File it under: nice things to say

Jack Tong, VP of HTC Asia, reportedly spoke with Digitimes on all things mobile and the iPad, specifically how it hasn't had an effect on smartphone sales and that they are still considering launching tablet PCs. He evidently also had some remarks about Windows Phone 7, though nothing too surprising nor significant:

Early sales of WP7 devices look promising, but substantial market penetration will have to wait until the introduction of different language versions. Europe and US sales in the first quarter of 2011 will be a more accurate gauge of WP7's market reception, said Tong.

Well, yeah. We suppose this was the very least he could have said on the issue. Regardless of his motives, the statement is quite true though as more language support, including for China, will be coming in 2011--plus hopefully those non-EFIGS limitations will be addressed. Though it will be interesting to see how Microsoft, HTC and China workout the Facebook thing.

Source: Digitimes