Blurry screenshots reportedly show UI of Microsoft's 'Spartan' Windows 10 browser

A day after one website posted what they claimed was a screenshot of Microsoft's rumored "Spartan" browser that's being made for Windows 10, another and more reliable media source has posted some small and blurry images of what it claims is the real look of the browser.



Neowin, citing unnamed sources, posted up the screenshots, while also claiming that the Spartan image first posted Tuesday on was in fact faked. Neowin states:

The images you see above are of the actual UI from Spartan. Yes, we know the images are small and blurry but you can clearly see the more modern interface that looks much better than the images that were leaked yesterday.


Neowin has also posted what they freely announce is a mockup of how Spartan might look on its website. The article states:

On the right side of the browser is where things get a little bit more interesting as we have a favorite star at the end of the URL bar and next to that is a 'reading mode' for webpages. If you click that button, it strips out the text of an article and makes it easier to read the content on a page. Next to the reading mode is a folder icon and a share icon like we have in Windows 8 that makes it easy to share content to all of your favorite social networks or by email. And a bit further to the right of that are three dots that open up the settings for the browser.


While Neowin is a far more reliable source of Microsoft insider news than BGR, we will stress once again that Microsoft itself has not confirmed or denied any of the reports or image leaks about Spartan. More information about Windows 10, and hopefully Spartan, will be revealed on Jan. 21 as part of Microsoft's scheduled press event for the operating system.

