HP pushes out July firmware for Elite x3 with latest Windows 10 OS update

HP Elite x3 with Lapdock
HP Elite x3 with Lapdock (Image credit: Windows Central)

HP appears to be still tidying up the Elite x3. The company's Windows 10 Mobile device that can simulate a desktop or laptop PC hasn't seen an update since late winter, but it looks like that is coming to an end.

Firmware 0002.0000.0037.0001 is now available, which is a jump from the previous 0002.0000.0026.0118 released in February.

Today's update is the sixth firmware update from HP since the Elite x3's release nearly one year ago.

Microsoft and HP had reportedly been working on improvements with the Elite x3 for more enterprise features that the company has requested.

Update July 21st 2017: HP has provided the following changelog:

  • Fix cam/scanner not working in Threema app (using a non-standard camera resolution of 864x400 which is not supported on Elite x3).
  • HP Device Hub update [v2.2.2.0] supporting Raven accessory upgrade and removed publisher cache dependency.
  • Add HP DiagTool Service [v1.0.1.0].
  • HP Mobile Hardware Diagnostics [v1.4.1] integration.
  • Improve Double Tap performance for in hand use case (HP-patch).
  • Fingerprint solution [] Memory corruption from fingerprint subsystem is fixed.
  • Enable caller ID for all carriers.
  • Enable CB channel 919 for Chile LAT-Alert local alerts.
  • APN database update and COSA customization changes.
  • Update APN configurations for India carriers.
  • Enable call forwarding on ATT via win10 settings UI, or via **21*xxxxxxxxxx#
  • Fix power off issue when CDMA SIM is inserted as 2nd SIM.

HP has also provided a list of known issues:

  • Outlook app cannot be launched from Continuum external display with HP Laptop dock.
  • Device prompt 'About removing SD card' when suspend device with SD card inserted.
  • Black lock screen and cannot unlock device after put device on HP flip cover then close/open the cover for several times.

Thanks, @GoodThings2Life, for the tip!

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