I'm a Windows phone fan in an iPhone/Android world. Why? Microsoft has it going on!

As a techie that enjoys the power, flexibility, and continuity of performing personal computing tasks on the go, Microsoft's Pocket PC vision appeals to me. Furthermore, I prefer Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform vision and the Live Tile UI above the competition's offerings.

Even with 1% share I'm all in with Windows phone.

So even with just 1% market share and an "Other" category ranking, I'm all-in on Windows phone. Not only because of what it is today, but also because of what I believe it will become.

With full Windows on ARM, the PC in our pockets is closer than ever. Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella's ultimate mobile device that can be a tablet, desktop PC, phone and more is coming into view as Microsoft's vision unfolds. If Microsoft pulls this off, it is going to be awesome!

Looking back at looking ahead

In January 2015, as the promise of Windows 10 inspired Windows phone fans everywhere, I mused on the possibility of a seven-inch Surface Mini phablet.

In January 2015 I envisioned a cellular-capable Surface PC.

I explained my vision of a category-defining Surface-branded mobile device, "the tablet that can replace your smartphone", this way:

Rather than being a phone with a large display like virtually every other device on the market dubbed phablet, the Surface Mini will be a tablet with telephony functionality. It will be a tablet first, designed as a tablet, with the full functionality of a tablet and full range of capabilities of a Window 10 ARM-based tablet, but will also be capable of functioning as [a] phone. A true phablet, not just a big phone.Some may contend no one wants a phone that big. This is true. But many people do want a tablet that small. It's all about how this 7" Surface is positioned and marketed. A productivity tablet with software enhanced to take full advantage of a digitizer pen, full access to a host [of] multimedia and leisure apps with the additional ability to place and receive phone/Skype calls and Skype/SMS messaging is an easier sale than a 7" smartphone.

In the two years since, time and technology have brought my prediction of a cellular-capable Surface PC, the reimagining of the "smartphone", closer to reality. Still the success of that vision rests precariously on the future of Microsoft's App Bridges, AI and bots investments, manufacturer partnerships, the UWP and Microsoft's biggest differentiator: Continuum.

Continuum, your iPhone can't do this

Through years of struggle and an admission to losing the smartphone war Nadella has remained committed to the critical role Continuum plays in Microsoft's ultimate mobile device vision.

I'm not trying to be another phone guy with the other person's rules. What is unique about our phones is…Continuum…Just like how with Surface we were able to create a category…I hope that people will look and say, "…this is a phone that can also be a PC."

Sadly, many critics have dismissed Continuum as a rehash of a failed idea. Some offer Motorola's Atrix, that projected phone apps as phone apps to a larger screen, as evidence. Apples and oranges.

Among other differences, Continuum is a platform solution that uses context-conforming Universal apps. It's not merely a feature on a single manufacturers device like the defunct Android-based Atrix.

Continuum is key to Microsoft's vision.

Furthermore, PC capabilities like multiple Windows, a taskbar and even the ability to connect an Xbox controller are being added to Continuum. It'll continue to evolve until it, along with other aspects of Microsoft's strategy, puts a PC in our pockets.

Finally, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, though tepidly received, were necessary to demonstrate Continuum and to keep it "part of the conversation" as partnerships with OEMs like HP were nurtured. HP ultimately delivered the most impressive representative of a Continuum-powered 3-in-1.

Windows phone had it rough, but it's not dead

At 1% market share Microsoft's mobile platform is virtually invisible to developers and consumers who barely noticed it when it was at 3%. To add insult to injury, many writers proclaimed "Windows phone is dead" – repeatedly. These posts often followed quarterly reports reflecting dropping Windows phone share.

Oddly enough, months earlier, Microsoft's retrenchment strategy assured us that share would decline as Microsoft exited certain markets and retracted Lumias from the consumer space. This obvious correlation didn't stop the damaging headlines fans endured.

Microsoft's Windows on phone strategy is about changing the game.

Retrenchment was detrimental to the platform, but it wasn't a death sentence. Microsoft's PC in the pocket vision persisted as part of the Universal Windows Platform. Windows on phone, just as Windows on HoloLens, 2-in-1s, PC's and more remained in Redmond's view. Windows Chief Terry Myerson hinted as much in October: "I think both cellular connectivity and ARM processors have a role in the technical landscape of the future."

Despite struggling from a disadvantaged position Microsoft kept its mobile strategy focused on changing the game. Though Windows Mobile lost users and apps during 2016, Windows on phone (Windows phone) never died. Keeping the vision in view has been critical to my understanding Microsoft's journey.

I do have my criticisms. Windows phone 8.1 removed some of my favorite features. Also, Redmond's recent enterprise-focus of Windows Mobile makes little sense to me when partners like Alcatel has and HP is rumored to be making consumer-focused Windows phones.

Despite these profound inconsistencies high-end Continuum-powered 3-in-1s like HP's Elite x3 and Alcatel's Idol 4s are encouraging examples of devices bridging the gap between smartphones and an ultra-mobile Surface.

Smartphones are dead, but Microsoft has us covered

As the smartphone market plateaus and PC sales decline Microsoft, in my opinion, offers the best solution to both problems. An ultramobile PC that is both a PC and phone escapes the iteration-focused smartphone war. Furthermore, the term "smartphone", for a device that is more mini-tablet than phone, no longer adequately describes our devices.

The industry is ready for the post-smartphone device.

The industry is ready for the next step.

In November of 2015, I asked Will Microsoft's rumored Surface Phone be a reimagined Surface Mini? As I explored Surface creator Panos Panay's commitment to and his continued use of his pen-centric Surface Mini I stated:

The anticipated Surface Phone will fill the currently unaddressed and lowest end of the Surface continuum that was likely the originally intended position for the Surface Mini. The Surface Phone will be the always connected "digital notepad" for everyday scenarios…Additionally, with an anticipated "Intel inside," Continuum from this device is expected to literally put a PC in user's pockets. With the additional potential to run Win32 apps ported over by way of the app conversion Bridge, Centennial, this device can fill the range from a light-weight "digital notepad" to a powerful PC.

In April of 2016 I continued this narrative:

Microsoft realizes that the 16 million legacy Windows apps will always have value…the company sees them as powerful tools that simply need to be updated, or evolved, to adapt to the new world of mobile and desktop computing. This juncture is where Microsoft's Project Centennial Bridge, which was strategically pushed during Build comes in…this Bridge can be used by developers to convert their Win32 desktop app to a Universal Windows app that works across form factors.

On December 7th Microsoft excited the industry with an announcement that full Windows was coming to ARM. The description of cellular PCs and what is sure to be an eventual arrival of full Windows and Win32 apps on phone, echoes a narrative I began two years ago. Though my analysis foresaw Intel, rather than Qualcomm, bringing Win32 apps to a Surface phone, this fan is excited to see how close we are to the pocket-PC vision becoming a reality!

We're almost there

As we enter 2017, my hopes as a Windows phone fan are buoyed by the success of the category-defining HoloLens, Surface, Surface Book and Surface Studio. The Surface brand evokes confidence that any hardware from Redmond will be well-crafted and category-defining. What might the anticipated ultramobile Surface look like? Microsoft's future vision videos hint at a foldable design.

The Surface brand evokes confidence that an ultramobile Surface can succeed.

What else might Microsoft pack into a pocketable Windows 10 device with OS-level inking capabilities, is built upon an intelligent cloud platform, and has native APIs for Windows Holographic? Could first-party AR glasses eventually be paired with an ultramobile Surface?

The developing realization of the pocket PC vision potentially combined with other groundbreaking Microsoft technology like mixed-reality, AI and bots, app gap resolving Bridges, app sharing Wand Labs tech and more has this Windows phone fan excited about the ultimate mobile device that lies ahead!

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Jason Ward

Jason L Ward is a columnist at Windows Central. He provides unique big picture analysis of the complex world of Microsoft. Jason takes the small clues and gives you an insightful big picture perspective through storytelling that you won't find *anywhere* else. Seriously, this dude thinks outside the box. Follow him on Twitter at @JLTechWord. He's doing the "write" thing!

