HoloLens concept gives soldiers in armored vehicles a clear view of the battlefield

We've seen how HoloLens is already being tested for use in military training, and now one Ukranian company has demonstrated how Microsoft's augmented reality headset could be used to assist soldiers in armored vehicles. As reported by Defence Blog (via The Verge), Ukranian company LimpidArmor has developed a helmet that incorporates Microsoft HoloLens to give soldiers in armored vehicles a 360-degree view of the battlefield around them.

According to the report, the helmet works in concert with a circular review system (CRM) consisting of cameras mounted around an armored vehicle. The wearer can then use the HoloLens setup to get a real-time, high quality view of what's around the vehicle in both optical and thermal imaging modes. The software involved can even highlight allies and enemy positions, and includes automatic target tracking.

LimpidArmor's helmet setup is still only a concept, but it's clear that the military is one of many spheres where Microsoft's HoloLens headset is already garnering some interest.

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  • Cool
  • Cool, when Russia is trying to ban foreign software from usage by their agencies, another former soviet union is trying to adopt foreign technology for military usage. Developing their OS will take years, even decades to get to maturity of today OSes
  • Do you really think they have no OS?
  • Yeah killing is so cool ! /s
  • Think in opposite way , Not getting killed (defence) is so cool , LOL
  • Yes the more weapons out there the more defence right? That's why US citizens are so secure
  • Last comment was for fun . You can't blame technology for this. Technology is like Knife with it we can kill people or save people that's your choice and you can't blame the inventor of knife for inventing it. Last thing I am not an US citizen to know about security of people over there.
  • I was just pointing out that a kid would react with cool to a weapon or the like.
  • Thats pretty dang sweet!
  • Then we can scan ourselves into 3d and put it back on the battlefield as a hologram and confusing enemy
  • or a 10 foot high emoji :-)
  • Field of view is too small to bring an emoji that big into sight ;P
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  • Urgh...nothing good about helpint people to kill other people.  Start showing the good stuff like medical industry and teaching.
  • You DO realize MANY of the advances in medical, as well as a lot of other technical industries, are advanced directly because of the military right?
  • "because" of the military? The military is responsible for plenty of R&D because they get the money first or instead of other places. They of course use this to develop new and innovative ways of killing people and occasionally make something useful that doesn't kill and we then see that trickle down to civilian use... Sad that we can't invest in technology without trying to find a way to use it to hurt others first....
  • I mean, you're more than welcome to start a company and do things differently. By the way, just so you are aware, it's not just occasionally that military tech trickles down. GPS, night vision, plastics, razors, duct tape, 4 wheeled drive, weather forcasts, canned food, microwaves, the internet, sunglasses, and plenty more all came from military research and theres tons of stuff on the horizon. Companies don't do it to learn new ways to kill, they do it because they know the govt will fund it, and then they can apply the tech to civilian use.
  • I agree that companies doing the research shouldn't be blamed. Like you said they're doing it for the tax payer dollars that  governments hand out for military research. It's just an incredibly inneficient way of developing technology for the benefit of humanity and society. Of all those trillions of dollars invested into military R&D, less than 1% is ever directly applicable to civilian uses, and those discoveries would have been made either way sooner or later, and at a much cheaper cost to taxpayers. Of course that's utopian as human nature just doesn't allow for that sort of thing. Ultimately, I am very thankful for all the technological progress made by military spending that also had civilian uses. I just wish humanity wouldn't have to waste 99% of their military research funding on discovering better ways to "blow stuff up" to make that progress.
  • >>ONE LIFE<< is worth more than all of that combined.
  • I'm going to break out a big stick on this one, but you're telling me that having Adolf Hitler alive is better than not having any of the technologies that Axmantim listed? Or are we going to get into value judgements of individuals. In which case what system are you going to use to judge the value of an individual?
  • Your telling yourself that, i didnt mention that name at all, put your stick away before you hurt yourself.
