HTC Dot View app for Windows Phone updated with new holiday themes, notification options

If you are rocking one of the fine HTC One (M8) for Windows on either Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T, you may be in the minority of Lumia Windows Phones, but HTC has not forgotten you. Today, version 1.3 of their HTC Dot View app has hit the Store and with it some very cool new additions.

First up, the HTC Dot View case gets a 'holiday themes' option which allows the Dot View case to 'automatically change on the holidays'. Certainly that is a nice twist on the Dot View accessory.

HTC Dot View

Next, users of the Dot View case now have many more notification choices to choose from under settings. These include:

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp

Those notifications are in addition to the regular system ones like Phone, Voice Mail, Messages, and Mail. Indeed, if we had to pick four popular notifications, the ones HTC chose totally nailed it. Now, when a missed message or Skype notification come in, the HTC Dot View case reveals that without the user having to turn on their phone.

If you have an HTC One for Windows, go and grab the update now or follow our direct Store link.

Thanks, Scott B., for the tip!

QR: htc dot view

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Not bad for those who have the One M8 for Windows ;) It's more funny than the Lumia Glance Screen App.
    (first ! Incredible :o ^^)
  • Yeah, hope we see more from OEMs, especially HTC which has the flagship device of WP for now.
  • I disagree, 1520 has all the features. Dont whine and say its too big. It's not a phablet anymore than the 1020 is a camera. That are all phones.
  • I'm a 1520 owner myself, so I won't "whine" about 1520 size (I actually love it), but I think it's fair if people say 6" doesn't suit them. In comparison to One M8, I believe M8 has some edges in specs, like a bit faster processer. If you're going to compare cameras, you have to do it with speakers too. And the main reason I say it's WP flagship device for now is 1520 is getting old. One M8 surely wins the battle against 930 if you don't mind the support.
  • More and more phones I see and hold 5 - 5.5" feels a much sweeter spot, but then again I am XL in hand size :)
  • The processor on the M8 is better than the one found on the 1520 which btw is a phablet. That's why it's the flagship phone for windows at the moment. No other windows phone has equal or greater specs. I have both devices and since getting the m8 I barely use my 1520 any more.
  • Processor aside the 930/icon is a flagship as is the ativ se. You m8 owners kill me how delusional you all are as if a processor makes it the best. It still has its own shortcomings and especially with denim coming the 930 More than holds its own.
  • HTC has always had a good touch to Windows devices
  • I second that! Left my icon for the M8 don't regret it one bit.
  • Why does this app not show up in the store when searching for it?  I had to use the link above to find it.
  • System app. No different than Extras + Info or Display for Lumia phones.
  • I like that you are being nice Danny. I'm pushing getting banned... Again... But you work here, I don't.
  • I'm only showing a Halloween theme. Anyone else has a different theme or just the Halloween them like me?
  • Yeah, same here. Just Halloween. Maybe there is a way to add? Haven't seen it yet. 
  • Can someone tell me why my Dot View does not show the weather?  It shows the time and temperature, but not the clouds/sun etc.
  • this makes me want to try this phone, even though I still want to keep Lumia,
  • Perhaps it's the matrix display.
  • Figured it out... you have to change your THEME in the HTC Dot View settings.
  • You have to turn off themes
  • This update adds the weather theme. Nice...
  • If you have a theme active that's not the black with weather logo, it will only show the time/temp, not the icon too.
  • I like HTC one for windows but it should be available for more countries.
  • And people said HTC wouldn't support this device.....
  • Yeah, glad to see them proving us wrong and showing they've changed. Maybe M9 will be my next WP ;)
  • I don't mind being proved wrong here. Keep it up HTC! Loving my One M8 experience so far!
  • How cute. They update the dot view. How about bringing more or the android features to it. And you still have yet to see how they handle a big part update like win10
  • Can you please refrain from antagonizing other users just because your opinion differs from theirs?
  • Unlikely. That loser can't help himself.
  • Anymore than you can't help replying to stuff involving me :) Hello there<3