  • Thanks for reading folks! As we flow into 2017 Microsoft has laid a foundation with the Surface brand, bringing Windows to ARM and more that is bringing the PC in our pocket vision to life. If 2017 is the year that the App bridges, Xamarin and the tech from the Wand Labs purchase help to bridge the app gap, the collision of an Ultramobile Surface with full Windows and Win32 apps with a growing category of Modern apps will be a great foundation for category defining hardware. I do anticipate Microsoft eventually optimizing on it's mixed-reality, inking, AI, 3D platform strengths on an ultramobile Surface, just as they do with other members of the Windows 10 device family. There are a lot of challenges, but there is also a lot of promise. Execution, marketing and focus will be key in 2017. From one Windows phone fan to others here's to hoping for the best!
  • Thanks Jason! Great article! I've had the HTC HD7, Lumia 925, Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL and now the Lumia 950 XL. Enjoyed every device! Here to stay. Continuum is awesome! Will be doing some traveling for work and will be using it a lot more as a hotel room "pc". A "Ultra Mobile Surface" will be awesome! Though I'd have to wait for a year or so and a great sale, just like I did for the 950 XL ($200 off), I'll get it!
  • Thanks Chef316. Sound like you're all in!!! 🙂
  • It started with a Qtek 8080 for me back in 2004. Then I fell in to bad waters with Android for a couple of years back in 2009 then an iPhone for five weeks until the Lumia 800 finally brought me back home. :)
  • Glad you're back Giddora!🙂
  • You know you're like a saint on Reddit?
  • Who? Where?
  • Superb article Jason, enjoyed the read. I for one am all in and just eagerly awaiting the curve to arrive and for MS to lead the way. My 950XL will hold me till then. Primed and ready for 2017 builds.
  • Thanks dreadvenom! And take care of that 950 XL. I've always wanted one but my budget didn't cooperate! 😃 2017 looks exciting for Microsoft, here's to an interesting future!
  • No worries on that Jason, my trusty 950 XL will be primed and ready foe 2017. See you around the bend.
  • Same here. Excited to see what's to come.
  • Admire your patience and fortitudes Jason. Trust your acumen. Value your research. Have been all-in, as with you...despite the other famous defectors. Percolating with anticipation. Love being a Windows Insider helping push the desktop and platform to this new paradigm rather that just complaining. Proud to be part of a solution. Urging others to contribute some emotional and conceptual investment. Thank you Jason.
  • Thanks isnoozu. I appreciate those kind words👍🏿 Glad there's folks like yourself and others who enjoy being part of this platform; rain or shine😉 Looking forward to what's ahead!
  • Here is the problem with Windows 10 Mobile, one that Microsoft refuses to address. It's very strange that with the push for Continuum, they will not work on any way to use the system in a car. Where is MirrorLink support? Not being able to use my phone is by far the #1 reason I will never buy another Windows Phone. I know the Microsoft employees in Redmond don't know how to drive cars, they just use their shuttle service to get to work. But most of the country drive a car. Why has no one at Microsoft even commented on MirrorLink? Both Apple and Google have impressive car integration systems. Microsoft needs to give us features for the car or everything else they are doing is useless.
  • Yeah, do wish they'd add that. Did add it to insider way back but no joy
  • Lol EVERYTHING else they're doing is useless
  • Lol JUST like your comment
  • You seriously have no clue what you're talking about. The basic car integration with a windows phone far exceeds that of an android, I cna't speak of iOS since i haven't used one in a long time. Windows phone inerfaces with Ford, Toyota, and Suabru without paying for any upgraded infotainment system, or downloading any apps on the phone. If you can't use it in your car, that's a set up issue on your end.
  • You got that right. Was forced to Android due to app requirements and it is useless linked to my blue & me setup. I receive a text and can only listen to it with an option to delete, with my WP I was able to respond and even start a message which is also impossible with Android. Looking forward to coming back to Windows on Surface.
  • I have used a dozen different Windows Phones with multiple cars and Bluetooth headsets. The bluetooth integration is terrible. More than half the time it never reads a new message. Sometimes it will read it a few minutes after it was received. It's completely useless. It's not a setup issue, it's a core deficiency in the OS, Microsoft simply doesn't care about getting even basic Bluetooth functionality working.
  • I use Cortana over Bluetooth to send text replies all the time. Maybe the car manufacturer makes a difference, I drive a Volvo abd they do seem to be working with Microsoft a fair bit.
  • My Windows Phones have worked flawlessly in Honda, Toyota, and Mazda cars, and have done so since WP7. Your cars are the issue
  • No issues on my Fords either.
  • Axmantim, That's the cars doing...NOTHING to do with windows mobile/phone. My iPhone interacts with my Jeep, Mercedes and Nissan exactly the same way as my Lumia 1020 did because its the car that has the software. The phone is just the server for the network.
  • Microsoft doesn't have anything like Android Auto or Car Play.
  • Correct bleached. They DON"T.......upvote for you!
  • MirrorLink won't work at this point. You'd have to have all the apps adjusted to use MirrorLink. With so many companies putting so little effort into Windows development, this just wouldn't happen. Microsoft still has a group working on automotive, but they are doing it differently, bringing Microsoft services to the OEM systems and not trying to run everything off the phone. If you look at https://www.genivi.org/ you'll see the work going in to having a standardized platform for auto infotainment systems. This holds more promise in my mind than having everything run through the phone (especially with Windows Mobile and the marketshare it has).
  • Key word in Jason's comment is "marketing." Microsoft abandoned marketing Windows phones 2 years ago and the result is obvious today. Near zero market share and no position in the mindshare of people. With 2 fairly solid new phones and the 950 still a pretty good phones I don't understand why MS doesn't at least do some minimal marketing now. It would surely help HP and Alcatel get a better start. Heck, they could just show a Windows phone next to a Surface in all the Surface adds. It wouldn't cost anything.
  • Yea...we know. And they do minimum marketing for those devices.
  • Totally agree. Microsoft marketing at least here in the Netherlands is absolutely non-existing. Only techies who goes to these kinds of web sites know of windows phones, the average customer here in NL doesn't even know what a windows phone is or what it can do. Real shame.
  •   cause if they do it they advertise the old wp's philosophy,a product that Ms is changing in something new e completelu different "I'm not trying to be another phone guy with the other person's rules. What is unique about our phones is…Continuum…Just like how with Surface we were able to create a category…I hope that people will look and say, "…this is a phone that can also be a PC." The old and the current wp or w10m are another smartphone like others android e ios with only the 950 & 950 xl with a middle ground partial continuum but with no digitizer (no windows ink feature) so top gamma '50 lumia are not suitable for creator update and new path and philosophy of Microsoft. So if 950,950 xl are not suitable and old (more tha 1 years) and out of production,why Microsft have to advertise them? Just to throw out money and to confuse clients,retailers and companies? Non sense........Microsoft when ready has to show up the new different device then OEM like samsung,lenovo,hp,etc etc have to copy it with their copied-device and sell it with advertise and markrting. OEM,not Microsot with first party device ( 15000-30000 unit not million or billion of OEM's unit).....Microsoft only have to show the new path,non to sell device of the new path...................just like surface family
  • I think they don't market because it gives them plausible deniability. Windows Mobile is doing bad because they don't push it. When actually, it's doing bad because you haven't fully supported the ecosystem and have a product that few people want.
  • I think they don't market because it gives them plausible deniability. Windows Mobile is doing bad because they don't push it. When actually, it's doing bad because you haven't fully supported the ecosystem and have a product that few people want.
  • Lol try "6 years ago" outside the US. I've never seen an advert for Windows Phones on local media. Iphone, various androids, and even the Surface have had prime-time coverage.
  • Great article. I bought my wife a SG 7 before Christmas (WP 8.1 was losing apps and WP10 was not quite ready for her). She can't stand it .. Keeps asking when the Surface phone is coming out 😀
  • Looks like she's a keeper!
  • We ditched our two Lumia 1020s for new iPhone 6s. Both of us could not be happier. The only thing that is better on the Lumia was the camera. Hopfully the new nokia android phones take that tech and run with it. I will be over there in a hot second!
  • Congratulations. But I doubt you upgraded them to Windows 10 If you would have tried a 950 you may have stayed with us. Trust me I'm feeling the pressure to switch because of the app gap primarily. But when I'm with all my friends with iPhones they want me to take the photos with my 950.
  • Same. Best camera still. Wife has a 6s now. Still asks me to take the pics on my 950 XL
  • Wait until Nokia releases their new flagship. Its going to have the nokia imaging we all expect from them.
  • actually willie, I did have my 2 1020s running windows 10. but again, there were so many apps that were not on windows that we use that it made no sense to stay on windows mobile. We would have been happy to stay, but windows 10 is NO better, actually it's worse than windows 8.1 when it came to app support. SOOOO to say I would have been happy using windows 10, its 100% wrong. I was using it. We were NOT happy with it.
  • Tell her don't get her hopes up. Surface is just rumor, I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Same here. But if it materializes I'm there!
  • Thanks pgoth! Glad to see your wife is hopeful as well! That's great!😎
  • I went for the LG G5 instead of the the s7 I love wm10 but losing PayPal was the final nail for me as I use it all the time because of the team I run. I have enjoyed the lgg5 since getting it and it's an underrated phone imo.
    It will be interesting to see what Microsoft offer this year though and for me if they get the apps back with a solid phone I'll move back over
  • I got my wife a Lumia 550 as she was raging at her Android on a daily basis. She absolutely loves her new phone. I just need to buy my dad one, so he'll stop complaining about his crapdroid too
  • Is there currently any proof whatsoever that Xamarin is being used now or in the future by developers to write Windows apps?
  • None. There's no indication whatsover that bridges, Xamarin, bots, etc. are doing anything to improve Microsoft's position. Yet Jason keeps bringing these things up as some sort of magic solution that will bring Microsoft back from the dead. From my perspective, Microsoft is in a very bad position. UWP and the bridges are as good as dead. They have been unable to attrack developers. There's just no momentum there. If there was, Microsoft would be bragging about it. I assume that's why they are now going all in on Surface products that run full Windows 10 instead of Windows Mobile and why their big play for 2017 is to bring that version of Windows to ARM.
  • Hi Timo47v actually no, I'm not mentioning the app Bridges as some sort of magic solution, but including it in the narrative of Microsoft's strategy (whether ot succeeds or not) as part of a potential tactical solution. The investments in app Bridges, Xamarin etc are an "action" being taken by a company that desperately needs developers. It's part if the strategy. It's part of the story. For them to do nothing would be foolish. Will.it succeed. I don't know. But as long as it remains part of their strategy, I'll continue to include it in my analysis and narrative. I would also agree that a focus on hardware is key not for hardwares sake but the whole ecosystem. I wrote a piece recently, "Microsoft is serious bout hardware but not for the reasons you think." The success of hardware is to create a family of devices through which the ecosystem can fluidly flow, carrying a users digital.experiences bases on personal computing context. Thus the Surfaces success is not entirely independent of the rests of the ecosystem. The hardware is a portal to what Microsoft's wants to be a seamless personal computing experience regardless of device, meaning the App Bridges are not only important for what we call the Mobile experience. If the desired level of continuity is to be achieved the app Bridges are important for the entire ecosystem. So the push of the Surface is not a forsaking of other aspects if the ecosystem...they are interdependent. And the great reception of the Surface I'm sure MS is hoping to leverage to benefit the rest of the ecosystem. So, no, definitely not a magical solution - it is clearly more a tactical approach. Thanks for the input! 🙂
  • While I love my 950 and Surface, I am growing impatient with all the bugs. I tried using dictation to post this message but my phone is in a mood where it just says 'listening' while I talk and nothing gets written. Yes, my Surface 3 crashes daily, too. MS has a UI, idea, OS, and mobile strategy that really could be spectatilar, but I don't think they have the capability of implementation.
  • Are you on an insider build?
  • Yes, the release build only
  • Huge problem i have.
    Voice messages continually play even if you delete the file, phone needs a reboot to stop the message playing.
    That right there is VERY fkn frustrating. !!
  • Huh...
  • Huh?
  • Exactly...
  • You can get a Pro 4 for a great deal now!
  • 800, 1020, 1520, 930, 950XL, don't want anything but the next Microsoft flagship, I so hope 2017 will bring it...
  • I will take HP or whom ever does a good job on building a flagship
  • Me too
  • I have the 1520 and I don't care who builds the next flagship. As long as it's on AT&T and my current contract with the Next Plan for my 1520 is on is over.
  • A very inspiring and enjoyable read. I got on the wp wagon with the HTC HD7 then to the Lumia 800, 900, 920, 930 and now on the 950 and although I have been a bit annoyed/perplexed at times with some weird moves by the platform overall I've never felt the need to move away from it and your article really enforces the belief I have for it. Happy new year.
  • Thanks ans Happy New Year to you too!🙂
  • Love the article Jason. I started with an HTC Trophy on Verizon, then Switched to AT&T got a 920 then a 1020 then a 640XL now a 950. I'm a computer builder and repairer. My house is full of Win 10 Pc's 2 Xbones, a Surface 3.
    I'm all in on UWP.
    Bring on the Bend in Curve. Go "Satya" Go.
  • Next i will buy a galaxy s8
  • That's random
  • Good for you, hope you'll be happy with your fire hazard!!!!
  • I'm not a Samsung fan by any means, but I highly doubt that their future phones will suffer the same issue. The Note 7 was a disaster, but that just means Samsung will work harder than ever to regain consumer trust. 
  • Yeah, just like millions of Samdung washing machines catching fire, they clearly focus on quality control, not.
    Good luck.
  • Yes neo because there was a million galaxy s7s catching fire and exploding. Please stop talking now!
  • Good luck, you will need it.
  • Another Great article by jason... feels same here!
  • Thanks Mani!🙂
  • you are so welcomed!  
  • Where I'm at, Android is becoming rare. 3 of 4 people own an iPhone.
  • Where I am at, Windows was most anticipated OS but lack of devices ruined the excitement.
  • Still here ?
  • Where are you located?
  • That's everywhere it seems. Saw friends ditch android for iPhone recently because of the Note issues as well as the Mario exclusive game on iOS.
  • It baffles the mind that people are switching platform completely, because of a certain *game* not being available for one month for their platform. Completely ignoring their investments in the ecosystem. It's sad really. I pity those humans.
  • That Mario game is a hit. But like Pokémon go, it will come to android eventually.
  • Global trend is CLEARLY towards Android.
  • Yeah. I don't want to change but almost all the apps that I require are only being made for android and ios.
  • One of the reasons Windows Phone Market share is so poor in certain countries is the total lack of Advertising by Microsoft. WHEN Nokia brought our the first Windows Phone the buzz around it was amazing, from top celebrity endorsement, pop concerts, radio advertising, Facebook, twitter it was everywhere. THE BIGGEST fanbase will be from the people that can't from Symbian Nokia . When Microsoft took it they killed off there own Os, they didn't shout from the rafters about it and didn't Let anyone know how different it was from the other mainstream brands. I can't understand why they are even putting so much development into Windows Mobile 10 when they are clearly letting down Windows Mobile users. If they do bring out a Surface Phone they need to hire some big advertising companies to promote it, because they are absolutely awful and that's probably not strong enough in the words I'm using.
  • I believe they have something grand in the works just like the other Surface devices as far as advertising...have to keep up the image of premium category-defining mystique. Being patient with you. Very hopeful and excited.
  • I've been saying ^this for years, ever since WindowsCE was around.
  • I agree with all and I too loved windows phone but unless windows phones are availavle on Verizon networks they will not be successfull here in the US. My wife & I miss our Windows Phones but unless they become available on Verizon it bye!  
  • You are literally grabbing the words out of my mouth. Absolutely agree with everything you said, because I've been saying this since the time of Windows Phone 7. You can have the best device ever, but if you don't market it, why even bother right? Their marketing department is a joke at least here where I live. In fact I don't even think they have a marketing department here, because of ZERO marketing for Surfaces and phones.
  • Actually, they spent a ton of money marketing WP7, something like $500 million. The ads were on TV nonstop. It isn't make a difference so they stopped wasting the money.
  • microsft selling lumia reached 11-12 millions lumia for quarter in 2014 ......Nokia only 3-4 milion with all the marketing you wrote in 2011-2012 Microsoft are shutting down wp and Lumia users,not windows 10 mobile users....Lumia and wp users are not longer needed for the new strategy and philosophy on mobile cause lumia and wp are not a pc pocket but only smartphone......why keeping market share and users if your 90-95% users want/need smartphone and not pocket pc? You no longer need that users and that market share  
  • Aaside from a PC in my pocket, I would like my next phone to be an easy to use and efficient Roku in my pocket. If I can project high quality Netflix and Amazon Prime streams to nearby screens without excessive heat and without burning through too much battery, I could get rid of my Roku and one remote. Being able to browse the web while doing that would be great, but that's probably a given. Wireless charging is pretty much a must as well for the Surface mini / Surface phone, because it's hopefully a pocketable 'pick up and go' device. Looking forward to seeing what MS can deliver.
  • It is called Chromecast. Does exactly what you ask for without using your phone battery at all.
  • Awesoem?
  • I will buy what ever has the same camera quality, quick charge, wireless charging, battery and screen quality as my 950xl... But only when this one finally gives up. Ran it over with my SUV and its still ok, just a cracked screen. IPhones annoy me by being too normal, if that's the right descripter. And android... We'll I just see too many options and differences to actually select one I like...
    Then there is the contracts, my god I don't need to pay £35 for 10gb of data, I barely use 1gb a month. All I need is a phone that's good and has no bugs... Might try a Note series next but still just not liking the idea. The love tiles are missing, the dark theme settings my eyes work better on, the removable battery, camera quality and simple home screen... Someone give me a choice.
  • I'll get it...will just have to wait a year or so after release and pick it up on sale. Like the recent $200 off Lumia 950 XL and crazy Surface sale.
  • Most of what you ask for can already be found on a Galaxy S7/Edge. They both are rock solid devices and they're faster and stable.
  • And explosive
  • That's the Note 7 not the Galaxy series.
  • Pretty happy with my LG G5. Double tap to wake, glance screen, sd card, replaceable battery, quick charge. Just no wireless charging :(
  • Jay have you looked into getting a spare battery? This phone, with a new battery, could conceivably run for years but I don't know where to get one.
  • Bots will start to take over Apps in 2017.
  • Not exactly, but yeah bots will definitely compete. Taking over will be an overstatement.
  • I still don't understand bots.
  • They vacuum the floor automatically, I think.
  • Amazon's or Google bots? I don't see Microsoft competing in this field since they don't have any Mobile or home presence.
  • WC either misunderstood bots or over markets them. They'll not replace apps.
  • ......
  • I think one of the biggest issues for Microsoft is that, if the vision of a Windows phone that can also be a PC comes to fruition, they may well capture some of the phone market from Apple and Google but they will also cannibalise their won PC market, which their hardware partners will not be happy with.
  • Not true. Two of their biggest partners, Acer and HP, are already onboard with the Mobile strategy. I think everyone else will follow suit.
  • Asus? Did I miss a product announcement, or did you mean Acer? 
  • Oops! Lol yes Acer sorry
  • That's why the likes of hp and Lenovo are also in the phone market. Dell also was, but I'm sure they'll go back if that's the direction computing goes.
  • Fact of the matter is that in the technology sector you need to either create a new trend or move with it if you want to survive.  And if this comes to fruition, their hardware partners will just be switching PC sales with ultra mobile phone/PC sales.
  • Exactly
  • You assume that phone/PC market won't be eaten up by Android/Andromeda. Android has the Mobile apps and can also emulate Windows programs. Nothing stopping them from stealing that idea, if it does show promise. I don't see the single device future though. The cloud makes it pointless.
