Best Accessories for HTC Vive Windows Central 2022

Whether you're looking to get the best virtual reality (VR) experience or want to keep your equipment organized, there are countless worthwhile accessories to buy if you're an HTC Vive owner. We've rounded up some of our favorites in a handy guide.

Vive Wireless Adapter

Cut the cable: Vive Wireless Adapter

Staff favorite

The HTC Vive's official wireless adapter will free you from the wired connection to your PC. A battery and receiver clip onto the headset, a transmitter connects to your PC, and you're good to go. Performance is hardly affected, providing a premier VR experience without the cable.

$300 at Microsoft
Vive Tracker

Virtualize everything: Vive Tracker

The Vive Tracker is an external sensor for the HTC Vive, trackable within its virtual space. It essentially transforms any real-world object into a VR accessory, bridging the gap between the two worlds.

$100 at Amazon
Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

Head upgrade: Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

The Vive Deluxe Audio Strap was one of the first significant accessories from HTC, providing an all-in-one head strap and audio solution. Rather than the fabric straps included in the box, the Deluxe Audio Strap offers a hard-sided head mount, improved cable management, and headphones.

$100 at Amazon
VR Lens Lab HTC Vive prescription lens inserts

Crystal clear: HTC Vive prescription lens inserts

Due to the modular nature of the HTC Vive, those without perfect vision can install prescription lenses as an additional accessory. VR Lens Lab offers custom-made lenses, attachable on top of stock the headset's stock lenses, and tailored to your prescription.

From $45 at VR Lens Lab
FoRapid HTC Vive Foam Cover

Padded up: FoRapid foam cover replacement

Out of the box, the HTC Vive ships with two face cushions of different sizes. While HTC does sell its own replacements, FoRapid offers an arguably superior alternative. Padded with thinner foam and lined with PU leather, these are more hygienic and increase the headset's field of vision.

$15 at Amazon
Hyperkin Polygon Protector bag

Safe and sound: Hyperkin Polygon Protector bag

If you're planning to take your HTC Vive on the go, Hyperkin's carrying case is a perfect companion for the trip. Explicitly designed to hold a VR headset and any related accessories, the case is a great way to keep your VR setup protected in a single location.

$80 at Amazon
Hyperkin silicone skins

Second skin: Hyperkin silicone skins

Hyperkin's purpose-made skins for the HTC Vive add an extra layer of protection, while also coating them with a personal flair. Made out of a thick silicone, the skins should help prevent any surface-level damage, including bumps and scratches.

From $15 at Amazon
Impact heavy duty light stand

Going hole-free: Impact heavy duty light stand

If you don't want to drill holes in your walls for the Vive's lighthouses, invest in this Impact light stand and tripod ballhead mount. The stands' maximum height tops HTC's recommended 6.5 feet, and they're air-cushioned as well for easy adjustment.

$55 at Amazon
AmazonBasics microfiber cleaning cloths

Keep it clean: AmazonBasics microfiber cleaning cloths

For cleaning your HTC Vive components, microfiber cloths are perfectly soft, super-absorbent, and don't leave nasty streaks behind. This set from AmazonBasics is a solid value pick with 24 reusable cloths.

$13 at Amazon

Virtual experience like no other

The HTC Vive is a great virtual reality device, but you can't just plug it in and head into virtual reality forever. There are accessories that you can buy that can significantly enhance the experience but are also just plain necessary to use your headset.

The official lineup of HTC Vive accessories includes unmissable additions, cutting out the wires, and improving your overall VR experience. While pricey, the Vive Wireless Adapter is the best you'll get, entirely cutting the tether to your PC. This freedom brings a whole new dimension to virtual experiences, improving movement, and immersion across the board.

Alternatively, the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap improves your virtual comfort, alleviating the weight, and enhancing your sound. It comes in similarly priced to mid-range headphones and improves any lengthier VR session.

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