Source: Neowin

John Callaham
  • Seriously? A blurry photo? Not exactly bigfoot now is it...
  • Exactly what I was thinking. Is it really too hard to snap a reasonably clear picture of an inanimate object?
  • Lol, well it depends who it was and where. If this was someone working at Microsoft, they'd have to take it quick, otherwise they could get in some trouble. Think people... My goodness
  • thats what I was thinking someone probably took a camera to a screen and didn't hit focus
  • And as slow as Lumia phones focus, it's not surprising that a rushed shot would produce a blurry image!
  • This photo shows up right after Sam starts at Microsoft...
  • Speculate what you want...
  • They blur it on purpose.  C'mon man.  This is 2015 don't you know that by now?  :)
  • Apple apparently doesn't..
  • Really?  Really?  First, I don't believe any of the OS makers release blurry photos.  Some tester will do that.  Secondly, you must not read enough websites if you believe there aren't any blurry photos of Apple's products.  :)
  • Hey leave Big foot out of it! He's the real deal!
  • Info released from MS as a "leak" so they can see the reaction and gather feedback from future users.
  • Wouldn't surprise me, also wouldn't surprise if Sony were to hack themselves just to get attention.
  • Seems faster..
  • You're awesome ;)
  • Hahahaha
  • It was so fast that we got a blurry image:P
  • lol
  • Yeah too fast that a hubble telescope can't capture a clear image of it! xD
  • +1
  • Ha! This is perfect.
  • I suddenly missed that comment. Haha!
  • It looks ok
  • IE looks better. Tabs adjacent to the address bar is much better than tabs above it (1 row is more parsimonious than 2). I'll be sticking with IE instead.
  • Once again, we still dint even know if this is legit, no matter how logical ot seems.
  • This^ ... If this is the final ui I'll stick to IE
  • That's what is irritating me on the current version of IE. If I have more than 5 (which I have more than often) opened tabs, it's making impossible to remember which tab is what, because of small "tab tiles". And dont make me go whooooole down to the bottom of the screen to the Start, where I can choose the right tab, because even that is not enough. I'm looking forward to meeting the guy called Spartan or whatever his name will be. Hopefully it will also be better on touch. And available for W7 devices, so I dont have to move my favourites bookmarks to cloud to use them on W7 IE.
  • You can right click on the title bar and click on "show tabs on a separate row". You're welcome.
  • Igor owes you an angry handy.
  • What does that mean?
  • Well I still have an desktop with windows 7. I want to use the internet explorer on in but I do not have any bookmarks nor history, passwords saved. And that makes it useless. Logging into home page aka does not work. I was suggested to create a file in cloud and store ask the history, bookmarks etc,, there.
  • I can't help you there because I gave up on 7 long ago :D
  • Obviously. If it will be for free I'll update. If won't I'll have to stay w7 till I'll upgrade hw :) guess I'll give a try to cloud version suggestion :D
  • The synching functionality in IE requires Windows 8.x. It uses the same account synching functionality in 8.x that is used to sync other windows settings and other app settings.
  • Well, I have never noticed that function, thank you, sir! I guess the other problems with bookmarks and history cannot be solved other way than copying it and making the folder in cloud :)
  • May be , it will have "show tabs on seperate row" like the IE , will have to wait
  • It's funny how you can judge something so quickly based on a blurry image. But oh well. Seeing as how you actually LIKE ie, I doubt most would trust your judgmental skills anyway.
  • I like IE because it works fast now, and also like some features of it like tracking protection, ActiveX filtering, send to OneNote
  • Favourites bookmarking sync across devices is also coolio.
  • This looks like Chrome :(
  • Ok that looks a lot nicer than the previous design. See what happens...
  • so the browser named Spartan is going to be released on jan 21??
  • No
  • It's going to come with Windows 10 which will be released anytime between Sept - Oct of this year.
  • They'll probably give some official details about this browser in their press event and confirm it's release.
  • I'm excited!  I hope I can finally ditch Google Chrome for good! 
  • You already can. It's called IE 11.
  • As a web-developer: No.
  • As another web developer: Yes. Funny how opinions differ even among people in the same line of work...
  • Yeh no offence but chrome is incredibly lame...
  • Even though sometimes it eats way too much RAM, it has extensions that make my life sooooooooooo much easier compared to IE.
  • Agreed, the UI of this new browser looks great and will certainly satisfy my need for a Chrome style UI. But Chromes' extension are pretty amazing. Hopefully this new browser would build them up fast.
  • Just give me ad block and I'm sold
  • +1 :D
  • Adblock? Why not take a car while you are at it it? Or rob a bank eh?
  • You're a dumbass. Using AdBlock is like saying 'no' to a telemarketer and is not even comparable to stealing a car. As someone who has developed for and ran multiple websites in the past, I don't particularly love AdBlock but have nothing against it and understand its appeal. So quit being so ignorant.
  • Lol using that word on a community is so high end and respectable...
  • You can get an AdBlock extension for IE,I have it.
  • IE does have Adblock, it's everything else that it lacks :( Only reason I still use chrome. 
  • Sounds like the same thing as Firefox and Maxthon... Yes, very original it is :p
  • You are using what?!
  • Another me2 attempt by Microsoft
    Look at action centre..:/ And now the broswer looks like chrome ..
  • Okay, who cares besides you?? Many people have been asking for features they specifically use on chrome or Firefox. Now Microsoft attempts to give those features and people like you still cry
  • Haha oh man... It really is stupid how no matter what ever happens in life, someone ALWAYS complains... Haha it really gets on my nerves.
