HTC HD2 Review Surfaces

While the HTC HD2 appears to be headed to the U.S. Market, it's already making waves in the European and Asian markets. Mobile-Review has published a review on the HD2 and found it to be an impressive Windows phone. You can find the Google-translated review here.

In reading the translated page, the HD2 it appears Mobile-Review is impressed with the latest Windows phone from HTC but gives the Windows phone low marks for size and for lacking enough hardware keys.

Follow the break for more pictures of the HD2 and our observations on Mobile-Review's article.

Via Pocketnow

Update: HTC's own Eric Lin reminds us that what's being reviewed isn't yet a finished product and should be treated as such.

The HD2 that was reviewed measured 4.74"L x 2.63"W x .43"D and weighed in at 5.54 ounces. The one thing that stood out from the photographs is the presence of the micro-USB port and a 3.5mm jack.

What's surprising about the 3.5mm jack is that one has to ask if HTC can put the jack on a phone .43 inches thick, why can't they put it on a phone .59 inches thick (Touch Diamond 2)? Granted there still may be an engineering issue preventing the 3.5mm jack on the Touch Diamond 2/AT&T Pure, but it does raise an eyebrow.

While the large, 4.3-inch, 480x800, capacitive (yep, no stylus included) screen has to be a joy to use I wonder how comfortable the HD2 is in the hand. This was one of the critical points with the review, describing the phone as resembling a shovel. Can the HD2 be comfortable to carry or will you feel as though you've got a netbook attached to the hip?

Mobile-Review is critical of the number of hardware keys on the HD2, noting the lack of a D-pad or trackball and a separate button to turn off the screen. In looking at the pictures, there is no separate power/sleep button to the top of the HD2. It appears that the end key doubles as a power button. If there is no way to turn off the screen via a hardware key, I can understand the concern.

While Mobile-Review's review of the HD2 answered some of our questions, it leaves us with even more.

