They were oversold and underdelivered, and people were too preoccupied with them to even see the other glaring weaknesses of hte platform that would lead to the current situation. Trying to stay positive meant that they flooded uselessness onto the Feedback outlets and completely drowned out more important issues.  It means they ran the people who simply told the truth away from the forums and blogs.  It became one big circle jerk of denialism and hostile disagreement, like the online version of a liberal arts college campus...  
  • Another solid article, Jason. Sadly, the likes of Michael Allison have become little more than trolls when it comes to Windows phones, with his articles littered with comments aimed at people who still.use WP. Thurrot is not much better. Users then react, the writer then counters and so a cycle is formed. Ultimately, users of WP are very disappointed and frustrated by MS handing of WP, and it's still within their power to do something about it should they wish to.
  • If people are angry, they should not be at fellow users, they should be at Microsoft and their current CEO. Windows Phone was and still is the best OS that no one cares about. It was great in the day when Windows Phone 7 came out and WIndows Phone 8 hit... new apps were showing up, we were growing to a 4% marketshare and it was NEW.  Still missing apps and there was hope. For me 6 devices later and what happens ? Microsoft pretty much gave up in one day, no promotion, no new apps, no new devices.  Then months later the decline keeps setting in, going from a 4.5% share to 2.5%...more apps pull out, now we are at a point where more apps go then come. Microsoft comes up wtih UMP, crossing fingers that everything will just come together. And now we are at 1% (if that), Microsoft as show their customers that they have pretty much given up,  Apps are still going away, carrers have not seen new devices in a LONG TIME. And we stand here. I have been following Microsft products from the WIndows 3.1 days, they do this thing, just stop supporting something and hope that it takes off, and it's never worked and never will. My big question for Microsoft is how long are you going to drag your cusomters along before you finally kill it off ?  It's just a matter of time, they have lost too much ground in the marketplace to recover.   Another high quality failure from Microsoft, a day late and a dime short in the mobile market...nothing new.  And for the record, I loved Windows phone and still wish it would succeed so I can get a pretty kick butt model but, I would never with the support from Microsoft.
  • P
  • Hey Rodney. Help me out here. What am I supposed to make of this article? I came specifically to find you. Your "P" leaves me wanting. LOL.
  • I've been knocking around WinCentral since 2013 when I got my first smartphone - a red Lumia 920. I fell in love and I'm still in love with the Win OS, though I've since owned a 640 and now a 950. Last night, I attended the first session of a photoshop class at the local college. Macs. Big. Gorgeous. Completely frustrating Macs. The one-button mouse. WTF? The Finder. The Launchpad. UGH! If the iOS is as ridiculous as the Mac OS, I'll be clinging to anything with live tiles as long as it will connect to the rest of the world. BTW, my solution in class last night was to whip out my Surface Pro 4, tether to my 950, and get to work. While the rest of the class was navigating to their dropboxes and G Drives, or downloading files to flash drives, I was slipping my SP4 in it's case with all my Adobe assets in tow. ;-) I am hopeful we'll see a Surface Cellular in the near or at least not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, all I care about is being able to get stuff done. I've admitted to being a Microsoft fan for 32 years now. I'm not oblivious to their faults, but I see the innovation beyond the mobile device. Am I crazy to stay? Perhaps. Do people want to rip on me for hanging in there? Bring it. People only resort to insults when they have no sound argument. The only sad thing about forums and comment sections heavily populated with flame wars? Few visitors want to stay and join in. The result is an ever-shrinking membership filled with backbiters and haters. That's not a community, that's a riot.
  • Mac Mice are Multi-Touch.  The surface functions much like a trackpad on a PC.  I think this is simply a case of RTFM.  You can simply turn on the right click in teh settings... Or stop expecting everything to work like a Windows PC, when they aren't Windows PCs. I've had no issues with Finder and LaunchPad is a simple App Launcher...  Literally nothing to care about.  You launch you app and move on. It's like a Mac user complaining about the app list in the start menu...  It sounds ridiculous. "Lifetime Windows User frustrated by MacOS.  New at 11." P.S.  The opposite also happens, and their "findings" are equally (and hillariously) ridiculous.    