  • Look at live tiles evolving d background image on dem looks awesome...point is Microsoft does the best it doesn't needs to kill IE for a chrome knockoff...if there were interactive tiles with 8.1 wud any1 care abt action centre? Ppl wud have given a pass on dat!
  • "Look at live tiles evolving d background image on dem looks awesome...point is Microsoft does the best it doesn't needs to kill IE for a chrome knockoff...if there were interactive tiles with 8.1 wud any1 care abt action centre? Ppl wud have given a pass on dat!" Please tell me English isn't your native tongue...
  • He doesn't want to do an English knockoff...
  • Oh my goodness... People seriously dont pay attention to anything. It was never stated that Microsoft has any intention to kill off IE or even produce this browser in the image. No matter how logical it seems, it is still not legitimate yet, so speculate all you want, but creating scenarios in your mind about what's to come is a waste of time my friend.
  • People will bitch about anything Microsoft related, and will continue to bitch for centuries. Whiner: Boo hoo there's no Start Menu! Microsoft: Ok here's your Start Menu back. Whiner: Boo hoo I can't run modern apps in Windows anymore! Microsoft: Ok we'll let you do that too. Whiner: Boo hoo I dont like the flat colors! You get the idea. People will majorly attack one complaint until Microsoft fixes the issues, and then they will jump right onto the next one and hammer that complaint. They will ALWAYS find something stupid to complain about, just to give them selves a reason to continue to run amuck in the trolling business.
  • Oh shut up with this "me too" bullshit. These are features that people have been whining about for years and are ASKING Microsoft to include in Windows 10. How does that seriously count as a "me too" if its what a majority of people want from them? This just shows that Microsoft actually listens to their customers. Who cares if Apple or Google has had them for years before Microsoft. The way I see it is that Microsoft develops a similar concept, and expands on it to make it even better for the consumer. By the time Microsoft finally gets up to par with all of the features that the other two have they will become a VERY strong competitor.
  • How are people still taking blurry photos?
  • I'm surprised no one has replied to this comment saying "It was taken with an iPhone ;)" or something similar.
  • It was taken with an iPhone, that's why it's blurry.
  • Worse, it was taken with a Chinese iClone.
  • Oh god, you're right.. Them darn Chinese clones.
  • Nope it was taken with an andriod -_-'
  • Wow, looks incredible with that 5MP lame as crud camera,probably a mere iOS device :P
  • Probably the guy had shit scared out of him of being caught and that explains the blurry photos
  • He must have peed and pooed his pants while taking this picture
  • Anybody else notice the "Games" tile though? Its been messed up like that forever lol
  • Agreed! :D
  • i like IE 11 design more its unique, beautiful and it doesn't look like an old version of firefox... if you want to do something similar to other browsers at least take what they have done and do better than them :|
  • True, but id rather Microsoft create something more unique like the top bar to go up out of visibility when scrolling or something. Give users a ton of UI and function options would be nice
  • Ah, that's way more Modern indeed! So the image from BGR is probably fake but the rum'o'meter gave it a 7/10? Hmm...
  • Let's give the rum'o'meter a fak'e'meter
  • So ie9 without transparency(aero)
  • Windows Mobile 10 leaks please!
  • Phone 10* mobile has discontinued my friend.
  • 10* The 'phone' is soon to be dropped. It's going to be just 'Windows 10'.
  • Ahh yes, I forgot. Thank you for correcting me my friend
  • Microsoft Mobile Lumia Phone. But call it Windows 10? Sure our mobile/phone device will be called either a phone or mobile, in the UK anyway. And never referred to as Windows 10 in general terms. Cant see anyone saying can I borrow your Windows 10......
  • I think just the OS is called Windows 10, the hardware device would be Microsoft Lumia I assume.
  • Generically, we are talking smartphones. Microsoft has engrained the name Windows Phone into our minds. Everyone knows what a Windows Phone is!
    The name change to Microsoft Lumia does not include the word phone, but phone it will still be called. So people will still use the word phone.
    So we are to retire Windows and Phone to describe phone.
    I understand the OS will be Windows, the name Microsoft and Lumia will be present. So my next phone will be a Microsoft Lumia running Windows 10.
    We lose the description Windows Phone and that's the next Marketing/PR push. The name change is confusing and hopefully a final change. Edit....guess this will match the Microsoft Surface....Microsoft Lumia. Rant over.
  • Well I think no matter what, ill still notify the OS as Windows Phone just as I still call Microsoft's UI design language "Metro" even though they have somewhat did away with that.
  • Yes, engrained into our minds. But I like the move away from Windows Phone to Microsoft Phone......I think they copied Android Phone on the original name.....maybe.....naming it after the OS.
  • Ohh you're so windows mobile 6
  • What's so special about this browser? Someone please
  • Read the article...
  • It shoots rainbows.
  • It's has a stupid detector built in! Blocks stupids from accessing the internet! Revolutionary
  • That's why I said Windows mobile 10!
  • Incorrect, it would be Windows 10 mobile. Its Windows 10, mobile version, not the 10th version of Windows mobile.
  • Microsoft, if your reading this, keep this for touch and desktop as apps run windowed too, also the name Spartan is an amazing name following Cortana, etc.
  • Yeah Spartan is a amazing name to follow
  • Why they blurred?
  • Seriously?
  • The camera wasn't wearing its glasses.. It's embarrassed ;/
  • Under the influence maybe
  • Its not blurred, you obviously need to visit an opticians!
  • If I had a job at MS I certainly wouldn't risk it to deliver a photo of a browser even if it WAS clear. Even if he was paid I highly doubt it was worth an MS salary unless it was the janitor.
