Hyper CloudX vs HyperX Cloud II: Which gaming headset should you buy?

HyperX CloudX headset
HyperX CloudX headset (Image credit: Windows Central)

Both of these headsets are nearly identical and will satisfy any player, but the HyperX CloudX is more on the affordable side while the HyperX Cloud II has a slight advantage in terms of features and accessibility. Here are the full details.

Hyper CloudX vs HyperX Cloud II: Price vs features

For the most part, the HyperX CloudX and the HyperX Cloud II have identical specifications, as they both share the same speakers, frequency range, and connection method. They also share the same well-made aluminum frame, memory foam earcups, and leather headband. However, there are some key things that make the Cloud II a more advanced piece of kit.

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SpecCloudXCloud II
Speaker53mm neodymium53mm neodymium
Frequency response15Hz – 25kHz15Hz – 25kHz
CompatibilityPS4, Xbox One, PC, mobilePS4, Xbox One, PC, mobile
FeaturesDetachable microphone, in-line audio controlsDetachable microphone, in-line audio controls, microphone echo cancellation, 7.1 surround sound

Arguably the best thing about the Cloud II is that it has a 7.1 surround sound option that can be toggled on or off at your leisure using the included USB control box. This only works for PC players, but it's a very nice feature that makes the in-game environment sound much more expansive and immersive. All you have to do is plug the headset's 3.5mm jack into one end of the box, and then plug the box's USB cable into your PC and you're good to go. In addition to the sound improvement, this also means you won't need a Y-Splitter adapter to use the Cloud II with your PC — something that the CloudX headset requires. Also, the Cloud II's microphone has echo cancellation, whereas the CloudX's does not.

Aside from these two things, though, the two headsets are identical in every way. It's worth mentioning that both the CloudX and the Cloud II will require a stereo adapter to use with Xbox One if you own an older controller that doesn't have a 3.5mm port. The newer third-generation controllers do, so you don't need to worry about an adapter if you own that version.

Hyper CloudX vs HyperX Cloud II: Which should you buy?

Ultimately, I think the deciding factor on what to buy comes down to which platform you're using. PC players should opt for the HyperX Cloud II, since it offers a cool 7.1 surround sound option. However, Xbox One and PS4 users will want to go for the HyperX CloudX, as there's no real sense in paying more for a sound feature you'll never use. The Cloud II does have echo cancellation for its microphone, but I don't think that's worth an extra $10 personally.

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