It looks like another color variant is on the way for the late-2016 HP Spectre x360 refresh. Though it hasn't been announced and isn't available yet, an Ash Silver variant with copper accents has popped up in an image on HP's Spectre x360 listing.

HP Spectre x360 (late-2016) Ash Silver variant spotted

If you had your eye on the previous version of the Spectre x360, you'll be familiar with the Ash Silver color scheme as it was available on that model. When the Kaby Lake refresh was debuted in late 2016, however, it was only available in a natural silver color scheme. The presence of two USB-C ports and an edge-to-edge keyboard in the image further point to this being an upcoming new color variant of the late-2016 model, rather than a mixup with an old image.

If you were a fan of the color scheme on the previous model and were holding out on a purchase, this should come as good news. If a release is near, we're likely to hear more about the Ash Silver variant around CES 2017 in January. The cherry on top would be if this variant also sports an OLED display, which was also present on the previous Spectre x360.

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