Blurry screenshots reportedly show UI of Microsoft's 'Spartan' Windows 10 browser

A day after one website posted what they claimed was a screenshot of Microsoft's rumored "Spartan" browser that's being made for Windows 10, another and more reliable media source has posted some small and blurry images of what it claims is the real look of the browser.



Neowin, citing unnamed sources, posted up the screenshots, while also claiming that the Spartan image first posted Tuesday on was in fact faked. Neowin states:

The images you see above are of the actual UI from Spartan. Yes, we know the images are small and blurry but you can clearly see the more modern interface that looks much better than the images that were leaked yesterday.


Neowin has also posted what they freely announce is a mockup of how Spartan might look on its website. The article states:

On the right side of the browser is where things get a little bit more interesting as we have a favorite star at the end of the URL bar and next to that is a 'reading mode' for webpages. If you click that button, it strips out the text of an article and makes it easier to read the content on a page. Next to the reading mode is a folder icon and a share icon like we have in Windows 8 that makes it easy to share content to all of your favorite social networks or by email. And a bit further to the right of that are three dots that open up the settings for the browser.


While Neowin is a far more reliable source of Microsoft insider news than BGR, we will stress once again that Microsoft itself has not confirmed or denied any of the reports or image leaks about Spartan. More information about Windows 10, and hopefully Spartan, will be revealed on Jan. 21 as part of Microsoft's scheduled press event for the operating system.

Source: Neowin

John Callaham