How much do you love your Xbox? Man runs back into a fire for his

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is the world's most popular gaming platform and has spawned more than its fair share of dedicated fans. But while even the most hardcore gamers value their lives over their video games, one man decided he just couldn't let his Xbox 360 go down with his burning home.

It happened when an electrical junction box malfunctioned and sparked a fire in the Kansas man's home. He ran out of the house free from harm, only to bolt back in to save his beloved gaming console.

That unnamed man made it out alive, suffering only smoke inhalation, and was free to play on after a once-over from paramedics.

It could be argued, however, that something was seriously wrong with him to begin with, given the impulse to risk life and limb over a gaming console. After all, homeowners insurance can get you a new Xbox, but it can't get you a 1UP.

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Source: ABC; Via: Windows Phone Central forums

Seth Brodeur