We're gluttons for punishment around here, so we figure the rest of you are, too, right? And with that in mind, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 just got some additional official love on the other side of the planet.

Our readers in Hong Kong (we know you're out there somewhere) can pick up the TD2 early next month on CSL Limited for about $578US. It also looks like April 22 has been nailed down as the launch date in Taiwan.

And now Mobile Tech Addicts brings word that U.K. dealer Clove has it in stock and ready for next day shipping for about $513US. Just remember that if you import a TD2, you won't have the U.S. 3G bands.

As for the rest of us here in the states? We'll just keep tapping our fingers patiently.

Update: After the break, an unboxing video from Tracy & Matt.