How to set up Windows Hello from the Lock screen on Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Starting with the April 2018 Update, Windows 10 will begin encouraging password users to set up Windows Hello for a faster and more secure alternative to sign-in, because this method of authentication is more reliable than traditional passwords.

One of the ways the Windows 10 April 2018 Update) will encourage password users to switch is by making the experience easier and faster to set up from the Lock screen without the need of using the Settings app.

Using this new option, you can quickly create a PIN, or set up Windows Hello Face or Fingerprint recognition, depending on your hardware configuration.

In this Windows 10 guide, we walk you through the easy steps to set up Windows Hello authentication through the Lock screen. (The instructions outlined below are focused on setting up a PIN, but you can also refer to this guide to set up a Fingerprint or Face authentication.)

How to configure Windows Hello from the Lock screen

In order to set up Windows Hello from the Lock screen, reboot your device or sign out from your account, and use the following steps:

  1. Under "Sign-in options," click the Windows Hello button.
  2. Type your Microsoft account password and press Enter.

  1. Click the Next button.

  1. Create a four-digit PIN.
  2. Confirm your new PIN.Quick Tip: By default, a PIN password only contains numbers, if you want to create a more complex PIN, check the Include letters and symbols option.
  3. Click the OK button.

Once you complete these steps, you can sign-in and out of Windows 10 using your new PIN.

How to reset Windows Hello from the Lock screen

If you forget your Windows Hello authentication, on the Lock screen, you can always click the Sign-in options link and use a password to get into your account. However, if you must reset your Windows Hello authentication, use these steps:

  1. Click the I forgot my PIN option.

  1. Type your Microsoft password and press Enter.
  2. Click the Continue button.

  1. You'll need to verify your account to continue. In this example, we'll use the email verification method.
  2. Click the Next button.

  1. Type the verification code that you receive.
  2. Click the Next button.

  1. Click the Continue button.

  1. Create a four-digit PIN.

  1. Click the OK button.

If you can sign-in using a regular password, you can alternatively reset your credentials on Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options, and use the Change option in the PIN section, and then follow the same on-screen directions.

What do you think about the Lock screen option to manage Windows Hello? How about Windows 10 being more proactive and luring users to use this method of authentication? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • with the new update I cannot change anything on the lockscreen anymore. changing pictures etc just keeps loading :/ and I already did a reset 😭 I guess hoping that the next update fixes it.
  • One big tip. If you have a system that uses Secure Boot, and if that secure boot is reset i.e. you need to clear your firmware settings or flash a new firmware, you will find that whilst your WinHello works fine on booting back into Windows your pin has become corrupted. If you try to log in with a pin you will get an error. Weird, because Hello should not work without a pin in place but it does in this situation which means the corruption is often missed until it suddenly matters. You need to change your pin (with for example the 'forgotten my pin' option on the log in screen). If you delete your pin it will erase your WinHello setup which is annoying if you need to rescan all your dabs, so just change it even if you use the same number as you did before. Remember to do this after every firmware clear out.
  • Why windows hello is more secure than a regular strong password?!
  • I would like too use hello from my Lumia950 too unlock my laptop. It already blocked my laptop if it's not nearby for about a minute and losess Bluetooth connection. Must be possible for MS making it .