HP Glisten is a US-only device; Sorry ROW

The HP Glisten has been garnering some pretty solid reviews, including one from our very own George Ponder.

One big question a few have asked is whether HP plans on going wide with this AMOLED front-qwerty, releasing it for Europe, etc.

Sadly, the answer is absolument pas. (That's a sincere "no").

More specifically, TamsWMS asked HP's Austrian press department on their plans and the response they got back, translated, was:

Dear Sir,we are sorry but the HP iPaq Glisten will not be made available in EMEA. It is an US only product.With best regards…

Tams goes on to lament what they perceive as the end of era, where HP used to competitively compete in the European market.  However, instead maybe HP is just getting their sea-legs back after being in the desert for so long.  We're sort of rooting for HP and LG (and any other two-letter companies) to succeed in the WinMo space, as more competition with a certain 3-letter juggernaut the merrier.

Phil Nickinson

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