iHeartRadio app launched for Windows 10 Mobile with Windows Hello support

A few months after launching its Windows 10 app, iHeartRadio has now updated it with support for Windows 10 Mobile as well. Even better, the app even supports the operating system's Windows Hello security feature.

While we have not tested this ourselves yet, OneTechStop reports that users of the streaming radio app can log in via their Microsoft account. If a smartphone has an iris scanner, like the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, it can be used to log in with the Windows Hello feature.


What do you think of the new iHeartRadio app for Windows 10 Mobile? Let us know your impressions in the comments!

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QR: iHeartRadio

Source: OneTechStop

  • Welcome. Happy for the addition to windows phone apps family. Interesting that it makes use of windows hello so quickly
  • According to the article.... "If a smartphone has a iris scanner"""
    Doesn't really seem as though this is dependent on Windows Hello, rather any particular smartphones hardware (having a iris scanner)... So, it seems as though other non Windows smartphones could have this capability as well..
  • It's a windows 10 app. What non windows smartphone can run windows 10 apps?
  • Lol.. No.. Windows Shmindows... It's about it being the iHeart radio app, that's also on other platforms... So, if an Android device has an iris scanner it can use the login feature as well..
    That's why I'm saying this is besides WinHello..
  • @rodneyey as usual, you are wrong. Windows Hello has APIs that tie into Microsoft Authentication. Android would have to do it an Android way.
  • That's exactly what I'm saying, Daniel.. Lol. SMDH
    We know that.... Of course iHeart had to develop our app according to any API's that would make it work with "Hello"... My point is that the same functionality isn't exclusive to Windows because of Windows Hello... Other platforms can, AND WILL, essentially do the same thing by whatever means they can.
    Nevertheless, thanks for indirectly supporting my point..... Looks like you're being a little Windows happy (as usual).....
  • Except he never said Hello exclusively.. Just that the mobile app ON W10M takes advantage of it. So you were arguing against something that wasn't in the article in the first place
  • Try finishing the sentence. It finished by specifically mentioning the windows hello feature.
  • Of course, because this is WINDOWS CENTRAL, and they showcase apps, and features accordingly... My point is that this isn't SOLELY a Windows Hello feature.. Android, apps can use it as well... Of Couse "Windows Central" is gonna point out WinHello because that is the system by which the 950/ uses it's particular iris scanner. But, this is just the developers tapping into the 950's iris scanner the same as they would do with any other Android device, and it's system..
  • Ok lets break this down. What phones have an iris scanner in them and are currently on the market? 950 and 950XL, that's it. So currently, only windows phone, and windows hello is compatible with this feature. Situations that don't exist, like an Android phone with an iris scanner, don't hold any merit in your argument.
  • http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/may/14/iris-scanning-smartpho...
  • The scanners in the article don't seem to be as secure as Microsofts. You can't fool MS scanner with photos and tests with identical twins did not fool it either.
  • According to the article's screenshots, it uses the Windows Hello UI. Edit: It actually just used the Microsoft Account authentication API. The developer never explicitly supported Hello, it's just that Windows allows you to log in with Hello instead of using your PIN.
  • Yeah, that's actually along the lines of what I'm saying... So, the same thing can (and will) be done with other platforms, and their recognition systems... Surely, if you use a Windows device, it will depend on the Hello interface, but it's not a Hello specific feature intended by iHeart..
  • Sounds like ONLY Windows is using this currently. So it is Windows specific and no other platform is using this.....
  • Before anyone complains, iHeartRadio is US-only.
  • It shouldn't be, we have iHeart Radio in Australia on both iPhone and Android, they own a large radio network here.
  • You're right, as of today the universal app is actually available in the US, AU & NZ.
  • I can't find it in the store in Australia. Clicked on the link for it, which says "not currently available" very odd.
  • Common issue, the store has to finish reindexing.
  • Well we have 3 plus this one now
  • Has anyone had any luck installing the new app in au or nz. I cant see in either store. When I set region to us I can download but in the app says the service is unavailable.
  • Hallelujah!
  • Yup, my 1520's region is set to AUS and app is ' not currently available' :(
  • I know this is an old article but what we're saying is, if you are outside the US, don't buy a windows phone.
    I am in Australia & can't access anything iheartradio related on my windows 10 phone.
  • actually amazed. any other apps available that can take advantage of Windows Hello?
  • we will see more and more apps+games, maybe even Microsoft Pay (when it's released) take advantage of Microsoft Hello for login and authentication as windows 10 spreads like wild fire
  • Waiting for MS pay since the 920...
  • Til it actually comes out of beta and works more than once after set up and can be left on without draining your battery then I'll pass.
  • It works flawlessly for me.
