HTC pushes out second firmware update for T-Mobile 8X, focuses on Skype

HTC and T-Mobile US have begun pushing out an over-the-air firmware update for the 8X on the carrier starting yesterday. The update is minor and very specific: “Features audio experience improvements for the Skype application” and bumps the firmware from 1532.20.20004.531 to 1532.20.20008.531.

There’s no word on specifically how this improves Skype or why perhaps others phones won’t be getting this update, which leads us to believe that there was some optimization needed in the previous Portico update that was not present.

Despite its specificity though, it’s still pleasant to see Microsoft, HTC and T-Mobile push out firmware updates seemingly with ease, making sure customers are getting the best possible experience from their Windows Phone.

Source: T-Mobile (opens in new tab);  via WMPU

Daniel Rubino

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  • Now if they would just push out an update for the network drop issue for 8x....refuse to keep phone in 2G mode all the time to ensure I am getting calls
  • Tmobile? Hmm, I also had dropped calls but blame it on Tmobile. Never thought about the phone
  • I don't think it is t-mobile. AT&T is having same problem and there is a post in 920 forums that it has as well.
  • Thx for the heads up
  • I've never had a call dropped on AT&T.
  • I returned my HTC 8X yesterday to TMO.  I've had it since launch but I didn't have to fight too hard for a refund.  Enough is enough.  I went back to my Lumia 710 on WP7.  I'll try WP8 again when TMO has a better flagship.
  • Gief Lumia 620 review T_T
  • This specifically fixes the audio call problem experienced in Skype as described here: The previous workaround of using speakerphone will no longer be necessary for HTC 8X users with this update.
  • Is this really the issue being addressed? Im having this problem with Skype too, but I'm with Rogers in Canada and didn't get an update!
  • Go T-mobile! Now get a flagship Nokia.
  • Can I has portico on Verizon HTC 8X?
  • Hear hear
  • Sweet Lord. +1000
  • I'm hoping they are taking their time fixing all of the bugs on the Verizon 8x. I'd much rather have one fix-all than a bunch of little updates that each leave something broken.
  • The 822 really needs it too. Please hurry Verizon/Microsoft!
  • Dont want to hear the word "fragmentation prolem - android  and windows phone is better"in one sentence again :O
  • Care to elaborate on that?
  • Yeah great, i am STILL waiting for my portico update on my unbranded 920 (mad)
  • You mad bro!?
  • Yeah
  • Yeah, we're still waiting for our first Portico update on unbranded Lumias. You guys are so far ahead
  • Still don't even have the portico update for 8x on bell network, I called bell today and they said that there are no foreseen updates in the future. What a joke of a provider!
  • Hurry up give us the 7.8 update, T-Mobile!
  • And Verizon still hasn't gotten the first update let alone Portico. I'll be switching carriers as soon as my contract is up. Verizon fail.
  • I moved to Verizon from Sprint for WP8 and what a massive mistake that was. After I moved my company account and all our lines we soon found out why its so hard to get ahold of clients on Verizon. Full LTE coverage and we get voicemail notifications and no missed call.
  • Definitely frustrated with Verizon as well.. I still can't see switching. Other than the update I have no complaints.
  • Still haven't received this OTA update from T-mobile on my 8x yet.. But if there barely just pushing it out I'll get it eventually :) great to see T-mobile push wp8 updates with HTC with breeze.
  • Just got it like an hour ago here in the US. Have you tried going into settings, check for updates? It took around 10 minutes to fully install the update.
  • Skype does not work in Europe on htc 8x unless using loudspeaker or headset. Maybe they finally fixed it?
  • Can someone from WPcentral contact a verizon rep on any sort of update coming to 8X users?
  • I have an 8X on Verizon and my wife has the iPhone 5.  Trying to use Skype is horrible.  I don't know who's phone it is, we haven't really fooled around with it too much, but the sound is completely unusable.  Neither one of us can hear the other one, there's electronic feedback and cracking with the sound, the video is extremely choppy and freezes.  Just an overall terrible experience.  And we were both excited to get phones with front facing cameras so we could video chat! 
  • I didn't really try this on my 8X yet but I know when skyping around the same area (I.e. Same room) Skype effs up hard. So if that's what you tried doing, try it when ur on break at work or something. See what's up? If not then completely ignore me hahahahah
  • We've actually only ever tried Skyping when we're away from each other.  Like I'm at work and she's home.  Or a couple of weekends ago she was out of town on the other side of the country so we tried to Skype so our son could see her.  Still didn't work.  Skype only has a 2 star rating on the iPhone but no one in the comments seems to talk about this as a problem.  It's always people just bitching about Msoft or a feature they want.  We just have to do a little more testing i.e. I'm on my computer, she's on her phone.  Or I'm on my phone and she's on a computer.  The other option, which is really highly rated for iPhone, would be to use Tango, but they haven't decided to support WP8 yet.
  • I can't seem to manually push this update.  Anyone else unable to do this?
  • Neither can I
  • Just did it an hour ago....
  • Nope... No update yesterday or today... WP central may have reported on this premature.
  • still waitng =(
  • Still waiting
  • No update and its the 7th of Feb.
  • Update fixed Skype mic problem. Network Telenor Serbia