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Good news for those of you without an HTC device but still need hidden SSID for your home or work WiFi network. According to Brandon Watson, this feature will be implemented in the final build of "Mango" aka build 7720 which went out to OEMs and carriers earlier this week.

The ability to connect to hidden WiFi networks has been long sought by Windows Phone users ever since its release in October of 2010. HTC responded by coming up with their own custom app that fills in the gap, but Samsung, LG and Dell users were left without any options. Luckily, this now looks to be remedied with Mango coming this fall. It's also one of the key differences between build 7712 and the RTM build.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Brianna, for the heads up

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  • is IE9 a beta in mango 7712????guys, check the twitter page (desktop version) login and play with it, you'll see that it's very bug-y VERY