HTC 8S passes FCC with support for both AT&T and T-Mobile US

The HTC 8S has passed through the FCC, and it's revealed that the Windows Phone 8 handset will support both T-Mobile US and AT&T HSPA bands. While this is not to say other carriers wont pick up the device at a later point, it confirms availability for consumers who are with either network.

Without LTE, the HTC 8S sports a 1Ghz dual-core chip with a 4" WVGA display, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage (with MicroSD support), 5MP camera, and a 1700mAh battery. If the internals weren't enough, Beats Audio is also featured (without an extra amp) and an array of unique two-toned colour combinations are available.


The HTC 8S has also been rumoured to be heading to US Cellular as well. It'll be interesting to see where the Windows Phone is made available, in both the US and Canada.

Source: FCC, via: HTC Source; thanks, Jonathan, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great!
  • Still hoping for some Samsung Ativ S news and that it's coming to T-Mo!
  • Same here, I can't wait for that announcement.. Let hope it come to T-Mobile..
  • Me too bro, me too....
  • Plus 1. being a clone of a phone that sold 30 million in 5 months to be the #1 selling phone is cool with me. I can't wait for that sexy beast to hit tmo
  • I wish this phone had better specs... If it did i would have gotten it... O well L920 in December for me
  • If it had the same specs as the Lumia 820/822/810 that would've been nice. But, at $49 or less on contract and probably around $300-$350 off, it's no biggie.
  • Agreed.
  • Only thing that really puts off, is that storage size.
  • That would make an awesome phone to sell like hotcakes for lesser carriers such as US cellular and metropcs. And t mobile too...
    For at&t, sprint and Verizon... It is a silly option to choose without LTE on board
  • It's pretty, but I don't get why one would buy this over the 820/822/810. It's just not as good.
  • much cheaper thn L820,
    i sold my Lumia 800 for 200 euros and pre-orderd tthe 8S for 275 euros =)
    and im planning to get the Lumia 920 (or new high end WP8 by that time) when my contract ends in march 2013
  • They could have done so much better with the specs on this phone. No FFC either? What was HTC thinking? Missed opportunity.
  • Not really a missed opportunity. It gonna be an awesome little budget phone. Not meant to compete with the 820/920s of the world. This will beat the crap out of similarly priced Android handsets. It should really help WP adoption at the lower end.
  • But at least a front facing camera. Even the HTC Radar has a ffc. At least don't go backwards. The lowest of Android phones have that. All I'm saying is that the 8S is one of the sexiest WP8 that HTC did not do proper justice.
  • Well that's why you go with the 8X if you want more.
  • It's basically the same specs as a 1gen phone. For what it costs for a 16 or 32 microsd, this would a good choice for a first time smart phone ower looking for something with a smaller screen. I may pick it up off contract for my girl to replace her cracked screen android. But why it doesn't have a FF camera is beyond me. The radar even had one.
  • I don't get the minds behind deciding design and specs. HTC should have used this design for 8X. I would have bought one in addition to Nokia Lumia 920
  • Ok, I admit it! I ordered the Nokia Lumia 920 on ATT despite my displeasure with the exclusive deal. I've sinned against my own self! Oh so sweet the deal; $99 and free wireless charger. Now i have to cancel my tmo account. Damb you ATT! Damb you Nokia! Damb you all ta hell!
  • Resistance was futile, eh? The 920: breaking carrier contracts one phone nerd at a time, LOL!
  • Yes it was! Lolz
  • You're commenting the wrong article
  • Just an opinion. Fit it wherever you can.
  • You said the same thing on PhoneArena!lol
  • What a Coincidence! Lolzz
  • Okay... Here is the deal.... I am buying off contract. I want a WP8, but need to watch the cash. I will buy the best value. I am fine with the rumored off contract price of the 920. The unknown is the 8S (no 8X for me) and the 820 pricing. I am not settling for the 8S and the low end, unless it is stupid cheap.
    If it is stupid cheap, I will give it a look see. (I so do not care even a little bit about a FFC).
  • I just like that Rasta background.
  • My Samsung Focus 2 on AT&T has a 4" screen and LTE. Soon it will have the WP 7.8 update. I was planning on buying the HTC 8S - great design and same perfect size (for me). Now I'm thinking - why? 
    No LTE is a deal killer. For me the primary purpose of a phone is to provide fast wireless service for my calls, texts, and devices. If the 8S can't do that basic function better than what I have, what's the point. 
    For T-Mo users it will be fine if it supports 42mbps speeds. If not, they are in the same boat.