HTC "Manilla" aka "WM Celebrity Makeover" rears its pretty head

Well BGR got a sneak peak at "Manilla" which is HTC's v2.0 attempt to add beauty to the beast that is Windows Mobile. We saw a bit of Manilla already, so this is just a bit more.

For those familiar with HTC's previous homescreen workin's (and the hacks to customize, natch), this newer version continues delve deepr, customizing the dialer, call history, in-call screens and some multimedia action to boot.

The screenshots, as noted, are from the VGA HTC Advantage, so don't get too worked up over that smoothness just yet. More interestingly, this version of "Manilla" (can I stop saying that yet?) is from an as-yet-unknown and upcoming HTC VGA device...ooooooo!

Love the "running programs", reminiscent of MagicButton and boy, that in call screen looks mighty familar...ahem.

Take a moment to look over BGR's gallery and then hit up XDA if you want in on the early action, though QVGA probably need not applly...just yet. :-(

WC Staff
  • Aww, I want some QVGA love... :)
  • This YouTube video shows Manilla much better than the BGR screenshots.
  • That vid doesn't seem to be the same version as what was displayed in the BGR screenshots. That version was leaked some time ago.
    I wonder if HTC will be so kind enough to bundle 6.1 along with the "TF Enhanced" for existing owners. I won't hold my breath though (just like I was holding my breath for that non-video driver graphics fix that HTC promised).
  • [COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I'm a little disappointed not even one Milli Manilli joke? Sounds like a macho ice cream flavor MAN-Nilla. It might just be me, but the name just sounds so bland. It looks ok, but I agree what?s up with the fruit influence, I mean the transitions on that fruit phone (wont commit blasphemy on a site with WM in its URL) are pretty, but I don?t think the action icons & graphics are really all that great, yet everyone is following them. Take a look at the (I think flash, might actually be silver light, but no you don?t have to install silverlight to see it, never mind) Microsoft Windows mobile flash animation ad about what you can do with your WM device and take a look at the glassy transparent top plus bottom bar and the slightly transparent UI now that alone is hella better than what we have now in the beast. Now mash that concept with some of the styling of WM7 and you have something. Still part of me even likes that add created WM UI better than what I've seen so far in WM7. It's really clean and with a little transition effects I think I?d be pretty cool. I curious what you guys think on that? [/FONT][/COLOR]