HP says it's all in on the 3D features of the Windows 10 Creators Update

Stopping just short of making any outright product announcements, HP has signaled that it is wholeheartedly embracing the 3D capabilities of Microsoft's upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 and Windows Holographic for VR. According to HP, that entails working with Microsoft to further blur the line between mixed reality and the real world in its future products.

From HP:

By bringing together HP's hardware with Windows 10 operating system, the two companies will enable 3D and VR experiences never seen before. Now, with Microsoft's announcement, HP will embrace these new 3D capabilities in Windows 10 as part of our Blended Reality strategy for the masses by making this available across a wide spectrum of solutions and price points – stay tuned for more details. For example, during Microsoft's event today, the company demonstrated on an HP Elite X3 how you could scan a ship model using 3D capture using the standard RGB cameras.

HP has also confirmed its intention to launch a dedicated VR headset compatible with Windows Holographic. While the company didn't have much more to say outside of a confirmation that something is coming, it did confirm the headset will start at the $299 price point Microsoft alluded to during the Windows 10 event. Headsets are also expected from the likes of Dell, Lenovo, ASUS and Acer.

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Fans of 3D printing and scanning should take note as well, as HP notes that both its Sprout scanner and its Jet Fusion 3D printer are compatible with the same 3MF 3D content standard that Windows uses. This should open up plenty of opportunities for experimentation with the Creators Update's 3D capabilities.

In any case, it sounds like we can expect to see some interesting stuff out of HP as we head into 2017.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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