HP and Qualcomm tease new Windows on ARM laptop with a detachable display, siloed pen

Hp Arm Ifa2020 Tease
Hp Arm Ifa2020 Tease (Image credit: Qualcomm + HP)

What you need to know

  • HP teased a new convertible PC powered by Qualcomm.
  • The new device runs the just-announced Snapdragon 8cx Gen 5G chip.
  • The mystery HP device has a flat siloed pen, some leather, and a detachable display.
  • More news on this device is expected later this year.

Qualcomm just announced its revised Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G processor for Windows on ARM PCs. The new chip brings 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and improved performance and efficiency. While Acer's Swift 7 was unveiled as the first laptop with this chip, HP is also on board following its 2018 Envy X2.

The tease from came during Qualcomm's IFA presentation at the 36:15 mark from Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon.

Bits of a sizzler reel showed macro shots of the new device, which appears to be convertible with a removable display. The design also pays tribute to Microsoft's Surface Pro X with a hidden, flat active pen that fits near the top of the keyboard. There also looks to be a hint of leather, perhaps borrowing from HP's other experimental device, the 2018 HP Spectre Folio.

No word on when this mystery HP device will see the light of day, but it could be revealed closer to the holiday season in late November. We do know it will ship with the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 and likely have 5G, which could make it an exciting option for mobile business workers and creatives.

Do you spot anything else in the HP teaser? Let us know below.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Where in the video should we look for the HP piece? Total video is over an hour.
  • 36 mins into the video.
  • Wonder why no one is doing Qualcomm in Surface Go form factor 😢
  • In Microsoft's case I would guess that the Surface Duo launch, the push to get Windows applications running on ARM, refreshing the Surface Pro X with the new Qualcomm CPU have the Microsoft teams busy. In other words, it is not a priority at this time. Putting an ARM CPU in the Surface Go does seem to make sense but the cost to reengineer the product plus the cost of a suitable ARM CPU vs. the Intel versions make it challenging to build it at price point that creates the proper value proposition. This is especially the case given the number of units that would be sold. The timing of doing this seems a bit off. The real race is to build up the Surface Pro X native applications and to have it interoperate flawlessly with the Surface Duo. Once that is sorted out I bet the ARM push will be rolled out to clam shell laptops first. Then it seems, maybe in a few years time, we might get a Surface Go X. Speculating wildly, I can see other companies putting their resources into those products that will have a mass audience first.
  • There was rumours the original Go was gonna be an ARM device before Intel offered the Pentium gold at discount price.
  • Target user of Surface Go makes more sense for Qualcomm with the need to run only native apps support. Long Battery life, LTE, Browser, Office and the limited number of Native apps. Surface Pro X is too expensive, limited capabilities and zero reason to call it Pro.
  • The SD 6xx series makes sense for excellent battery life (better than 8xx even) and still not be to expensive perhaps, so that might work.
  • I didn't sus out of images that it has a detachable screen. Everything else you are proposing looks about on the money. The round hole in the lower right looks like a headphone jack and yes, it looks like it is going to be a bit of a bling bling thing. This ARM push is starting to gain some real momentum.
  • Yeah its not detachable, it's similar to the spectre folio, the leather folds up (as you can see in the pic) and yeah, first HP business PC with ARM processor! (besides the phone)