  • Why do you think it's draining the battery? It only comes on when you unlock the phone to sign in. Or at least it does on my 950.
  • As far as "taking advantage of Windows Hello"... Read my comment at the very top.
  • Your comment is flawed.
  • Rod we don't care
  • OneDrive uses Windows Hello on WIndows 10 Mobile. You can go into settings and enable "Additonal device sign in" and then use Windows Hello to authenticate. This will keep other people from looking at your files. The option only appears if you require a sign in (iris/pin/password) on your device.  
  • Nice! Thanks for info.
  • It's not actually using Windows Hello. It's using integrated Microsoft Account login, which sends the user to the OS where they are asked for their device PIN or account password (if a PIN is not set). If your device supports Hello then Windows can use that instead of a PIN or password. The great thing about this is that the developer doesn't even need to care about Hello support; they just use the Microsoft Account login API and Windows does the rest for them.
  • Glad to see Windows Hello integration. It has a lot of potential. 
  • Yes, this is where Hello becomes really valuable. Unlocking the phone is cool, but eliminating passwords in apps and on the web is where the real value comes. ​I hope this really catches on.
  • Absolutely
  • I like the use of Windows Hello.  Although, I don't see the benefit for iHeartRadio having this, although it doesn't hurt to have it.  I hope they don't require a login every time you use the app?  Obviously financial apps need to log in everytime, that is where the Windows Hello (if it works properly) will be great to have...
  • I would assume it will come as an option to authenticate the user every time or not.
  • W10M getting alot of app updates this week. I really like the Pandora app.
  • Yeah, the Pandora update supporting continuum has made me start using Pandora again. Very exciting few weeks for us.
  • Yeah, good to see some music app updates, especially right after the demise of Songza on WP was announced. #evilgoogle
  • Others should learn from them and add pin or iris scanner security stuff to there apps
  • But Is it Reliable enough now?
  • I've been using it on 950XL with high success rate.  Maybe 95% or higher it recognizes me without issue.
  • I have about 90% accuracy but I dis hurry through that set. Need to calibrate some more. Still it blows people away when they see it in action :-)
  • I must say mine is around 95 again as long as I look at the camera and not the scanner its amazingly fast
  • So true about blowing ppl away when they see it. They say"Whoa, I didn't phones could do that!". "Only Microsoft's new phones can at the present time". Is my repy.
  • No, it's not.  My wife and I got frustrated sitting there waiting for several seconds, moving the stupid piece of junk closer and farther from our faces HOPING these things would recognize us.  We have a 50% success rate IF we're willing to wait long enough.  We've gone back to just using the PIN.  It's much faster and works every time.  Once again, Microsoft FAIL.
  • I don't believe it is a Microsoft Fail. Maybe it's just a Replace End User Error.
  • While I don't have Windows Hello, I'm very happy about this news. I like seeing support from apps with Microsoft features like Hello and Cortana.
  • Ah, I can picture the future!! Imagine it with me if you may, a Microsoft account as the centre of everything. To put it in terms of today's tech, just as many applications use Facebook to create a account or what not, the future will involve a Microsoft account and Windows Hello can be used for authentication.
    Rather big of a dream. Lets hope adoption rate of Microsoft services keeps surging. :)
  • I would love to see this happen. It almost did with Microsoft Passport services but then Facebook came along and kind of highjacked it... I would like to see MS account make a comeback for this.
  • Lets hope they do. From all the articles on WC today itself makes me rather optimistic about the future of MS.
  • Honestly, I think that's their plan.
  • I'd like to see Windows Hello in Facebook app.
  • Me too
  • Me three. Shall we hope for a better app first?
  • Definitely wouldn't mind it, so count me in too.
  • Count me in three.
  • The UWP apps just keep coming
  • Wow, nice integration for WinHello. Speaking of WH, it bugged out today on my 950XL, the feature couldn't launch because the volume control(was playing music) would auto appear when I try unlock the device so the iris scan wouldn't initialise. Not even pin entry would appear. Had to reboot phone in the end. Wish MS would implement better control over audio.
  • Wow am I dreaming ,all this universal app thing.its very awesome.
  • That's awesome.
    I've only seen a few apps on my iPhone use the fingerprint scanner to sign me in, I hope a lot more apps use Windows Hello on my 950.
  • Tunein radio was also updated a few days ago with new UI... Waiting on instagram to update their app....
  • Is it confirmed they are updating it? I seem to remember in a WC video it was mentioned that an updated UWP app was coming
  • Iheartradio doesn't have any of the stations that I listen to. I'll stay with tunein and mytuner.
  • Nice! Finally! I love iHeartRadio!
  • Man, the news has really been on fire today, and it's been good news at that.  ​Don't know if you guys held a few stories or what, but a very busy and productive day for Windows Central.
  • Very cool that iHeartRadio is leading the way in 3rd Party apps taking advantage of Windows Hello.  I'm not sure it's enough to get me to splurge on the Lumia 950 family, but it's a huge plus for when I do get a new phone.
