HTC 8S, 8X and Lumia 820 heading to Carphone Warehouse

Pre-registrations have opened up for the HTC 8X, HTC 8S and Lumia 820 at UK retailer Carphone Warehouse. On its website, all three Windows Phone 8 handsets are stated to be arriving soon, with November 2012 as an estimated month of release. No pricing has been provided as-of-yet.

The UK retailer has displayed strong support for Windows Phone since the platform launched in 2010. Starting up Windows Phone 8 hype, the Carphone Warehouse previously detailed how it plans to offer a number of Apollo smartphones for consumers to choose from.

As well as the absence of pricing, we're not sure what colours will be made available, though looking at images used for the Windows Phone registration pages, the Lumia 820 is displayed in both black and white variants, while the 8X is in black and 8S is the attractive blue. We'd expect the retailer the stock most (if not all) choices.

Phones4u also have the same devices available for pre-registration, as well as the Lumia 920 and Samsung ATIV S.

Source: Carphone Warehouse (opens in new tab); thanks, Chris, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I visited my local Carphone Warehouse last week and asked them about the Lumia 920. They said they would stock it as well but were unsure of the colors and the price. Came to a shock to me that the Lumia 920 is not officially confirmed yet with this retailer.
  • Registered my interest at phones4u, although looks like they only have black and grey for the 920. I think I want red.
  • Nokia must be out of their mind by giving phones4u the exlusive on colours and top models when the phones4u is the underdog.
  • They must be mad giving it to P4U cause all they do is scam and hard sell. I've upgraded twice with them and twice cancelled and returned the upgrades due to mis-selling. Nobody I know has had good experiences.
  • Phones4U suck because its owned by Mr Caudwell. He only cares about making money. The rest can goto hell.
  • Their info on the 820 is wrong and state that it has an HD display.
  • I went into CarPhoneWarehouse literally a week ago and asked them if they would be carrying the 920 and the rep unreservedly said "yes we will have it but we don't know when we'll be getting it in or the price. sometime in november, though. we're all excited to play with it!"
    The lying scumbag?
  • The Carphone Warehouse in-store are offering the 820 for £10 handset upfront, £33 per month on Vodafone with unlimited calls and texts and 1GB of internet, or £37 with no upfront handset cost. 24 Month term and free charging plate. I took this straight away before it disappeared off the screen. Could only pre-order in black, however as an upgrade I'm fairly happy with this as they sometimes like to exclude upgrades from pre-orders and decent deals.
    If you've seen something on the website but not sure, go instore and without any work will come up with a better deal!
    P4U screwed me over, I ordered a 900 Dark Knight edition and sent me the standard 900. The agent clearly missold the contract so they had to take it back, but they were adamant he couldn't have sold it was it wasnt for upgrades nor were there any instock when he sold it to me. They'll literally say and do anything to guarantee a sale. Didn't stop me from getting half of the cashback they promised me. Finally the consumer wins against them, no sale, £100 cash and still eligable to upgrade. They messed up so badly I got about 4 months line rental free from Vodafone too.