Phil Nickinson

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  • The reviewer is personalising the review - "I like a D-pad this phone has no D-pad then is not good". That's ridiculous! Phone usuage is evolving. He's still lives in 2003 when phones with 2.4 screens and no touch needed a lot of keys and rockers and d-pads to make them practical. The guys says "I wonder how comfortable the HD2 is in the hand" What?? Does he has to "wonder"? Doesn't he has hands? Did he reviewed without touching it? Problem with the size? Whatch the videos: women demo the HD2
    The HD2 is as wide as the BB BOLD.
    THe HD2 is 1mm thinner that the iPhone
    and only 1/10 of inch taller than the Omnia2
    and weights 20 gms less thant the touch pro 2 Still has to wonder? make a cardboard box and try it.
  • Amen to the entire content of pinguino1's post! I mean seriously some of these reviewers don't even do their homework. I've seen reviews where the specs and details are so wrong it makes you wonder if they've even seen a picture of the phone. Just go to the HTC Europe website and take a tour of the'll get more info from than from this reviewer!
  • I have stopped reading reviews from Mobile-Review about a year ago, when it became increasingly clear that Eldar Murtazin has difficulties drawing a line between objective comments and personal opinions. Reviews and articles have become increasingly inconsistent, and some have even degraded into rants and diatribes against some companies and their products. I take whatever they say now with a big bucket of salt.
  • He's a stranger reviewer most times! I would prefer having a d-pad as well... but I wouldn't write the phone off just because it doesn't have one.
  • All I heard was the remark about hardware buttons. Amen. Give back the fixed, tactile, always-there-when-I-reach-for-my-frequent-shortcut buttons! I agree with Anonymous above that it's a subjective thing. But this was part of why I personally always loved HTC devices and they keep stripping away the keys/pads!
  • If you are being critical of a lack of D-pad, you have been way too content with the garbage that has comprised the WM lineup for the last few years. I listened to the WM podcast for the first time today because I am so stoked about this phone. I was floored when they had negative impressions!! This is absolutely unbelievable. We are finally seeing a compelling WM device and the community has initially declared it "too big" and been frustrated with a lack of D-pad. Multitouch capacitive is the future, embrace it. Be glad that you finally have a legitimate device on your platform.
  • We've had wonderful devices for years... Back when the only other competitor was monochrome screened Palm Pilots, and the iPhone was even on paper, we had devices with ATI graphics acceleration, great big VGA screens (still Android and Apple can't figure out that their screens suck) and awesome battery life. Sadly, they weren't phones though, and often I wondered WHY they couldn't combine the two. There are many that still agree that multitouch is barely useful at most, and a gimmick in most instances. I do not want a phone I must use two hands to use, and if the only way to zoom was some pinch motion, rather than tapping or swirling your finger, I'd be turned off by it and so would many others. I am happy to see the massive screens finally making a comeback to WinMo though, as an owner of an hx4700 and Axim x51v the current trend of smartphones to have tiny little 2.8 screens has been very limiting. Now, I'm not a big fan of the D-pad, but I do miss rocker/roller switches. Why you say? Because buttons are slow and old? Well, as any one who has designed equipment (and I mean truly designed) knows that be it from fighter jets to cars, physical buttons are faster, easier to use, and certainly take less concentration to use. So no, the prided no button phone with multitouch capability may LOOK cool, but they're throwing a bit of functionality out of the window with that as well. Give me the roller and a select button on the side like on the old AT&T Tilt, and I'll live happily without my D-pad.
  • I agree with you, pinch and zoom is an inefficient gesture for browsing the web. That's why I never do that on my iPhone. Double tapping on and picture or text zooms that into full screen just like on the HD2. I almost never pinch or zoom except in very rare instances when the double tap zoom doesn't quite fill the screen. Why would you want to take room away from the screen with plastic buttons that you don't use all the time. Perfecting multitouch gestures maximizes screen real estate while keeping the device itself as compact as possible and easy to use. WM users always mention the glory days of legacy devices because you are still living back then. Eliminate D-pads, roller balls, rockers, and any audio jack that isn't 3.5 mm and join the 21st century.
  • I'm not saying multi-touch shouldn't be developed, as it has its uses, I just don't see it as a selling point at the moment, and doubt it'll have more than limited uses. Okay, I explained WHY to keep some hardware keys, and I can understand getting rid of the D-pad for most phones, as it is a waste of device room for a glorious screen. However, a roller that you can press in to select, doesn't take much room on the side of the device, and allows easier one handed operation. When walking, or carrying something etc, it would be far easier to do that as it takes less motorskills, than having to swipe the screen. Also, like on the Toshiba TG01, I don't believe eliminating the hangup/dial buttons is a super smart move, as I use holding them down as short cuts for things like the task manager to kill an unresponsive app, or locking the device. I agree with you in many ways, that these are great improvements, I'm just saying there is going too far with it as well. I've owned an iPhone, and it wasn't nearly as easy to use one handed as my old Tilt was... Plus, not having hardware buttons means you have to physically look at the screen many times to do any type of manipulation.
