HTC Touch vs. iPhone, Part 2: Video Smackdown

In part 1 we restricted ourselves to just comparing the hardware differences between the HTC Touch and the iPhone. Here, in part 2, we go all out.

So much of what needs comparing between these two devices is software experience, so it had to be a video. And it turned into a more general "Windows Mobile vs. iPhone" sort of deal, so we bring you a long (25 minutes, too long for YouTube!) one. So grab a cuppa joe and witness the (low-key) smackdownery. If you don't have time just now, here's the short version:

  • iPhone: Absolutely rocks the universe with its media capabilities and its browser.
  • Windows Mobile: Still the king of productivity. ...with plenty of "check out this native 3rd party app" cheap shots thrown in at the end.

Basically we're looking at a situation that matches with everybody's expectations surprisingly well - the Apple product is hip, flashy, and surprisingly easy to use. The Windows product actually lets you, you know, work. Now in the desktop world, I find that the Mac lets me do the work I need to as well (if not better) than Windows. But in the mobile space, well, the cloying commercials fit pretty well.

So check out the video (plus a little metaphor I couldn't resist) after the break.

So, imagine you decide it's time to buy a new office chair

You walk into Apple's chair shop. They have this row of identical chairs. They're stunning, easily the best looking chairs you've ever seen. You sit down in one. Oooh. The lumbar support is just spectaclar. Your back problems melt away. This chair is just great. So you ask the salesperson -

This come with armrests?Nope.Can I add them later?Nope.That's weird. Well, it's bolted to the floor, too. I'd like some rollers.That's how they come. Bolted to the floor.Um. It doesn't rotate either.That's right. You just point it at the desk. It does auto-adjust for your height, though.Dang! How on earth does it know how tall I am? It's magic!

Then you head next door to the Microsoft chair shop. Inside they have a dozen different chairs, stools, benches, whathaveyou. Most of them are pretty utilitarian-looking. On the other hand, you can pick out the one that suits you best and you can buy aftermarket armrests. And the lumbar support, well, it's not very good. In fact, it's pretty bad. Plus: they all get a little squeaky after a little use.

But you really need a chair to be able to roll around, one with armrests. It's pretty much a deal breaker.

So while you may miss that lumbar support, it's worth it be able to move your chair around the office. Plus, you can always add a cupholder afterwards, for the heck of it. ;)

WC Staff