  • Hi John, hardware partners aren't trapped into building traditional PCs, they are at liberty to build "PCs" of any form following Microsoft's lead. HP is a traditional PC OEM for instance, but they built an incredible 3-in-1 with the Elite x3.
    I wrote a piece where I highlighted the fact that since PC and phone tech are converging, traditional PC and traditional phone OEMs would move toward the Center creating these ultramobile PCs with telephony capabilities. It will be interesting watching how OEMs embrace cellular PCs making them standard in the market, and how MS uses that shift to build the concept of the ultramobile PC category that will be the device beyond the curve- beyond the smartphone.🙂
  • Sadly, for us Verizon users, this is a moot point. I have a review copy of a 950xl and I would for sure give it a try on Verizon and I can't move carriers (work pays for phone.) 
  • Yes, we Verizon users are out in the cold. I had a 928 until I cracked the screen last year and got a 735. Love Windows compared to Apple (and I hate everything Google so no Android for me) but there are no new phones for VZW. Perhaps once VoLTE is ubiquitous we will have more options - if we can hold out that long.
  • Sorry to hear that, i just recently left Verizon for T-mobile. I'm not looking back. I use the Lumia 950XL and LG V20 with 2 lines.
  • Also running a Lumia 950 XL on T-Mobile US.
  • I've been happy on T-Mobile for years now. 2016 was a good year for their network rollout, especially Band 12. 
  • That v20 is amazing.
  • V20 & 950XL combo user here too. If the DAC/amp were the same, the 950XL would be my main phone. Even with horrendously slow Facebook.
  • Microsoft dropped support for Verizon's network from W10M after the piss poor job that Verizon did with WP8. I think the blame lies squarely with Verizon in that case.
  • No, the Icon has full W10 support. It's more about Microsoft, one of the more profitable tech companies, just being cheap and having no plan/leadership for the current mobile market.
  • You think it's entirely Microsoft's fault that Verizon doesn't have a Windows phone?  If so, why didn't any of the 3rd party companies provide one?  (Acer, HP, Alcatel, Moly, BLU)
  • Not entirely, no, but the majority of it, yes. It's not that W10 can't support Verizon/CDMA bands - the Icon shows that it does just fine. It's not that the SoC can't support multiple networks - nearly every other phone in existence does. With Microsoft choosing to not support Verizon back with the 950's, they cut off the upgrade path that other OEMs could have used. Verizon users have mostly moved on by now. The W10 market on Verizon will have to be grown from scratch now. There are a few die hards left - I would count myself one - that would jump at an X3 or Idol4s on Verizon. But the casual Verizon users have all moved on and are entrenched with Apple or Android. Sure, Verizon has a stranglehold on entrance to their market. Its nothing technological though. Microsoft could have added to their 2016 lustre by taking on and breaking the VZW "certification" bogeyman and done the industry in general a huge favor. They would have prevailed - no one else is big enough to take VZW and it needed to be done. Instead, Microsoft just said "Ehhh, our VZW users aren't worth it."
  • "Microsoft could have added to their 2016 lustre by taking on and breaking the VZW "certification" bogeyman and done the industry in general a huge favor. They would have prevailed - no one else is big enough to take VZW and it needed to be done.​" Fact of the matter is, while Microsoft is indeed a large company in PC and corporate, they are tiny in regards to the phone sector.  Now if Apple or Samsung had issues with Verizon, I'm sure Big Red would bed over backwards.
  • I've stated before in other threads here on WPC; but the 950 VZW fiasco was an existential event for Microsoft and mobile. A "Put Up or Shut Up" moment, and they Shut Up regarding a good portion of their home market. Their choice to not only limit their market, but shrink it further.
  • Yes, as a Verizon user, I moved on. Was on Note 5 then two Note 7's (two recalls) and finally Moto Z Force Droid. I often miss Windows Phone but do not have any "Flagship" options on Verizon. I did pop a Verizon SIM in my 950xl and it detect it and the network, it never worked, as expected. 
  • Its because only a few carriers use the crappy CDMA technology where GSM sim card systems are world wide. Why create a separate phone for 3 carriers in North America. That's why!
  • LOL....There's nothing that has to be created. It's already done. Every other phone OEM in the world that cares does it. Microsofy/Nokia used to do it. Blackberry doesn't anymore, but then, that's my point. They gave up also. As I said, it's not a technological issue. It's a matter of corporate will. Sometimes - even in business- you have to do things to prove to others that you can. Otherwise, the perception is that can't do those things. North America is also Microsoft's home market. It's an affluent market that has no problem paying for devices at the upper end of the price/performance scale. Why kneecap yourself out of a significant portion of that. Verizon doesn't have to be an active participant in it, the framework s in place for them to accept 3rd party certified devices. No one has taken them to the mat on it though. Microsoft could have carried that banner, and a lot of people, including a lot of anti-MS folks, would have been cheering them on.
  • Verizon dropped Microsoft because they didn't sell, I'm a former indirect Verizon salesman, our entire chain of stores quit selling them because we got burned on old inventory we couldn't sell. We were fully trained on Windows 8 before launch, had live phones on display, and even tried to push them while multiple reps used a windows phone for a daily driver. Almost everyone went iPhone, Samsung, or Droid, anything else was hard to sell. The app gap was a serious problem because people couldn't get the same apps as iPhone, a number of people refused android in 2012/2013 because they had fewer apps than IOS.
  • People refuse to acknowledge this for some reason. There is no motivation for Verizon to carry Windows phones. Until Microsoft makes a compelling product that can compete with Apple/Google and proves itself, none of the carriers are going to take them seriously.
  • N well now with the retrenchment they hv lost whatever little chance they had to attract devs. Windows on arm is for enterprise, to bring cheaper hybrid devices. Ppl ll carry these along side their androids/iPhones
  • I have both a Windows and Android phone. Lumia 950XL and LG V20 with 2 lines. I love both of them the same.
  • I normally don't use continuum as i don't see a point in it, when I already own a Surface 3. Hopefully one day, i'll get a Surface Pro 5 to add to my 5 PC's. Still I don't care to use that feature, as I only tried it once and it was just ok.
  • HAHAHA!!! Yeah right Microsoft Windows Mobile has it going on. Go ahead and try to convince yourself that Windows Mobile is better than, say, iPhone 7 Plus. Spoiler alert: iPhone 7 mops the floor with other phones, whether previous iPhones, android phones, or windows mobile phones. Continuum is a fail, at best a work in progress. You base everything you believe (as far as Windows Mobile goes) in the future. You haven't seen anything exciting yet, so you base everything off of hopes. You've been doing this ever since you "fell in love" with Windows Mobile 5.0. This is probably the most hopeful, and yet at the same time ignorant, article I've ever read.
  • Ok, I'll bite -- you're correct in that iPhone 7 is an exception device, but where is the innovation & promise? Perhaps a touchbar for iPhone? For me, I'm all in on Microsoft's vision. Yes, it may be promise right now, but in my eyes it's a better promise and vision than the other major players.
  • You are right that Microsoft has better vision than other players. Apple has vision too, but at this point I feel like they're stalling until next year's rumored iPhone 8. They are doing a good job at stalling though. Microsoft is doing a good job getting slowly better, but Windows mobile is a little late in the Mobile world to make a difference
  • Late or not. It's worth using and sticking around to see what's next. In my opinion.
  • I think you are going to be disappointed with the new iPhone Isaiah. Its going to be a 7s, NOT an "8". Its going to be just a light rehash of the 7. Apple has NO vision anymore. Hence the rash of lame turds they released in 2016. Ipad "pro" an ipad, that has a keyboard and pen. NOTHING else was changed to make it truly pro. Its the same OS as my air 2. I just Bluetooth my keyboard and stylus to it and I have an ipad pro for hundreds less. The iPhone 7. A flashy shiny black case wrapped around a 6s, with the headphone jack removed. (how courageous). My 6s phone is just as good as the 7 and I can do more with it since I still have my 3.5mm jack which I use for way more than headphones. Then, there is the new MacBook pro. Where to start here......Last generation cpu/gpu, low max memory compared to the windows competition, no touchscreen (biggest letdown). Time for apple to wake up and stop being stuck in the past with a non touch OS for desktop computing. The battery life on the MacBook pro SUCKS. Hell, my p3 800 dell from 2000 had more battery run time than the new MacBook pro. Lastly, pull all the ports and just leaving USB C is not another courageous move. Pulling ports is dumb. It does nothing but cause the users to buy more stuff from apple. that's the game plan. They sucker in little lemmings by saying its forcing the tech world forward. But in reality, the amount of the tech world that cares about MacBooks is miniscule in the big picture. All new windows based pcs all have usb C, however, they have every other port NEEDED as well. Microsoft and it's partners pulled far ahead of apple in every segment except mobile. But android was there to mop apples floor with the phones. I love my ipad air and iPhone 6s, but NOTHING apple is doing makes me want to get the NEW apple thing, and the PC side of apple is just TANKING now!
  • Time to send in the hounds and grab our torches and pitch forks yet? 😀
  • Continuum is not a "fail". It works perfectly for light use like email, web browsing, and document viewing. It has completely replaced my laptop for those uses. I expect that, as phone hardware improves, I'll be able to completely eliminate my laptop.
  • "for light use". It's marketed to be better than just for light use, but it doesn't live up to any greater expectations than email and web browsing. That is definitely not a replacement for a laptop.
  • You don't need continuum for that. Your phone screen completes those tasks just fine.
  • F'real
  • In my opinion from a OS perspective, Windows 10 Mobile has always provided a more intuitive experience with their live tiles.  Where's the innovation with static icons?
  • Static icons doesn't automatically mean that no innovation has taken place. Where's 3D Touch (which I use all the time) on Windows Mobile? Nowhere. It's just a matter of opinion in what you like, innovation is different.
  • A version of 3D touch was being developed by Microsoft/Nokia years ago.  Until Microsoft decided to do what they're famous for.  Pull the plug at the last possible minute.
  • But they didn't release it. They didn't know how to implement it well. That's one of the reasons Apple succeeds: they implement things and innovations well, unlike Google and Microsoft. If you're going to take the "Apple steals their innovations" argument, we could also look back and see that the first touchscreen keyboarded, app-interface-based
  • It's not so much that Apple implements well. Half of their stuff sucks and is not intuitive to use, BUT is highly accepted and touted by the marketing team and users as the coolest thing ever. They say they invent technology that clearly has been out previously and it is excepted. Why? Because they are the "it" company. The tech media, current generation of developers and millions of users have went all in on Apple and none of them want to be wrong. It's actually cultish. That's why the criticism is light handed. If Google, Android, Apple and iOS were held to the same standards as Microsoft, who is suppose to never have an idea fail or not perform up to the loftiest standards, we would have many other companies competing for our Mobile dollars.
    I'm not a user or fan of either the Android or iOS platforms. I come from the Windows 4 & 5 platforms flashing my phones with roms from XDA. I had the Cingular 5125 (I think that's right), 8125, 8525, HD2 and now have the 1520. No Apple products in the household. They are flawed in my view. Very little ability to be truly productive. I'm waiting on what is next. Hearing the Windows platform ability to run Win32 apps was a heartbeat skipper. Still you know my second thought, " How will they make it inconsequential". Every good idea does seem to get buried. It's not an implementation problem. It's a "He'll yeah let's jump!" and actually jumping problem. Guess I'm a believer. Battery in the 1520 is crapping out and I ordered a new one New Years Eve. Love will make you a sucker. Haha.
  • You want to see Apple Spin, Goto imore and check out editor Rene. WOW. One article regarding consumer reports non approval of the new MacBook pro because of battery issues is a doozy! Instead of the heading reading....as it should......MacBook pro fails to get consumer reports approval, he spins it Consumer Reports fails to get MacBook pro approval. Then goes on, as well as all the ilemmings over there, to state that Consumer reports has it in for the new MacBook, and have useless testing procedures. They praised them for years for giving every other MacBook, ipad, iPhone a high rating. However one bad review gets the pitch forks and torches out. .....ha ha...Apple, as much as I love my iPhone and ipad now, is a dead fish in the water now. They are finished with whatever Jobs had in the pipe, now they can only make things thinner and lighter. NO INNOVATION. 3d touch is a gimmick, I never use it. Just as I feel continuum is a gimmick to try to entice enterprise to the failing windows mobile platform. MS has it all over apple on the desktop space!
  • At Isaiah Comer, Actually the title reads "***Microsoft*** has it going on" and that was deliberate. The mobile strategy is not a distinct and separate endeavor. Microsoft's Windows 10 family of devices and Universal Windows Platform are a synergistic interwoven entity. Mobile is merely a part of that whole. Now because One Core only recently became a reality and Microsoft had been fighting, and losing, the MOBILE war based on the "old rules" while different parts of the UWPP and different form factors are act different stages of maturity and have acheiced varying levels of success. For instance the Surface has successfully inspired an industry shift to 2-in-1s- mature. Converey, HoloLens is still very expensive and not a consume product yet: Not mature. Mobile is being reimagined and with Windows on ARM, and an eventual Win32 apps on phone, we are still looking for how this will ultimately manifest and what the hardware will look like. What we do knw, as I shared in the piece Windows is powering it all, and now that we are working around One Core, movement of each form factor going forward will likely becomes more in sync until from HoloLens to Surface to ultramobile Surface all devices in the Window 10 family will be at a mature level, in sync and inspiring industry partner devices. So as I look at HoloLens, Windows Holographic, Surface, Surface Book, Surface Studio, Window om ARM, Mixed Reality and 3D, yes Microsoft, as my title suggests, has it going on. And just as Microsoft, as we've seen in the Creators Update, is converging features like inking, 3D, mixed reality etc within Windows 10 to be experienced by users of Windows 10 on Microsoft's family of Windows 10 devices, the Mobile device they come up with will be a Windows 10 device, that is part of that family and will **also** reap the benefits of those things that Microsoft has going on. So no, my views about what I like are not based entirely on what will come, but what my current experiences are now with the device in my hand and oast devices, the ecosystem system Microsoft has built and is building right now of which mobile is a part and finally Yes, also what this means for the future. Thanks for reading!🙂
  • No smartphone user today is asking for a PC in their pocket, this is all just leading to another letdown of the latest "savior".
  • Years ago, people were asking why in the world would anyone play music or take pictures with their phone.  Even recently people were wondering why anyone would want their tablet to function like a PC with the new Surface devices.  People like you do not have vision.
  • You might want to edit that to say: "very few", instead of "no". As you see, I want this. I know a great many people who do. Just because you do not want it, does not mean others don't. ​Are there enough people that want it to make it a success? Couldn't say, time will tell.
  • Agreed. While continuum is neat in theory, in practice, no one has computer monitors lying around with no PC attached to it. And if you already have a laptop or surface, continuum makes even less sense. The reality is, every time a new hot app comes out, it's never for WP. Never. It's embarrassing and annoying. Unless MS changes that whole paradigm, mobile is lost... Give app devs free money, start up a Bill and Melinda Gates foundation fund for WP app development. Whatever it takes I suppose...
  • A pocket PC is exactly what I want. I want my phone to be able to connect to a large screen and keyboard so that I can create/edit documents and take them with me. I want to be able to use my phone to be able to present information on larger screens at meetings. Continuum is the best attempt at this so far, although I can do this on other mobile OSs in a more limited fashion. I really do want one device to replace them all.
  • The cloud already solved that problem. You sign into Windows 10 and your files are all there in One Drive. No need to even carry any hardware.
  • I want the option of doing it outside of OneDrive also.
  • Use a pc stick
  • I am and have been since I saw the first Palm Pilot.
  • I agree with you, partially, as a Smartphone user, Why would I need to have a PC in my Pocket?, with the lastest apps (that Windows Mobile doesn't have), no PC is even needed. I would never buy a Windows Mobile again after years of let downs, anyway, carrying with me dongles, wires, dock stations, etc. to have Continuum is plain ridiculous to me.
  • I just got my 950 Sunday, an upgrade from my 640 I love Windows hello and my dock is coming today I am excited
  • I have a 640 and my 950 (with dock) will be here soon. Can't wait!
  • Congrats!
  • Congratulations!
  • Here's an idea 💡
    Put devices on the store shelves where people can see them.
    This is a difficult concept for Nadella to grasp.
    Its so hard it took me all 365 days of 2016 to figure out.
  • They have been doing that for years. Every carrier has attempted to sell Windows phones and Microsoft marketed them really hard when WP7 was released. People didn't buy them and now, after 6 years of nonstop failure it is really hard for Microsoft to even get them on the shelf. When WP7 failed so miserably, they should have reboot and tried another approach. Instead they rebooted and used the same strategy. Locked down hardware with no customization options is not how you compel OEMs or carriers to support your product. Android had it right but Microsoft decided to imitate Apple without releasing top notch first party hardware. They needed a Surface Phone for WP8, now it is too late.
  • "Every carrier has attempted to sell and MS marketed.." There's a guy in the office next door who upgraded his Windows Phone to a S7. This guy didn't even have WhatsApp installed but he's had it for many years.
    Most people buy a device based on price and looks...nothing else.
    Nobody buys a DVD player based on the OS software its running.
    If the device is on the shelf it will be considered... no marketing gymnastics needed. "Locked down hardware with no customization"
    I'm not sure which hardware was mandatory except the camera button. All that OEM's needed to do was re-arrange the tile layout inline with their specific brand or device market.
    Selling all devices with the default startscreen could never showcase the power of the system. Even on PC I still see everyone else's startscreen with basic default tiles.
    Arranging tiles is an artform in itself that needs careful planning.
    Tiles of the same colour groups can be placed next to each other fade darkest to lightest.
    I've yet to meet users who've mastered this and OEM's are just confused about what to do.
    Its not just I need this then pin here.
  • Moving Tiles around isn't the customization OEMs are looking for and obviously consumers aren't looking for that either. OEMs customize their Android devices heavily and are able to add their features and flair to THEIR phones. Could Samsung have added all those crazy features of the GS3 to Windows Phone? No, they could not, so they didn't have all those features to market and as such weren't excited to push their Windows Phone offerings. The hardware was locked down. You could only use specific SnapDragon chips and they were never the newest models so the specs were lacking. Android became successful because it targeted Carriers and OEMs. They held the keys to the market and even after a third reboot, Microsoft still hasn't learned that lesson.
  • I'm still a fan but I dont use WP/W10 as a daily driver anymore. I was looking for a upgrade from the 830 and the 950 was disappointing. I'm happily using a iPhone right now. If the W10M gets better I'll be happy to go back to the 950.
  • +1.
    Same. Can't imagine using it as a phone full time but I like it in doses.
  • As a phone/camera/music device, the 950 is more than capable.  Now app selection is a different story.
  • Exactly. But for some who don't use many apps and games, such as myself, it's more than sufficiant on that front as well. With continuum, mobile payment/wallet (although currently limited), Superb camera, MS integrated services, social media and networking apps it's great for me.
  • Yeah, that's more so what I mean. I had a 950 (I own a 650 now) and the camera is really good, but now that I have other phones that have apps and the camera is really good, it's hard for me to consider using it as one full time. The two apps that I'm lacking, and one of them that require a battery draining workaround, makes it hard for me to picture doing that to myself as a main phone. There's something that I would like to try though when it comes to that but we'll see.
  • No denying their hardware is good, its the O/S no apps, and win 10 is just awful , Nokia will fix that hopefuly.
  • Tethered iPaq/PPC 64(5)00/ Mogul/LG Quantum/Lumia 900/920/1020/1520. Right there with you, mister! Was put out of business with the WP7 kernal change because I lost all my ROM writers when I was selling HTC's by the truckload. I've hung in there and I'm majorly excited about where we've gotten to.
