The HP Elite x3 may soon be headed to Verizon

The HP Elite x3, which initially launched with support for only GSM carriers in 2016, may be on its way to Verizon. That's according to a certification document filed by HP with the Bluetooth SIG (via MSPU), which explicitly mentions Verizon as part of its description.

In addition to the filing with Bluetooth SIG, HP also has recent filings related to the Elite x3 with the FCC and WiFi Org. It isn't clear from these certifications when Verizon support might be expected in full, but we can derive at least a hint at its progress based on the current firmware.

Adding a Verizon SIM to the current HP Elite x3 with the latest July firmware results in the network and data connection becoming visible, but quickly disappearing. The latest July firmware does note "Fix power off issue when CDMA SIM is inserted as 2nd SIM", which strongly suggests that indeed CDMA support is slowly being unlocked on the Elite x3, but it is not quite here just yet.

HP Elite x3 Verizon

Combined with developments in Windows 10 Mobile for "enterprise focused work" as noted by Microsoft's Dona Sarkar in May we may be finally seeing the OS get official CDMA support. Proper drivers and certifications standards for Windows 10 Mobile have been missing since its launch nearly two years ago, but Microsoft may finally be fixing that as Windows 10 moves to the cellular PC age later this year.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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