HTC S740/743 gets HardSPL

If you happen to be using a HTC S740/743 (a.k.a. the Rose) and often wished you could run custom ROMs, today may be yourr lucky day.

XDA Member jockyw2001 has posted a HardSPL kit for the S740/743. The HardSPL basically opens up the phone to allow for the flashing of ROMs.

Presently, there's only one cooked ROM being circulated over at XDA for the HTC Rose and it may take time before the chef's start adding this Windows Phone to the menu.


George Ponder

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  • I already posted 3 cooked ROMs and a kitchen...
  • Another slow (and old) news day at WME, huh?
  • The HTC S740 is a stylish slider-style phone with both a numberpad and a keyboard.There are two slioghtly different versions of this device. The S740 is the European version, while the S743 in the N. Americican one. The S740 is not compatible with American 3G networks; the S743 is.