  • Crazy Glue, too. Lol
  • Crazy Glue, too. Lol
  • The military does more than kill people. Of course war is a primary responsibility, but when not in wartime (there WAS a time when the US wasn't in three at one time) they have many duties.
  • I have worked in the defence sector, the billions poured in is to make people rich, it really is as simple as that.  Ive seen hundreds of billions spent on countless projects only for the projects to get cancelled.  In the end its a vicious cycle where the result is someones death in a far off country.  If the sale of ONE Hololens is involved in ONE death what price is that worth? how is that 'cool' BTW if the amount of money spent on defence was spent on helping people we would have an amazing world.  Show me ONE advance in military and i will show you 10,000 nothing to do with it.
  • and when are you running for President? i would like to cast my vote..i also work in the defense sector and it is a terrible waste of money for some of the things that are "developed" or in "prototype" phase.... You wanna get ur country out of a deficit reduce defense spending ..unfortunately the only thing that gets cut is soldiers and their benefits...  
  • So you want to cut down on defense spending but expect security?  I know there are alot of countries out there that would like to see harm done to the US and it's allies.
  • @lbp775 If it's security you want, then you should be crapping all over the U.S. military as they have not achieved that in any way, shape or form. The second world war was the last time Americans fought for American values rather than for economic or political interests. Since the U.S. started intervening in the middle east over 15 years ago the world has become a much more dangerous and screwed up place, precisely as a result of how those interventions were executed (completely and utterly bungled and entirely unrelated to the attack on 9/11 or any other current threats against the U.S.). If security was the goal, the U.S. could have achieved that at 1/10th the cost of what was spent on the wars in Afgahnistan and Iraq. Funding and supporting moderate groups in the middle east, running counter-propaganda campaigns, and supporting the creation of schools that omit the 8 hours of daily Wahabi brainwashing would have achieved wonders by now, at a fraction of the cost. Instead the U.S. continues to make nice with Saudi Arabia, the country with the worst human rights record on the planet, which most actively propagates extreme islamist ideology, and from where most of the money supporting international terrorism flows. Looking at these ties, U.S. behavior and the results of its actions, it's hard to believe the U.S. is trying to fight international terrorism rather than spread it. Pretty much none of the things the U.S. government spends money on in the fight against terrorism is very effective in that regard. Terrorism is a great way to scare and delude the citizenry into accepting constitutional violations and runaway government spending that are in no way proportional to the actual threat. Just to be clear, I'm not dissing the U.S. military or any of the people in it. Just the disasterous and utterly ineffective way in which it is employed.
  • ^^ - The USA was put in a privalliged position by Saudi choosing the Dollar as the currency for global oil trade in the 70's, its the only reason they are untouchable, Ive been there it is (IMO) a far cry from what a muslim country needs to be, terrible things go on there yet the world turns a blind eye and keeps selling them weapons.  The faster renewable energy comes the better.   
  • I couldn't have said it better (and I really couldn't) better myself. It's a shame that terror has become the easiest way to control and pacify the masses. I still wonder what color the threat level is even though that hasn't been used in nearly a decade. I can't argue with the waste of money. The defense budget is basically a jobs and handout program to mega no bid contract corporations. If we weren't busy showing our dick off to the rest of the world all the time, especially in the past 30 years, we wouldn't be dragging the world's economy down at the rate we are.
  • lol you worked in defense and can't even spell it. Thing is, you can't prove what would be created had we not had a need for it from war. Many of the advances may happen, but how much later, and can you prove at all? We went to space because of war, what logic dictates we would have been there by now if we werent at war then?
  • "lol you worked in defense and can't even spell it" Edit your post post before you look dumb http://www.spellcheckonline.com/defense-vs-defence/​"
  • Too late lol - not one of the few with a passport, you know where ingland is?
