HTC 8X Windows Phone launches November 1st in the Netherlands?

It appears that the HTC 8X Windows Phone will be available in the Netherlands on November 1st. This is according to Mark Moons, HTC's representative to the Benelux (opens in new tab) (which is basically an economic union that includes Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg).  If November 1st holds true, it will be hot on the heels of the October 29th Microsoft Event to unveil Windows Phone 8.

Cost for the HTC 8X was noted at being around €549 (about $712 U.S.). Moons added that the HTC 8S Windows Phone will hit store shelves shortly after the 8X. No pricing information was made available on the 8S.

Source: monwindowsphone (opens in new tab)

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  • I'm done with HTC after my HD7 died.
    On to Nokia.
  • Good choice.
  • Not to take sides but..... My HTC surround died too:( I loved it but as soon as I picked up the Nokia lumia 900 well let's just say even if my surround still worked Nokia is alot nicer than HTC. Just my preference tho
  • i never owned any HTC phone; however, i dislike the way they are doing stuff sometimes.
  • For me the HTC 8X is the 1st the best windows phone announced so far.
  • I'm hoping for a titan 3 but if not here by the time my contract is up I will definitely get the 8X.
  • Erm, it depends on what you look it. Personally, I think the 920 is the best.
  • Been clamoring for a Beats certified Windows Phone.
  • Myonly concern about HTC is theit commitment to exclusive apps. I really like the Limelight Yellow 8X but I'm considering a Lumia 920 as well, not just because os the hardware but also the ton of Nokia apps that are/will be available.
  • I used to feel the same way,but then I thought about how often I would use the Nokia exclusive apps compared to how often I would use the Beats audio with the integrated amps.
    The Nokia apps I would hardly ever use and if I did there are suitable replacements in the app store.
    Nokia music = Metroradio or Graffiti radio
    Nokia maps is going to be standard along with Nokia drive on all WP8 Phone so got that covered.
    Flixster for movie review.
  • haha €550 is just $550 I guess... I live in The Netherlands and they convert everything to it's ''American normal'' price. Or even worse. The iPod touch 5g is in America $300, but in The Netherlands it's €325. That's about $420! Everything is so expensive for us!
  • Same here in Italy... this is actually the only thing why I'd like living on the other side of the Big Lake..