  • > Sadly, this particular forum, comments sections, has devolved into a toxic environment of insults, personal attacks, and uncensored cruelty. These offenses are usually carried out by anti-fans against individuals who are bold and secure enough to show optimism about Microsoft's effort within an environment saturated with disappointment and anger. Moreover, it's not that the optimistic are naïve, or haven't seen or experienced what the community has endured. They just see the glass as half full. Don't all ex-whatevers do this
  • " What happened to that jovial bunch of loyalists that began embracing Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's unique mobile OS, back in 2010? " We got screwed, over and over and over, like a battered spouse that keeps going back to their abuser in the hope that 'things will be better this time, they say they have changed' only to get beaten again. Its STILL the best platform in most respects, but with the constant reboots and continual loss of important apps (no ebay, FFS thats insane) its a pointless product now.
  • Something new will come always does.  I made the move from Nokia (Symbian) to MS.  If MS does not workout - it will probabaly be Android.  Will I keep my 365 account?  Yes, unless Google has a better deal or close deal - because of the integration between Android and Google. When W10 comes to ARM - it will get interesting.  I see a good future for WP.  or W device.
  • Well, I've been on Androids fom the start and I'm sick of it, I want to move to a windows phone and have been impressed by their fuctionality, but I'm waiting for the microsoft  'unicorn' to 'cough ... surface  hehe. You know the one?
  • Let's not forget Intel's role in all this.  Intel could never deliver a smartphone chip.  I am sure Microsoft was working around the clock with Intel to deliver a Windows/Intel powered smartphone.  But Intel could never deliver a workable chip.  I bought the Surface.  Still use it.  But I prefer my Surface 4 Pro.  Have a new HP 7th gen SSD laptop, which is great.  Why am I waiting on a QualComm ARM powered surface phone to realize Microsoft's vision?  the 950 works good.  Why did they just walk away form phone business.  Make absolutely no sense, unless they were losing lots of money. 
  • Intel Chips have nothing to do with this. What about Microsoft launching the first iteration of Windows Phones in 2010 with old hardware internals? It took them years to catch up there, much like Blackberry.  The only reason why they made any inroads was due to super cheap disposable devices like the Lumia 5xx series.  It wasn't their flagships that were selling.  Thats why higher end Windows Phones like the Lumia Icon were pulled from shelves pretty quickly after release, while we still see 2 year old Galaxy S devices being sold regularly in the same carrier stores. No, it's not the carrier's fault, either. Windows Phone launched on ARM Platforms, and Microsoft could have simply used the best of the best of ARM and other components to make a best of the best phone.  Their priorities are simply elsewhere. Why bother with phones, when you can give away Windows 10 and turn the Desktop OS into the same type of Information and Profit Generator as a smartphone?  Why deal with Phones when you can do HoloLens, or Surface Tablets that run full Windows and therefore will sale more readily in more market domains? It is too hard to compete in the smartphone market when Apple dominates the high end and Android pretty much makes it impossible for any new OS to break through regardless how superior it claims to be... I had a Windows Phone.  It isn't as good as Android (Samsung and HTC, IME) or iOS.  I have a Kindle HD and Windows 8" Tablet.  The Windows Tablet is worse in every concievable way as a Tablet device. Windows 10 is decent, but it belongs on Desktops, Laptops, and "Faux Tablets," not on "Mobile" devices in the likeness of iPads/Android Tablets and Smartphones. Intel Chips weren't going to fix their problems.  The issues were a lot more fundamental than that. Plus they were late, very late and got priced out of the market (Android "Free" to use) before they could offer anything attractive.        
