HP will launch a commercial 8-inch tablet with Windows 10 pre-installed in August

HP is planning to launch a tablet for business and commercial customers that will come with Microsoft's Windows 10 pre-installed. The HP Pro Tablet 608 will be released sometime in August.

The tablet will come with an Intel Core Atom Quad Core Z8500 processor with up to 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The battery life is expected to last up to eight hours. It also comes with a 8MP rear camera and a 2MP front facing camera. It also has the new USB-C port for charging HP says:

"Thin and light at just 8.35 mm and under 1 lb., the tablet delivers a premium viewing experience indoors and out with its 2048 x 1536 high resolution display that automatically adjusts to lighting conditions. The 4:3 aspect ratio is optimized for working with business productivity apps, providing 35% more viewing area than 16:9 displays for more natural readability of full-page content."Designed with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and a metal-reinforced chassis, this tablet endured more than 120,000 hours of durability testing. Productivity is enabled in the office and at the work site with dual-band WLAN ac/b/g/n and a choice of optional 3G or 4G WWAN.

Pricing for the tablet will start at $479.

Source: HP (opens in new tab)

  • No Windows 10 screenshots?
  • Fortunately you can get this tablet with Windows 8.1 starting in July. I just wish it didn't have a 4:3 screen. What is this the 1990s? 4:3 is not wide enough; I don't want a squared screen. It should be 3:2 at minimum.
  • Pfff, I prefer 5:4 because it's best for work with Unity programming and gaming.
  • Prefer 3:2 +1
  • $479 for an 8" tablet??? If they say so ...
  • Those 128gb and the screen resolution makes the price right
  • Says "up to" though, so the base model (the $479 one) won't have those specs. And as Dire Straits stated, S3 is about the same price with a bigger screen and likely a better build.
  • It also says pricing starts at $479.
  • Surface 3 screen is too big for me. 8" is perfect for everything I do, and need it to do. Like i was telling my friend, I would not mind spending a little more if the screensize, resolution and ram configuration are correct. Versus a 1280x800 resolution.
  • Nah, they don't.  The Screen Resolution is overkill and part of the reason why it's rated for *only* 8 hours of battery life, which is pretty poor IMHO. You can put an SD Card in any Windows Tablet, and practically all of them support USB OTG as well.  Put in a big SD Card, set your User Directories to there, and have a nice day. The price is laughable.  Mind as well get a 64GB Retina iPad Mini and enjoy the better App/Media Ecosystem for that price.
  • Too costly, add some more bucks and you have a surface 3..but sadly not available in India.
  • $499 gets you an iPad mini that has 1/4 the amount of storage
  • It just works!
  • They mean the marketing just works :/
  • And about twenty times the available applications.
  • but whats a goon to a goblin?
  • You think the iPad has more software than Windows? Really?
  • I assume you mean for the Windows tablet because at last count there were more than 20 million software applications available for Windows and they'll all run perfectly well on this tablet.
  • You're seriously going to run full Windows applications on an 8 inch tablet?  You better start shaving down those finger tips to be able to hit all those tiny icons. Yes, in a tablet this size, I'm referring to Windows Modern apps, whose store is a relative ghost town.
  • Why? My tablet works brilliantly with a mouse and keyboard. Just yesterday I got called into work to create some weather graphics for our main evening news bulletin (it's specialist knowledge and I've worked for the people who make the software). I needed to adjust a few graphic elements in Photoshop, which isn't installed on the weather machine, and all our graphics workstations were in use. So I whipped out my trusty Thinkpad 8, slotted it into my Universal Bluetooth keyboard and bent my Arc Touch Mouse into the go position. Then, despite there being only barely enough space for a mouse pad, I got the work done in the same time it would have taken me on one of the workstations and to the same standard (because my tablet uses exactly the same tools). That is the brilliance of a Windows tablet. Where I would previously only have brought my laptop if I was certain I would need it, I always take my tablet in case I need it. Yesterday was just one of dozens of occasions in the past year that it's allowed me to get things done that would have been a huge hassle otherwise. As for Modern UI apps, I've got tons of 'em and some are really handy. But even on my tablet, I still tend to stick with desktop software, simply because it isn't just some joke of a stripped down version. e.g. Why would anyone pay $19 to use FL Studio Mobile (or $13 for FL Studio Groove) when they can run the full FL Studio they already own? The bottom line is that iOS and Android devices need large app stores, Windows tablets just don't.
