We've seen how HoloLens is already being tested for use in military training, and now one Ukranian company has demonstrated how Microsoft's augmented reality headset could be used to assist soldiers in armored vehicles. As reported by Defence Blog (via The Verge), Ukranian company LimpidArmor has developed a helmet that incorporates Microsoft HoloLens to give soldiers in armored vehicles a 360-degree view of the battlefield around them.

HoloLens concept gives soldiers in armored vehicles a clear view of the battlefield

According to the report, the helmet works in concert with a circular review system (CRM) consisting of cameras mounted around an armored vehicle. The wearer can then use the HoloLens setup to get a real-time, high quality view of what's around the vehicle in both optical and thermal imaging modes. The software involved can even highlight allies and enemy positions, and includes automatic target tracking.

LimpidArmor's helmet setup is still only a concept, but it's clear that the military is one of many spheres where Microsoft's HoloLens headset is already garnering some interest.