How to follow Windows Phone Central on Twitter and Instagram!

There are a handful of official apps on Windows Phone for all the various social networks out there. Google+ is of course notably absent, but why use that when we’ve got Twitter and Instagram. We have official apps for both Instagram and Twitter, but we also have solid third-party clients from the strong developer community on Windows Phone. Be sure you never miss a moment of Windows Phone news by following Windows Phone Central across your social networks.

On Twitter or Instagram? Be sure to follow us and give us a shout out. Leave your Twitter and Instagram handles in the comments below so we can see who you all are!  

Sam Sabri
  • Instagram and twitter are for the most part here to stay but I just can't see myself using yet another social item.
  • Mine is wsourneon on both instagram and twitter. All my posts from a Lumia 1020 in san Diego Ca.!!
  • San Diego here too! Lumia 920 user.
    @aaa6112 on Twitter
    @aaa_6112 on Instagram
  • So we don't miss announcements about Flappy Bird being fake?
  • Come on now, think positive... It's Friday and the night is young.
  • alvinashcraft on both
  • I don't know what theme colour that is, but I want it...
  • Me too
  • Makes a third.
  • Steel? Taken with no flash so its darker? I dunno.
  • It's Cyan
  • It's not cyan; could be steel, with perhaps the lighting or a filter giving it a bluish tinge.
  • Looks like Paul needs to step up and get an Instagram acct
  • I'm @technoloay on both. Although I tweet in Arabic most of the time, I post in English on instagram (photos taken with my 1020).
  • Twitter handle @Mrun4Nk , already following WPC. I have some issues with my mobile nations username:/ contacted through email but no response. Hope you guys get me through Twitter.
  • #TeamArchambault _b
  • Yes I have you on both. Thanks WPcentral.
  • Been following since day 1 of 6tag Twitter @audio0028 instagram @IGrindell all photos taken with Nokia 928
  • Google+ sucks!
  • No, you suck!!! Lol...
  • What? No Google+?
    Darn, I really wanted to follow you on Google+... /s
  • Google+ is crap, my twitter handle is: Drayg00n.
  • Currently following WPCentral, Daniel Rubino and Mark Guim on Instagram, anybody want to follow me? Instagram name is lmzr_mick i love my 1520!
  • I thought this was another worthless article like yesterday "Tip: carry a pin on your key chain". Good thing it wasn't :)
  • I am currently following Daniel, Sam and WPC. My Twitter handle is anmol_gaming and Instagram handle is anmol_gamer.
    Yeah, I am a game addict, A Tech geek and a Windows Phan. :D
  • I make awesome pictures with the Nokia Lumia 1020.
    Follow me :)
  • NaatakCompany on both :)
  • @isingbass on Instagram with my Lumia 920
  • Been following Sam and Daniel for a long time now! It would be great if they could follow me too: @iSummerSmiles :-) Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Been following WPC and most of you guys with twitter handle @AsimanPanda. Instagram username is asimografer. Would love it for you guys to check out my gallery- all taken witha Lumia 720.
  • @evry1luvant on twitter @mtaraylz on instagram and XBL
  • @qillerz_95 both on twitter and instagram ! :)
  • Indonesia user here, and here's my Twitter and Instagram: ;)
    T: @ThisIsEasss
    IG: @Eas_Origins
  • Hi my handle is:
    @elderjlward on both Twitter and Instagram - say hello. :-) - stop by. :-)
    God bless.
  • Hi my handle is:
    @elderjlward on both Twitter and Instagram - say hello. :-) - stop by. :-) All photos and video using Lumia 1020!
    Also sporting Lumia 1520!
    God bless.
  • Don't follow me on Twitter! @Nawzil8
  • Yes I have you on both.
    windows mobile
  • @pkwesi77 on twitter and instagram
  • what's that app with battery and headphones and 73? Thanks
  • aashish_soneji twitter id- loves to play cricket and dubbing
  • whats the theme color???
  • @anorak001 everwhere!
  • Check me out on Instagram @southdallas40.