  • To Big, they got to be kidding ! It's only 6mm (1/4") taller and wider than the Iphone size. And it's thinner than the Iphone by about 1mm. I'll take the 4.3 screen and phone size any day over my Iphone. I've been waiting for type of phone to be released for while now.
  • It's "too big" as a general purpose business device, not necessarily too big as a media device. There's no universal standard as to what makes a phone too big, but for me, if it can't fit comfortably into my front pants pocket, it's a non-starter. The commenter who scoffed at the idea that the HD2 was too big lost all credibility when he said it as "only a little bigger than the iPhone," which itself is hardly a small device. D-pads aren't fashionable, but they're still the most functional mechanism for navigation. Navigating without a D-pad is like eating with chopsticks: occasionally fun, but clearly inefficient once the novelty wears off. I don't have any axe to grind with multitouch or capacitive touchscreens, as long as they coexist alongside more productive phone designs (WM Standard, WM Pro with resistive screens and D-pads, etc.). Every time I hear someone proclaim some option as "the" future, I'm saddened to think how society has become brainwashed into seeing all change as unilateral progress.
  • So, to select something out of a list you prefer clicking down on your D-pad several times and then clicking select or pulling out the replacement stylus that you just bought for $35 because you lost the other one and selecting your option rather than touching your selection with your finger? I'm "saddened" to think that people are still content with stock WM as a viable mobile operating system.
  • You've mistaken me for a stylus fan. I prefer one-hand operation. I don't use the stylus except on very rare occasions, like with drawing programs. Styluses have good uses, but navigation isn't one of them. I don't click down the D-pad several times. For anything that requires more than a couple of clicks, I simply hold it down once until the focus reaches the right location, then hit the center button. Much more efficient than swipe scrolling, and less annoying than constant thumb stretching or two-handed operation. I'm not content with WM in its current state. It needs to evolve, but not indiscriminately. I'm happy to see WM support full-touchscreen devices, but those products are optimized for one use case. Innovations should be seen as adding options, not replacing them. Some of us still need more focused messaging devices that make getting information efficient and fluid. Full-touchscreen devices are great for watching videos and surfing the web, but there are still plenty of people out there that actually need to get real work done. We should embrace change, but not if it means relinquishing our capacity for critical thinking. Not all change is progress.
  • Extremely well put... One of my biggest fears with WM7 around the corner, is how much of the functionality they may give up in chasing the iPhone generation. WinMo was never built to be a OS for the masses who are the same ones that were content with the RAZR phone, it was built for the power users and the business people. I've made the point many times that capacitive screens eliminate users with gloves, and that eliminates using the device in cold weather for people who need to use pocket excel for data entry (yes, they exist).
  • I prefer a trackball to a dpad but I could live without it. I guess a problem with it is WM itself. Not designed for complete touchscreen usage (although HTC makes it work). As for glove usage, I'm guessing they will still make business devices with d-pads, trackballs, keyboards and hardware buttons. It doesn't make sense not to. Besides, isn't there some kind of thimble like thing in place of a stylus for the iphone? Oh, and chopsticks aren't a novelty. A couple billion people in the world use them very efficiently including myself ;)
  • A few fairly easy tweaks could make WM much more finger friendly than it currently is. Moving the OK button to the bottom in 6.5 was a good start on Microsoft's part. I'd like to see MS incorporate up/down scroll buttons on the bottom of app screens as well, much like OS X. Actually, I'd like to see the OK button replaced by a task manager button that provides options like OK, Toggle, and Exit. As for the chopsticks comment, I'm sure you're more perceptive than you're pretending to be. The point was that touch-only navigation is not as efficient as having a hardware element for scrolling and directing focus, whether it's a trackball or a D-pad. Chopsticks are a novelty for Westerners, used to knives and forks, eating in Asian restaurants. To continue the analogy, full-touchscreen devices are optimized for media in the same way that chopsticks are optimized for eating rice, noodles, and precut meat. There's the other use case, productivity, that benefits more from hardware-based navigation and text entry. It wouldn't be any more optimal to use full-touchscreen devices for these purposes than to use chopsticks for eating steak and potatoes.
  • You can redesign the OS all you want, but applications that deal with spreadsheets, or other areas of data input like that are still going to be limited. Try entering in thousands of numbers in a day with a capacitive only screen, no stylus, and no hardware button to quickly click the next cell down... Anyone who says that capacitive and big finger freindly buttons on the screen, and not on the device is BETTER in that situation, needs to give me some of whatever they are on. I hope they can just find a middle ground with these devices.
  • "WM is for people who do real work" - This is a myth, I know scores of people who I have worked with who use the iPhone exclusively. Apple has really optimized it for business in the last year or so. On top of that, you get iTunes integration, crack web browser, and scads of apps to boot!
  • Do a quick search at DailyTech, even Steve Jobs has said the iPhone isn't a business phone. And out of all those apps, I have yet to find a decent spreadsheet app.