  • I was answering to him if it wasn't clear :)
  • Crystal :)
  • MS shouldn't sell it to any military, but I guess that would be part of usual business...
  • Why? If this can be adapted for robotic control, it can help to SAVE lives in some situations.
  • Why not? It won't stop armed conflict and when there is an armed conflict, I much rather for the enemy soldiers to be killed than for our soldiers to be killed. By the way, it's a consumer product. There is nothing stopping the military from buying it for the store shelves if they want it. How do you think the Ukranian military got a hold of it? If they need large quantities, then they order direct from the manufacturers. 
  • Define "enemy soldiers" and "our soldiers"... I think you can see my point here.
  • I was actually talking more about hostage and terrorist situations.
  • When the robots rise up against mankind you'll be glad of it.
  • Or aliens, have you seen the avengers movie? The soldiers had nothing good enough to handle them!
  • lol
  • They had plenty. Black Widow was picking them off with her lame pistol like they were wet toiled paper. There was no need for any avengers. Such a silly movie...
  • I agree with you, nothing is good in helping to kill people but there are some times when diplomacy won't work
  • Bing Bing Bing!
  • "Bing"   I see what you did there!  
  • Yeah, because the world is all rainbows and sunshine and there are no bad people anywhere. How dare we invest in ways to stop bad people from doing bad things.
  • Who's 'we'
  • Society.
  • bad and good is a matter of perspective.  Russian are brainwashed by the media into thinking Americans are bad.  Americans that Russia is bad, China (not sure about that tbh). Point is its easy to use that as an excuse, no one thinks they are bad, only good.  The Nazis thought they were good when they did those terrible things.   The world needs less guns, America definately needs less guns, look at the murder rates, thats real terrorism, and for the billions spent on surveilance not ONE terrorist action has been stopped, incredible waste of money.   I think this could spin into a whole area of politics, religons, etc etc, completely off topic so back on topic, I like Hololens, as an ethical company they need to stay away from the military (IMO)
  • You've got the statistics on events that don't occur?
  • You realise that more people are killed every year in furniture accidents than terrorism?  Maybe Ikea needs to be investigated.  The NSA hasnt been able to provide a single substantiated example of its surveillance preventing any domestic attack at all.  Governments the world over use fear to take freedoms and get more funding and use the media to do fear spreading for them.  
  • Using your own logic I could easily say that BECAUSE the money is spent in defense that you are more likely to be killed by furniture than an act of terrorism.  That doesn't make it true.
  • Im stating facts here, and please present your evidence that proves otherwisw, as already stated the vast amount of expenditure has made holes and vulnerabilities in software for the world.  Every email, text message, search is stores and NOTHING major has been stopped....why? because they know not to use that technology.  Russia is ejecting Windows due to trust issues directly due to the NSA wanting and taking and exploiting technology everywhere.  
  • You are speaking of political good and bad. I am speaking of moral good and bad. There is a big difference. Isis needs to be stopped, Nazis needed to be stopped. That isn't brainwashing or propaganda, that is stopping bad people from doing bad things.
  • In ISIS minds they are morally correct and doing what they believe is right, the people fighting them believe they are morally correct and doing what they believe is right, I agree with you they need to be stopped. I think that the murder rate in America and car accident deaths need more investement to deal with as that pales the deaths of Americans anywhere else.  Bottom line is that America screwed up in Iraq in a big way and a lot of the fallout is what we are seeing which brings me to Hololens.  Less is more when supplying an army that doesnt know what its doing.
  • Ok. Be lucky you have never had to experience the fear that those folks are feeling everyday. Be lucky and hopeful that you never have to experience what happened to London during WWII. It is easy to sit there in your world and judge but never have to go through what many in our past, present and future have had to or will have to endure. I get it, hard to understand what that truly means until it happens. Let's hope it doesn't. But know that it is currently happening to many in our world. But, yeah, right on, live in bliss.
