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HTC Touch Dual, Video First Look

Here you go, a first look video of the HTC Touch Dual - which is a beefed-up version of the HTC Touch (well, beefed up with 3G and sliding keyboard and beefed-down by the removal of WiFi). The Touch Dual is a pretty cool device, sure, but the fact that it won't do 3G in the United States (Tri-Band only) makes it pretty tough to recommend to most of our readers. As does the relatively narrow screen (we like 'em wide).

HTC really is coming along with their interface chops, though - the new keyboard (also available on the Sprint Touch) is a big step up, as is the new photo viewer application.

So give the Dual a pass, but blow it a kiss as it drifts by.

  • ...On the video I mistaken said "quad band" - it's tri-band, missing the 850MHz necessary for 3G in the US.
  • Getting a bit tired of HTC's lousy marketing of the Touch family of devices. No powerful quad band and 3g GSM Touches seem to be in the pipeline. No love from HTC means no purchases from my pocket.
  • There's a lot of confusion about network support concerning HTC devices these days. For instance, HTC's specifications for the original GSM Touch clearly state it's a tri-band device, yet there are many owners that claim it's actually quad-band and that the 850MHz band is supported, just not acknowledged by HTC.
    Now comes the Touch Dual based on the Qualcomm 7200 chipset with it's integrated quad-band and gpsOne A-GPS solutions, yet the final product is tri-band with no GPS! Obviously I don't understand something.
    I would request that when Dieter Bohn or any body else at WMExperts does a final review of the Dual that some explanation is attempted as to why the discrepancy between the capabilities of the underlying chipset and the outward feature set. Also, I would like to know if the original GSM Touch and the newer enhanced version are truly quad-band devices. For those like myself who regularly purchase imported unlocked phones to use in the U.S. this would be useful information.
    Finally, I wonder what JGold thinks of the upcoming Touch Cruise?
  • Finally, I wonder what JGold thinks of the upcoming Touch Cruise?
    The specs seem to be there. However, the Cruise is nowhere near as slick and asthetically pleasing as the Touch series.
    Mobile Review apparently hit the nail on the head:
    "The Touch Cruise is by no means the most pocket-friendly solution around,"
  • JGold, thanks for the comment. I agree the Cruise isn't eye-candy: HTC tried too hard to make it look similar to it's predecessor the Artemis. The O2 XDA Orbit 2 is a better looking device.
  • I was really looking forward to the Cruise, but I got a chance to actually hold one at Mobius and was seriously disappointed. If I'm going to get a bricky phone, I'll get a Tilt. ;)
    I'll definitely look into the radio chipset thing when I get to a full review.
  • The phone is great. I have had for some time now, but the food guidance of trouble with it. Arrived in excellent condition and sooner than expected.