  • I am one of those ex-fans, who pops back now and then to see what's developing on my old platform. And yeah, sometimes I leave a comment to express how glad I was to leave when I did and to not still be wasting my time and money on this company. I do this because I am more concerned with the pleasure of individual people than the wellbeing of corporations, and I know that it was reading the well-meaning advice of other ex-users that helped me to make the decision. Here's the thing: back in happier times, when this site was WP Central and it still felt like WP was within a whisker of building up a market share, the members here were still utterly poisonous. It was all "Lagdroid" this and "Crapple" that, and the users behaved like enraged termites whenever someone looked outside the nest and wondered if things were better elsewhere, or even said straight out that they were. And the editors did very little to quell that negativity then. In fact, they even supported it. I remember towards the end, we'd have games news here that would state that a forthcoming game was coming to XBox and PC as though it was not on other platforms. When politely asked to change this, because not every WP user is also a Windows PC or XBox customer, the writer became quite irate and dismissive, snootily informing us that "this is a MS site for MS people". Ridiculous myopic behaviour, as if a brand was a sports team: as if a brand requires loyalty. So now, when I see that WP's moribund status now threatens the existence of your site and therefore you'll have to look for new jobs? It seems rather trite to ask us to mull the question of whether the members or MS are more at fault. You had a part to play here too, and you've stepped up much too late.
  • To be fair, that's how it is on every fan site. Go to any Android site and crow about how good Apple are and you will be torn to shreds. Go to a PlayStation site and boast about gaming on PC or Xbox and you will receive similar treatment. It's great that you enjoy other platforms, but it's hard not to feel like someone is trolling or simply sh***ing over the things you like when they come to a dedicated fan site. I would agree with you if this was a generic tech site, where discussing alternative options is important. We get enough people telling us we're wrong on other sites, so we don't really need them coming into the only place we have left to rain on our parade.
  • I can see in the not so far future, Android becoming the dominant OS for consumers and Windows turning into a server-only platform. Eventually​, since Android is basically Linux, and Linux has an important presence in the server-side, there won't be much left for Microsoft, except Office and some development tools.
  • Any they cant even execute in that space! Office .EXE apps still do not sync settings with O365. Love setting up sigs and mailboxes for every new PC I log on to. Skype 4 biz is a mess and it's a miracle if an IM get to one of my many devices. OneDrive buisness is a mine field of non descript sync erros and a drive hog.
  • When will Outlook tasks finally be accessible? I can't believe that Microsoft just abandoned this when Windows 10 Mobile came out. What were they thinking? I'm hoping the new Microsoft To-Do app will solve this.
  • Yes, and you guys and Sattya helped a lot.
  •  A lot of trolls on here that may have been Windows Phone fans, or maybe just apple and lagdroid fan boys with nothing better to do.
  • Thanks, Jason!
  • This is a sobering reminder of how cruel internet can be when people fall into their false feeling of anonymous security and commit things they would have never done in real life.
  • I feel the biggest problem is the effective "radio silence" with Windows Mobile. Microsoft has put Windows 10 to the forefront and has been fairly open with the direction it is going. Not so with Mobile.  Windows Phone had fans because of "the promise" of the platform, but severely burned because much of that promise has never panned out. Even after all these years, we only have mostly "potential" with the platform.  Then there are the mixed signals. They gave Nokia up. They can apparently live with the fact that users and developers have lost faith in the platform. Market share is practically zero and they barely bat an eye. And YET, they invested in making Win32 work on ARM, there is obvious continued developement of Mobile (not much, but still there). They put a lot of effort in UWP and apparently still strongly back it. So what is going on? No one really knows. And that's what's hurting fans right now. Silence strongly implies that Microsoft doesn't care. As for the so called "anti-fan" ... meh. No matter where you go on the internet, they exist. They are just folks that jump to any ship that is "the best" (or flavour of the month if you will) and try to feel superior by association. 
  • Haters gonna hate. MS making buuco bucks despite a weak smartphone front. You can only please everyone some of the times. What I hate is their mis-direction. Mobile first, just not on their own branded hardware and platform. But at the end of the day, as long as they're making money for their shareholders it's all good. You be the judge. 