  • I have seen death devastate families.  What people dont understand when sitting at home watching fox news or some other warped news station sputing stats is the disconnection from reality.  The high fives the drone pilots give each other...give them a knife and ask them to do the same killing by hand, including the innocent 'collateral damage' and see them piss thier pants.  Each person has a father, mother, maybe sister, cousins, childrn, what effect does it have on them.  Nothing good comes from war and thisdebate is a healthy one IMO, it really makes me wish MS dont sell t othe defence sector.
  • Agree, there is always a place for a good debate. I also agree that there is no place for celebration when lives are taken, especially when remotely controlled technology is used to take life.
    Though I still disagree and think we (society) need to use technology to aid soldiers in the battlefield. If we change the course of a Just conflict without the loss of life, or limited loss of life from the Just side (I know, what qualifies as a Just war is a completely different conversation, and maybe one day we can get into that... But not today. haha), then we should utilize anything in our power to make that a better situation, for everyone.
  • The end result is always the same, the 2 sides come round and talk to each other. Maybe MS can sell both sides Hololens and they can Skype :P
  • I support this idea. ;)
  • Okay, maybe we should send you to the middle east to do negotiations since it's never been done before. /s
  • The middle east issues are complex, i do however understand them, this is not the place to delve into it.
  • Ok Car accident deaths, which can be aided by taking the human element out of driving (self-driving cars) something DARPA is involved in. So defense isn't all bad now is it. Also the murder rate in the US is not the highest in the world, so why point out the US and not other countries? Also what does using the Hololens in a tank have to do with Iraq?
  • What does Hololens in a tank have to do with deaths? - Wake up and smell what you wrote. DARPA - LOL - I know some of the people there and the projects and funding thats been wasted.  If a Trillion dollars was spent on the American people tackling the real deaths and threats the world would be different. how do you get the Trillion? eayy take 50 Billion off each budget every year for the past 20 years.  Also, im not pointing out other countries as we are discussing America and Hololens in the US forces.
  • Well, you're kinda looking at it from a glass half full. I understand what you're saying, but it is a matter of perspective. I would argue that it could help save lives, because there would be less of an opportunity for blind spot weaknesses to be exploited. This in turn could help save lives, too.
  • And thaat my friend is exactly the argument they use to take tax payers money to line thier pockets with.
  • The article talk about hololens from Microsoft. Since when MS doing research using tax money?
  • Cool!
  • Sad, war is no fun!
  • Indeed.  But inevitable. Even more sad.
  • There must be trees out there not getting their daily hugs :-(
  • So, they simply glue it on to a helmet?  I would expect some craftmanship for military applications.  at least take the hololens apart and intergrate into the helmet like drill some holes for the sensers.  For the anti war people this can change the world if did right, disarm a bomb?  mining?  site survey​?   
  • The HoloLens will bring death to us all!
  • Ahahah :)
  • It's depressing to see news like this.
  • Make the visor bullet proof and you got a win win lol
  • So,that means Call of duty Infinite Warfare isnt so much Futurustic. Hololens in the tanks,Galaxy Note 7 as Bombs.Apple lost Jack. War...
  • Interesting perspectives, different sides agree to disagree, I appologise for any strong comments, its a strong topic lets stick to technology, im sure there are other sites for political discussions, speaking of which...Hillary or Trump :P The rest of the world is watching, laughing, crying, and i think in a few weeks drinking!
  • This is epic! Halo VISR technology is actually becoming a thing... only fitting the same company to develop the fictional concept develops the real thing! 
  • Titan fall!!
  • To heck with the guys in armored vehicles, give them to the ground pounders. Everyone having blue force tracking capability would be a huge advantage and incorporate Hello into them so the enemy can't access the tech(gasp, I'm unfamiliar with HoloLens so I've no idea if it's already built in). Lots of other tech could be incorporated but I won't get ahead of myself, but if I were a straight leg I'd be all sorts of excited with the possible capabilities of being issued a set.