HTC HD7s vs HD7 - a tale of two screens

Yesterday, it was announced that AT&T would be getting the HTC HD7-S, with the "S" standing for Super-LCD, a screen tech comparable to Super AMOLED (sans the annoying pen-tile matrix). It's a big win for the HD7, since the T-Mobile version's screen is one of the worst we've seen for Windows Phone and it's a shame, because that phone deserves better.

Pocket-lint did a quick side by side of the sister phones and to them, the Super LCD was much better:

It’s clear that the HD7S is the better of the two, plus you’ll get a phone that you can use in 2 years time after T-Mobile shuts down its spectrum if and when the AT&T merger goes through.

That last part referencing the pending AT&T/T-Mobile merger announced on Sunday. Although it's hard to tell from the pic (and differing themes don't help), we're inclined to believe just about anything is better than the T-Mo's screen. We have our crew on the ground for CTIA as well, so expect some hands on time with the HD7S shortly. Check out Engadget's write up of S-LCD vs AMOLED.

Source: Pocket-lint

Daniel Rubino

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  • The only reason I went for my Omnia 7 as opposed to the HD7 was the screen quality. Although I would have to overlook the shocking customer service of the carrier that owns the rights to HD7 in the UK. Jerks.
  • Kinda wish I waited. I love my Focus, but I am almost waiting for the ish to hit the fan and weirdness to start happening with the rebooting issue I hear about. However, I did get my focus for .01, so that is hard to pass up.
  • I just don't get it. I've seen older reviews or specs on the HD7 and sometimes it is mentioned that the HD7 has a SLCD screen already. Did HTC originally plan on SLCD for the HD7 only to back out by launch?
  • They were all incorrect, HD7 has always had a standard LCD screen.
  • Excellent info! Now, I just wish AT&T would add the HD7S to their website. I wonder when they'll have it?
  • If they also improve the battery and camera I'll ditch my Omnia 7. Fingers crossed...
  • That's a good point (about the battery). Was the mah listed on the spec sheet?
  • How could you get rid of the Omnia 7?!?!?!?!It's a beaute!Something us U.S. folk may never see :(
  • truly epic! PenTile was the worst thing to happen to mobile displays in a long time.
  • Super AMOLED Plus also gets rid of it. As good as Super LCD is, S-AMOLED+ is even better. Still, there's something nice about LCD still--softer, more natural.