HTC Tilt versus a lawnmower

If I were a smartphone, this is how I'd want to go out. Not left forgotten in the back of a closet somewhere. Not dumped into one of those cell phone recycling boxes. Not drowned in a pool (or worse, toilet), dead on the inside while looking mostly unscathed on the outside.

No, I'd want to be chewed up and spit out by a John Deere.

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  • You made my phone cry!
  • if my tilt doesn't find a buyer once i'm up for upgrade in 3 months...u better believe it'll suffer the same fate.
  • OMG! After all the hardware troubles I've been having with my TyTN II, I want to do give it this treatment when I finally get a new phone in a couple of months!!
  • That lawnmower has given out some serious slicing and dicing. We forget how dangerous these things are.
  • Looks like 3.0 mega pieces