HP's new Tango printer offers a fresh look and wireless functionality for your home office

HP is taking home printing to the next level with the HP Tango printer (opens in new tab) — a fully app-based, voice-activated wireless device which allows you to begin printing, scanning, and copying from anywhere.

Some printers can tend to be an eyesore, and HP kept that in mind too while designing the Tango. With its sleek, compact profile, it can even blend into its surroundings while the top is closed. Covers for the printer, akin to a book cover, will soon be available allowing you to change up its look from Indigo Linen to Charcoal Linen, with Cork Currant coming later this year.

Using the HP Smart App, you can send print jobs, order ink, and manage the HP Tango no matter where you are. It can even send you notifications such as when your print job is complete or if your ink is low. The printer is also compatible with HP Instant Ink (opens in new tab) which can re-order ink automatically for you so you never run out.

HP is set to ship the HP Tango next month for $149.99 via retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, though pre-orders are already available (opens in new tab) via its website. You'll also want to consider the HP Tango X for $199.99 which includes one of the covers mentioned above; the standard HP Tango doesn't come with one, however, the covers will also be available (opens in new tab) for purchase separately.

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Alex Smith

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  • Preorder link doesn't work.
  • Yeah, but does the HP app work? Better yet, WILL it work for this printer as it does NOT work for anything else. What do you say HP?????
  • Esthetically, they nailed it. That top is a nice touch.
  • And, it works with Cortana (as well as Alexa and Google Home)!
  • Myself i think HP printers are total rubbish, their scanners are fine, I have an old scanjet 7650, which works really well. But I have had night mares from their printers.
    Reliability is a problem, some of them just falls apart,. Anyway, the most important thing about printers, no matter what gimmicks they have on is cost to run and HP inkjets are not cheap to run, quality of prints and speed. i have a brother LED colour printer, pretty basic, it does have wi-fi and ethernet and to be honest that is all that is needed, google, alexa and cortana capability is just a gimmick. concentrate on better reliability HP and cheaper inks.