  • I am on Verizon and still have my Lumia 928, but do look forward to the rumored Surface Phone, hopefully coming in 2017.  Great article! 
  • I remember and loved my HTC Tilt, went all windows till the 1520, too many broken promises so I left.
  • They'll have to pry my Lumia 950 XL from my cold dead hands. Or trade it for a Surface Phone, whichever comes first.
  • Lol😃 Jez...I'm with you...except I have a Lumia 1520. Never got the XL....looks like its going to be even harder to get one now. But I do love my 1520!
  • I loved my 1520, L950 XL is good though, 1520 felt nicer in the hand. Red polycarb ftw.
  • Haha. Wish I had gotten the 1520
  • What is so funny is I didn't even want the damn phone. I thought it was too big and not really worth the upgrade. The wife's HD2 died, the 1020 was too much camera, not enough phone and she demanded I get her tiny but the humongous phone. By dinner that night I was a jealous punk and got my 1520 a month later. Haven't looked back. Wish the 950XL was this size because this phone IS MY ALL IN ONE. I get all my emails on it, work in Office on it and do all my media watching, listening, etc.. on it.
  • Yeah, Chef316, when I first saw the 1520 I had to have it! I ended up getting it during Microsofts 12 days of deals, free on contract, in 2013. I ultimately dropped and broke the screen and a benefactor replaced it for me for free!😉
  • I can't wait to see what MS has in store for a Surface Phone. I'm still rocking my 1520 and Lime green polycarb FTW!
  • Thanks @Jason Ward for another great article. I enjoy and share your enthusiasm and hope for the platform. I hope MS and/or hardware partners keep water resistance and drop proofing on their radars like the Elite X3. That was a really smart move imo and apparently wanted by enough enterprise customers. Being the underdog phone platform means we get almost zero love from the rugged case manufacturers. From a business POV, safely using certain Win32 apps in the outdoor environment, offline, is a big draw both for me and my clients. If my new category-defining phablet/mini surface thingy can do this efficiently, then I'll be mightly impressed...
  • Thanks and you're welcome Malcorielly...I'm looking forward to what Microsoft has up their sleeves!
  • Every blogger can write all the best things about the future of WP and Win10, but the reality is that if Microsoft vlinsly and arrogantly continues to LUCRE on developers asking them an absurd and anachronistic 30℅ of their royalties, it just means they don t understood a s###, and all the uwp concept with no dev support will die (it s dead).
  • Not being in the know I ask what royalty rate does Android and iOS demand?
  • As far as I know it's 15% for both.
  • As big of a fan as Windows Phone as I am, I've decided to leave the platform.  And the blame for this is squarely in Microsoft's camp: * The OS keeps getting more and more buggy, not less and less.  And a lot of it is stupid little things that would be trivial to fix: contact-specific text tones have never worked in 10, driving directions in the maps no longer speak (or even show the corresponding configuration options), Cortana no longer reads incoming text messages over Bluetooth, etc.  Just all little things that progressively build up and become more and more annoying. * They're walking away from supporting products.  I was a huge fan of the Microsoft Band, and they've completely abandoned it.  There aren't any decent similar products out there either to act as a replacement. * Many creative, innovative features that we used to have in 8 have never been added to 10.  One of the things I miss most about 8, for example, is that it could put my phone in to Vibrate mode during appointments on my calendar.  Or, going back to 7, integrated messaging.  That functionality was taken away in 10, apparently never to return. * It doesn't really have much that differentiates it from other platforms any longer.  Most of the innovative things that were being done with WP7 have been removed, making it more-or-less just another mobile OS that happens to come from Microsoft instead of Google or Apple.  There isn't much left about it that is special or unique. There isn't any one single big thing they've done that has pushed me away.  But the constant, ever increasing barrage of little things has pushed me past my limits.  Even if MS does produce a new phone I'm not sure I'll come back either.  They've pretty clearly demonstrated that they don't care about the platform. I certainly don't love my iPhone or Android phone, but there's more reasons for me to leave WP than there are for me to stay.  At least, for the most part, things work in iOS and Android.
  • You make a lot of good points. However,that's why i'm still sticking with windows 7.8 phone, and the LG optimus (with hardware keyboard). there is nothing on the iphone or android that offers me anything that windows phone can do.  windows phone just works, and that's why i stick with it.
  • I loved many of the unique Windows mobile features, especially voice texting over Bluetooth!  Blew me away the first time my phone did that all by itself! And the tile layout is much more useful than the alternatives.  Perhaps I didn't use Windows 10 mobile enough to know what was dropped.  I have a 640 as my backup phone to my Nexus 6P.  Sadly, I sold my 1540 a few months ago.  I'd typically be enticed by the recent 950XL blowout deals, but sadly don't see the point any longer.  Android Auto and CarPlay have totally eliminated my desire for a Windows phone (although I'm not a huge app user, this too would dissuade me from going back to Windows mobile).
  • The final push for me to leave was the death of the band 2 along with its low quality. I went through 5 of them. Battery issue with every one. I finally warranted it at best buy and got a fitbit. I liked it but lack of notifications on w10 mobile was no good. So I jumped ship to android. Now I wish I had gone with an android wear. To go with my new G5.
  • I'm in the same boat as you. My L950 (on production ring to be clear!) gets more erratic with each update. Reading text messages no longer clears them from the action center. Mail notifications on the glance screen are slow (it takes 5 seconds for the icon and number to appear) and unreliable (mails that have been deleted continue to be shown in the unread count until I go into the Mail app). After the previous update, some apps started crashing for no apparent reason. Luckily this problem went away with 576. Don't even get me started on my Surface Pro 3  which has turned into the most unreliable computer I have ever owned since the upgrade to Windows 10. I have lost track of the number of BSOD I have had on this machine. I feel you pain with regards to the Band. I've bought myself an extra band in advance should my current one break down (still going strong after 7 months) and MS no longe has any in stock to replace it. I think the news of the Band was kinda the moment this year when I realized that I'm done following Microsoft. And I'm certainly done recommending Microsoft products to others. If this Surface Phone is anything like it's being described by Jason and others here on Windows Central, then I will not be a buyer. A PC on a phone? I simply DO NOT CARE about this. I like my phone precisely because it's NOT a PC. That's the beauty of these devices.
  • What's wrong with having the option to use your phone as a pc? Just use it as a phone. I'd really like having the option to turn my phone into a pc when I'm docked, NOT on the go.
  • Wrong? Nothing. If this can fit your needs, all the better. But as you said, while on the go your phone is still just a phone. And while that remains the primary use of the device it will also continue to be the achilles heel of this entire endevour. I don't see a signification portion of the current iPhone and Android smartphone users traiding in their device for this new Surface thing only because it has the OPTION to transform into to a PC while still coming with it all the shortcomings that have prevented them from switching today. I'm sure this new category of device MS is working on will find an audience. But it won't make up for having missed the smartphone market.
  • Please get a Pro 4. I sold my Pro 3 and it's night and day in terms of performance and battery life.
  • I understand your reasoning behind the move, but I must say that iOS has not changed It's OS in many years and only adds subtle additives to make it look new. Plus, it's definitely filled with bugs. I personally know someone who works for the company and they get a ton of complaints. But again is any software without bugs? It's software. As for the Android OS can we say just open your private life up for the world to see. It has the worst security bugs ever. But to each their own.
  • I never upgraded to wm10 stayed with wm8.1, never will upgrade either. Maps works unlike the wm 10 version. And all those bugs everybody complaints about.
    Not to mention the lack of apps.
    I'm waiting till the nokia Android comes out the end of February if it's any good goodbye windows , if it isn't that good hello iPhone 7 plus.
  • It's all good. Maps has changed drastically but for the good with the last several updates (traffic, traffic cameras, easier access to favorites and find my car, dark theme etc) just fyi. It's worth a gander. If it's apps your after android and iPhone is for you right now.
  • I have a Windowsphone. A Lumia 950 following a long line of Lumias. However Microsoft dont care anymore so why should anyone else.  Windows 10 Mobile is little more than a Windows 10 compiler option. It may come out of beta in 2017 and be usable.  I agree. Its a dead platform with Windows Central the last bastion of support. Even more hope here than Reddit and Microsoft.
  • I'm surprised you weren't down voted like crazy.  Maybe those who only want to read warm and fuzzy didn't read down this far.  The removal of Rooms, the Removal of panoramic Photo Hub, the Removal of Kids Corner, the Removal of Pivots (though some will say they are still there), the Degradation of the People Hub.  The Removal of $14.99 monthly music package; where you could download 10 songs per month and KEEP THEM FOR LIFE. Any smart person would know that if you did that the package would only cost you $2.09 per month with the average song $1.29.  The Removal of the ME hub/tile.  The Removal Music from the OS.  The promised quicker updates.  How often have they updated.  Like you.  I don't and won't believe the hype until it becomes a reality.  Microsoft have been removing more substantial items than I think they've been adding.  And don't give me this business about Continuum.  Worry about the bigger pool of customers; not business customer, but the regular Joe. 
  • The idea is awesome.But is Microsoft not trying to shoot it's own foot?It's firmly in the leadership seat of the pc and 2in1.Besides most Windows fans are waiting for that phone or whatever gadget that they will be proud to carry along.Th prospect of it being a 7 plus inch is totally not appealing.
  • You know what's really awesome? A so-called writer/journalist/commentator - or whatever Jason Ward is - who can't spell "awesome" correctly in a headline and then goes on to preach to me in a copy-pasted incoherent rehashed paid-for-the-word post about why he prefers Windows mobile devices. It is soooooo over. The world has moved on and so should you. 
  • Thanks for reading TechBell!
  • Kill him with kindness Jason.
    Question...have you got a chance to play with the HP Elite X3? If so, what's the pros and cons to getting it? I'm on a 950 XL, and now that I've had a taste of a flagship device again I was looking at getting the HP as well.
  • Thanks Chef316. No sir I have not used an Elite x3 unfortunately BUT both Daniel and I believe Zac have one. Check out what Daniel wrote about it. I think that might help with your question, if not either of those guys Im sure would give you feed back on thier experiences🙂 Thanks again!
  • Techbell. .. maybe it's you that needs to move on...
  • Thank you TechBell, I thought I was the only one.  I don't know where these guys are getting their kool-aid from.
  • Imore I think. Still not as bad here as it is there. ha ha.
  • Great article. Bring on 2017! I am eagerly awaiting the new design language (Project Neon) that is said to come with RS3. I am dedicated to Windows and definitely a Windows Mobile fan myself, but have wanted just a little more flavor or the ability to do more with the layout/look/feel of my mobile Windows phone. Wondering what this feature will add...
  • Nokia will dominate 2017..windows /surface is gone now.
  • VZ user and also happily using the Icon.  If the 950 models had ever made it to the CDMA side I'd have bought in but that didn't happen.  I would love for MS to do to the Surface phone what they did with the Surface Pro - make a capital device amongst it's peer group.  Where I deal mostly in "portable tablet" mode I wouldn't mind at all a 7" phone but that won't be for everyone.  Remember, however, that at one time the original Galaxy Note was consider outrageous and "too big" and not only did it succeed but they increased the size over time.  So large phones are a market and I don't think it has a limit at merely 5.7".  The X3 I think really surprises people at how useful it is at 6" for example.  If I run out of options I could go Apple as I have quite a number of their devices.  But frankly their usability is getting worse, not better, and they are not really a "better" solution when I use them side by side.  What on earth keeps Safari with a browser bar at the top and not at least making it an option to move to the bottom?  Anyway, I will keep using Win 10 devices as long as I am able.  Network coverage of ATT is slowly but steadily reaching parity with VZ so I won't need to stay where I am forever.  I really have no wish to use Android, ever.  So I look forward to Win Mobile devices in 2017.  They told us we would have to wait it out in 2016.  So will they come through in 17?        
  • I Very interesting read and a great vision as well.  I'd love to see this vision come to life and I think when it does it will certainly bring immense value to the Windows 10 mobile brand.  My question though is why is this useful to the consumer who perhaps is not techie.  Those who are techie would find a lot of use in this his no doubt but what about those who aren't?  How is this beneficial for them and therefore how is this useful for the mass market?  The reason I ask is most people who use iPhones or android use it for the fact that it's more available and well known but also ease of use.  I know many who barely know how to do anything else but make calls or whatsapp.      
  • Very obviously, usefulness in the enterprise market is a no-brainer, due to the reduction in hardware costs with being able to buy one device that the road warrior users can use for both mobile and laptop/desktop, but I think it will appeal to a lot of consumers too. Most of users in this thread are power users, I think, and need a powerful machine for multimedia editing, gaming, and other power hogging activities (I've never gamed), but I believe and It's my experience, as a Dell and Microsoft partner, that 90% of consumers don't need uber-powerful laptop/desktop systems and will be attracted to being able to cross from their mobile device to their laptop or desktop, seamlessly. Especially when they can simply be in the vicinity of that laptop or desktop repeater and it simply work, which is the 2017 MS goal. The refresh cycle will be a killer, is all (just a form of speech, not actually killing the concept Lol). MS will need to "hang in there" while the refresh cycle pans out for the consumers and their current equipment fails beyond reasonable repair costs, then hoping their mobile device replacement cycle meets their desktop/laptop replacement cycle close enough. It's tricky, but they've got an amazing marketing group that certainly has a plan. The refresh cycle could be a major reason for the huge delay in the release, regardless of what all the talking heads are saying. Microsoft is working VERY closely with QUALCOMM and timing is a major part of the marketing formula for both companies.
  • So far I'm moderately happy with my 950XL and I look forward to seeing how 2017 pans out. If late 2017 is right for whatever new mobile device MS decide to bring to market, that will suit me fine as my current contract runs through to next December. Presently there's no strong reason to go to iPhone/Android - I don't really hanker after any of the missing apps and can't say that the 'App Gap' has been noticed. There's more to apps than numbers, surely? If there is one issue that does concern me, it's the general apathy of various product manufacturers towards Windows Phone/Mobile. For instance, cars, action cameras, drones, 'smart' scales and goodness knows what else will have compatibility and/or apps for iPhone/Android only. You can't blame them. It is a numbers game. With the latest news stories touting MS as the first $Trillion tech company, it's not as if they don't have the resources to make this work. MS need to get a product or 3 out, and then believe in it. Shout about it. Promote it. Then perhaps, maybe, W10M will have a real future. I hope so. I don't relish having to move to iPhone/Android.
  • Same, I don't need the apps that are missing.  Pokemongo, Snapchat etc are not exactly things that I value. The only app that I actually could have used that I don't have is the UE roll app, and when I downloaded it on my gf's Ipad anyway, it was a very simiplistic app.  So much for every iOS app being worldclass. Yes there are apps that iOS and Android have that aren't on Windows, but most of them are crap. I have just about all the apps I actually need. Google Maps is probably better than the inbuilt map, but for actual day to day navigation not by much. Even when I had android, I got most out of Google Maps on PC.  I am not actually hoping for more apps for Windows, as much as I hoping for just additional features, continuum being more robust, hardware being oprtimized etc. 
  • I always keep an eye on EVERYTHING computing and tech related. I don't see W10 mobile or whatever its called this month gaining traction. Bots will NOT replace apps, and if windows 10 mobile/walker/carry edition does not have the apps its dead on arrival. I could care less if the phone has wonky continuum. My dell 2 in 1 has all my big screen computing covered in spades. I would love to rock the windows 10 phone with apps I have on my iPhone! Be back in a flash with a new whatever device. However, I don't see that happening anytime soon. if AT ALL! Guys....at least Ward never mentioned the all encompassing WB in this article. That's one positive!
  • Then complain to the developers of the apps. SnapChat refused to make a WM app. Guess karma came and got them. Many others did the same and all the media spoke about was the app gap until no one wanted to venture in the water like a damn Jaws movie. Once the banking apps started leaving, MS stopped lying to themselves. The word is they are to make it work in a positive way in a market not controlled by a overly biased, uneven media section, but in the enterprise market where they have a long standing relationship with... the world. Nutella is saying ok let's win by innovating. We should all Hope it works because it will force the hands of the current leaders and eliminate the stagnation we are quickly reaching. Since those who have left are claiming how happy you are with the current choices, why be mad at Microsoft's new direction when they are actually showing it works. Are many of you really ******* Win 32 apps working on ARM devices that actually exists now, are universally touted as high level flagships and will come to more affordable options? Really? That is just trolling. Microsoft lost the Mobile as we now know it battle. I use a WM phone running 10 and and this has been clear to me for years. Why should they fight the post battle? In fact, if they won or remained competitive, we may have all lost because the innovation would be stifled. If you are an Apple fan now and this works, no worries. Apple will find a way to jump on whatever gravy train will keep them lofty and profitable as lon as possible.
  • Surface Phone eagerly waiting for it's arrival
  • You're going to be waiting a long time.  There is no Surface phone coming.   
  • You sure?
  • As long as my Lumia 950xl keep functioning.
  • I like and use a Windows smart phone but realize that they are not as popular to the general public as Iphones and Android smart phones are. .I think that the 2017 Redstone 2 and Redstone 3 updates will turn Windows 10 mobile smart phones with the right equipment specs into the Smartphone/Pocket PC Class hybrid Mobile device. If these new super Windows 10 Mobile smart phones are ADVERTISED RIGHT PEOPE WILL NOTIOCE THEM AND BUY THEM  THE BIG QUESTION IS WILL THE  APPS DEVELOPERS GIVE THESE SUPER  WINDOWS SMART PHONES  THE APPS THEY HAVE LACKED ?
  • I don't expect Microsoft to get the advertising part correct. They never have. The company was built on making products that 3rd parties who are great at advertising can put out and sell. Basically the same strategy Google has used with Android and that Salesforce is using for many missing elements of the platform. I feel MS will remain true to that strategy which puts it all in peril if the product doesn't jump off to a great start.
  • Regarding the now focus on the enterprise, if they focused on the enterprise 4 years ago, we would be in a much better place. My company's CISO had a Lumia 920 and wanted to implement Windows Phones at our company, but the OS didn't have the necessary features at the time. He now uses and recommends using the iPhone for company use.
  • This is nice and all, but the fact remains that Windows Phone/Mobile users are second-class citizens of the smartphone world, and no amount of feel-good propaganda will change that. I enjoy my Lumia 950 for what it is. It's my primary phone. But I also carry an Android phone, and I accept that my Lumia will receive the bare minimum of support going forward. And I do not nurture any hope that Windows Mobile will recover any time soon. At best, it will take several years of consistency and innovation, combined with world-class marketing from Microsoft and its partners, for Windows Mobile to become competitive again. That's a pipe dream. That said, I'm riding the Windows Mobile train until it runs out of track. I believe it is the best out of the three major smartphone platforms.
  • Second class.... you wish. We are certified third world citizens of the mobile world.
  • Only in the eyes of Nadella are we Second class.
  • Lol
  • I agree with all of that. If things are going really well for them, then it would take several years to make this a success story. I can read here a lot about the success of the Surface line and how it will be the same with a Surface Phone. But we should remember that it took several years to make it the product it is now AND it had all the legacy apps from the start. A Surface Phone can be a PC, nice, but as a mobile it still won't have half of the things an iPhone or Android phone has. And due to the "retrenchment" the app gap is getting worse. So it remains to be seen how Microsoft will solve these problems.
