HTC Radar appears on the radar

We've seen ads for the HTC Titan and Radar over at's UK site and now we are seeing the HTC Radar make an appearance on the UK mobile phone site, IntoMobilePhones. While there isn't an out of contract price listed for the Radar, the monthly rental is running 26.88 Pounds (about $44 U.S.). The out of contract price, while not listed, has been reported to be $568 U.S on the listing.

The interesting part of the advertisement is the availability date. The Radar is currently being offered as a pre-order with stock expected around September 20th.

If true, the Radar will be available long before the "first of October" date we heard at the London unveiling. There is a double asterix after the date which likely means "give or take a few weeks" just in case supplies are delayed.

source: intomobilephones  Thanks goes out to Ross for tipping us on this!

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  • Nitpicking, why do they list it as Windows 7 Phone and Windows 7? They should be using the correct name, Windows Phone 7, no matter how awkward that sounds.
  • I noticed that too. Kind of odd although at least it doesn't say Windows Mobile.
  • Agreed, it's just plain stupid they can't get it right.
  • That could be the soonest it's expected, but I hope it holds true, the sooner this new devices hit the market the better for everyone.
  • What the heck does "Wifi Y" mean?
  • I suppose that this is actually DLNA.
  • operating system - windows 7.....Microsoft should really change their name in the future cause no matter what people are gonna get confused.
  • When did Windows Phone 7 start supporting Java? (it says so under software in this chart)..
  • I was getting ready to post that.Other mistakes:OS: Windows 7Camera: 8 Megapixels (it's 5 MP)One mistake shows a copy and paste mistake. Three major mistakes? That's just a terrible "work."
  • They better show some proof that this phone is an improvement over the first generation in terms of speed. That browser benchmark from awhile back sure didn't convince me. About as fast as the Trophy? A phone that is like €180 on Ebay. No thanks. Will the Radar have stutter free 720p video recoding. I'm skeptical. The first generation claims 24fps but in reality isn't even close. In practice it looks more like 15fps. Avoid?
  • vote down, did the trophy have a FFC, someone sounds like a spec hater.