HTC Trophy spec sheet


As Windows Phone 7 gets closers to market, the more information and details on the particular phones will surface. We've seen pictures and specs increase on the HTC HD7 and now it's the HTC Trophy's turn.

wmpoweruser has acquired a leaked spec sheet on the Windows Phone 7 phone. It has the Trophy fitted with European 3G bands, a 3.8" 480x800 WVGA TFT LCD with 16 million colors, 512mb ROM, 576mb RAM, 8gb non-removable storage, a 5mp CMOS camera, and a 1300mAH battery.

This will be a European release but could we see a U.S. variation?

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  • I sure hope HTC starts putting OLED in their WP7 handsets before they bring them to the US. Then again, being a Verizon customer, the deadline is extended a bit...
  • Can we stop with all the 8GB devices please? Really, I have a good chuck of music and videos I'd like to take with me from time to time. 16GB and higher please?
  • I agree. 16Gb should be the minimal requirement for internal memmory and they should build phones from there all the way up until 64GB for premium phones :)