  • I had the Lumia 950.  Was super pumped about it until it kept randomly overheating and the battery life wouldn't last 8 hours of light use.  It would also freeze and continuously restart itself.  I am not on iPhone because it's reliable and works as it should.  I had the Lumia Icon before the 950 and the Icon kept overheating too.  So not sure I'm going to come back to the platform ever again.
  • That stinks. May have been a bad unit. Did you just ditch it, exchange it or at least get your money back?
  • Verizon at the time was running a special that they would pay up to $650 to switch to their service, so I just did that and left AT&T.  It was my only way out and didn't feel like dealing with exchanging it.
  • Now let T-Mobile pay your way out of Verizon. 😀
  • Don't worry. You're not the first to abandon the Windows Mobile platform. Microsoft has abandoned it too. Windows 8.1 on mobile - that worked. But then they blew it up and decided what Apple and Google realized didn't work: putting the same platform on mobile as on desktops, etc. Ouch. Bummer. Bad hardware, buggy software and no customers. Yup... it's the Microsoft way. @lumiaedge
  • Did you keep them updated? Mine used to get hot until I got on the slow ring.
  • The only one that has it going on is Eris Morn :P
  • Thanks Jason, I've been using Windows phones since the Pocket PC days and we are on the verge of a real pocket pc. I'm forwarding your insightful article to all of my doubting friends with their iPhones and Samsungs. .
  • Thanks richwolf! Glad this piece was so helpful. 😎 Let's hope Microsoft executes like hard in 2017. Looking forward to the impact of cellular PCs on the consumer space, as a "primer" for a Surface"phone!"
  • We have had pocket PCs for a few years now and they don't require being hooked up to a big screen to be functional.
  • Such an awesome article Jason!! This just makes me love my Windows Phone more than ever. I like how Mr. Nadella is committed to the project and stays true to his word. I sure hope one day Windows Phones will be given the credit they truly deserve. Have a Happy New Year!
  • Thanks abhinavasprey!!!😎
  • Have been all in since the early days . This is an exciting time.
  • Indeed!😉
  • I have always liked he windows phone but eventually I gave up cause I could not use my windows phone to listen to my SiriusXM radio. Once this is resolved, I will come back to a windows phone.
  • ...or do much of anything. But why let the lack of apps get in the way.
  • It is available for Windows 10 on PC and it looks like it is UWP. You should reach out to them and ask them to make it available for Xbox One and mobile. I've noticed that many new publishers are including mobile, Hub, Xbox and HoloLens by default when they target PC. https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co...
  • Windows phone is like a combination of the good things from iPhone and the good things from android.
  • Agreed in features. Just missing some "popular" apps and games for some people. As well as some "name brand" apps for banks, restaurants and such. Otherwise...it's fantastic! I use it primarily for "business type" functions as well as alot of pictures so I'm good.
  • Yeah, except Apple and Android have apps I actually want to download and use. I can bank on my iPhone, can't on my Lumias. I can buy a movie ticket on my iPhone, can't on my Lumias. See the pattern here. Apple/Android = can do stuff; Microsoft = can't. 
  • I switched to Android a few months ago... And while it is a great user experience, especially having every app that I need... I ******* miss my Windows Phone. I don't feel at home on android, it just feels odd. I just want a new decent Windows Phone.
  • 😀 come back...you know you want to....lol
  • I really want to but it's just there no new device for sale. The 650 is just a crappy phone and I don't want a 950, I'd like a midrange device. I was going to get a 930 but then I remebered the sh*t I went through because of that phone.
  • I have a 640 XL to sell you if you really want to come back, I'm rocking 950 XL these days
  • Price?
  • "Baby come back, you can blame it all on me I was wrong, and I just can't live without you"..lol
  • Look for a 1520 best windows phone out there.
    Search google maybe you'll find one.
  • Just put a launcher on your android phone. It will make it like windows phone. There is a Microsoft android launcher that's really nice! I use it on my note. Much better than touchwiz.
  • I use Nokia's launcher and it's great in its simplicity. I never really got much out of live tiles (apart from pinning a few secondary tiles), so not missing them at all.
  • And me, I have been a windows mobile 📱 fan since Windows CE 1.1. My first "Palm Sized PC" was a Casio Cassiopeia E1**. Thereafter, I had several Pocket PCs and Palm PC/Treos. From there I moved to the O2 XDAs, Vodafone PDA, T MOBILE MDAs.
    My journey with Windows on the palm has been a long one, and when I compare the good ol' days with today, I cannot but wish that I had my character recognition, and the possibility to have my banking App and another App open 🚪 at the same time. I wish copying from one App to the other would be with less hassle. I mean why must I have to enter my password repeatedly when I come back to the banking app even if I was merely 20 seconds away? Why does the letters entered into some Apps disappear if the app purposely or mistakenly goes out of sight barely for 10 seconds?
    Well, Microsoft has got a long way to go, but I am not a Google person, and I do not like to have wealth concentrated in the hand 🤚🏾 of a single company, but I afraid Imay get my wife an iPhone, and I wish I wouldn't have to. Windows Phone 📱 however is not a phone I wanna recommend for my wife. I am lacking Appwise as a Windows Mobile user, I would not want to extend that to my bedroom. Anyway, since the name of the two most successful mobile platforms starts with an "A"; dear Microsoft, please get in the A league of Mobile, and leave Windows for the big Computers. There must still be a cute likeable A-name out there no? And please, bring back icons for those that don't like the clumsy Tiles. Before Windows phone, Windows had beauty and gorgeousness, but now, you just have black and white and some stupid preselected colours. I can write a book 🕮...
  • Getting my wife an iPhone today. Works out just fine for us. She is all about apps and a "decent" camera. I'm all about business features, continuum and a Superb Camera.
  • You better not let the wife see that camera statement you'll be sleeping on the couch for a week.
  • Great article, but claiming that smartphones are dead doesn't help the fact that there are tons of smartphone apps out there that people need to use on a daily basis for personal reasons or for their jobs. Until Microsoft's mobile devices have those necessary apps, there is no way that they will be as successful as we hope. Until the apps come, barely anyone will buy them unless they already have another expensive mobile device running Android or iOS. People won't want to buy multiple devices that seem to be the same in every way.
  • I am a Windows phone fan since 2011, started with Dell Venue Pro and now happy with L950. I am not necessarily waiting for Surface Fone to jump over...
  • Until I can use continuum wireless while simultaneously using my phone as a phone, I'm not interested. I use my phone and my PC at the same time regularly, one device for all is a cool concept, but I tend to use more than one device at a time.
  • Ehm, you can, with Miracast. Try it?
  • I feel this is well said
  • I'm waiting for the surface phone 2
  • If that's the case, why should anyone read your material? If you're going to just repeat everything Microsoft says without any criticism, what's the point of someone reading your work? This is dangerous for the community. Rather than fluff readers up with articles about an ever changing vision, why not provide constructive criticism towards Microsoft? Why not post articles about integrating Microsoft services on Android and iOS?
  • I would like to see an article on that. Taking a iPhone and an Android and setting up all the available MS apps and services on them. Also transferring contacts to iPhone and Android from Outlook/MS Account. I guess this would be a series for WC's sister sites though.
  • Hi Tom I wrote a four part series title "Windows Mobile and the enterprise" where each installment focused on a particular points criticizing Microsoft's decision to publically proclaim it's Mobile platform was enterprise focused.(Two installments' of that series are hyperlinked in this piece.)
    I all wrote a piece title "This is the worst time for apps to leave Windows Mobile" (Hyperlinked in this piece)
    I also wrote a piece asking the question of Satya Nadella "Can we still expect the best Microsoft experience"
    I also wrote a piece titled "My Ode to Windows Phone 8.0" where I expressed my disappointment with lost features like Rooms, changes to the People Hub, Photos Hub and More with the shift to 8.1(Hyperlinked above)
    I also began this piece with a clear acknowledgement of the poor state of the platform- 1% share and Other categorization. And before really diving I stressed that the success of MS Mobile vision rested precariously on the future of multiple other factors like the App Bridges, the UWP and Continuum.
    This is found in the last paragraph before the Continuum section.
    Furthermore, if the presentation of those criticisms weren't sufficient under the Windows phone isn't dead section I explicitly begin a sentence with "I have my criticism's..." and proceeded to share them and linked to the articles that expounded on them further.
    Finally my closing sentence revisits the need to address the app gap with a hope to see progress from the app bridges and Wand Labs acquisition.
    Thanks for reading!!!🙂
  • Smartphones? We have not seen "smart phones" yet.  We are just seeing the beginnings of what could be considered "smart".  We all are still using some sort of glorified "feature phones".  Microsoft (et al) are as of now on the right track to make those mobile assistants "smart". 
    Still a long way to go ...
  • Great Article! Finally the truth of the matter. I too have been a Windows mobile OS user since the beginning. I remember when others that didn't own a Windows mobile device used to be like wow! Now, most are stuck in senseless loops of peer influence and mobile eco systems that are just blah (Android/iPhone). After some light research i refused to buy one of those brands because of the mindless control applied to those sheep like customers of those companies. Every mobile device I have owned except for a few BlackBerrys have been Windows based. I have had premium devices from HTC and several Lumias and two Alcatel devices with the current one being the Alcatel Idol 4S and there is nothing on the market that compares to what my phone can do. Virtual reality, productivity, Continuum, tons of apps in the Windows store and growing, Xbox 🎮 games. I can understand why many people who love products like iPhone and Androids would want to shoot down Microsoft new Windows Mobile offerings and future ones too. It involves change and we know must of use don't like change. It involves seeing a future where our Mobile phones are just not cell phones with features but something entirely different. Once, the customer sees past the glamour of features that build on socializing and take a deeper look at what their mobile OS offerers and compare it to Windows Mobile OS. It's a no brainer. It will be Windows Mobile hands down.
  • Thanks Dune 74! Appreciate the support and input!🙂
  • Except Windows Mobile is dead. The Surface "Phone" will not be a phone and it won't be running Windows Mobile. They will stop developing Windows Mobile when Windows on ARM is released. Current phones will be left behind and they will just have small tablets with telephones built in. You won't have one in your pocket.
  • Great article, Jason, and thanks for keeping the flames burning.
    Yes, a 7-inch portable PC would be perfect for me, a heavy Onenote user who also work a lot on a SP3.
    I fell in love with large mobile screens with my 1520 which I wore out. I had to return my 950XL because of overheating and battery issues (which I've heard were fixed with a later software update). Since then I've been making do with cheap Androids, LG3 (good but too small) and now ZTE ZMaxPro (surprisingly capable but with terrible camera).
    I just bought an Akyumen Holofone which I should receive in a couple of weeks. It checks many of my boxes: 7-inch screen, full W10 with Android dual boot, and a projector to boot.
    Is it a gimmick or a preview of the type of phone Jason is envisioning?
    I will let you know.
  • Awesome! Thanks for adding to the discussion PolicePlease!🙂
  • I share the same sentiments
    I can't wait to see what Microsoft brings in 2017.... I will be getting a 950xl to hold me until then
    Proud owner of a Xbox one, Surface 3 and various windows Phones(L830 right now)
    Bring it MSFT... The world awaits and I do too!!!
  • The wold awaits for a Microsoft phone about as much as they do a root canal. Sorry tech king. MS FAILED at mobile. As I mentioned before, Bots are not going to replace apps, and apps are NOT coming to windows mobile. What MS did was smart however that they provide both android and IOS all apps for the phones. I am fully MS on my ios devices, and have a shiny new awesome dell 2 in 1 for my wife and another for me. Best of everything...Solid reliable phone OS, and Solid reliable OS in desktop/notebook with windows 10 A.U. I have a great setup now and I don't think MS is going to bring the hammer with anything mobile.
  • I will remain a Windows Phone fan as long as I can. My 950XL, improved with a Mozo leather cover, is my favorite phone ever; including my trusty but slow 1020. My employer forced me to get an iPhone this year. I got the 6S. I set it up and loaded it like Satya Nadella's phone with nothing but Microsoft apps on the screen. Even with that, it still sits in a drawer of my desk. The look of the iPhone UI is just boring and dead compared to the personalization and life of my 950 screen. Yeah, yeah, I get the app gap. But for me, it is a BFD situation. There is an app for my weather station at home and my Ring video doorbell, for my bank and for Starbucks, for my fitness band, and for news feeds I follow. Those are my daily uses. I sometimes want more detailed weather info and there are apps for that. When I need a QR code scanner, there is an app for that. I know there are things missing, particularly games, but it has been ages since there was something I wanted to do on the 950 that I couldn't do. And the differences in that interface between my 950 and my iPhone is far greater than any negatives I'm seeing from the app gap.
  • I use continuum every day and it's pretty great. I hope with the addition of windowed apps they enable the ability for apps that are not continuum enabled to run in a window that's fixed to the phone aspect ratio. By far my biggest annoyance is having to run things that aren't continuum enabled on the actual phone screen itself.
  • At our Christmas gathering with the family, I used continuum so we could all Skype with an out of town relative on a big screen TV. It sure beat having to pass the phone around! Continuum and live tiles are what have me hooked on the platform.
  • I remember when these articles would fuel my love for windows phone. "Just wait" Id say to the distractors "windows phone is finally gonna make its mark!!" But lets face it, since the stable and silky smooth days of windows phone 7.5, its been one cluster.... After another! Every feature that made windows phone fun and unique has been stripped away. (me tile, people integration, dedicated cam button, zune) Windows 10 mobile is now just like any other operating system, running apps independently, but just doing it as poorly as possible! Apps crash constantly if they even open at all, nothing is connected anymore, and oh yeah, you miss out on the millions of awesome fun apps that the rest of the world gets for free.
    I've been a proud windows phone fan since the Kin, and ive had every device you can think of from 7, 7.5, 8, 8.1 and 10 and its been a downhill slide to mediocrity. I finally couldnt take it and jumped into an lg v20 and seriously, you get all the best features windows/Nokia offered and then some!
    I don't knock anyone for keeping the Faith, I've been there myself, but MS themselves are telling you that the consumer end of windows phone is dead and they arent lying. I feel like Ive opened myself up to a new world with my new android and the ms apps even work better!!! (like groove app, the music band pics actually show up on the lockscreen! Crazy! I havent had a device since my focus s that did it on a constistent basis.)
    I'm all for fandom and I still love my pc, xbox one, but don't allow blind fanboyism to make you believe in a miracle that we have been promised for years now but have never been given. And by their own admission, isnt a priority.
  • Hi infamous, thank for the input. I don't fancy myself a fanboy but a critical thinker who is a fan of the platform. Now I've been disappointed with some of Microsoft's decisions and changes to the platform: Read My Ode to Windows Phone 8" and my "Windows Mobile and the enterprise series", "The long term effects of Microsoft's low end push" and " "Is Microsoft's low end strategy hurting Windows phones." I get it. Everything is NOT rosy as I acknowledge in my piece "My Ode to Windows Phone 8" I refuse to Update my second device, a Lumia 1020, beyond Windows Phone 8 because there are some elements of that OS I like more than Windows 10 Mobile which is running on my main device, my 1520. Now, one thing this piece succeeds in doing, is drawing a line from past to present highlighting advances toward a goal- that's not blind fanboism. That's observation based hope that the observable progress will ultimately culminate in achieving the outlined goal. This is not to say you're wrong in personally choosing another platform. What is equally fair is that those who choose to remain for what the platform offers them today, and what observable data shows is progress toward a goal they may hope for, should not be negatively referred to as individuals blindly committing to a platform.
    😉 Thanks for this discussion!
  • i just received lumia 950 as a replacement for my 930. conneceted it to my laptop trhu continuum and im impressed. Now i think i could replace my old pc with a separate, bigger monitor/screen and hd-500 docking station(wchich is currently abailable for 40$ in my country). im not sure yet, because i have no separate keyboard.
  • I have two 950's and one 950xl's in my immediate family but I have little hope for the long term future of this ecosystem. MS made a major mistake letting mobile slide into oblivion these last many months. Many people have left and are never coming back. A surface phone in 2018 is going to do little to change that. Plus, they are constantly "reinventing" the software leading to no stability.
  • Lumia 520
    Lumia 535
    Lumia 640 XL
    Lumia 950 All in!
    Happy new year to all! I wish you the best and I for hope the next year will be better for everything and everyone around us!
  • While growth was slow, market share WAS growing. This stopped when MS stopped advertising it and put a hold on phone releases. To make matters worse, MS sent loyal users the wrong message when they continued to develop apps on par and even better than that to their own platform, and most of the time released them BEFORE their own platform. Completely inexcusable, it doesn't matter if there were different groups developing for them. If the executives believed in WP, they could have said "Parity" and it would have been done.
  • Oh so true. I still double fist the middle finger at MS for those actions. Just ridiculous.
  • I think you're right about MICROSOFT not believing in their own product, and if we are honest, we know why. Microsoft decision to copy iPhone's CLOSEDNESS is a major problem. Developers having to beg Microsoft to release API for common features to be implemented is another hindrance. Microsoft is programming for Android and iPhone, because they have seen how easy it is to write Apps for those two platforms. They know their phone paradigm is a failure. If I were so inclined to Google, I would have dumped Windows Mobile long time ago. Anyway, I paid the right price for my Lumia 950 considering what the OS can do. It would have been a waste of money if I had had to pay the original asking price of $500plus.
  • If I came this far along, Im not quitting now. Microsoft needs to own this year coming upon us. Go Microsoft!!!
  • WP 8.1 is still the ruler of all!
  • I can't imagine myself ever using an Android, it would make me feel like a sheep.
    The company I work for gave me an iphone, but I couldn't get used to it and didn't like it. I still use my Lumia 1520 and I feel more at home with Windows Phone.
  • Tbh I'm only a W10M user because I was dumb enough to buy the idol 4s thinking it would alleviate all the stability problems in my old win10 fierce xl. Thinking the issue wasn't with Win10 as WP before it had a reputation for being incredibly stable and snappy. I was convinced it certainly was the fault of the low end phone I got. But it turns out it really is Microsoft who can't get the ******* clock to show up half the time on the lock screen.
    Here's to hoping there's a new iPhone SE around the corner. Or W10 gets fixed by the time HPs consumer phone comes out.
  • Perfect! Microsoft created a OS stable all around it self.
    I think this afraid users.
    I though that Microsoft need to work on a way to give credibility to OEM's before the community and fans, otherwise, will live just in the enterprise circle.
  • I'm curious about your post? I have had both Alcatel phones One Touch Fierce XL and currently own an Idol 4S. They both are great products and work exceptionally well. Is your device setup as a standard user or as a Windows preview user (with early unstable versions of the software)?
  • I'm all in...but not as some blind loyalty to Microsoft Devices. I'm following the innovation. Apple stopped innovating, I went to Android. Android stopped innovating, Now I'm with Microsoft. I almost went to Ubuntu, but they couldn't deliver in the promise I was looking for. A PC in my pocket. Surface Tablet brought me to Microsoft's house. Surface Mobile is the promise that keeps me here.
  • I would puke if I use apple or android device, they don't have any.more stuff to offer their only life saver is the app, but as a die hard fan i trust in the upcoming branded Surface mobile
  • I have a 950 and a 7 plus I've used for four months now. The latter is a great machine that never works up a sweat and there are things on it I just don't have on the 950... but the 950 has features I very much miss, and I strongly prefer W10M.
  • Just for a moment I thought that you're talking about something to the forgotten markets by Microsoft. Lol But all right. Great article, happy new year to all Windows Fans and Windows Central Team. Gib bless u!
