We recently covered the disappearance of iHeartRadio from the Windows Phone 8 Store. The app was suddenly pulled from listing, but remains available for those running Windows Phone 7.x. We found this to be slightly odd, but believed an updated version would be in the pipeline.

After contacting iHeartRadio, turns out our assumptions were correct:

"The iHeartRadio application was released to the Windows Phone 8 markeplace in error. It hasn't yet been tested for compatibly with the Windows 8 phones. We will keep you updated when an iHeartRadio application for Windows 8 phones is released."

There you have it, folks. iHeartRadio was released for Windows Phone 8 in error (fancy the chances of that, eh?). This may explain why some users were experiencing issues. We'll await further details from the team as to when we can all expect to see the app return to the store for those with latest Windows Phone hardware.

If you're running Windows Phone 7, you're in luck as the app is still available for your smartphone. Should you be packing the latest devices from the manufacturers, we'll have to wait until iHeartRadio is comfortable with the app and release it once again.

QR: iHeartRadio