Razer Blackwidow

Titles such as World of Warcraft require the player to take control of massive amounts of elements, in this case abilities and spells. Having to press around 10 or so keys in quick succession can prove tiring for those who have to remain alert and/or focus on other parts of the gameplay simultaneously.

This is where a macro can come into play and it's easy to get everything configured with Razer's suite.

Setting up your first macro

  1. Open up Razer Synapse.
  2. Select your connected Razer keyboard.

    Razer Synapse Macro

  3. Choose the Macros menu header.
  4. Hit "+" to add a new macro.
  5. Give your new macro a name.
  6. Choose how you wish the delay between keystrokes to be recorded:

    • Record delay — Records delay when recording.
    • Default delay — Set delay used between keystrokes.
    • No delay — Synapse won't have any delay between keystrokes.

      Razer Synapse Macro

  7. Hit record and activate keys in desired order.
  8. Select stop when you're done.
  9. Choose the Keyboard menu header.

    Razer Synapse Macro

  10. Select the key you wish to be used for the macro.
  11. Select the drop-down menu.
  12. Choose "Macro".

    Razer Synapse Macro

  13. Change "assign macro" to the one you just created.
  14. Select the desired playback option.

While you can make full use of your keyboard's dedicated macro keys, you can change any key on your Razer keyboard to be a dedicated macro activator. You can set all the necessary macros in Synapse and then combine the configuration with a dedicated profile for a specific title (like World of Warcraft, for example), which can then not only load up your keyboard settings, but also any macros for the MMORPG.

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