  • I've been on a Microsoft mobile ecosystem since PPC (Jornada 525), with one brief daliance with an iPhone 3GS (during the dark WM 6/6.5 days). I also have a wife who is a die-hard iPhone fan (though it is mainly out of not wanting to change) and an Android tablet (Nexus 7, 2nd gen). Right now I use a Lumia 950 as my daily driver, a Surface 3 as my portable working tablet, Nexus 7 as the loading around tablet/ereader, plus dedicated ultrabook (from work) and a gaming PC rig. When I think of changing out of Lumia 950, mainly because I want a powerful but smaller handset, I ask myself what can an alternative bring to the table? I don't game on my phone (a 3DS or Vita are infinitely better, IMO). I don't watch movies on my phone (below my S3, any long videos would be a pain). I don't Snapchat, Tinder, etc (I'm a middle age married guy, I FB, Twitter, and Instagram...Usually my kids). What do I do with my phone? I am a college professor on an Office 365 campus (which I definitely prefer to Google productivity apps), my phone is for communication, productivity, social media, pictures, health apps, and news. In this scenario nothing beats my 950. I have everything I need (even wireless payments and an app for my car), all the major functions work through Ford sync and 'Hey Cortana' and my kids aren't constantly grabbing my phone because there are no crappy kids apps on it (yeah some are available but I don't want or care for them). My Nexus runs pretty much all MS services, so how would an Android be better?
  • I love all the down votes for everyone that agrees with the author. Sometimes I wonder if this is more the Android Trolls Central site.
  • Thank you Jason for this article now I know what's Microsoft want's to do but I am a beginner 3D designer and our apps need
    S a strong processors so could Microsoft make it's phones have a strong processors to work with out any stress and ass 3D designers say (beyond the limits) with our designs and what about the video games does the phones could handle the frames of Games like the phone makes you play a game on 1080 frame with out getting warm this is maybe hard to make I guess ?
  • I agree 100%. I had Apple everything in my home but a couple years ago I noticed they stopped being Innovative. I saw the Microsoft vision then as I do now and I remain committed to it. I've switched my whole house to Microsoft everything now and I've not looked back. This is the future.
  • I'm vacationing in a home that 3 years ago was going all Apple. 2 years ago he couldn't update his Apple rig because the new OS wasn't compatible with his processor, etc...
    We have been here 5 days and the Apple PC hasn't been turned on yet. He and his wife work off Windows laptops daily. The kids use ipads and parents don't touch them. I don't think we gave an app gap. We have a use gap. The more productive you become the less you need the games, tinder, etc.... Then the positives of the other two platforms decrease and the kick ass abilities of WM show out.
  • I expect foldable phone too and hope for some old for new program for owners of top of the line current MS phones.
  • We are the One Percenter. We are indeed the few, the proud, Windows phone fans... Looking forward to and hoping for the best in 2017!!!
  • Great enthusiasm, I love it! Microsoft IS awesome. HP, 950xl are fantastic phones that are reliable and VERY stable. I have all that I need for now, and of course, will stick with MS. Surface Mini thing that will come out will rock the tech world. LG will be the screen provider for sure; it will be foldable, p.c'able and awesome. These old stagnant, fossil-fuelish handsets are over and out, finished, sad ☹. That's where phones have ended their cycle and Surface will take over in a big way. People won't even say, 'what phone do you have?'. They will say, 'what surface are you getting?' **** you iOS and Droid weirdos and your silly boring lumps of misplaced metal. Perhaps they'll be good for post-modernist Apple-art and will sit on some coffe table in waiting rooms where people can complain about how the Doctor never upgrades the 'reading' material. Maybe they'll be good door stops since the material is so, 'high ducking end'??! Microsoft is the only software/hardware worth using. Great devices.
  • I've given up on the surface phone. I've given up on windows mobile completely. Compatibility is terrible. My 2016 Colorado has so many things it can do when paired with a phone, and it doesn't work with windows phone well at all. The app gap IS an issue. I don't care if it's a "Smartphone for business", it's still a smart phone. And our app selection is ever declining and horrendous. Can't use tap to pay, because I bank with chase, but android and ios can. Can't use mobile banking because chase pulled their windows app, but have a full IOS and android app. Chevrolet remote link app doesn't work well on windows. Bluetooth connectivity in any car is unstable and unpolished with Windows mobile. What apps will we lose next? Netflix? Instagram? For years, I was the biggest advocate of windows phone, even when I worked at Tmobile last year, I always tried to show off It's potential, but the app gap was always an issue. Im not being a hater, honestly, I'm just being realistic. I love the platform, and design and functionality, and the camera on my 950xl is fantastic, but I just can't keep justifying staying with windows. I will be taking a lengthy break for sure, if the surface phone ever actually happens, maybe then ill come back. But for the time being, I think I'm going to look into the LG v20.
  • The UWP ensures apps like Netflix and Instagram remain on Windows 10 as they both have a desktop/tablet counter part that are used by tens of millions if not hundreds of million Windows 10 users.
  • Only if Netflix could work on continuum!?
  • doesn't it? but you have full fledged edge so it's not all bad.
  • Edge is lacking.
  • Just be clear, that is on Chase. We had all those features on the app they decided to pull. The app worked perfectly and didn't need to be yanked or upgraded.
  • There must be a reason why those Apps work well with the two other platforms despite their different philosophy, but not on Windows Mobile. The cocoon feature of windows mobile modern Apps is great from security point of view, but terrible when you consider ease of programming, stability, ease of use, compatibility, feature depthness etc. Microsoft has to address all these to really make Windows Mobile future proof.
  • The "Surface phone" needs to work on Verizon. The End.
  • or is it the beginning?
  • I'm also a Windows Phone fan, but I'm not convinced about the future. Trouble is I already have good small form factor PCs (two of them), and what I want to complement them is a good phone ie 5.5 inches or less (Continuum continues to look completely irrelevant to me). From here it's apparent that MSFT is covering that need for a phone/messaging device via Android, which is a real shame because I love the Winpho UI and Android feels clunky in comparison (even if it's still better than iOS). Unfortunately you can do so much more with an Android phone, including contactless payments (no sign of that from MSFT in the UK) so I've gone back to it. I'll continue to hope for a decent WP10 but I'm not holding my breath.Jason has written before that there's not really an app gap because all the important bases are covered, but even if that's true in terms of email or other messaging, it's disheartening when you're constantly finding interesting services and products offering Android and iOS apps but leaving WP10 users to a web version (and web browsing on my Lumia 650 was not a satisfactory experience - too little memory I suspect). When it comes to daily usability, these things matter. 
  • Well, I've used Win on cells since the first incarnation. Left Verizon and my Icon to switch to a 950XL on AT&T because BigBlue supports the platform when BigRed couldn't care less. Like another comment or said... I'll remain with Windows Phone/Surface/Mobile until the track runs out.
  • Excellent article Jason. Gives me hope for Win10 Mobile.
  • You know when a website isn't relevant anymore? When they let Jason Ward write long, rambling, incoherent "commentaries" about technology. Seriously, please stop. 
  • Wow...now your just being mean. Stop
  • I disagree. I've long been critical of Jason's pieces but this particular one is concise and balanced and has less of the pom pom waving for Microsoft. I too have been using WM since the 5.0 and CE days (remember those devices with full keyboards from HP and Nokia?). While the tendency is to rage at Microsoft because there have been missteps along the way (some of them major), I would rather they succeeded eventually as opposed to failing. Which it appears is what you want them to do. Between you and a billion dollar conglomerate, I think I'll go with the conglomerate. P.S. If you think the website is irrelevant, why are you here?
  • Hi TechBell. The millions of monthly visitors, and your own registration and activity with the site and your commentary on this article indicate that this site (and this piece in particular) are indeed relevant. Furthermore Incoherent:
    "(of spoken or written language) expressed in an incomprehensible or confusing way; unclear" This piece in my opinion was clearly presented, simple, and easy to comprehend. But thats my view. I do sincerely offer my time to clarify any points that you felt were not clear. Finally, I don't expect everyone to agree with what I or anyone writes, but when all is said and done, we all have our own opinions and perceptions, and it's only tech, it just a "phone." We can amicably agree to disagree without becoming insulting.
    Finally, thanks for catching my typo in the word awesome. Appreciate the support!🙂 Happy New Year!!!
  • So you are in full blown hater mode. Did he dick down your girl or something?
  • I feel like you answered your own question but missed it trying to make your point... Microsoft may be focusing on enterprise directly but I feel that by allowing their partners to take the reigns and focus with consumer devices is their intended effect and goal, to encourage them by stepping out of the way. It may or may not work but the intentions are good..? ;)
  • It was the only strategy that ever worked for them. Same for other successful companies such as Google and Salesforce. They don't seem to have a clue on how to advertise their strengths in a compelling way.
  • My next phone will have support for FM Radio 📻!
  • 😁
  • Finally somebody mentioned an ultimate killer feature (y)
  • I m also a crazy ffan of windows phone 📱 since 7.8. When i bought lumia 610...on that day and i use to say all other that "An evolution is coming, this platform is unique" i mean it is versatile OS platform and i love it....innovation r plenty to do
  • Now i have shifted from windows to android
    As my primary phone but i can tell windows os is ultimate, due to lack of apps it made me shift ...
  • agreed, If windows mobile had every app available to me that is on my iPhone, I would be back in a hot second. however, the chances of that happening are about as same as the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. NADA!
  • i miss windows os defo for me the best but like you lack of apps was just to many, here maps left then paypal, paypal was the last straw.  I now have my bank app, my vodaphone app a few loved games, myfitnesspal, paypal and here go, stranglyey here maps and paypal were superior apps on my lumia 930 before they left lol.
  • I love my W10M. If all the apps were available I'd already be content... I have to carry an iphone for work and I dislike the UI.
  • I can't get with the iPhone/Android UI. W10M UI is superior.
  • Thanks for an excellent article. My own ideas of an ultra mobile PC are similar and I am pretty much ready to switch to a 7-8 inch Surface Mini with a 13-15 inch dock, which provide portability and the ergonomics of a laptop. I am very interested in merging everything and have the PC always on hand instead of the current division between laptop and smartphone. One important aspect is the storage - 256-512GB internal disk plus UFS memory card would be great. Same applies to a 2K display and the latest Snapdragon 835 or newer. An 8 inch display with slim bezels a la Xiaomi Mi Mix would be excellent as well.
  • Reading your post made me realize the advent of skinny jeans and pants with no pockets coincided with the ultimate rise of the iPhone and most Android devices. 😁
  • You're welcome E90 Commie! Interesting vision!🙂
  • Great article Jason! Like you, when it comes to Windows and Microsoft, I am all in. For better or worse.
  • Mr Ward likes to talk about himself and his "foresight".
  • Sadly this is all a rather feeble apologia for utter failure by Microsoft to support it's own platform. Written by someone whose prose includes a sentence using the word "retracted" when what is meant is "withdrawn". All of this is too little, too late. Period. As an American would say. Actually, it is even less than too little. Microsoft touts an app or feature and then kills it. Thereby demonstrating that even it does not have faith in its own child. I will continue to use my 950xl as the UI and PIM features are better than Android or iOS and I live in the Microsoft ecosystem. However, there will come a point where even for me enough is enough.
  • Hi jtwoodgield, thank for your input. We all have our views😉 It's great that you're sporting an XL as well. Also if if you visualize first-party phones, Lumias, being pushed out into the consumer market as Microsoft reached outward as the imagery of how MS Mobile strategy was executed before retrenchment, thier pulling back, from that strategy gives an imagery where retracting from that space is an appropriate term:
    [rəˈtrakt] VERB
    draw or be drawn back or back in: Thanks for the input🙂
  • I just want Microsoft to make Windows 10 Mobile stable. Just to get my work done. I don't want Continnum and other things as I prefer my Dell Inspiron laptop and Pixel C tablet over Continnum. And everything is fine except my Lumia.
  • Latest 6** series snapdragon processors have also become very powerful and efficient......I believe they can also be included in this process from the start.......
  • This article thought me that "I'm not only one who waiting for surface Phone/phablet".
    Dear time please please please move fast so that I can get surface Phone/ phablet early.
  • Lol...your petition to time reminds me of Will Smith's new movie where he wrote letters to I believe Time, Death and Love...and got a response!!! 😄 Now I'm eager as anyone to see a Surface Phone but as a dad to a one year old daughter, I'm NOT eager for time to move forward faster, I want my little girl to stay a little girl!!! 🙂
  • Thanks Jason, this article is a good note to start off 2017! You, Dan, Zac and others at Windows Central are among the few tech bloggers who's views align with the W10M 1% who keep the flame burning while also speaking frankly about problems with the platform and Microsoft's strategy.
    After starting out with iOS and Android phones, I finally feel at home on my Lumia 950. Really enjoying the stream of improvements and innovation coming our way.
    I believe the "Surface Phone" and 3-in-1 concept will bring excitement to a specific market segment when it comes, but won't bring W10M into the consumer mainstream by itself. Microsoft should also improve and tune it's traditional consumer smartphone push rather than practically abandoning it and making self-defeating public statements. But then, I'm probably preaching to the choir. ;-]
  • Hi Mike, thanks for the kind words. It's great being in this community and part of the Windows Central team! Looking forward to 2017 and beyond!😎
  • "So even with just 1% market share and an "Other" category ranking, I'm all-in on Windows phone. Not only because of what it is today, but also because of what I believe it will become."
    That's 100% what I think about Windows Mobile.
  • If you've got a PC it makes so much sense to have a Windows Phone. I'm using HP elitex3, great phone and windows 10 is amazing. I think we have alot to be grateful for, and to look forward too.
  • Great article Jason, thanks for that! I was first in with the HTC HD7 right at the launch of Windows Phone 7. Next I got a Samsung Omnia with Windows Phone 7. Next following was a HTC 8X on Windows Phone 8. In between I was quite some time using Android/iOS, but now I'm rockin' a Lumia 950 since two months and couldn't be happier. Proud to be part of the 1%! :-) Writing this comment on my beloved Surface Pro 4 and afterwards I'll play some Xbox One S. One could say for safe that I'm all in with Microsoft and I'm really excited about what they will come up with in 2017. Will be one of the first in line for Xbox Scorpio and the first 'cellular PC'!
  • Had the HTC HD 7 at launch as well!
  • Thanks s4ikman! Great times ahead😎!
  • thanks for this great article!
    i similiar hopes and believes for an ultramobile surface pocket pc. but also I suppose Panos will once more surprise us with something no one of us has thought about but instantly thinks wow that is exactly how i wanted it :))
  • Lumiaok thank you and Panos and his team may do exactly as you say. And that would be awesome!😎
  • Im a proud windows phone owner since 5.0 too. Now with my 950 xl and prouder than ever. Windows mobile for life
  • I firmly believe that Microsoft has all the tools necessary to disrupt the mobile industry. Microsoft has further demonstrated that platform convergence is viable across all known form factors. It provides meaningful benefits to users and it provides operational scale that allows Microsoft to be more agile than the competition. Apple uses bolt-on features to, "hand off" work flow between their products but they do not benefit from the inherent efficiency associated with platform convergence. Their solution results in more complexity and less agility. Those who clamor for touch support on MacOS will continue to wait for as long as it takes Apple to engineer a solution. The same is true for touchpad / mouse support for the iPad Pro. Google followed Apple's lead in this regard. They specifically went out of their way to lock their platforms into form factors. Now, they are struggling to develop yet another platform to combine, "the best" of Android and Chrome specifically to address the 2 in 1 market. This is, at best, a tactical maneuver that is the direct result of design decisions that they made years ago. On the other hand, Microsoft recognized the need to create a single platform core many years ago. The story behind convergence could go back 20 years. Windows 10 and Server 2016 are the direct result of a long standing product roadmap that prioritized convergence. Now, we are beginning to see an increase in agility that the competition is unable to keep up with. With OneCore, Microsoft has a significant competitive advantage. How does this affect mobile? It changes everything including, but not limited to, mobile. Product innovation from their MASSIVE investment in R&D can now be optimized against OneCore with only the front end requiring development for the UWP. The vision for Windows 10 on mobile is so much more than the existing industry narrative. If you are looking for what has defined the mobile industry in the past, go with Android and iOS. For the next generation, my money is on Windows 10. What will that look like? This is where it gets interesting. Anything is possible and there is a good chance that Microsoft will be ahead of the competition. It scales for input and output at the platform level. No other OS has that capability but input and output modalities are only part of the equation. With form factors aside, I believe that cellular connectivity is ripe for disruption and Microsoft has all the tools necessary to change the landscape using white spaces WiFi. Microsoft's investment in white spaces WiFi goes back approximately 10 years. Recently, they entered into a partnership with D-Link and it was recently recognized as a WiFi standard. Provided that they are able to clear the remaining regulatory hurdles, It could be rapidly deployed with very little infrastructure investment. In fact, Microsoft has deployed it for disaster recovery purposes. It is the very definition of rapid deployment with minimal infrastructure. It also supports Gbps connection speeds with excellent coverage and it would all but eliminate carrier interference. For now, cellular support is a factor in the mobile landscape. In the near future, white spaces WiFi may all but eliminate the old guard. They are the mobile gatekeepers. They benefit from their cellular infrastructure even if it is limits access and innovation. White spaces WiFi has a legitimate shot to change mobile connectivity and usher in more choice for consumers. It is better, faster and cheaper. Spectrum regulatory hurdles are all that remain and they have already cleared many of them. Buying Microsoft WiFi through the app in Windows 10 takes on a new meaning when it is considered in this context. That is just one example for how the narrative may change in the near future. If you define success using existing metrics, Microsoft's mobile efforts seem disjointed at best. They will almost certainly release a 3 in 1 device that adds new depth to the conversation but knowing Microsoft, that is a relatively small part of their roadmap. Much like the iPhone, it won't change the industry overnight but it will slowly change the narrative in much the same way that the Surface has for the 2 in 1 market. Mobility, as we know it today, is limited by market and technological headwinds. There are only so many ways to innovate on little slates with touchscreens. To borrow a term from Jason, app warehouses have been a defining factor in the market. Developer support is fickle and difficult to achieve at scale. Windows 10 and the UWP has started to build momentum but that isn't the end game. Progressive web apps are the next generation because they use web technology to run natively. More so, it is simple economics. When developers realize that they can increase exposure without paying an app store tax, the competitive advantage for an app warehouse will be nullified. Again, OneCore will ensure that these apps perform seamlessly across form factors. In time .NET Core and Chakra Core will also pay dividends. The amount of energy required to spin up a flywheel is very high. The energy required to keep it moving it relatively low. Each new platform is, in effect, a flywheel. While the competition creates new flywheels to try to keep up, Microsoft will continue to focus their inertia around OneCore. There will come a time when buying into Windows 10 on mobile will no longer be defined by the existing narrative. The competition is heating up and the leading edge has been defined by Microsoft. That is why I use Windows 10 on PC, Xbox and mobile. I love using it and I'm excited about the future. At this point, it is all a matter of execution.
  • great post. many things to think about. thank you. really like the following point: "their way to lock their platforms into form factors". It nicelly summarizes the current state. petr  
  • Sure thing. Just contributing to the conversation. :)
  • InlineV thanks for the "article" 🙂. Great points!