  • Windows on an 8" tablet is almost unusable unless you're mirroring the display on another external monitor.  I have an 8" Tablet.  The Desktop mind as well not exist. This is true, even if you have a BT KB/Mouse to go with it.  The usability of desktop apps on that screen is absolutely abhorrent and I'm not sure why you people keep trying to act like it's anything comparable to a proper laptop. If it was that great, Microsoft wouldn't have canceled their 8" Tablet. Windows *needs* a large app store, for tablet use.  Otherwise it's like using an iPad with only Apple's preloads installed on it.  There is hardly any use for my Windows Tablet, except the stock PIM apps (if you use Outlook.com, otherwise even those are terrible as support for external services is pretty bad), web browser, and News Reader. A big issue with Windows Desktop is that it does not scale properly on screens that small.  Everything is tiny.  You can barely read anything without blowing up the font sizes in settings (exhausting to get it all right) and getting at the controls is horrible.  Even with a mouse, the cursor is so small that it almost induces migraines to track it on the screen.  There's just no point in buying a tablet smaller than ~10.1" if you want to use the Windows Desktop.  It just doesn't work well at all. Additionally, most 8" Windows Tablets are speced poorly.  They use slow eMMC storage.  They only have 1 or 2GB RAM.  They use slower Intel Atom SoCs and GPUs.  There is not much you can do with them.  This is why Microsoft uses Core Processors in the Surface Line, even though Atom is cheaper.
  • So many assumptions. Firstly, my 8" tablet is perfectly usable without a monitor, although obviously it is much more usable with one. At no time did I suggest any part of it is comparable to a "proper" laptop, if it were I would not have spent $2500 on a new laptop last year. That siad, my tablet is absolutely comparable to a cheap laptop, in terms of performance. Windows doesn't need a large app store because it runs proper applciations as well. Some things are better with a dedicated app but a lot of apps on other platforms only exist to try and make up for the fact that you cannot run proper software applicaitons (or to take advantage of that fact). Having spent well over $10,000 on the software and specialist hardware I use today, I have less than no interest in buying any computing device that won't run all of it. That doesn't mean I expect a $500 tablet to perform as well as a laptop costing five times as much, just as I don't expect my laptop to perform as well as the $12,000 workstation I use at my job. You sacrifice performance for portability. Windows desktop scales perfectly well. I read this garbage all the time but I would defy anyone to pick a scaled desktop from a native one. I think this is a hangover from the days when you didn't scale the desktop, you simply set a lower resolution. What you're describing is completely unnecessary, you can just set a scaling value from 100% up to 500% (only up to 200% on W10 though, for some reason). I've only started using it since I bought a tablet last year but Windows 8 scales the desktop at least as well as OS X and it does it in a more usable way (which I can explain if you're interested). Every $500 PC is specced poorly, it's why they only cost $500. That's why it is not the only PC I own. But that doesn't mean it is completely useless. It runs Adobe Creative Suite very well and even 3DS Max is usable in a pinch. I wouldn't like to model or rig a high-res character but I'd be happy to open one that was already done and tweak it on my tablet. When I load up some of my old applications, like Autodesk Combustion, they fly because they were designed to run on older, less powerful hardware. I can even run most of my band's less demanding songs in our sequencer, too. It's good enough that I'd happily get up on stage and perform with it and, becaus it supports all my peripherals, I can do it without having to spend a cent.
  • $499 Gets you an iPad Mini 3 WiFi with Half the Storage (64GB), a Working Biometric Fingerprint Scanner, and likely a superior camera even if it's a lower resolution because Windows Tablets are actually worse off than the current crop of iOS and Android Tablets these days. In addition to that, you get access to Apple's App and Media Ecosystem, which is better. Additionally, the Storage considerations of iOS are different than Windows.  iOS isn't a 20GB Operating System, and iOS Apps don't range in size from 1MB to 6GB install sizes. I don't see the point in a device like this.  You are better off getting a Surface 3. 8" Tablets are great for readers and people who use "Tablet Apps," but Windows is pretty terrible for both of those at the moment.  Not sure what the point of it is, especially at this price. Just get a VivoTab for $149 instead and move on...
