Horizon Zero Dawn coming to PC, Sony Worldwide Studios head confirms

Horizon Zero Dawn Tallneck Image
Horizon Zero Dawn Tallneck Image (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • There have been recent rumors that Horizon Zero Dawn was coming to PC.
  • Hermen Hulst, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, has confirmed these rumors.
  • Horizon Zero Dawn is planned to launch on PC sometime in Summer 2020.

Over the past few weeks, there have been some reports and hints that Horizon Zero Dawn would be coming to PC, directly published by PlayStation. Today, some recent news has locked it in: Horizon Zero Dawn is in fact coming to PC. This confirmation comes via Hermen Hulst, head of Sony Worldwide Studios, in an interview on PlayStation Blog.

Hulst stated that "Yes, I can confirm that Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer…. There will be more information coming from Guerrilla, from the new studio directors [Michiel van der Leeuw, JB van Beek, and Angie Smets] pretty soon."

The Steam listing for the game is now available, if you want to wishlist it. It's the Complete Edition, so it includes The Frozen Wilds expansion that launched in 2017. We'll be sure to share an update when an exact release date is announced.

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  • Let's hope it's a good PC port.
  • Hopefully they actually push the visuals harder and the framerate. All of Sonys exclusives except GT are 30fps. If you look at say Gears 5 the PC version is an utter beast. Best looking PC game out there. With by far the best graphics settings and benchmark. Hopefully Sony does the same with all of its exclusive titles as they come across to PC. Hopefully in the future they make them alongside each other. PC and Console. Be interesting if they take advantage of Direct X Raytracing next Gen for their PC versions. It's already being said it's the best form of Ray Tracing so far. Especially combined with RDNA 2 GPUs which ha e been designed alongside DXR.
  • For sure. Gears 5 is one of the most technically impressive PC ports I've ever seen, incredibly well-optimized. Horizon Zero Dawn did wonders with the base PS4 hardware, seeing that on PC with higher framerate support will be amazing.
  • OMG Yes Yes Yes!!
  • Hoping to see God of War make it to PC at some point. With Microsoft ramping up production of Xbox exclusives and releasing them on PC as well, Sony may be starting to view their own exclusives not being available on PC as a weakness. Then again, it may just be certain development houses wanting to push the limits of their games and sell more copies.