HP revamps its ProBook 400 series of business notebooks with new designs and more

HP has announced it is launching five new models of its ProBook 400 series of notebooks made for the business market. The laptops include a new design and improvements in battery life for up to 16 hours of use.

HP's blog post (opens in new tab) states that the company conducted a survey of "millennials" and over 50% of them stated design was important when selecting a PC:

HP took this feedback to heart in the ProBook 400 series with a new thinner, slim line wedged design. New color styling called Asteroid Silver and a bright reflective HP logo gives a high-end look without the price and makes fingerprints virtually invisible. The ProBook 400 series also has a new enlarged clickpad with an optimized easy-to-use touch zone. And HP's devices – while beautiful on the outside – are still built to last, passing MIL-STD 810G testing including drop, shock, vibration, dust and temperature, plus 120,000 hours of HP's own testing and end-to-end diagnostics.

The HP ProBook 400 series also include some speaker and audio improvements:

HP Audio Boost technology, has been added to help improve voice quality by enhancing speaker loudness and bass levels. HP is introducing bi-directional noise suppression capabilities to its ProBook 400 family to significantly reduce background distractions on both ends of the line. The ProBook 400 series has an embedded feature that detects voice, music or movies and adjusts audio settings automatically to assure the best-possible listening experience.

The 13.3-inch HP ProBook 430, the 14-inch ProBook 440, and the 15.6-inch ProBook 450 can also have touchscreens as an option, while the 15.6-inch HP ProBook 455 and the 17.3-inch HP ProBook 470 do not have touchscreen options. All but the ProBook 455 use versions of Intel's 7th generation Core "Kaby Lake" processors; the Pro 455 users AMD's 7th generation A-Series APUs.

Pricing for the notebooks start at $499; all of them are available to order from HP's online store:

John Callaham
  • They have also the new Hp X2 detachable pc
  • Wait, isn't HP Elite X2 released last year as a successor to the HP Elite G810?
  • just came home with the HPX2. will report back, but so far I love the design of this. time will tell
  • Based on the image shown in this article, the TrackPoint is gone! HP Elitebook and ProBook models are for Enterprise users so a TrackPoint is quite necessary for those of us who want to be productive. I've never used a touchpad in the last 12 years.
  • All these years I felt like I was being productive with a lowly trackpad! Thank goodness you're here to set me straight! Seriously, most of us prefer trackpads. I can understand your preference being different, but it's certainly not the only way to be productive.
  • The trackpoint is quite a nice feature but I'd rather use a touchpad.  P.s. Just because YOU use a feature does not mean everyone else is not productive. You're not special or we're all special.
  • Boy they are upping their game !!
  • How? All I see is another boring yearly refresh. The U processors aren't that bad but where are the Quad models?
  • No thanks HP, without proper driver support you can keep those paperweights, already have one here and never buying another from you, unless you fix/release drivers for the one I have. LOL as if thats ever gonna happen.  
  • Driver support wasn't bad in the 8460p model days.
  • OMG!  What a great big pile of rubbish. I wonder... do these units still use the same tired screens as found on the older Elitebook/Probook range 8460p etc?  The nvidia 930mx is hardly worth any effort at all. Then again, for a large business looking to buy bulk, they do fit that box quite well.
  • Hp enterprise notebook...Nadella approved!