Hulu Universal App sneaks out for Xbox One

Following on from MSN Weather's early arrival in the Xbox One store, it looks like Hulu is also preparing to launch its Universal App on Microsoft's console. Spotted on r/xboxone, the app shows up but won't currently install and is shown as being available also for HoloLens, PC and mobile.

As a large content provider, Hulu is exactly the sort of app we'd expect to get on board with Microsoft's refreshed app platform for the Xbox One. Hulu already has a Windows 10 app available on phones and PCs, so it's a natural fit to move this over to the console. While a few goodies have been spotted by those using preview builds right now, the real news will hit when the big Anniversary Update hits the console alongside phones, tablets, and PCs in August.

Hulu is region restricted, but it's another good sign of things to come for the console. Newer, fresher apps working across all devices is something we've been looking towards for what feels like an eternity, and finally, we're almost there.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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