HTC and Nokia set for patent wars

HTC can't seem to catch a break. Having only recently just settled with Apple over patent disputes, the Taiwanese company is preparing to battle Nokia over 32 different issues around the globe. The patent allegations range from syncing databases within a time to solutions with antennae design. If you're interested in the whole list of complaints, head over here.

The question is whether HTC should fight all these allegations or pursue a cross-licensing deal with Nokia. Florian Mueller, an industry patent watcher, comments that he thinks the wise move for HTC would be to avoid the costly legal battle and license the technology. He states

"I believe in a Nokia-HTC license deal for two reasons. One, Nokia has some really powerful non-standard-essential patents. Its SEPs are broadly licensed, but its non-SEPs account for almost 90% of its portfolio of 10,000 patent families and companies like HTC still need to license it. Two, HTC has proven in the past that it's not interested in endless court fights but quite willing to pay royalties to patent holders."

The first set in Germany will take place before the end of this month. It would be a huge win for struggling Nokia if it either wins these lawsuits or enters a licensing deal with HTC. For HTC the silver lining can really only come from licensing with Nokia so that it can focus it's energy on adding more quality handsets to it's portfolio, like the 8X. We'll learn more over the coming weeks and months about the outcome and possible ramifications for Windows Phone.

Source: Foss Patents

Sam Sabri