  • Not everyone wants cheap garbage tablets with 1280x800 displays, mono-speaker, cheap plastic housing and other cost cutting measures. Fortunately there are some Windows users who are smart enough to pay for quality. This tablet is not meant for the drugstore/Walmart tablet buyers. I'm glad there are choices for Windows people who don't think cheapest = best.
  • Now where is the Windows 10 version of the Dell Venue 8 7000?
  • I'm using the ThinkPad 8. This new HP tablet seems to have similar specs, just a newer processor, going to be a very interesting device.
  • Windows 10... Why not Windows 10 mobile?
  • 8" and above get Windows 10. Below get mobile.
  • Because its a Tablet-PC. Like so many sites, WC doesn't very often distinguish a tablet and a tablet-PC. When HP launches a device with a tablet form factor with a full desktop OS, its because they've wanted to make a tablet-PC - not a tablet and hence not with Windows 10 Mobile.
    It has nothing to do with the screen size. If HP wanted they could make a 1" tablet with Windows 10 Enterprise. The 8" "limit" is a suggestion made by MS.
  • Nice, curious what pen technology they went with, if its the same as on Spectre x360 or did they upgrade to nTrig (my preference).  But
  • This looks like it could be the type of 8 inch Windows tablet I always wanted instead of those slower brick tablets with just 32GB's of hard drive space. 128GB's, great screen resolution, all those hours of durability testing that HP is very good at makes it worth the price for me. They are very good at build quality when it comes to commercial laptops and tablets in my opinion. Their consumer versions aren't nearly as good though.
  • Looks great! I'm really excited to see some small (8" and under) tablets coming to the ecosystem with a decent screen resolution. Sure, it's nice to be able to pick up a tablet for less than $99, but i'm kind of sick of the quality of those, especially with the low-res screens. DV8P was a decent tablet, but again, screen was pretty low res.
  • Remember when the Windows RT tablets came out and everyone said that Windows tablets were DOA?  The success of Surface tablets sure have spawned a lot of versions of Windows tablets in a lot of different price ranges.    
  • Stylus or get out.
  • Why would anyone buy an iPad when something like this exists.... I just don't get the iFad.
  • App availability?  Plus, HP has alway made crappy ass tablets, whether it's for Windows or Android.  They've always been rated by users---on Amazon or Best Buy---with 1-3 out of 5 star reviews.
  • No new hp stream 7? So much bang for the buck
  • Compared to an ASUS VivoTab 8" for $50 more with a better Processor, Twice the RAM?  Not so much bang for the buck, IMHO.
  • How is 120,000 hours of durability testing possible? Have they been working on this thing for over 13 years?
  • Its not software test. Its hardware and body durability test
  • That's man hours. Ie many resources across the globe working on it throughout their local day. 
  • Ok, so in that case it's possible that they let 3000 people use them for a week, right? That doesn't seem like so much. Regardless, it still looks like a nice tablet.
  • need a surface pen support and usb c support.
  • It does have usb-c support. Read it again. It's at the bottom of the 2nd paragraph.
  • Kinda finally excited for this! Wonder what else is lurking behind the curtains???
  • The big question is how capable is the z8500 CPU??? Anyone know?
  • Emmm. 1 surface 3 with some trimings please?
  • Please let this tablet have active pen support!!
  • Excited for this, actual upgrade from my DV8P, hope other manufacturers launch similar tablets. I use my DV8P as my main computer, I just wish it was faster, more capable and with a sharper screen especially for text and this sounds like it fits the bill.
  • If its 128GB for $479, that can be a good buy. I love the aspect ratio as well. Was hoping for something similar in Surface min, but this could work too..
  • Lovely design and specs
  • Hate the 4:3 screen. Glad you can get this with Windows 8.1 next month and are not forced to use Windows 10. Windows 10 needs a lot of work still.
  • Make it 2 GB RAM, 64gb memory, keep the screen resolution, and cut $150 off the price and it would be the perfect 8" tablet....
  • I'm very interested in it. I was pretty impressed by the HP Steam-$99 from the Microsoft store, I wasn't expecting much, yet it performs pretty well. One thing not mentioned is whether it will accept Micro SD cards to increase the memory.
  • Thats a great gaming tablet
  • What sort of idiot would buy a Windows 10 tablet? Win10 is completely unusable with touch. I can't believe HP could be this stupid.
  • It'll be like those Windows 7 HP tablets that Steve Ballmer held up, after the release of the first iPad.    Windows 10 really doesn't seem that tablet/finger friendly, especially on an 8-inch screen.
  • Are any of these smaller tablets able to run as intelligent barcode scanners in manufacturing environments?