  • Brevity has never really been my forte. ;)
  • I'm with Jason in feeling it felt like an article. Not because of length, but due to the information and clarity it was written with. Notice, no haters on your points and they were great points. Microsoft has stated they are looking elsewhere in technology and many of us here are the few who see the vision. Others are looking for the successes of today forged by the decisions of yesterday while we are looking forward for the wonders of tomorrow. Love learning of Microsoft's foundation for the vibrant future. Well done.
  • Thank you for your kind words. That means a great deal to me. It is an exciting time for technology. I have been fortunate to be a part of it and to watch it evolve for many years. I could tell you so many stories. I've had a peak behind the curtain here and there. When they tell you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, it is because he is wearing the emperor's new clothes. No one should see that. It is disturbing. 😊
  • Probably because many people didn't read it. It's a common side effect of being a "comprehensive poster." I run into this issue, as well. I don't think platform convergence is more efficient. I don't think that this is a selling point of Windows. It's part of the reason why I bought a Mac - to avoid it. And I like the way Apple is doing things. Making the devices work together in innovative ways is easier than giving up and trying to bolt your Mobile OS into your Desktop OS. Microsoft is only doing this due to their position. The only way to get a lot of headroom into the mobile market, is to turn mobile devices into PCs and get businesses (and users, by extension) to switch for that reason. Meanwhile, they will nickle and dime you for Office and all sorts of other software/services. Thanks, but no thanks. But probably the only way they can attain relevance in mobile. They've really gone down the road of desperation :-P People are attributing this to great thinking, when we know damn well it would never have gone this far if they had the 10% market share Ballmer was shooting for. They'd have just aped apple's continuity featues (as they've been planning to do implement them since before Apple introduced theirs... just goes to show the momentum this platform has) and called it a day. They would have sold more phones just based on their huge Windows desktop user base, and the fact that a Windows Phone would have just "made sense" to Windows users the same way an iPhone makes sense to Mac users. I actually think Windows 8, and the reaction to it, are a huge reason for this. They probably had to re-think a lot after 8's release and this really adversely affected other businesses - like Windows Phone - as a result.
  • Hey it will be the Pocket PC of 2017 this time with voice...;)
  • P.S. - Amazon brought their app back in the last week. Basically is a web wrap around, but they did bring it back and it works perfectly.
  • ...and is ugly.
  • Indeed it's very ugly, especially that nonsense bar wasting away screen real estate. Amazon is mad.
  • The left hand side is annoying and a waste of space. I was being positive as they pulled the plug on the old app and said they were gone. Now with an actual app we can ask for a face lift.
  • @addicus I'm with you, I'm glad they brought the app back. I rather have something than nothing. Now as you say, maybe we can ask for some UI improvements👍🏿
  • I own a Note 5 (the non flammable Note) and my 950XL and no matter how much I try to move to use the Note as my daily driver, I just can't pull the plug on W10M. I just like the UI. I have access to Bank of America so I can bank and user mobile payments. I don't have access to every app that ios and Android users have but it's not a serious issue for me in my use case. I go with what works for me, period. As long as MS has something on the horizon with mobile, ill be continuing to use Windows Phone.
  • 7"? Please that's too big! 6" is big enough!
  • It's personal preference on the 7-inch. For my work I take lots of hand-written notes on OneNote. 7 inches will work better than 6inches. I will just carry it in a slung... Or wheelbarrow.
  • I have been on windows since 8.0 in December 2012 . App gap for me means next to nothing. Windows is just a better experience all around and feels like home to me.
    Tried android on a few different devices and it's just not the same and always came back to windows. Looking forward to the growth of this platform in the new year and will stick with windows if the Lord wills to the end.
  • Instead of trying to make a phone do PC things, they're making a PC do phone things.
  • And at this time and place, that means absolutely nothing to most users.
  • Although I enjoy Windows Phone way more than Android or iOS, and will be sticking with my 950 for the foreseeable future, I am not as optimistic about the future of the platform. I see MS dumping it soon in favor of full Windows 10 on ARM, with no upgrade path for "legacy" users. Which, I guess is a path forward for "windows on a phone," but will really screw dedicated fans. Don't think it can happen? Let me remind you about WP7.8 on the Lumia 900...
  • Today's chips are compatible with Windows 10 on ARM (32 & 64 bit supported).  Why shouldn't the phones be compatible?
  • Screens are too small. The UI will probably be optimized for tablets and devices >6".
  • In the US I don't feel like much has changed regarding Windows phones as there was never a feeling of momentum here. If anything 2016 was the best year of Windows phone hardware we've seen in years with Acer, HP, and Alcatel all delivering high end phones. Outside the US it must feel very different in places where the Lumia brand had some traction and there was a sense of momentum for Windows phones to overtake iPhone or be a serious competitor. There are obviously a lot of things which could've been done better to upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 users to Windows 10 and for Microsoft to court more top tier developers and manufacturers worldwide. Ultimately I agree with this article, I feel like Windows 10 is secure, the app store is starting to gain traction on PC and Xbox and the phone users will benefit to a large degree regardless of how many users of phones there are. Windows tablets have benefitted from a lot of the same dynamics. I think where pain points exist on Windows Mobile are specifically in the location/retail and camera-based apps that are not usually made for PC. MS can do more and should do more to address these pain points in the ecosystem. If Windows holographic devices take off we will have yet another shared entry point into the Windows app store. I feel good about the state of Windows 10 continuing on all hardware types. Differentiating between whether the device is phone, tablet, PC, 2-in-1, Xbox, holographic increasingly becomes unimportant. Together they are all just various access points to what eventually will be the same Windows 10 store and applications. If Microsoft can address the absence of retailer apps and a few media service apps I think Windows 10's app store will advance on very solid footing. Windows 10 isn't going away on phones, tablets, game consoles or headsets regardless if MS is first or last in those hardware categories.
  • It's sad to admit it, but MS has lost me, as least as far as phones are concerned. I owned dozens of WinMo/Phone handsets since my first venerable MPx200. And frankly Satya's complete betrayal of the platform was the final straw in a litany of incompetence. Not technical incompetence, but business and consumer cluelessness on an historic scale. I love the availability of Apps on my iPhone 7+. They make it a far more useful tool than my L950XL. And I don't know who they think they're fooling at Redmond, but out here in the real world nobody supports WinMo for BYOD or in house devices. As much as I deplore the ancient, information desert start page of iOS, the rest of the OS is far more polished, and the Apps more interoperable. Almost without exception, they work better than their scarce WinMo counterparts. Take the official Ring App, it never worked reliably or in anything like real time on my L950XL, but is totally solid on my iPhone. That's probably not an OS issue, I expect it's inefficient coding, but to the User, who cares. And with no support from Microsoft, why would any company bother to develop or support Apps for WinMo? Of course, there were the 'Bridges', which gave us a few poorly running copies of iOS Apps and NO Android Apps. Then there was the much ballyhood 'Universal' Apps which would supposedly blanket WInMo with fully functional versions of all those updated Windows programs that were supposedly coming. Only that hasn't happened either. So the money spent in my household to purchase three Lumia 950's was followed closely by Satya finally admitting that he's letting WinMo die on the vine, in the faint hope that eventually Microsoft will finally deliver a computer in your pocket, and then Consumers, totally ready to forget how MS abandoned their Mobile Customers not once, not twice, but three times, will flock to the platform and take it to massive heights that will then pull in App Developers to actually make the damn things useful. Well dream on Jason. What Dreams May Come. Just don't expect them to include a WinMo phone with a significant Consumer base or daily utility. Microsoft is incapable of making mobile Consumers happy. Something it gives me no pleasure to say.
  • Hi MadSci2 This was by far the best comment to windows phone itself. It is just what i feel and i think in general what everybody feels but afraid to admitt our failure and the way we were fooled. I own a Lumia 950 XL, has one year now. I tottaly agree that they have abandoned the platform as apps are leaving and no new titles (big titles) are coming and the apps like facebook and instagram and whatsapp are there but not like in android or ios. They miss features and no one will ever develop them. No one will ever care, such as microsoft does not care that they broke the contacts (within you had connection to facebook and could see the posts of your contacts - this is no longer, with the new facebook it's all gone...and broken! No interaction and no one will ever care) We feel abandoned and fooled by someone with tons of money that simply dont give a **** to marketing the products and be in the market. Now i paid 600€ for my loving Lumia 950XL and after a year i had to leave the insider fast as it was getting worse and worse build by build. I rolled back to the anniversary update, but sill things crash and slug at some times. Why? Coz no one cares.... I bought a Samsung Galaxy S6+ and microsoft apps come preinstalled. The strangest thing to me was that in my Lumia 950XL microsoft gave me first 15G of Onedrive storage. Then they cut it to 5G. Now let's see- As i entered the onedrive app in android, it gave me a message that it was a selected device to receive 100G of free storate. Simple as a click. THEY TREAT THE OTHERS BETTER THEN THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS! Now i said i paid 600€ for the device, i want respect. But no respect other than the camera was given to me. And that is why the platform does not and will never succed. Because they will lose every little customer to Nokia return.   When Surface Phone arrives, no one will care - and that's the Karma Microsof deserves. NO, i will not seel my Lumia 950XL as i love it and love the Windows Mobile. But they are spitting in our faces and i cannot defend them no more and speak good things of them to my persons. That's how sad i am.
  • MS is really full retard or blind if they think anyone will ever trust them after fcking up users three times! oh, ley's not forget about the Surface RT fiasco...another ditch and run on their pure incompetence.
  • I had the Mpx220 too. Was so proud and disappointed. I found XDA,, learned I couldn't flash it and got a 8125. I had the big phone after the HD2. The big one with wireless charging, but can't remember the name. Damn 1520 erased my memory.
  • Been using Windows Mobile for a while, started with ATT Tilt Windows Mobile 6, then HTC HD2 WM 6.5, Lumia 900 WM7.5, Lumia 920 WM8.1, Lumia 1020, Lumia Icon, Lumia 950XL WM10, and now hp Elite x3 WM10 RS. At the same time, my laptop had gone from IBM ThinkPad, Lenovo ThinkPad, Nokia Lumia tablet, Surface Pro3, and now Surface Book. My PCs from home made generic towers, hp, and now Surface Studio. 2017 will be an interesting year for Surface in the mobile segment.
  • True, Microsoft OneCore, LiveTile are the things I want from my phone / ecosystem, BUT: MS has fuc**ed up badly with poor performace on Mobile. Even with Snapdragon 810 process, UX experience is poor and full of bugs. Typing is slugish, Silverlight (wp8.1) app support is poor... Ther REALLY SHOULD START OPTIMIZING AND FIXING the the OS! FeedBack hub does not MEAN USER WILL TEST ONLY!
  • When Nadella fired all the dedicated testers...who do you think does the testing? Insiders..
  • Hi, Nice article. Did Microsoft pay you to write it? I love my Windows Phone, but it is a dying platform. The lack of apps for normal day usage of your phone is killing the Windows Phone totally. No kid in the world would choose a windows phone. No teenager uses a windows phone. You simply cannot be a part of the social life with a windows phone. My guess is that the 1% market share is us die hard Microsoft fans still trying to convince ourself that Windows Mobile is the coolest platform. It is, i know ;-) I love the interface. It is soooo much better that Android and Ios. I think Microsoft is dooing it wrong, if they think that continuum is unique to the Windows eco system. If it gets to be a parameter that enterprises think is a point to consider, then Android and Ios will launch a comparable feature in no time. No business user will choose a windows phone over one of the other platforms, because all the other apps they use are not in the Windows Phone store. This is my two cents.
  • Hi Jais, thank you an no Microsoft did not pay me to write this. They don't pay any of us. I write what's in my mind, Microsoft has no idea what I'm going to write until someone there clicks the published link and reads it.
  • Hi Jason, I know that you are not paid by Microsoft. I think the article is good but I think that i lacks a healthy critiism of the areas where the Windows Mobile platform lacks a lot. I love the platform. No doubt about that, but that said I beleive that the Windows mobile platform will die very soon and trying to move it towards business will also fail. Again for the lack of apps, even when the UWP is implemented more throughout the Windows universe. Why would I want a Surface Mini? I wont be able to replace a mobile phone, because I won't have all the apps that the android and Ios universes have. It wont replace a Surface or Surface book because it does not have a keyboard. So it ends beeing an extra device you have to carry around. For me that is a hassle and is not going to happen.
  • Hi Jais, thanks for your response. The important thing here is to keep the context of this piece in perspective. It is an opinion piece/editorial titled "I'm a Windows phone fan. Why?...." It purposed to express why **I** am a fan of the platform.
    Furthermore, if you look at what I wrote I stressed the importance of the app bridges to resolve the app problem as an important part of the success of the Mobile vision in the last paragraph of the "Looking back at looking ahead section" and I close out addressing that and other points in the closing sentence of the piece.
    Also as far as healthy criticism goes:
    I wrote a four part series titled "Windows Mobile and the enterprise" where each installment focused on a particular point criticizing Microsoft's decision to publically proclaim it's Mobile platform was strictly enterprise- focused.(Two installments' of that series are hyperlinked in this piece.)
    I also wrote a piece titled "This is the worst time for apps to leave Windows Mobile" (This is also hyperlinked in this piece).
    I also wrote a piece asking the question of Satya Nadella "Can we still expect the best Microsoft experience."
    I also wrote a piece titled "My Ode to Windows Phone 8.0" where I expressed my disappointment with lost features like Rooms, changes to the People Hub, Photos Hub and more with the shift to 8.1(This is also hyperlinked above).
    I also began this piece with a clear acknowledgement of the poor state of the platform- 1% share and "Other" categorization. And before really diving as I stated above I candidly expressed and stressed that the success of MS Mobile vision rested precariously on the future of multiple other factors like the App Bridges, the UWP and Continuum.
    This is found in the last paragraph before the Continuum section.
    Furthermore, if the presentation of those criticisms weren't sufficient under the Windows phone isn't dead section I **explicitly** begin a sentence with **"I have my criticism's..."** and proceeded to share them and linked to the articles that expounded on them further.
    Finally my closing sentence revisits the need to address the app gap with a hope to see progress from the app bridges and Wand Labs acquisition.
    There's plenty of healthy criticism in this piece that is set in a context of expressing why I am a fan of Windows phone.
    Thanks for reading and for your support!!!🙂
  • Looks like they never "clicks". Sometimes it seems there's phone division located in the Mars not in the earth.
  • Hmm, my company, what is a business, is blocking websites which are not related to job activity just for safety reason. Except common social networks, but I.e. Viber is blocked nevertheless...
  • Hmm, my company, what is a business, is blocking websites not related to job activity just for safety reason. Business became more and more isolated from social networks. Except common social networks, but I.e. Viber is blocked nevertheless...
  • If you believe you *need* any smartphone to be a "part of the social life", then it is a rather sad statement on the quality of your life, no offence. I use my smartphone every day, but I can perfectly imagine my life, including my social life, without it. If you can't, you are in trouble. As for Windows phones in particular, they cover the basic social networks if that is what you mean by "social life". They definitely do not have all the latest fa(r)d apps, but I imagine there are plenty of users who don't give a damn and just need the messengers, e-mail, calendar, browser, i.e. the basic functionalities of a smartphone that are all present in current W10M devices. The great tragedy here is that the failure of Windows Phone isn't so much due to the app gap, but to the lackluster effort on the part of Microsoft in terms of promotion, marketing, bugfixing, development of new features, etc. If Nokia was still there and if Microsoft ever took its mobile platform seriously and they collaborated in flooding the market with cheap, reliable Windows phones, it would definitely maintain a decent market share. However, once Microsoft took over Nokia completely, it decided this was not the route they were interested in pursuing and basically gave up on promotion, marketing, and now even manufacturing of Lumias. For other OEMs to enter a market, however small, that is so dominated by the platform creator (Microsoft-Nokia) is a terrible proposition. Like iOS is synonymous with iPhones, Windows Phone is synonymous with Nokia Lumia. People interested in WP simply do not like to buy WP devices by other OEMs. No wonder the platform collapsed in 2016 when Microsoft itself discontinued Lumia. Now the question is what is next? A new beginning or complete withdrawal? I believe in the former, in the form of a Surface-branded mobile device running the full W10 with a mobile shell and some never before seen features. Nevertheless, for the general consumer, Android and iOS will remain the only genuine options for the foreseeable future. I personally will likely end up using two phones in parallel: a Lumia 950 as my main driver and a cheap(ish) Android phone for some functionalities that are unavailable on W10M or are of insufficient quality.
  • Imagining something and actually living it are two different things. What you said sounds nice, but it doesn't work that way when you stop using social media and the rest of your social circle continues to use it as a primary means of sharing and discussing information. This is like being on the phone with someone and talking about something, while they chat it up with the rest of the people during the conversation - in a thread that you aren't privy to. It does not work that way. What you're stating is a pipe dream. App gap was a fatal flaw of this platform, the same way it was a fatal flaw for Blackberry 10 and the Amazon Fire Phone. We're at "peak app" now, but "peak app" only applies to Apple App Store and Google Play. This means that there is a huge variety of apps out there that many people use and may even depend on (personally or professionally) which are not available on Windows Phone. This makes the platform a non-starter for these people. Why do you think developers like Google use their services (and the apps, as an extension) like weapons in the Mobile Turf Wars these days. Also, you're completely, 100% wrong, about promotion and marketing. You must be new to this platform. Windows Phone 7-8 was heavily marketed by Microsoft. There were commercials all the time. The devices themselves were highly marketed in Carrier Stores. Windows did achieve decent market share - considering how late it was to market, and how much it failed at providing the features, experiences, and apps that users were craving back then (and even still to this day). The development of new features is an issue. Bug fixing is an issue, but it's an issue for every OS. Android devices often sit with bugs for 6mo. or more before a fix is issued by the carriers. Guess what? Samsung is still selling tons of Phones, as is LG and other OEMs there. I'm not buying that. I think many Windows Phone users simply became disillusioned with the platform. I think the platform was held up by => $100 phones, and Android low-mid range devices finally got TOO GOOD for it to compete by throwing bad hardware with a low price tag at the market. No one wants a phone with a WVGA Screen and useless camera anymore, even for $99. They will pay that extra $100 to get something usable... The iPad also happened. What this did was boom the tablet market, and as a result many people bought iOS and Android Tablets, which bias future smartphone purchases to the platforms running on those devices (if those devices are heavily used). There is no point in getting a Windows Phone if you have an iPad these days, and use it a lot. The iPad basically becomes a phone when you're using it, and you can do literally everything from it. Microsoft has lacked in this way, only just not "preparing" to offer something similar. While people here are ******** and moaning about SD Cards and Home Buttons, they are completely ignoring core usability and user experience merits that those other ecosystems have bought - and where Microsoft has failed. The mere thought of switching my iPhone out for an Android or Windows Phone makes me shudder, because I use a Mac and being able to literally use my PC as a telephone has completely redefined the way I use my devices, and how I use my devices. The move back to the competition is incredibly jarring as a result.