  • Same here - Not getting a new phone right now but looking forward to this feature in the future. I don't mind whether it's an Iris Scanner or Fingerprint in the next phone they do. I might still get a 950/XL next year, depending on how good the successor is (Mainly due to the fact I'm happy with the 930 for the next 9 months at least...It was a huge upgrade (and a cheap one) over the 1020 I had for two years, performance wise)
  • The 950 is NOT worth it.  We stupidly bought two of them, hoping the people who insisted, "Once you have this in your hands you'll change your mind about it...it's awesome."  Well, it's NOT awesome in any way.
  • This was enough to get me to install iHeartRadio! :)  Now, I'm listening to it.  I couldn't decide between this and TuneIn.  TuneIn has one of my local stations that I like that iHeart doesn't, but the commercial free genre station made up for that loss. :) 
  • I'm downloading it again myself. I stopped using it maybe 2yrs+/- ago.
  • Hope these universal apps keep coming, just to see the look on Ballmer's face :P.
    Got nothing against Steve Ballmer, he did alot for Microsoft. Granted some of his decisions are questionable. Then again which CEO hasn't made questionable decisions? So looking forward to GA and getting W10M on my 920. Yes I know I can use the insider programme but I'd rather not and don't mind waiting for GA.
  • i knjust ind out Canada CTV and TSN have their UWP Win10 app , worked great with live tv streaming.
  • And so there are now 3 apps in the mobile version of the store called iHeartRadio, all published by iHeartMedia. For those trying to figure out which is which, this is what I figured out: The one with the red background and white logo only, with no text on the tile... that's the universal Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile app.
    ​The one with the red background and white logo, but with the name on the tile... that's the Windows Phone 8.1 app.
    ​The one with the black background... that's the oldest version from Windows Phone 7 and 8. Apparently these all work on Windows 10 Mobile, so pick the one that works best for you. Update: Apparently the Windows 8.x versions allow you to pin stations to Start, while that feature is notably absent from the Windows 10 version. At least it remembers what you were listening to last, so this might not matter to most.
  • That's the info I needed. Thank you.
  • It also does NOT save your favorites.  Clicking on the "heart" does nothing.  And EVERY TIME I start it the stupid thing has me acknowledge it needs location.  Okay, okay, I GET it, you need location!  Why ask me every flipping time you open, huh?  Stupid app.
  • Windows 10 mobile version allows to me to pin stations. You have to tap on the song with the right arrow on the right side, then it gives you option to "Pin Station to Start" along with Lyrics and Artist Biography.
  • again just like pandora, aervice only works in the states unless using VPN
  • Thank goodness for VPN support.
  • ok, correction.
     ​unlike pandora which needs VPN to work all the time, iHeart only need VPN when setting up / login account. once that is done, you can get it work without VPN
  • Awesome. I'd use this app even more if I had unlimited data. But it's great for those that do! And good to see they are supporting Windows 10 Mobile, they were one of the high profile music apps on Windows Phone.
  • Thank you UWP!
  • Momentum!
  • OK, there are now three distinct and independent iHeartRadio apps in the store. One for Windows Phone 7/8, one for Windows Phone 8.1 and this one for Windows 10 Mobile. They all have very similar icons and they can all be downloaded to Windows 10 Mobile devices, leading to three iHeartRadio apps in the app list. iHeartMedia really needs to figure out how app updates work on the Windows Store.
  • I agree,  I have reached out to MS three times on apps that have the old windows 7 along witth newer versions showing up on results. 
  • I realize this is an old thread, but I would like to note that this issue was not iHeartRadio's fault. Microsoft tried to merge the various app stores that existed as of mid-2015, and they messed it up.
  • Don't forget to download and review all these new apps. Show developers it is worth it to come to the Windows Ecosystem. Even if you don't use them. Just uninstall after playing around with it.
  • It's NOT worth it if they create garbage....which this new version is.
  • I give up.  I installed this thing hoping it would be an improvement over the previous version.  IT'S WORSE!!!!!  At least with the previous version I could actually SAVE FAVORITES (pressing the "heart" in the new version actually does NOTHING) and I could PIN stations to the Start Screen (there is no way to do this in the new version).  And the new look is horrific.
  • That's all you ever seem to do is give up.
  • I think someone has indicated how to pin stations in your previous comment.
  • Just sell all your **** and make your own. It's the only way youll ever be happy
  • Microsoft account login capability confirmed. However, one annoyance I have noticed is that EVERY TIME the app is launched or switched to, it asks for location access.
  • There are 3 official versions of the app in the store.
  • Windows phone7, Windows phone 8, and Windows 10.
  • I have win 10 mobile and I'm able to install all three versions? Shouldn't there be some tho F that detects your OS and gives you the proper version?
  • Why is there three differed heart Radio apps in the app store?