HP wants to keep unwanted people from seeing what's on your business laptop screen

HP knows that a lot of people who take their laptops on business trips run the risk of having their information displayed on the screen for nearby unwanted eyes. This week, the company announced a new collaboration with 3M that will result in HP integrating privacy screens on their business-based Windows 10 laptops.

HP cited a recent study which claimed "close to 90 percent of attempts to steal sensitive business information using only visual means were successful" as part of the reason they wanted to make their business notebooks more secure when used on the road. It added:

"The planned commercialized product from the HP and 3M relationship is an innovative technology that integrates the privacy function directly into the notebook display, creating an on demand electronic privacy solution. This innovative display technology is intended to give customers a secure solution to keep on-screen data protected and out of sight."

The new notebooks with the privacy screens will go on sale sometime in early 2016.

Source: HP (opens in new tab)

  • Polaroid on glasses?
  • Will it decrease the display quality? I think it will.
  • Depends on how they implement it, to be honest. And the people using these machines probably aren't buying them for themselves, the big companies they work for are. And the big companies, unfortunately, could probably care less about display quality.
  • Lol I found with their laptop screens the worst thing was glare
  • Hmm interesting. I wonder if it can be disabled.
  • Ii would firstly know how it works
  • The quote in the article says "on demand"...
  • You are correct, it does, but I mean if there's a way to possibly remove it altogether, or not have to disable it each time you turn on the computer.
  • 3M calls it "Visual Hacking" 
  • I saw one dude playing with locked phone. Only later I realized he had privacy screen protector (I didnt know they exist), cool thing
  • Yeah, we have them at work on our PCs since we work with non employees a lot.
  • Lol tampered glass protection is now all the rage, like that most likely you'd have to search sites like alibaba for it
  • My wife got to test this out at HP a few months ago and she said it was really cool. Dead on, she sais she couldn't tell a difference and you can turn it on and off.
  • Good to know, thanks.
  • Always good to know real people who have tried things out personally, but try not to get her fired by mentioning things that could be under NDA. :-)
  • Polarising a liquid inside the panel?
  • Not bad. If ot has an on/off switch it might be quite useful.
  • So, they found a way to repurpose their lousy viewing-angle sensitive screens. Good for them! :)
  • Yeah...seems like maybe this can turned on and off?
  • If you read the comments above, that should be your conclusion.
  • Cool!!