  • I've worked with scores of people who use the iPhone in conjunction with their Blackberries. But others will make a suboptimal solution work. If the iPhone were truly optimized for business use, the option of using a second phone wouldn't even occur to anyone. I use the Treo Pro as my sole PMP, even though it would be more efficient to offload my media to a dedicated player. Since I'd rather not carry two devices, I make the compromise. The Treo Pro also has a pretty crappy browsing experience, but it does allow me to get the information I need to get to quickly. Some people will choose maximum screen real estate, others will choose hardware keyboards and buttons. It depends on your priorities. Let's stop pretending that there's a perfect device or form factor out there for everyone.
  • I dunno, my TP2 is pretty close to perfect ;) No, I agree completely with you. Knowing people who have come from Treo's or BB's that tried the iPhone, I only know one that still has the iPhone. Out about 30 or so...
  • Another HD2 review:
  • According to Clove Electronics, unlocked HD2's will be available for import starting Nov. 11. Unless HTC provides some additional info on the Dragon before then, I should have my HD2 shortly thereafter. To be perfectly clear, there are no "engineering issues" with putting a 3.5mm audio jack on these devices. Note that the mini-usb to audio adapters don't contain any electronics. HTC is know for trying to save pennies per unit, and unfortunately they've made some bad design decisions in the past as a result. I'm glad HTC made the wise decision to include a 3.5mm audio jack on the HD2 but wish in was located on the top edge. Placing it on the bottom edge saves HTC a few pennies, the cost of the coaxial cable used in the orginal HD. The one hardware button I would have liked is a shutter release/focus button placed where the index finger naturally rests when holding the phone for picture taking. Again a few pennies saved by HTC. I lot of people have complained about the size of the device, and I have to admit some would find uncomfortable having it in a pocket for extended periods. However, I'm willing to put up with that for a chance to watch videos on the "big screen" powered by a decent processor. On a related note, I've often criticized HTC for making phones of a given screen size bigger than they have to be due to wasted space around the screen. It's good that HTC has minimized this space with the HD2, though it must be noted that if they had pushed the screen right to the edge, the beast wouldn't be much bigger than the iPhone. As to the resistive versus capacitive and having used restive devices for too long to remember and capacitive screens now for a couple of years, I won't miss the stylus on my HD2. I wonder if those lamenting the loss of the resistive screen have truly been introduced to an UI designed from the ground up for touch like Sense. It's funny, when a trend goes against personal preferences, some say "society has become brainwashed", when a trend aligns with what we believe, "it's the wisdom of the crowd."
  • I agree with you that HTC made some brilliant design choices on the HD2. I love the minimalist buttons on the bottom with just pure unadulterated screen above! Even the iPhone has too large a bezel on top and bottom in my opinion. As for the audio jack, that's no problem to me because I keep my iPhone upside down in my pocket all of the time (so the speaker points up at me when the phone rings) and that won't be much of a change. The HD2 is looking amazing and I can't wait until it's official in the US! Please come to AT&T $300 or under on contract!!!
  • There's a difference between saying the device is too big, and complaining that it's too big. For me, saying that it's too big isn't a criticism, just a statement of the fact that it's a larger device than I'm comfortable carrying. You, on the other hand, are in HTC's target market for the HD2. I've owned a Palm Pre and an iPod Touch, and while their capacitive touchscreens were hardly the reason for getting rid of both of them, I'll admit that after having experienced capacitive, I don't understand what all the fuss is about. If a company came along and put a capacitive touchscreen on a front qwerty device (like the Pixi, but with fewer limitations), I might be interested. But at the end of the day, hardware-based text entry and navigation offers better economy of motion and one-handed operation. That's why Blackberries outsell iPhones. You've pulled my brainwashing remark out of context. I wasn't referring to a particular design preference, like capacitive vs. resistive, but to the forgone conclusion that newer is better. Eliminating X on the grounds that "the" future is Y demands a suspension of critical thinking. I'm all for hearing the case for any design choice as long as the argument has more substance than, "There Is No Alternative."
  • I like the HD2 but I think that it would be even better if it was a bit smaller. Let's say the size of touch diamond 1. The lack of dpad under my opinion is minus but I can live without it. I have never tried windows mobile with capacitive touch screen - so I wonder will it be better experience than the resistive screens (remember that in windows mobile there are still programs that are not finger friendly and need percise touch on the screen - for best results use stilus). What is better? Well we will just have to wait a bit longer and see what is more usable in real life.
    P.S. Keep in mind that even stupid phones can do e-mail now :)
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  • I do not see this device stylus. Why not have it. Since it is much more convenient to use the program
  • I must admit I almost lost hope in Windows Mobile but this one
  • this is a great phone all around. it looks great with the large touch screen. it's easy to text on and to check email/internet and make phone calls. the hd2 is top of the line when it comes to unlocked phones. i ordered one from a couple months ago. hasn't let me down yet!