  • "Apps" are so 2015..... i's time to look past that silly idea that we need an app to get something done on a pocket computer. Look at the new Skype with it's "bots" that basically replace apps for UPS and others. Soon you won't need an "app" for common tasks like banking or shopping or checking package delivery... Instead you will only need apps for productivity like Photoshop or Premiere... or games.
    Android and IOS both get this wrong... and it's old. It makes no sense to download and install some app when a bot will do the same thing and interact with you.
  • :))) what the F have you been smoking :))?
  • If its not dead it will be soon , once Nokia open their doors up! Android is clearly the winner..... Time to hang up Windoz.I don't know anyone that uses one.
  • I love how people think the Nokia machine will mean anything. They have nothing left of their phone business but their name, which they will ***** out to a generic white box manufacturer.
  • When my 650 can operate daily without flaws I would consider replacing my iphone as my primary. Still too many bugs in Windows 10.
  • Thanks Jason. Blackberry BB10 guy here. Finally glad to read something alluding to a positive future about a platform. If you all want true doom and gloom, go hang out on Crackberry. If the Surface phone turns out to be half of what is speculated. That will be my next device. 
  • Samsung is going to release a continium kinda thing in a few months on the galaxy s8 it seems. MS will be too late with this. Before you know it Google will have this area probably covered as well. Only for consumers though. Continuum seems more focused for business. Source: https://www.sammobile.com/2017/01/02/latest-galaxy-s8-leak-hints-at-prop...
  • MS has tendency to do this - have a good idea, but not capitalize on it, then someone else does. Is Continuum going to compete with ARM to x86 development?
  • If Samsung implements this as biggest Android vendor then Google could be implementing this into Android/Chrome/Andromedia too. They already have all the apps and users anyways so they have a huge headstart. And yeah. If full blown Windows is on ARM then continuum isn't really needed anymore. It would solve many things except the phone problem. Their are many many legacy apps, but most of those are already abandoned by developers who make mobile apps now, browser extensions or webapps. Without extra development those UIs will not work on a phone. I don't think that suddenly many devs will update their apps As long as their isn't consumer intrest. Also phone specific apps like camera and photo apps will lag behind since win32 isn't focused on those peripherals
  • I agree that the casual user will not need full Windows but for a technical professional, being able to run full Windows with its applications (with some good cpu) would be awesome.
  • No one is going to put an i5 in a phone. That's what you'd need, at the very least, to make this worthwhile to a technical professional over taking a Surface [Pro/Book] or MacBook [Air/Pro] instead... And that completely negates the need for Continuum... Which competely negates the need for a Windows Phone, period. Becuase the app ecosystem is terrible and [non-Microsoft] business support is MUCH weaker than iOS and Android.
  • i love my s7 edge phone but the software has alot of work to do, notifications simply suck, voice assistant on the s7 edge is awful.  On my 930 i used cortana 70% of the time cause it just worked and all i had to do was press 1 button or say hey cortana but with edge i cant open on my always on display in voice.  Its just terrible.  Hell i knew notifications was a isse when they dont open to the lock screen or even show more info on the always on display, and interactive.  I love my edge phone but with samsun duplicating so many apps and the rest of the issues i dont think ill be buying samsung again, not unless they went pure android or windows 10 even.
  • Yep and Lenovo released their Android laptop idea and it sucked.
  • I like WP for the Live Tiles.   I also like my 930 because it is a Nokia - I expect to run it till there is a new serious WP.  The OS runs fine - has a few bugaboos like any OS. I full expect to see W10M dumped - that whole WP 7-8 issue again.  Missing certain apps is still a huge problem - banking, entertainment.  But it does have the ones I need.  Some sites have better mobile browser experiences than others. Still love the look and feel.  Camera is solid. Btw, I think the word 'phone; will be dropped.  The device will a portable personal computer - PPC, wait, taken....mobile personal computer - MPC...taken...fine it is a digital appendage.  Digipendage.  DPD...that is going to have to do for now.  It will be a tablet with phone capabilities.
  • This is so stupid. You want me to bring up all the things Apple has "going on"? 3D Touch is fantastic, their dual-camera on the 7 Plus is amazing, the fingerprint sensor is lightning fast (on MacBook and iPhone), the A10 Fusion processor wipes the floor with not only every windows and android phone, but also a surface pro 2. I realize that the new Surface Pro is faster, but still the MacBook is faster than that. Microsoft only rules the desktop area because their software is open to anyone. Microsoft Windows 10 is cheaply made, and infinitely more difficult to use than any MacBook. The Interface is so bad. Microsoft also does a horrible job supporting old hardware (and new hardware for that matter), as everyone here on Windows Central I see hesistant to admit, but also knows is true. Apple is fantastic at this. Windows phone is horrible, windows desktop is almost unusable (I'm speaking from experience, I own a Surface Pro), Hololens is a great idea but nothing more, Apple Watch is way better than the Microsoft Band, Cortana is awfully dumb compared (in my experience) to Siri (or Google for that matter), Windows on ARM is a great idea but Microsoft has been promising things like this for years and nothing came of it, Apple's iPad Pro doesn't have desktop apps but at least the great App Store makes up for it. I don't even know why I read this. This article is 100% click bait, and nothing more. Bunch of bologna.
  • Microsoft has the vision to power the future, I believe that. I don't believe, however, that Microsoft has the stuff, the planning, or the execution skills to carry their plans out.
  • When my 22yo daughter started college almost 4 years ago, she was the only one using a Surface Pro and Windows Phone.  The rest of her friends where on anyone of 3 combintaiotns of, Apple, Google and Microsoft Products.  As her last roomate just graduated, her present from her parents was a Surface Pro 4.  She was the last of the friends to be converted, and it was do to finnace not desire. Did they all move to Windows Phone, NO, though a few have.  Why the change for these College Students.  Simpliesty.  They all watched my daughter perform her requirements in course like Genetics, Calculus, Bio Chemistry, with such easy, they were beyound jealous and many times coming to her for help.  Also, all these students where Honor Studnets, All have been expected into Master Programs around the nation, the most recent heading to Georgetown.  My Daughter applies for Med School this spring.  Another funny story, I gave her a 2001 Firebird Conv't over the summer, and during Christmas I swapped out the Stock Radio for a newone for her.  I handed her a flash drive and said put your whole music collections and Audio books on it.  She looked at me and said I forgot how to use a Flash drive, I have not needed one since High School.  In short each to his own opion, though I do believe you may be selling Microsoft very Short.  Also, I am not 100% sold on Microsoft Execution Skills either, but your rant was pretty far off.      
  • Haha yeah sorry I exaggerated. I am just a sucker for Apple (obviously) for multiple reasons. My Surface Pro 2 isn't my favorite computer, but it's not my least favorite either.
  • How is cost an advantage for the Surface, when it costs pretty much the same as a MacBook Pro at similar Spec Package, and easily more than a MacBook Air? A MBP 13" with i5 and 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM costs about the same as a Surface Pro 4 with Keyboard (sold Seperately). The only reason to switch off of the MBP is if you need to run specific software applicaitons, which are Windows Only. Even then, it's a bad value to switch devices, when you can just Boot Camp or Virtualize Windows for much cheaper than buying a new PC. I'm really convinced you people are writing fiction on these websites. I live in a college town, and I've seen a few Surface and Surface Pros. However, I can count the number on one hand. The vast majority of students here are either using (cheaper, and often older) Windows Laptops (those are the actual cost-conscious students) or MacBooks of various flavors. I've seen 10x as many 2011 MBPs as Surface tablets of any type in the Cafe's coffee shots, and around campuses. And that's just one model. It also doesn't speka to the type of Desktop PC many of these students use at their dorm or at home (which is often an iMac). The thread is about Windows Phone. There is no superior "productivity" in using Windows Phone with anything. You can install iCloud and iTunes on Windows. Apple actually sells iBooks and Audiobooks. iTunes U is a thing, and actually used by many college courses. iCloud Drive is a thing. iPhones can Sync wirelessly with both Windows and Mac PCs. You can even Authorize your Audible account in iTunes to access and Sync (to iOS) them in iTunes, without need for another 3rd party app on your devices. The flash drive statement applies regardless of what platform a student may be using. People are using online storage more than flash drives these days, because it doesn't "fail" (as in, malfunction due to heavy use or age... or break) and you don't have to carry around another dongle/device with you everywhere. Just use BT or an AUX cable. That's way more convenient than a flash drive (lol... seriously?).
  • Haha true. I have one of the only TWO Surface Pro tablets I've seen at my church. On the other hand, anyone else trying to get serious work done: MacBook Pro (usually around 2014-ish model). When you factor in that there's no cost advantage either way, almost everyone chooses MacBook Pro over pretty much any Windows computer. Even some of the guys over at Android Authority 😂
  • I used both MacBook and PC for many years and I enjoyed lot of very good things with both OS. Actually I am using Surface Pro 4 for one very simple reason: Surface Pro is contemporary a PC and a real tablet. I use professional programs like Finale MakeMusic and others. Finale works on Mac and on PC but NOT on Ipad or IPhone). With Surface Pro I have a full Windows 10 PC and contemporary a full Windows 10 Tablet I can use for teaching, for playing and in many other circumstances. This is, actually, in my opinion, the advantage of Windows 10: with Mac you need to bring with you a MacBook and an Ipad: with Surface Pro only one device.
  • I've NEVER heard of something being easier to do on a Windows Computer than on a Mac. F'real. I use both, so I know. Whether all those people were on the Honor Roll or not is irrelevant to the argument, because it was a small group of people that your hypothesis has arisen from. I could show you a family we are friends with, where they all are doctors or are in Medical school or college, their family grounds you if you get a B, etc. and they all have iPhones and Macs. But That's irrelevant.
  • does apple iphone have wireless chargeing?  oh a amoled screen? no? a sd slot maybe?  iphones arent what they used to be, they have fallen behind in alot of areas, i can see the ipohne 8 will be special but right now i think people are for to bias.
  • Wireless charging in its current state isn't truly wireless because you need a cable to plug into the pad. AMOLED is really great technology, but iPhone 7 already has wide color gamut support, and a very high contrast ratio. An SD card slot is by no means necessary on a mobile phone, especially when you consider the poor implementation the technology has on Android and Windows phones. iPhone 7 is leagues ahead of the Windows Mobile platform with simplicity for use, implementation of great features, amazing camera(s), advanced Mobile OS features, a great App Store, faster processing power than any android phone or windows phone by a long shot, etc.
  • I can agree on most of what you said here, except for the camera. Iphone camera lags way behind GS7, Huawei P9, Mate9 etc.
  • I think the Mate 9 and Huawei P9 are great rivals (as far as the camera goes) to the iPhone 7 Plus, but I don't agree with the Galaxy S7. It seems to me that Samsung over-saturates the colors on their screens and cameras. I don't believe those companies are way ahead either, but honestly it comes down to personal taste sometimes
  • When it comes to color saturation, yes, some prefer it natural some not.
  • That's true. I prefer natural colors so I just stick with the iPhone's camera, but to each his own
  • The natural shot is always objectively "better." What people prefer is simply their preference, and they will buy based on that. But people are conflating preferences to mean objective superiority, which is not valid. The iPhone takes pictures that look more like how it looks in real life. Who would have thought that's why we take pictures? Want a filter? There are thousands of apps for that. Don't **** the photo out with otherworldly qualities by default. Samsung (and almost all Android devices, yes this includes the Pixel) also have pretty terrible image stabilization. I think Sony is the only camera manufacturer who has a decent implementation of DIS + OIS on the market, and isn't Apple. I do think Apple has made a more practically decision regarding the use of Dual Cameras, compared to - say - LG. I tend to favor practicality (great zoom, amazing and instantaneous portrait shots with very little to no artifacting/subject blurring) over Go-Pro like fields of view (LG V20). Samsung also does really aggressive noise reduction and sharpening in their processing algorithms. In low light they tend to blow out photos with yellow tint. It isn't just about the saturation.
  • That's all true. You know your stuff. I also agree with the stabilization point 👌
  • That's also why most photographers (that I've seen, anyway) own an iPhone: true to life colors. And now that you can shoot in RAW on iPhone 7, the deal only gets sweeter. Why do you think all smartphone cameras are compared or measured by the iPhone Camera? Because it's the best in its class.
  • Since the Iphone7 has no audio port, there even more reason to support wireless charging. I have a 920L and a 950L. Once you have had a phone with wireless charging, not having it seems like a backwards step. Oh these days of 12 - 20+Mp cameras, of course expandable memory is great.
  • Stupidity of iOS homescreen and dumb home button are killing any good things. White digit in little red circle icon badge??? Are you kidding me!?
  • Dude, chill. iOS' home screen is well thought out, and "it just works". Most people I've seen with android phones even have their apps set up in an iOS-esque manner. The home button isn't dumb at all, it feels a lot better than the Windows button on my Surface Pro 2. As for the notification thing, Rich Notifications are leagues ahead of android's and Microsoft Windows'. There's not much difference between a red dot with a white digit and just a white digit in the corner of a Live Tile 😂
  • Sorry I freaked out here. This article isn't bad, it's your opinion, which you are entitled to. Good job Jason 👌
  • i love windows mobile too, unfortunatly microsft doesnt.  If they did theyd have given windows 10 mobile gestures beta, at least working instead of the single mute function in touch setting.  Pathetic when you consider gestures beta is a simple small app, a microsft app, a app that was released 2 years ago on 8.1 and a app people with lumias loved.  The fact that so many people loved it and still 2 years on microsft still doesnt suport it for windows 10 is kinda telling you what the reall problem is with microsfts mobile struggles.  I can forgive microsft for not suporting my ipad air with a groove app, i can even forgive them for not suporting groove sd card reading on my s7 edge but no gestures on my lumia 930 windows mobile phone is a joke.
  • it would be a big mistake to realease or make a surface phone till the software is finished, no gestures on windows 10 that was on 8.1 is a prime example of features that they should never have dropped. Things like print options that windows 10 once had but then dissapears, App gape sneed to be pluged, you cant have a serious mobile option even for business if your missing bank apps or sp apps or evenwireless payments,  hell i know businesses that wouldnt want windopws surface phone on paypal missing now alone. Microsft needs to have the software complete, needs to offer all the featurtes weve all had for years and used to using before they release a surface phone, i really think they are years away still cause 2 years ond no gestures on windows 10 is kinda saying to developers, hey we dont suport our own platform with our own apps and we dont expect you too either.  LOl its so funny its tragic and i love windows ui os, live tiles rule.  Hamburger menu doesnt, send it back to where it belongs, android.
  • Windows 10 Mobile is a pile of buggy SW that gets worse with every monthly update. It breaks a little something every month and never gets anything important fixes. All apps crash, including Microsoft ones and Edge continues to be unreliable. The only reason I'm not changing my phone is it still somewhat works and a dumb phone like this is enough for my needs. I'm basically doing the same I could do with my Symbian phone
    6 years ago (well, I could do a bit more on my Symbian actually)
  • OK gents. I had a dream. But reality talks. Time to unlock a chain... Sorry Microsoft 😢
  • I am not entirely surprised by some of the comments criticizing Micrososft and not really 'blieving in the vision' though I did expect a fail share of supporters/believers on this forum to be honest. As is Jason (or Zac or Danfor that matter), I too have been a windows fan for all these years. It has ntohing to do with brand loyalty otherwise I would have been an apple fanboy. But while apple has increasingly become a 'me-too' device rather than being the category creating vendor of the past decade, microsoft has taken up the mantle pretty efficiently. It does struggle from the fact that it entered the market very late and thereby suffered from not just users but also developers apathy. On top of it it did make some blunders like buying out and then writing off the nokia business. Windows 8 was released when it did not look like a 'finished' OS. And now the talk of Enterprise focus also cause some jitters. But overall, the desire to make a proper PC in the form factor of a phone has always been there. Now with full windows architecture on ARM presents another 'promise'. There have been quite a few of these promises that were either not fulfilled (project McLaren) or did not take off as anticipated. As a result, I am sure that no matter how good this surface 'phone' is, or how attractiely it is priced (again, it is not likely to be priced attractively) I have no illusions that it will not do much to support the market share. But then again, it is not due to market shares that I chose my devices. Windows phones do the job in best possible manner for me. After a forced few days that I had to deal with android phone, my love for windows phones has only increased. I for sure will be ownign this surface phone (or whatever it is called.
  • You are either a blind fanboy or simply manipulated by Nadella's pack of lies. Users want apps, mobile apps! which windows platform for phones lacks! As a consumer I don't give a damn about running x32 apps on continuum mode, I have an ultrabook for that, a SP4 which is great! For a smartphone I need apps on the go, which both Android and IOS provide! Without Store apps, no surface phone or whatever this new device will be called, will ever save the platform. Nadella FAILED to understand that consumers and business users are no longer two separate entities! and he continues to FAIL to understand that. I have enjoyed using Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 on great Lumia flagships for as long as it lasted, until they came up with this junk windows 10 mobile that is not even close to the speed, reliability and stability of the older OS versions!
  • Tell me a cheap phone (price tag of 640) that provides a good camera, internal memory, not-android-bug-os, fluid, without crashing or hanging. Not everyone cares about apps, I certainly do not, why should I spend more money on another OS? Isn't Microsoft fault that consumers don't research what they are about to buy, if I need to go to work in a city why should I buy a 4x4?
  • Definite Windows Mobile fan here! I've used them all... iPhone was my first "smartphone" but I grew tired of being told what I could and couldn't do on my own phone, so I switched to Android around version 2 after a VERY brief stint with Blackberry and stuck with Android through version 6. Now Windows 10 Mobile. I'm here to stay!
  • windows 8, and 8.1 was really sturdy. although it was limiited funcionality compared to 10, still it does things well, with the fluid typing keyboard, builtin onedrive and word integration, facebook and twitter built directly into the hub and facebook messenger right on phones default texting. all these were gone, graduly with 8.1 and completely wth 10, as they shifted to a more 3rd party app integration thingy. not 3rd party necesarily, but they removed the native OS integration, and forced us to use separate apps like OneDrive, Facebook, Word etc for those purposes. on a way they are trying to bring Microsoft as aservice, unifying how different ecosystems deal with their services, but frankly speaking, iOS dos this best. even their own apps like onedrive and word works better on iOS.
    eventhough i was a diehard fan of windows devices, now i am not that much into the windows mobile devices, because of their shift in strategy mentioned above. still i love windows on desktops, and tablets. i do own a canvas tab, although the performace is not much good on it, but that's just because of the cheap built, for that price tag of that device by the company micromax.
    i am amusician, and they all tend to use mac for their work. even amidst that, I prefer windows because i just love it. Microsoft surface devices looks promising....
  • Anyone switching to Nokia 6?
  • Well, more power to you. Now just make sure to get together with the other two little friends of yours who still play with the same toys.
  • Love my MS 650 paid a measly $149 Cdn and it rocks ...installed 200GD MicroSD card with 1675 Hi-Rez audio files using Foobar2000 mobile as player. I rock with a Sound Blaster E5 Headphone amp / DAC and JBL E50 headphones. The futures so bright I got to wear shades...