  • This would probably have been "leaked" from the PR department.  They like to create a buzz about things, even if they don't admit it publicly.
  • I wonder how the Spartan icon would look!!!
  • That's what I'm wondering. And I hope it really is called Spartan, and not just the codename.
  • Just make a simple light weight browser. Idc about skins and themes and stupid plugins. When I type a website, bring me there! Quickly ! And reading mode is a must!
  • Those poctures look extremely similar to the old versions of Firefox.
  • Reminds me of ie9
  • Lets all stick to chrome
  • Is that you and your invisible friend lol
  • I don't really expect it to work in my w7 laptop :-(
  • I hope those "mouse hover menus" (i.e.. gets fixed so they work and stay open in Spartan. Using modern IE in touch mode is frustrating.
  • No problems for me. In touch mode just press and hold until the menu appears, then let go, and the menu remains....
  • Yeah that's an ok workaround but MS can't expect users (especially less tech savvy ones)to know which links on a web site require a hold and which do not. Hopefully Spartan will make it quick and remove that extra step.
  • This looks like chrome.
  • Still IE 11 looks best
  • Will sparten be available for windows phone after the windows 10 update
  • suffering from big problem pls guys help me ...cant download vlc and some apps remains in pending state for 2days..pls any way to make it download
  • Cancel all the downloading processes (pending downloads).
    Set app install location to phone storage instead of SD Card (if your device has SD).
    Turn off then on your phone.
    Then download them again. ... After downloading 1 app, set the location to sd card if you want
  • Looks kinda like a rip of Opera. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Is it possible that BGR's screenshot was just a super-early version of the Spartan UI? Just because it doesn't match Neowin's screenshot doesn't make it a fake.
  • No, it was in fact drawn and coloured in by some kids at the infants school.
  • If its a lite browser, maybe its the same version that will b able to run on mobile devices (lumias, phablets and tablets...)
  • It will run on mobile devices. iPhone and Android only.
  • I want to know what they've got lined up for the Extensions.  What capabilities will they have, what language will they be in, will they be compatible with Firefox or Chrome, how easy to port, etc.   Even the most ardent fanboy has to admit that IE is seriously lacking here.  AdBlock (proper version!), ImageZoom, LastPass (from within the browser), any number of great extensions that you realise how much you miss when you switch to IE on your tablet.  If we had those, I'd have no need for Chrome.
  • Agree!! Plus a browser sync option!
  • They had that with bing bar
  • I wish there's a button on Spartan browser that enables or disables the ads! Lols!
  • i already love ie 11.  this is unecessary
  • Then stick with is 11 :-) but theres other people in the world you know..
  • after all this yrs msft has realized it too IE is good for nothing. so its a good move to step in competition with other browser and slowly end life of IE  
  • This exactly looks like Maxthon Cloud Browser. Same UI (:
  • A bit off topic, but can anyone tell my as to why does the controller on Games tile become small?
  • When you pin the tile? If so its because you've set the tile as the smallest size, tap the button on the bottom right hand corner to make your tile and icon bigger. Have I answered your question correctly? Thanks.
  • He means in the picture.
  • Those tabs reminds me of Opera ;)
  • That's because Opera was a Firefox clone, and it looks like the old Firefox :)
  • No hot news about WP 10 ,
  • I know I wish they could tell us more about the interface in Windows 10 for our Windows phone devices :(
  • I can't wait till Windows 10 for our phones are released does anybody know when the OS for our phones will be released? Thanks!
  • Soon as everything from Microsoft.
  • I just want a better sync functionality, and addons, then I could switch from chrome. Ghostery and adblock baby! Also having everybookmark sync between my pc's is a must, not just my windows 8.1 pcs... IE doesn't deliver, chrome does.
  • TRUE!
  • I don't like the name "Spartan", hope it'll be changed.
  • it's a code name ... it could change 
  • What if not [crying emoji]...(?) For example HTC One (M8).
  • it ain't that bad ... I imagine animation ... this browser screaming "This is Spartaaaaaaaaaa" and kicking Chrome, FF and IE (mostly IE) 
  • LOL :D
  • I do like it! I hope they stick whit it!
  • Oh man! Please don't. :DD
  • Don't like the name either!
  • Hope this browser will have app store for browser
  • Do you mean add-ons?
  • add-on/plugins/apps 
  • You mean like Chrome? Why? Windows already got the Windows Store for Desktop..
  • windows store is for apps ... need plugins that can run in browser such as ad block, themes etc.
  • Looks easy to use
  • It is blurry, so it has to be legit.
  • Bring it!
  • My hope is the browser will play Adobe Flash and be available on Windows mobile with flash play as well.
  • The browser looks much better than the earlier leaked pictures. Loving the tabs bar at the top. Hopefully will have quicker search functions then I'll definitely stop using Chrome
  • I'm thinking that Spartan browser will be an app not part of the os. So it will be updated quickly and may emulate the other browsers better than IE. IE used for corporate backward compatibility and Spartan for mobile/agile development. This may make the browser significantly better for WP10.
  • The refresh button is on the left side of the address bar. Ugh.
  • I'd say this is just as fake as the images of yesterday. Seems like Maxthon cloud with a slightly adjusted style.
  • I found this on reddit:
  • If this is Spartan, It really freaking looks like Oprea.
  • I hope the icon will not behave like current ie. Why different tabs act like different windows in taskbar. Its really annoying to maximise.
  • Spartan is clearly the revamped metro browser
  • hmmm looks blurry