  • The problem you seem to forgot is that fans here, many of them, keep barking about the same crap all over again, with ZERO evidence that is true or simply sustaining things that are obviously false. Looks like MS's has gotten many of you used to talking nonsense. While I agree that some comments use harsh words, I have read many of your articles where you simply kept on dreaming and sending unrealistic information...Before every RS update or TH update fans were always on the same page: this will save windows mobile...Even when that overpriced X3 came out, which really, for the state this platform is in, this device is overpriced, you all kept on bragging about it how everyone should buy it..LOL! Sorry but there are some of us, out there that simply do not want to throw our money to the garbage by buying into HP's attempt... 599$ for a lapdock when a decent ultrabook is at the same price?? Yes, many fanboys were happy about this! Unrealistic comparing that failed continuum on this lapdock to an actual ultrabook running full windows! With such out of any reality thoughts, you wonder why some comments use bad words?? And when someone has had enough of MS's crap and moved on, he gets nothing but downvotes...sorry but there are some of us out there that actually think before anything else, we work for our money and really, we are not in the mood of burning them by buying into a dead platform, into lies over lies and ZERO support, ZERO commitment. You are a good editor, but sometimes I wonder on what planet are you living on....
  • Microsoft should create their own version of android and use google services wherever necessary which should also run windows apps     If Apple decides to give iOS to OEMs it will take the largest bite on Android   Anything can happen in this weird world   its better for microsoft to be in a hybrid stance   Step 1: Windows needs to run android apps [signed by Microsoft] just open apk file in visualstudio xamarin, sign it with microsoft integrations and save it double click the apk file and it should run
  • People just want answers. This is the same exact thing as what is happening with apple and the new Macs. Just give the community a solid answer as to what is going on.
  • Exactly. We've been told "it'll get better soon" for 6 years. MS are just glacially slow in their releases. Apple make an announcement and release the product to all major markets within 2-3 weeks. Microsoft will announce something, get everyone hyped, and it might release 6 months later in the US with 80% of the features, then 6 months later it will start to roll out in other markets. The whole time we're left in the dark wondering "when?" while Apple & Google run rings around MS. It pains me to see how much on an impact Metro has had on both Apple & Google products... only they did it better, and quicker than MS.
  • From a hard core fan since Windows Phone 8, I think build 2017, Microsoft should be mobile centred. And, they need to bring their technologies to market sooner. Where is the new Skype with Cortana. Android or iOS really isn't an option for me. Whether its Windows on Arm or whether, bring it to market quick
  • The Windows Phone fan community, me included, needs let go and stop hitting up technology news websites. We need to join the millions and millions of windows phone users who do not give a crap as long as thier phones do the stuff they need them to do. Two of my clients use windows phone. They have several thousand of them in use as company phones. They've never heard of wharton brooks. They have no idea that windows 10 is losing app support. They couldn't care less about Microsoft's business decisions. They issue these phones to thier staff by the truckload because they're reliable, secure, sycronise with thier Windows architecture and do what they need them to do. End of story. It's the fans that are killing Windows Mobile. I have a new plan starting today: 1. Stop visiting windowscentral, cnet, thurrott, zdnet and pocketnow 5 times a day. Pop in and have a quick scan maybe once a week.  2. When I do drop in, resist the temptation to comment on articles or in the forum. Boys and girls, it just ain't worth it. Nothing....absolutely nothing you read or write is going to change things at the next Microsoft board meeting.  3. Start to see my Lumia 950 as a tool. Use it as a tool. It's metal and plastic. You don't see construction workers hitting up and roaring about the latest changes to ballpeen hammerhead grips. WTF is wrong with us? We've become weird about our telephones? 4. When my telephone tool dies, replace it with whatever the heck I want. Screw brands. Screw operating systems. If it works for me and I like it, I'm getting it. Fanboy membership is all take with no give. I'm off the train