HTC HD2 Review Surfaces

While the HTC HD2 appears to be headed to the U.S. Market, it's already making waves in the European and Asian markets. Mobile-Review has published a review on the HD2 and found it to be an impressive Windows phone. You can find the Google-translated review here.

In reading the translated page, the HD2 it appears Mobile-Review is impressed with the latest Windows phone from HTC but gives the Windows phone low marks for size and for lacking enough hardware keys.

Follow the break for more pictures of the HD2 and our observations on Mobile-Review's article.

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Update: HTC's own Eric Lin reminds us that what's being reviewed isn't yet a finished product and should be treated as such.

The HD2 that was reviewed measured 4.74"L x 2.63"W x .43"D and weighed in at 5.54 ounces. The one thing that stood out from the photographs is the presence of the micro-USB port and a 3.5mm jack.

What's surprising about the 3.5mm jack is that one has to ask if HTC can put the jack on a phone .43 inches thick, why can't they put it on a phone .59 inches thick (Touch Diamond 2)? Granted there still may be an engineering issue preventing the 3.5mm jack on the Touch Diamond 2/AT&T Pure, but it does raise an eyebrow.

While the large, 4.3-inch, 480x800, capacitive (yep, no stylus included) screen has to be a joy to use I wonder how comfortable the HD2 is in the hand. This was one of the critical points with the review, describing the phone as resembling a shovel. Can the HD2 be comfortable to carry or will you feel as though you've got a netbook attached to the hip?

Mobile-Review is critical of the number of hardware keys on the HD2, noting the lack of a D-pad or trackball and a separate button to turn off the screen. In looking at the pictures, there is no separate power/sleep button to the top of the HD2. It appears that the end key doubles as a power button. If there is no way to turn off the screen via a hardware key, I can understand the concern.

While Mobile-Review's review of the HD2 answered some of our questions, it leaves us with even more.

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