We Happy Few, which is currently in Game Preview on Xbox One and Early Access on Steam, has picked up a major new update. Titled "A Clockwork Update," the new additions combine to patch up current plot holes, make the world look better and generally improve the feel of the game.

First and foremost, the game will now feature a new starting area at the beginning of the game that should clear up a plot hole left by the disconnect between the intro and the beginning of the game. This new tutorial also has the added benefit of introducing you to crafting and combat.

Another new addition is that of conversation mode. Now, when you 're speaking with an encounter NPC, you'll be put into a conversation mode that prevents the outside world from interfering with your conversation. In other words, have to worry about a quest giver accidentally being killed (or you being attacked) while talking.

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Lastly, the houses in the village have seen visual upgrades across the board, meant to make the game feel more alive. A new quest state system is also present in this update, making it easier for the game to track your quests and be more reliable overall. Keep in mind that you'll have to start a new game after applying this update because the previous quest state system isn't compatible with the new one at all.

There are a slew of other bug fixes and improvements tagging along in this update, and you can check out every little change with the full patch notes. And if you'd like to see the new stuff yourself, you should be able to download the update now.

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