  • Just letting those who don't know that there's no point in engaging a sub-IQ Nokia troll on non-Nokia articles. :)
  • Can you please refrain from chastising me simply becuase my opinion differs from yours?
  • Two thoughts: 1) To M8 for Windows users: How's the stability on this phone?  I worry that, since it was designed for Android, that WP was slapped on, and I heard some early usability issues; 2) To HTC: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add wireless charging on your next refresh.  That's the only reason I haven't upgraded yet, and the M8 for Windows is a really cool looking phone.
  • It's been a FANTASTIC phone... got to get used to the missing camera button and the software buttons, but I love it.  Great quality device and never had a problem outside a Bluetooth issue with my car which seems to have resolved itself.
  • Very stable, I have had no issues. Still use the Verizon version daily. It's a very nice phone, TBH.
  • I want an m8 but can't have it.:(
    It is available only in US
  • So Dan you have both 1520 and m8 for personal use?? :)
  • AT&T 1520, 830/735 on second line; For Verizon iPhone 6 and HTC One on second line; T-Mobile Lumia 635, though reception is terrible, so don't use it much
  • I see you've betrayed the Hulk there Dan ;-) .
  • Nope, just have 5 lines of service.
  • I would love to see a pie chart on daily use of all 5 lines. I couldn't even imagine switching between two let alone five!
  • Daniel, are you showing one theme only? I only have a Halloween theme showing, "when inside themes, swipe to either side". Thought there would be a Christmas theme since we are in....... Christmas.
  • Wireless charging doesn't work through aluminum bodies like the M8 ...
  • Why HTC haven't tried same, here in India?
  • Bcoz its a careers exclusive for now
  • The new update also lets you pause and skip music :)
  • Wait really?! Wow! You're right! And it accepts swiping gestures too! Sweeeeet!!!!
  • Just noticed this, came to post about it! One of the cooler features in this update (for me at least). So glad HTC is supporting this phone!
  • I got a tip in! My life is complete.
  • Lumia devices should a case like that, as a matter of fact, better.
  • No we shouldn't lol. This case is ugly and we have glance...without the ugly case
  • It's better to have options than be restricted. You clearly wouldn't like it, that's fine, don't buy it.
  • I already brought the better phone so I'm not buying the m8 :D
  • Adds pause and skip track buttons also, wish the play button was there after pausing music, but still a nice option, :)
  • Swipe up after swiping down to pause.
  • Just noticed it shows doing currently playing to, :)
  • Can anyone tell me I I will lose the call blocking feature that I love on my 920 if I switch to the M8?...Not sure if that is a Windows phone feature or a Nokia feature...Also, will I lose any other software features if I switch to the M8 from my 920?...Thanks everyone for your feedback!
  • I don't think call block feature will be available as call+settings is only for Lumias.I think
  • Yes you will lose it.
  • And -- it shows a battery meter with % when the phone is charging. Nice...
  • Seeing it has all these new features like music playback buttons and new weather theme plus the Holliday themes. Also the battery percentage... And maybe some other stuff not yet uncovered this seemed like a real update to an app. Hopefully this is just the beginning form HTC.
  • I've had the M8 for almost a month now and love it. My oldest son teases me about the camera. He has the Nokia 1020 so he does have a great camera. The M8 was an upgrade for my from the HTC 8x. So far I've had really good luck with HTC. Even though offical updates don't come out often enough, thanks to the developer preview program from Microsoft, I've been pretty close to the latest in Windows Phone. I received the XBox Dot View case from HTC and it really adds a new level of interactivity that is really nice. The Holiday themes? I only got Halloween. And the motion of the pumpkin is a little scary, at least to my wife.Hopefully a Christmas theme will appear before the actual date. Afterwards is a not cool.
  • I've never gotten a notification of any kind while using the dot view case. I turned them all on. I only see time and weather.
  • Check your accessory apps in your settings. If HTC dot view isn't there you won't get notifications. I'm currently having that problem but it's not really a big deal to me and it's still better than glance imo.
  • How does rocking a HTC make one part of the Lumia owners minority? The first sentence is wrong.