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HTC Vive Pro Eye drops down to $799

HTC Vive Pro Eye
HTC Vive Pro Eye (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • HTC lowered the price of the Vive Pro Eye to $599 for the standalone headset.
  • The Vive Pro Eye Full Kit bundle is down to $1,399.
  • HTC also announced two upcoming bundles for its Vive Pro Eye lineup.

HTC lowered the price of its Vive Pro Eye headset by $200. You can now purchase the headset by itself for $599 or the Vive Pro Eye Full Kit bundle for $1,399. The HTC Vive Pro Eye has built-in eye tracking, which allows games to place a focus on what you're looking at within virtual reality. It also reduces the strain on graphics cards through a feature called foveated rendering.

HTC first unveiled the Vive Pro Eye in January of last year. We went hands-on with the device and noticed how innovations like eye tracking make a big difference. The Vive Pro Eye is the successor to the Vive Pro. Both devices are aimed at commercial applications, though general users can buy them as well.

HTC stuck with the commercial aim of the devices by announcing two new bundles, the Vive Pro Eye Office Bundle, and the Vive Pro Eye Office Arena Bundle. The Vive Pro Eye Office Bundle costs $1,600 and includes an updated enterprise-level warranty and services. The Vive Pro Eye Office Arena Bundles comes in at $2,350. It comes with everything in the Office Arena Bundle and adds an extra pair of SteamVR 2.0 base stations and a 20m fiber cable.

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