How to claim your free Kinect adapter for the Xbox One S

When Microsoft announced the latest iteration of its flagship console, the Xbox One S, it was noted that a Kinect port will be absent on the slimmed-down unit. With the company's focus on motion controls quickly diverging elsewhere, users will need a separate adapter to use the Kinect sensor on the console.

Updated November 28, 2017: The free Kinect adapter deal has now ended for Xbox One S. Instead, users can purchase a Kinect adapter from the Microsoft Store or Amazon.

Updated May 29, 2019: It's no longer possible to get an official Kinect adapter, but there are many third-party solutions that do work like this one.

The Kinect sensor no longer ships with the latest Xbox One units, however, can be purchased separately from a number of retailers. If you choose to go out of your way to use the device, an adapter can be purchased directly from Microsoft for $39.99.

If you're an early adopter of Kinect, Microsoft has set up a program to provide free sensor adapters to those with older consoles. For a limited time, Xbox Support will be distributing these complementary adapters upon request.

Here's how to request your free Kinect adapter for the Xbox One S:

  1. Collect the serial numbers for your original Xbox One console, Xbox One S console and Kinect sensor. If you plan to trade in your original Xbox One console, it's crucial you collect the original console's serial number beforehand.
  2. Contact Xbox Support and request your free adapter. You'll be asked to hand over your three serial numbers, so make sure these are nearby.

Before contacting Xbox Support, it's recommended that you register your two consoles and Kinect sensor online. If registered prior to the call, the Xbox supervisor can quickly pull the serial numbers from your Microsoft account.

Are you planning to pick up a free Kinect adapter for the Xbox One S? Let us know in the comments!

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