How do you pronounce 'Azure?' Microsoft wants to know.

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What you need to know

  • A new marketing video from Microsoft asks people how they pronounce Azure.
  • The pronunciation of Azure varies quite a bit, especially by region.

Microsoft's Azure is a powerful and popular cloud platform, but despite its popularity, there's still debate on how to pronounce it. A new marketing video from Microsoft asks people how they pronounce, "Azure." The video includes several people pronouncing the service's name in different ways, which vary quite a bit.

Azure's pronunciation varies from person to person for several reasons, one of which is the region someone is from. The video includes people from several countries, many of which have different pronunciations for Azure.

Differences include how people pronounce the "A," "Z," and "ure," so pretty much the entire word.

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For what it's worth, the Microsoft employees in the video, CEO Satya Nadella and executive vice president Scott Guthrie, pronounce the word similarly. Their pronunciation is similar to that of the narrator of the video, so we may have an answer.

Aside from being a Microsoft service, Azure is also a word for a bright blue color. If you click the icon to hear the word azure in Bing, it's different than how Microsoft employees say it, so maybe we're not any closer to solving the mystery.

Regardless of how the word is actually pronounced, it's a clever marketing video from Microsoft that gets people to say its service's name out loud while also getting people to talk about it online.

How do you pronounce Azure? Let us know in the comments below.

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