Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a nifty new feature for Windows 10 and one aspect of it is facial recognition. This requires more than just the webcam on your PC or laptop, but a special array with Intel currently providing the hardware with its RealSense set ups.

With a RealSense camera, either built in or an external one like the Intel developer kit we have, you'll be able to set up Windows Hello to log you in to your computer without touching a button, verify your identity or even complete purchases in the Store.

It's very easy to set up, so here's how to do it.

As we've already stated, you need an Intel RealSense camera to make this work. The rest of this guide presumes that you have one and have it up and running. Without the necessary hardware you won't see the options to set up Windows Hello.

1) Open up "Settings" and click on "Accounts," then "Sign-in options."

2) You need to set up a PIN code before you're allowed to use Windows Hello. So hit the "Add" button under "PIN" to set that up. Once you've done that the options to set up Windows Hello will unlock.

Windows Hello

3) You'll now see which options are available to set up under Windows Hello, Since we're looking at facial unlock you'll see an option for "Face." Click on "Set Up."

Windows Hello

4) The next screen will give you a little background on what Windows Hello is. Click on "Get started"

5) The next step could happen incredibly quickly. Position yourself so your face is in the center of the frame that appears on screen. The camera will then do what it needs to do to register your face.

Windows Hello

6) Once you're set up you have an option that allows you to improve recognition. This is useful if you wear glasses, for example, as it'll allow you to be recorded with them on and without them on.

Windows Hello

7) Now, when you go back to Settings you'll have the option again to improve recognition, remove your face, a toggle to turn on unlocking your PC when it sees your face and an added security option that will require you to turn your head left and right for verification.

And that's all there is to it. After following these steps you'll be set up with face recognition on Windows Hello. So far we're pretty impressed with it and we can't wait until more people get to use it.

If you're interested in seeing how fast it is in action, check out the short clip below where Intel demonstrated it at Computex.