Huetro for Hue picks up Microsoft Band 2 support in latest update

Huetro, an app for controlling you Philips Hue Lights, has been updated to include support for the Microsoft Band 2. Coming in at version 3.3, the latest update also includes a number of bug fixes, along with general "UI improvements," according to the developer.

From Huetro's developer on Twitter:

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With support for the Microsoft Band 2, you'll now be able to use Huetro to easily control your Philips Hue lights from your wrist. If you're interested in checking out all of the latest changes to the Huetro app, be sure to grab the latest version on the Windows Store and let us know what you think in the comments!

Download Huetro for Hue from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: huetro

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Awesome! I won't use it personally but still awesome!
  • We use this app all the time and this is a great addition. We use our bands for the Tesla App and now we can use it to control our lights.
  • Awesome update, but after it Scenes has broken UI and Microsoft Band screen shows empty commands list while trying to add them to band. I hope that it will be fixed soon
  • It's working fine for me on both our 950XL's. We are on build 10926.1000. Try to uninstall and reinstall?
  • Love this guys work, I have spoken to him a few times via support nice guy!
  • Agreed he gives a timely response to any questions.  I will definitely continue to support him on this project.
  • Another big up for Huetro, I don't have a Band 2 so no controlling lights from my wrist, but I know he is porting to the Xbox One soon.
  • Then add Cortana support so you can talk to control stuff.
  • Huetro is already Cortana Capable!
  • Sounds good support, so will.add this to my consider list when I move home...
  • It's simply awesome to have these apps in the Band 2. This is how the ecosystem should grow. It's up to developers, but the potential of integration is there. Kudos to whoever made this.
  • This where wearables needs to go. Biometric control of lights, thermostat, car doors, house door
  • And notifications
  • Niels is a terrific developer! Had a few small issues back in December when bought my Hue starter kit and he helped immediately. Was happy to support him with an in-app-purchase / donation, as his work is making a significant difference in my daily life (would not be able to use my fancy lights without his app :D ). And as it looks like Band 3 is not coming anytime soon (if at all), I'll be picking up a Band 2 in October, as my Band 1 died on me, so am really happy for this update!  
  • Phillips should pay for this app.  I spent over $600 on HUE lights and was about to return them, until I bought this app and discovered how useful those lights could be.  More manufacturs need to realize the value of the windows users phone market - this $2 app saved Phillips a $600 return.  Excellent app..