HP Spectre x360 (late-2016) Ash Silver variant spotted

HP Spectre x360
HP Spectre x360

It looks like another color variant is on the way for the late-2016 HP Spectre x360 refresh. Though it hasn't been announced and isn't available yet, an Ash Silver variant with copper accents has popped up in an image on HP's Spectre x360 listing (opens in new tab).

If you had your eye on the previous version of the Spectre x360, you'll be familiar with the Ash Silver color scheme as it was available on that model. When the Kaby Lake refresh was debuted in late 2016, however, it was only available in a natural silver color scheme. The presence of two USB-C ports and an edge-to-edge keyboard in the image further point to this being an upcoming new color variant of the late-2016 model, rather than a mixup with an old image.

If you were a fan of the color scheme on the previous model and were holding out on a purchase, this should come as good news. If a release is near, we're likely to hear more about the Ash Silver variant around CES 2017 in January. The cherry on top would be if this variant also sports an OLED display, which was also present on the previous Spectre x360.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • An absolutely gorgeous design, IMO.
  • If the give it an OLED display it'll be a mic drop moment I think lol.
  • Would be an even bigger drop it they switched to precision trackpad.
  • "The cherry on top would be if this variant also sports an OLED display, which was also present on the previous Spectre x360." The cherry on top for me would rather be an active pen support. As it is, it is a great notebook, but not a great convertible.
  • I regret that I only have one upvote to give for this comment. No inking takes this otherwise amazing device off my list.
  • Possibly the best looking laptop I've seen, but I too will pass due to lack of inking support.
  • I'd really like to see more options with active pen. Especially with dedicated tablets. There's only a handful, including the Surface line.
  • Yup. Even more strange as the creators update awaits soon, and many things are centered about inking, pen. It amazes me that the press (this site and others) do not build up more pressure. Bottom line even here is "very few with an iPad used ever a pen" (and so there is only little demand) and "i never missed a pen".  
  • I agree with all of you. Currently own a sp4 and although I don't strictly need the pen, I don't want a device without it. I think that in 2016 inking should be standard on most PCs above maybe $600
  • Wow, what a beauty
  • HOT. I'll take 2 please.
  • Wow! I think I prefer this to the silver version. It just looks so elegant and classy!
  • This looks fantastic and I definitely would have gone with this if it was available. I don't prioritize colour enough that I would have waited had I known, but it's definitely an improvement over the plain one.
  • For a new SP5 I want 2-3 different color options and an option to design your own keyboard.
  • Yeah. I miss the black original Surface.
  • Maybe it will come with Windows Anniversary
  • I'm both overwhelmed by the knowledge sportsmanship or helping each other out and much in awe as joining the 21st century for equal to or less than Archie bunker teaching a class on quantum physics so what I bring ain't much but already anticipating functioning above the level of 2nd grade underachieving drop out this phone breaking me ya'll leveled the playfield
  • Beautiful!!!  Here's to hoping that they will have the QHD OLED screen (option) as well with it!
  • I love the look of this device! way to go HP. that's right up there with the blue/rose gold of the ASUS ultrabook