Homebrew app to restart your Windows Phone

Here's another cool and useful tool for you Homebrew folks: Mang Restart.

The app comes from singularity0821, the same XDA'er who gave us that Battery Live Tile app that we reported on the other day. In a similar fashion, this app can be run as a standalone or pinned to your Start screen as a Tile for quick access. In the app itself you have an toggle for a confirmation screen to pop up to prevent accidental presses.

We just installed it on three phones (you don't need interop unlock status) and it has worked without a glitch. Pretty cool if you need to occasionally restart or just want the option (and you find holding down the power button too hard, ya lazy bum). Head to the source link for the XAP file to sideload up.

Source: XDA Forums; via WPXbox

Daniel Rubino

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  • Its nice to have the option, but I've never wanted to, or had the need to restart my Windows Phone :)Seeing this makes me think back to Windows Mobile when I was restarting my phone every other minute ;)It also makes me feel sorry for Android users, who are mostly still at the 'restarting every few minutes' stage. lol
  • In 6.1 builds 21052 and 21057 on my TP2 I only had to restart twice a week.
  • I agree about the Android phones having to be re-booted all the time. Really is a hassle and it always seems to happen at the most important times. And there's no real indication as to what is wrong. "Network Error" really doesn't tell me that I need to re-boot.
  • Yeah, it's one of the main reasons I dumped my Tilt 2, which is better than WP7 in almost every other way unfortunately. I still do miss Bing navigation the most.
  • ..why would I install an app to re-boot? I am so happy and pleased that since using WP7, I don't have to reboot my deviceany more....
  • I am glad this has been released only for the sake that my HD7 freezes on Zune quite frequently since Mango RTM but I can still open new apps. This should hopefully allow me to not have to pull the battery.
  • I can't see the usefully of this, other than an exercise in api development. I guess if you do a lot of homebrew apps, but then you still need to get to the Start screen and launch the pinned app to restart. Seems the hardware button is so much easier and now has a confirmation slide down in Mango.
  • Good developer, but silly app for Windows Phone. Sure, I have other apps that I only use once a month, but do you really need an app to restart your phone.
  • App is good for a refresh of the OS, but doesn't always work, backs outhttp://www.peterskitchen.net/?p=6757